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VIP: Episode 7 (13-14) Recap

Recap VIP episode 7 (13 and 14)
VIP episode 7 (13 and 14) Recap, image SBS

The baby stakes are heating up with Mina and her other man. Though we don’t actually know who this other man is yet, they are heavily hinting that it is Sung-joon. But is it really? Are they hitting it over our heads that much and still trying to keep it a secret at the same time as well? I’m skeptical.

It is Thanksgiving week over here so we are enjoying our time and pausing our live recaps a bit. We will get episode 8 posted sometime tonight and then we’ll be back to live recaps next week!

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Jung-sun slides the cell phone over to Sung-joon and tells him that she got this text. That my husbands mistress is on your team. I tried not to think about it, but when I dug in, my thoughts got bigger. So I have to know. Who was that person you had an affair with? I have to know.

He looks at her from across the table and looks at the cell phone. Jang Nara asks who did it? It was sent with my computer over the web. At first I thought it might be a joke, but I couldn’t…I’m just a woman…I tried to understand that people could make mistakes. My pride is not at the bottom. I was such a nice person so I tried to embrace everything. I wanted to do that.

But I think about it everyday. Your hand holding that woman’s hand. Touching that woman’s face. While touching her, did he say, I love you. I go crazy when I think about that. I shouldn’t do it. But I can’t stop thinking about it. Everyday I am in hell.

Sometimes I think, how can he do that to me? I think, maybe it is my fault, did I make him that way? Am I the problem? I can’t live my life like this. So I have to know. Whatever it is, what will happen, I have to know. 

Don’t pretend like you won’t tell me for me. You are afraid of what you will lose. Do you want to protect that woman? is the text true?

He says that it is not true.

She yells, so why can’t you tell me! Whenever this happens, you never say anything. Do you know how crazy this makes me? That time it was the same. Back then I wanted you to just scream and yell at me. I would feel better that way.

I will stay in a hotel for awhile. When you are ready to tell me then call me.

She gets up to leave. He hops up to stop her. She tells him that he should not think that he can avoid this situation. I will not change my mind. 

He tells her that he will leave the house, she can stay here.

We cut to her sitting on their bed and thinking. Then she goes to a drawer and gets a gift that she throws into the trash. She then goes to their fridge and starts to rip open and throw away all the pregnancy medicine that her mother-in-law brought for her.



The company people are all out to eat. Sung-joon is not with them. Hyun-ah tells Yuri that they need to know about all the trendy things, that is essential for their job.

Then the conversation turns to the man that was fired for having an affair and how the wife is protecting and defending him and saying that he should not be fired. Jung-sun is upset and says that they have to make a living, but the wife is he victim. Whatever the reason, the affair cannot be justified. It destroys the family.

Everyone feels a little awkward as Jung-sun looks around at them. Jung-sun asks if young people think differently? What do you think Yuri? Everyone is uncomfortable. Yuri says that it is bad.

Ji-young tries to lift the mood and says that she should not have said this in front of married people. she mentions that she is divorced and doesn’t think about this properly so let’s enjoy our food.



Both department stores are meeting with Daniel the jewelry guy. They are meeting in a conference room at the hanok house that they got for him. Lots of business talk. But it is inconclusive as to who he will pick.

Sung-joon and the VP drive off together and talk about how the chairman is not an easy man to figure out. But we have to make the deal to move forward. Tell me the result asap. And, what about the think I asked for? Jung-sun says that it will be finished soon.

Back at the hanok house, Daniels girlfriend hugs him and asks him what he is thinking so hard about. He turns around and hugs her without saying anything. Though he looks like he is lost in thought.


At work, Jung-sun passes Sung-joon ont he stairs without saying anything. Later on, Sung-joon gets a call from Leah who is Daniel’s right hand man. She wants to see Sung-joon.

Sung-joon meets her at a gallery where they talk about a particular painting that is called Destruction or is about destruction or something like that. She says that it is about destruction but is very pretty. The painter knows that wanting something and being destroyed is better than not wanting anything.

The curator comes and tells her that they have all her orders ready, they will deliver it to her place. Leah nods and then tells Sung-joon that she can enjoy this painting at home now. Sung-joon gets a phone call so Leah tells him that he can take it. He excuses himself.

The call is from the chairman and it looks important. Sung-joon ays okay, I understand, thank you. But we do not know what the call was about.

Sung-joon goes back to Leah. Leah asks if it was Daniel? Did he pick your department store? Congratulations. She then says that she will take the money (it seems like she got money under the table to try and convince Daniel on each department store). Leah tells Sung-joon that she has nothing to do with the company anymore so if the chairman knows that you lobbied me, you will be in trouble.

Sung-joon says that he thought she worked with Daniel for a long time. She says that it is time to part ways. But she should not be empty handed when she leaves. Sung-joon asks if she has no bad feelings toward the chairman?

She smiles and tells him that he came there to give her bribery money and is still trying to be a good person? Is it easier to curse me if I am a super bad woman, not just a bad woman? She leaves and heads to the airport.

Flashback to Daniel and Leah hugging at the hanok house. He tells her, do you know that we got all the way here because you told me that I am sparky like a jewel even though I was nothing.

But then he looks at her and tells her, I knew it. You don’t love me anymore. It was so easy. But I was okay because I loved you. I was okay but I can’t destroy the company only because of my feelings.

She tells him that a lot of board members are on her side, you cannot win. He takes a deep breath and says, no, I am stronger than what you think. To protect something important to me, I can be stronger. He hands over a manila folder to her. It is a dismissal notification. All the signatures are already there. She is fired. 

In the car on the way out, Leah softly cries and puts on her shades.

Cut to the department store where all the main executives and VPs are taking a photo with Daniel in this new exclusive jewelry agreement. Daniel kind of notices something is going on between Sung-joon and Jung-sun.

On the way out, Daniel tells Sung-joon that he is sad that he could not stay there one more day. then he mentions Sung-joon’s wedding ring and says that his wife is on his same team right? Sung-joon asks how he knows. But we do not hear a response to that.

We cut to the airport where Sung-joon shakes Daniels hand as he is on his way out.

Then Sung-joon gets a call and goes to meet a woman at a cafe. He gives this woman an envelope with W100,000,000 won in it. He tells her that the VP wants to stop this relationship. She asks if he has another woman? What if I say that I don’t want to end it, what will happen?

He says that the company people think that you are dating normally, if people know that you are a woman who has an affair then they will be very surprised. She tells him that she does not care. 

He pulls a document from his bag and gives it to her. Inside are photos of her parents. He tells hr that her parents should not know about this right? This is a secret oath that we will not tell anyone about you two. It is the best for you to quit here.

Sung-joon walks her out and then throws up along the side of the building.


He then goes to the VP and tells him it is done. The VP is happy and reminds him that he handled a big job so now he just has to wait to be promoted. 

Sung-joon nods and leave. Later on we see him in a hotel room. He sits on the bed and looks at his ring.

Jug-sun is in her bed looking at her phone and thinking of calling her husband. But she does not and rather curls up in bed instead.


At home, Byung-hoon is making the kids sandwiches while the kids run around. He looks like he is getting better at this father hood motherhood thing. The house is not as messy and the sandwich looks pretty good.

He thinks about when he was at work and talking to one of his colleagues about this. The colleague thought that she should not have left the house for this long. She might have another man. Byung-hoon is upset about that. the man says that he is just speculating, but you also should not trust your wife that much.

At home, Byung-hoon gives the kids a sandwich and tells them to share. then he goes to his room and thinks. he ends up calling his wife.

His wife is in the lobby at the hospital. They talk a bit about the kids and he asks her where she is. he wants to see her and asks where she is again. She says that the kids will understand this. I told them that I am in the countryside. If they see me in Seoul then they won’t understand (sarcastically). He asks, what about me? She tells him that she is busy and hangs up.

In the doctors office, the doctor asks if she decided? she says yes. The doctor asks about the husband? Mina says that there is no father, the sooner the better. The doctor tells her that they will set up the date.


Cut to Hyun-ah walking way way way up steps to an octapang. She is looking for a cheap place to stay. However, this octapang is actually Yuri’s place! Yuri opens the door happily and is shocked to see Hyun-ah there. The realtor says that the young lady here is moving to a nice apartment.

Yuri and Hyun-ah go outside to talk. Hyun-ah asks if she is moving out? Yuri says yes. Then the realtor asks Yuri how she likes this place? Hyun-ah says it is nice and then heads out with the realtor.


Meanwhile, Jung-sun drinks her sorrows away at a local restaurant




Hyun-ah tells Yuri and Sang-woo that they need to memorize the names and faces and family of all the VIP members for the jewelry expedition.

Jung-sun tells Mina and Sang-woo to work with her. Yuri will work with Hyun-ah. Hyun-ah mutters that this is the beginning of the war. Then Cha Jin-ho comes in smiling. He has been assigned for the exhibition also so he tells them that he will bother them often.

Hyun-ah ignores him and alls Yuri to head out. HA tells Yuri that there will be a lot of hyenas around, so be ready.

They go to a meeting where they sit at the head of the desk to hear from various company executives and CEO’s. They are picking the valet for this event so these men might be the CEO’s of these valet companies.

Hyun-ah tells Yuri that she is the judge today, so get ready. Yuri looks at her with bright alarmed eyes.


The VP tells the team that they need someone like Park Sung-joon  to catch the trend. Someone young. But the other VP thinks that this will make people angry who wait to be promoted step-by-step. So the two VP brothers battle about this for a second. The father chairman tells them that they can talk about this at the next meeting.

Cut to the father and sons talking about this. The father thinks that they need to be careful with this because promotions are the main important thing for the employees. However, in this environment we have our own culture. We shall see if he deserves it. if he does then I will promote him.

Both son VP’s agree.

Sung-joon waits for the VP who tells him that they are still old fashioned. We need to show your results with numbers so do a good job at the exhibition.

He goes back to his desk and looks at the message that Jung-sun received about the affair. he calls someone in IT/security and asks them for a favor. He wants to know who came in and out on October 7th after 22:00. The man says that they need a formal letter to see that. Sung-joon tells him that this is why he is giving him a personal call. He cannot tell him the details, but it is for work. The man says that he will help him.

The man then calls Byung-hoon (Mina’s husband) to come to his desk and gives him the task to do. He tells him to give the data to team leader Park Sung-joon personally with a printout, not with email or KaTalk.


Elsewhere, Mina and Jung-sun are checking out the wine list for the event. But Mina cannot drink it. She pretends that she drinks it but Jung-sun notices that she does not.

Then Ma Sang-woo calls her and says that he thinks he made a big mistake. Jung-sun tells him that she will be there and she tells Mina to contact chef Michael.

In the other valet meeting, Hyun-ah says that they will contact them and heads out. She asks Yuri how it feels to be gap (like Gap as the big company and ul as the small company). She says that they are super Ul with VIP’s but they are Gap with those companies.

Hyun-ah tells her that she can enjoy it a little bit but don’t be possessed by it, nothing is free in the world. She walks off and Yuri looks at her with her Bambi eyes. Jin-ho kind of smiles knowingly and follows along.

Meanwhile, Jung-sun finds out that Sang-woo lost a very important document with someones signature on it. They have to find it.

In the restaurant, the chef tells Mina that he does not want to only serve rich people. He is adamant about it and leaves.

Back in the company, Mina gives Hyun-ah the bad news. They grumble about Michael and how everyone has to wait a month to eat his food. Mina tells Hyun-ah to trust her, she will pursue it some more.

In the IT police area, Byung-hoon gets the paperwork and takes it to Sung-joon. He ignores Mina who is shocked to see him.

Sung-joon looks through the paperwork right away and then looks into the office as if he knows who it was.

Then Yuri answers her phone. it is a CEO from the meeting today. She asks why he wants her to….I don’t think that is possible….thank you.


In the CCTV area, Jung-sun and Sang-woo look at all the CCTV for the documents. On one video it shows him helping someone with boxes and taking the document with him when he left. So Jung-sun tells him to go ask everyone if he has to.

When Sang-woo leaves, she asks the CCTV person if she can see a date from October 7th, they tell her that her team leader already took it.

She goes back to the office where Sang-woo tells her that he found it. He actually put it in his drawer to keep it safe but it overflowed behind his drawer. She tells him that is good, give it to the team leader.


That night, while Yuri leaves the company another man honks his horn for her to get into his car. He is pleasant about it. So she goes to a nice restaurant with him. Though she tells him that she thinks he has a misunderstanding. She cannot do anything for him.

He says that he knows that they did not make it today. So don’t think that this dinner has any other purpose. I just want to have a good relationship with you Yuri. We did not get it this time, but we can have another chance. You can be a decision maker in the future. So don’t think about it and drink casually. She looks uncomfortable and starts to drink.

Later on, we see that she has probably drank a lot and is giggling with the man at the table now. He tells her that he thinks they can talk well now. You should work with someone that you can talk better. How about asking the manager to change the final decision. Show your opinion so people will respect you more. 

She says that she told him at the beginning that she would not be here if he wanted something more from her. You want to have a good relationship with me, but you failed. Do you think I am that naive that this one cup of wine can persuade me so easily?

He says, well, I am not…um…haha…well, if our company grows then we will not forget what you did for us. She smiles and tells him that he made another mistake. Today, we just had an enjoyable time. If we go any further than I will be angry.

She leaves in a hurry. In the taxi she thinks about what he said about her being a decision maker in the future. He wants to invest for the future.


Mina is still working in the office. She is the only one there.

Sung-joon is in the hotel room thinking about what he knows from the IT/CCTV department.

Cut to a car where Sung-joon is talking to a someone about how Jung-sun knows. If she knows that it is you then she will have irreversible pain. I cannot let that happen. I am done. I am not going back, so you should quit also. I beg you. He looks at her, but we do not see who he is looking at.

At home, Jung-sun looks through Sung-joon’s desk for documents or something. She finds something and flips through it then puts it back and keeps looking. 


Mina leaves her desk at work and tells everyone that she will be back. Jung-sun looks at her for a long time and then gets up and goes to talk to Hyun-ah.

She goes outside and shows Hyun-ah the text that was sent from her own desk. But she does not know who that person is. She thinks that Oppa is investigating that because he took the CCTV footage. He wants to investigate it secretly. But if the text is a joke then he would not have done it.

Hyun-ah asks if she really wants to know? Jung-sun says that she needs to know so that she will know if she should forgive him or not. She cannot live her whole entire life not knowing about the truth. Hyun-ah asks if she is sure that she won’t regret it? If not, then why don’t you investigate it? If you keep wondering about it then you should know if you really want to know.


Mina goes back to talk to the chef who is working hard in his restaurant. He tells her that he only has 5 minutes then he has to get back. Mina starts to talk about one of the VIPs and how she could not eat anything after her husbands death but the chefs food cheered her up. 

Another VIP was anorexic but his food was the starting point of her recovery. He asks what she is doing. Mina says that this is not only about VIPs. They all enjoy your food. We have these customers so I am here to invite you. Can you rethink it?

The chef asks her why she does this? She says it is because this work is important for her. Her promotion is tied to this event so this event should go well. For this event to go well our customers need to be satisfied.

He tells her that he can’t make more than 3 main dishes for 100 servings. Is that okay? She happily says that that is okay. he tells her to leave her business card for future contact. He says that he is not doing this from these cheesy stories. It is because you look so desperate. You remind me of my past. I am a little moody now, it is not free work. If you are doing it for the customers then i would not take it, but you say that this is for yourself. I like that.

He excuses himself and leaves. Mina takes a deep breath and lives in her happy moment for a while. Then she goes back and tells Hyun-ah that she got the chef to agree. Hyun-ah tells her to tell the team leader. Good job. Mina is happy but then sees a text from her husband to talk after work.

Meanwhile, Jung-sun meets Sung-joon in the hallway and asks how long she will have to wait? He asks if he can wait for him this time? She tells him that now she thinks this all happened because they pretend that everything is all fine. That is why this is happening now. I do not want to repeat the same mistake again. Then I think we can not let go of each other.

She walks away.



Mina and Byung-hoon meet at a cafe. He tells her that he understands that she tried hard and worked hard and was mad that she could not get promoted due to the kids. So I thought, that could happen. I can try. Now I know. But you are still not coming back, I don’t know what is going on.

My friend said that you might have a man. she starts to breath harder. He says that he knows that this is nonsense. But I am very confused now. She tells him sorry. Just wait a little bit more. She holds her hands tightly in her lap.

Later on, someone sends a text via computer at the company. 

Text: I know the man you are dating. If you do not want anyone to know about it in the company, then come to the office at 10pm.

The hand sending the text looks like a mans hands and a male wedding ring. It is not Mina because she is outside meeting with her husband.

Cut to Mina getting that text! She is walking outside and reads it. She is alarmed.

Yuri gets a text also. It is the same text. She looks alarmed.

Cut to the person who sent the text, it is Jung-sun. Jung-sun waits at the company at 10pm. The elevator rings. She holds her breath as she turns to look at the person getting out. It is Mina.

Mina looks around nervously. Jung-sun looks shocked and in disbelief at Mina who is nervously walking around the office area.


This drama is very well done and things are heating up on the mistress front. I am interested and enjoying it, though I need a bit more stakes to fully engross me in this tale.

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