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VIP: Episode 6 (11-12) Live Recap

Korean drama VIP episode 6 (11 and 12) Recap
VIP episode 6 (11 and 12) Recap, image SBS

And we are back for our second live recap of VIP! We will try and finish it all up in one sitting this time. If not, we will finish it up later on tonight!

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Our recap will start at 1:10 pm CST!

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Jung-sun is introduced as a new employee at the company and we go through how she met Sung-joon and their entire courtship as she talks about how she liked him right away and liked being with him and could like with him like this very happily.


We are sent on a mini recap of what has happened in the opening episodes to catch everyone back up.

Caption: Satisfy the VIP customers

Caption: The most secret world

Caption: The wound that you want to hide behind your fabulous life, each others secrets are reflected on their wounds

Caption: The normal day-to-day life where I just wanted to be happy

VO – There were days when I thought that my love was special.

VO – Oppa, you should stop hre before it is really irreversible.




Jung-sun goes to the hospital to see her mother. Her mother tells her that it is nice to see her again. Jung-sun goes to the lobby to talk to her husband. He tells her that her mother needs more blood tests. She asks him how he knew to be here.

Then her father comes out. Jung-sun is upset that he is here, you are not her guardian. He tells her that he forgot all about the past. But Jung-sun says that she is worse than a stranger, she dumped us to live with another man. Don’t forget that. 

She tells her appa that she will stay here , it is better than appa staying here. She also tells Jung-sun to go home, she does not want him to see this side of her family.

So Jung-sun waits in the room with her mother and asks her why she met her husband? Did you ask for money? How can you live your life like that! You did the same before. The only reason that you looked for me was money.


Jung-sun’s mother waits in the 1st floor area of the department store for Jung-sun. they go somewhere to talk. The mother tries to make small talk and asks about her upcoming wedding. Jung-sun just scoffs in the quietest and politest way possible. Then the mother gives her money for the wedding. Jung-sun says she does not need it and wants to throw it away.

the mother says that she at least wants to do this for her. I did nto do anything for you, so I want to do this at least.

Later on, she walks home with Sung-joon. He tells her that he thought her mother was dead. So Jung-sun sits and tells him about her a bit. She says that, at least a little bit, she thought that she would have a mother to take care of her son-in-law. that is funny right?

Jung-sun ends up meeting secretly with the mother. Then we see him walking into a room with Jung-sun where the mother is. Jung-sun immediately leaves. But Sung-joon is able to get her to go back inside.

Cut to their wedding. Jung-sun is all smiles as she walks up the aisle with her father, until she sees that her mother is there. But she tries to smile once again as she gets to the front where Sung-joon is.

Later on after the wedding, Jung-sun sees her father give her mother money. She asks if this is the reason that she came to see them? She walks off angrily.


Jung-sun glares at her mother blankly and then walks out. She goes to sit on a bench outside the hospital and cries quietly. Though she tries to keep it together as best she can.

Jung-sun goes back inside and tells her that she will be here today, but she will hire a caretaker for every other day because she does not want to see her anymore. That night, the mother wakes up and sees Jung-sun sleeping on the couch. She looks at her lovingly and with regret.





Sung-joon comes into work and tells the team that manager Na is taking the day for personal reasons. So, can you take care of her urgent work Manager Lee? Hyun-ah says yes.

Flashback to Hyun-ah telling Sung-joon that he could accept him with Jung-sun because she is a  person with one heart. I thought you were like that too. You have to be like that oppa, so stop here before it becomes irreversible.

Jung-sun comes into work after all and says that the thing she was doing finished early. Sung-joon comes out and looks at her for a long moment, then he goes back inside his office.

Cut to him talking with the VP on his side. He tells him that the chairman will come. They will pick them or another department store. he will visit their store first so we need to do a good job since we are the first meeting. it is a very important project for the rest of the year, so do a good job. The reason I awnt to promote you as an executive is not all about putting another person on my side. As you know, our department store is pretty conservative and stays int he past. But the world is changing so we need to change as well. if someone like you becomes an executive, it will be a good starting point. Some executives are opposing promoting you because of your age. So show them your ability.

Sung-joon meets with his team after that and talks about the new company executive person coming who will put their product in this department store.

After the meeting, Sang-woo asks Hyun-ah if this will work. She says that it is very important for their company and asks if he knows what is going on even though you worked all night for several days? He kind of chuckles uncomfortably. So Hyun-ah tells hr that the think that the richest people in this country like are limited edition.

We put 199 people as Black Diamonds, they are the ones that spend the most. The Black diamond members have numbers on their Black Diamond cards. The person who spends the most is #1. The highest spending person’s number is actually their rank. this Tippon company event is only for 1-99 Black Diamonds, the highest of the highest. 

San-woo asks if it has to be this Tippon company?

She tells him that if you can buy the things at this VIP event anywhere then it is not worth anything. Tippon is the hottest jewelry brand in Europe. So if we can host them this time then we are the first in Korea. So after this deal goes through, we will have 10 limited edition jewelry. For those ten, we invite 99 people and will have an auction.

Sang-woo finally gets it. She tells him it is limited edition, so do you understand why the chairman of Tippon is important? So you know what you have to do now? You have to check the contract. He says yes and says he will be back. He hurries off.



Hyun-ah wonders how long she has to train Sang-woo for him to work properly. Jung-sun asks Yuri to come with her somewhere if she isn’t busy.

Cut to them taking a taxi to the airport. Jung-sun asks Yuri if she is nervous? She tells her that she will be with the chairman, you just need to check on what is going on. if an unexpected matter happens, just be sure to smile. There is a proverb that you cannot spit on a pleasant face. that is universal.

they meet this person in the airport. She tells the Tippon man “Welcome to Korea” in English. He speaks to her in Korean and says that she can speak comfortably. His Korean is a bit choppy though. So they talk about how his Korean is easy to understand.

But then another man starts to speak in English and basically takes over the conversation. he is from the competing department store and just came to say hi. It seems like it is unexpected that they showed up.

Jung-sun tries to ignore them and keeps speaking in Korean to great them. they like speaking in Korean to her. So the other guy cuts them off and starts to speak in Korean as well and tells him that they found an antique shop for him because they heard that he was interested in it. He says that he is so the other store snatches him away.

Jung-sun tells Yuri that they will follow them, this is war.

In the van, the woman speaks Korean and says that it has been 20 years since she has been here and is really looking forward to seeing how it has changed. the other man tells them that something is off and defective with something he is looking at. It is 87 cut but it should be 86 cut. He is also speaking in English. the person he is talking to says that no one will notice and he would have to discard $100,000 worth of product, do you really want to do that for a little thing? The man says yes, it is defective. The woman tells him to relax and enjoy Korea. She laughs and looks at Jung-sung and shakes her head pleasantly.

they go to the antique store and look around at the paintings and items. the man asks if the traditional houses still exist? Can I stay there? Jung-sun thinks for a second so the man asks if it is a difficult request? The other mans ays they will find it. But Jung-sun cuts in this time and says that they are responsible for his schedule so they will find it.

the competitor says that there is an old town with all hanok buildings, would you like to go? We can take you. She also noticed that he had his eye on a particular mirror or piece or something.

Back at work, the team starts to look for private hanok houses for the VIP to stay in. Hyun-ah also mentions that this competitor guy has no business manners.



The hospital also calls Jung-sun about her mother and says that she has to hear this news in person. She stays with the VIP for the moment though as they walk around this hanok village.

the man asks if it should be more than 1000 years old? Jung-sun says that she thinks so. She also thinks that this village must have gone through a lot and still survived. het ells her that when you cound the leaves of plants, there are almost 90 percents of leaves that follow 3-5-8-13. they follow that pattern. Nature looks chaotic, but actually on this inside they have perfect mathematical order. That is what makes nature beautiful and strong. 

Since I was young, when I see perfect symmetry, it has drawn my interest. It is kind of like nostalgia because I am not symmetric. Jung-sun tells him that her father told her once that the thing that makes people pretty is not their look but their facial expressions. Their facial expressions are created by the heart. I did not understand that for a long time, but while I was working, I understood what he meant. Ironically, after meeting people who are very close to perfect, now I kind of understand  what makes people pretty. It is not the look, but the heart. Chairman, you are already beautiful. 

Yuri listens to this and thinks.

On the way out, everyone walks out of the way of a truck that is carrying mirrors. The VIP person has a kind of heart attack and has to go somewhere to sit. it looks like he really does not like mirrors or reflections or anything. he even pushes a glass cup away from him which pushes two employees to the floor, including Yuri.

Later on, Jung-sun tells them that they found a place for him to stay. they can go there 30 minutes later. Jung-sun helps Yuri dress a large scratch on her heel and tells her that she can get it further checked out later. then they sit and chat. Yuri thinks that it is strange for her to see someone like that person nearby her. It is so strange. But then she snaps out of it and says lets go.


They get tot he private hanok house. Sung-joon is there to great him. But the VIP is not himself so he does not chat with him. His assistant apologizes and asys that he does not feel well. Sung-joon tells her that it is okay, he can talk with him tomorrow.

On the way home, Sung-joon tells Jung-sun that she worked hard and that her mother will be okay.




Elsewhere, Hyun-ah drinks at a fabulous lounge.  She gets a drink and tells them that she did not order it. then a greasy looking guy saddles up to her. She sighs.

She drinks it and thanks him. then she gets up to leave. The man tells her that she should not treat him like a bug. But then Jin-ho runs up and says, sorry I’m late. She sighs again and keeps walking. Jin-ho turns to the other guy and looking him up and down a few times before leaving.

Hyun-ah waits for him in the exposed brick stairway and tells him that she could have taken care of that herself. He tells her that she could just say thank you. She tells him that she did not ask for his help. He says that he knows, it was just that you were in trouble, I did not know that it was that bad for you to yell at me.

She apologizes and says thank you and starts to head out. He tells her that she should drink, you didn’t finish your drink. Would you like to have some more?





Jin-ho happily tells Hyun-ah that they see each other often. that place is only known to people who know aout it so maybe it is fate. She looks like she does not care. he asks if she doesn’t like men?

She asks what that stupid logic is. So if she does not like a mant hat she does not like that means she does not like men? He apologizes nd says that he will correct the question, do you not like me? Were we met for the first time (the hotel) could be a place to mistake something. It seems like you were too cranky when you saw me. As a coworker you were so cranky. But I approached you as a woman the first time so now you hate me?

She says that she thinks she made a mistake, sorry, it will never happen again. he tells her that it sounds like she is drawing a stronger line. She says that it seems like he wants a woman to hang out with, but I am not interested in that. Find another woman to hang out with.

he says that he just want to be friends with a coworker. She tells him, then, can I ask you a question? When we met in the elevator at work, you stopped me on purpose, right? Do you know something?

He says that he was just hungry at that time. He tries to smile but it is all a huge give away that something is up.




The doctor tells Jung-sun and Sung-joon that the need to do a tissue test on her mother because she has a bulge or something on her stomach. they need to do further tests.

Sung-joon says that he will stay and she can leave because Jung-sun stayed up all night for work. Jung-sun says to force her mother to get the test.

Jung-sun’s mother, Mi-ok asks her son-in-law to stay next to her daughter her entire life, is that too much of a request? I am happy that she has someone like you next to her.


The team meets and talks about a dinner invite that VIP Daniel is inviting them on. Jung-sun thinks that their executives should also be involved. But Sung-joon says that the executive dinner was refused by Daniel. Yuri thinks that they should go since they were invited. Hyun-ah says that Daniel is here for a few days and is inviting them so they should acknowledge their kindness. But only Yuri and Jung-sun are invited. They say that they will do it.

Yuri and Jung-sun leave. Jung-sun tells Yuri not to worry too much, it is just dinner. Yuri smiles and says yes. Jung-sun gets a call from the hospital and has to hurry off. She tells Yuri to wait a moment.

Jung-sun goes to the hospital and sees that her mother is leaving so she tells her to get more tests. the mother is upset that the caregiver told  Jung-sun that she is leaving. then she tells her daughter that she knows what she has and she already has a surgery date. She asked her husband for money for the surgery, so don’t worry. I have a conscience so I won’t ask you any  more. But at least it was the money I gave you to have your husbands suit made. It was not from your father.

Jung-sun asks her why she did that to her and appa? her mom says that her father was the only good thing that happened in her life. But when you screw up your own luck, I did not deserve it. I hated to be small and timid in your fathers family. I wanted to run away. Then I met that guy. yes, it was all emotions, I did not know what I was losing.

Jung-sun tells her that she should have stopped herself with every fiber that she has! Her mother says yes, she should have. Jung-sun asks if she even regretted it? Miok says yes, everyday and every second. But what does it matter, it already happened.

Jung-sun tells her that she is lying. Yo could have come back. I was waiting for you stupidly, even though you abandoned us. I always thought I would forgive you if you came back. But you never came back. When I acknowledged that I was really abandoned, then I thought that you should die. Then at least I could miss you. Then I decided that I won’t be a person that leaves someone. I will not make anyone leave me also.

her mother tries to comfort her, but Jung-sun hits her arm away forcefully.

The mother then tells the ex-husband that she will be okay. the life of a B like me means that no news is good news. I will never come in front of you anymore. he tells her to keep in touch. We should at least know that you are alive. Call me after your surgery. She tells her ex that he is such a character. then she looks at Jung-sun. Jung-sun’s father says that Jung-sung just needs time. the mother says that she needs to pay for her own sins, goodbye. She walks off.




Jung-sun goes back to work and tells her husband that she is fine, it is just work. And then tells Yuri that they can head out.


Yuri and Jung-sun eat with the VIP and his female companion(?). Maybe that is his wife? Not sure. He says that they were both adopted. They speak English and Korean and mention that Korean is fun, it is easy to learn and logical and pretty. He wonders if he talks about boring things.

Yuri says that she is just nervous becasue it is hard to sit here for the first time. Daniel says that it is hard for him to make eye contact with strangers and mentions that Yurii has nice eyes like a black saphire. It is pretty and clear but kind of sad. then he apologizes if that makes her upset. he as complimenting her. She sys it is okay, it was a very good compliment. She tells him that his eyes are pretty as well. Then the woman makes the mood cheery and says that they should have a toast! Raise your galsses!

Later on, Jung-sun watches her hands and leaves. She hears the woman says that she will tell Daniel to go with the professional CEO system and you should recommend me as the CEO. She is talking on the phone. She tells this person that once seh becomes CEO, they will sell Tipponi. Let me know what it is done.

Jung-sung overhears everything and tries to leave, but runs into Daniel! He pushes her into the bathroom or maybe pantry room and telsl her to please ignore it. i need her and I have a mirror phobia. My reflection is so un symmetric and has botherd me for a long time. It looks so ugly. But Leah is the first person to tell me that she likes me. She makes me move forward. Without her there is no Tipponi. I know that she has changed, but it is okay. I need her so please ignore it please. I beg you.

Jung-sun agrees. 

they both go back to the table to finisht he meal. The woman says that she hates beans, they are just like medicine. She smiles. He tells her that it is good for her health. They watch the Matrix while eating, it is on the red and blue pill. The red pill makes you stay in wonderland. the blue pill pulls you out to the real world. 

Jung-sun says that this is like the red pill. Daniel asks if the red pill is knowing the truth? Leah says that the blue pill makes you stay in the reality you want to believe and the red pill makes you realize the real reality, the truth. Danile mentions that after watching this movie, I thought that the main guy is stupid. Life would be easier with the blue pill. 

Leah says that she heard a Korean proverb where not knowing is medicine. Jung-sun smiles. She says that when she first saw the movie she agreed. But recently she wondered which was worse? Life without knowing the truth, is that real living?

Leah says that it could be easier than you think. It could be dependent on what you want. Yuri asks if she thinks it would be good to get what you want? Leah says that it is better than not getting it.

Danile thinks about this. Leah smiles and says that she doesn’t know, perhaps it could be true. Daniel asks what pill they would pick? Jung-sun says that she does not know. Do you think that the blue pill even exists? In real life, the truth is eventually revealed.

Everyone looks like they are thinking about this. Leah looks around and says that things are getting too serious, I just hate beans, that’s all, ha ha. She gives Daniel all the beans. he starts to eat them but is thinking about something. Everyone at the table is thinking about something.




Mina meets with her husband. She says that one of their kids does not eat veggies so he has constipation. the other one loved to eat ramen so he ate a lot. But he got tired of it and wanted rice so he tried to cook rice. But he didn’t know where it was. You are right, I am a mess, the house is in a mess. I know that the house should not be in a mess only because you are not here. So now I know where the rice is and how to prepare breakfast and everything so please come back. I miss you in our house.

She says that she will not come back yet.


Jung-sun and Yurii take a taxi back. It is quiet until Yuri tells Jung-sun that she is great. You talk to the CEOs equally. I did not even know what I said. My brain was all blank. Jung-sun says that she did a good job, because of you the outing was soft. Then Jung-sun asks the driver to stop here and tells Yuri to take the taxi all the way back to her home, she can pay with this credit card and she tells her that she will walk.

So Jung-sung gets out to walk and the taxi drives off.

A pretty song plays as Jung-sung starts to walk. It says, “set me free from this mess…set me free from this mess mess mess…” It plays on the entire walk home.

Jung-sun gets home and the song is still playing. Sung-joon greets her, she tells him that they should talk.

Cut to Yuri going to a hospital. She greets the workers as if she sees them a lot. they tell her that it is a good day because she feels good. Yuri thanks them and goes inside a room to see her mom.

She tells her mother that she is here. Her mother greets her like a department store employee and bows to her. Later on, Yurii washes her mothers hand as she sleeps and cries. She tells her mother that she hopes she says that it is okay.

Elsewhere, Mina sits in her hotel room and pulls out her new mother diary. Hmm, is she pregnant with a new kid????? Cut to her looking at a pregnancy test on the bathroom and putting her head in her hands. she took the pregnancy test at work and goes back to the desk. She looks at Sung-joon and then puts her head in her hands again.

Int he hotel room, she looks at ultrasound images of the baby and starts to cry. She is super stressed.

Cut to Yuri who is leaving the hospital. The nurses says that they heard that she paid for one year of hospital bill already. You are always struggling so that is good for you. Did you win a lotto? Did someone help you? Yuri says that someone helped her and asks to please take care of her mother. She leaves. the nurses kind of look at each other.

At home, Jung-sun shows Sung-joon the message that she got and says that she wanted to forget about it but could not. My interest grows, I have to know who the person that you slept with is. I have to know.

Fade Out


Oh my gosh, y’all! I think The vice president might be Yuri’s father? Not her lover? It seems like the VP had an affair with Yuri’s mother or at least that Yuri’s mother aws a department store employee at some point. This would be a big change of events. Also, who thinks that Mina’s baby is actually Sung-joon’s baby? Perhaps there could be another switcheroo and it could be Director Bae Do-il’s baby? Or perhaps someone else’s baby at the company? Or perhaps her husbands baby but she does not want to take a year off from work to have the baby?

I have so many questions! I love that this show is doing this because I was starting to think that they needed something else in the mix to keep me interested in this mistress storyline. I thought that the something else might be a murder, but I like this angle a lot more right now.


Yes, hopefully we can get to it later on!


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  1. Anonymous
    November 19, 2019 / 4:25 pm

    Thank you for recap, V. So many questions! Can’t wait for next episode.

    • V
      November 19, 2019 / 9:00 pm

      There are so many questions! I love the intrigue. ☺️

  2. Priscilla Moya
    November 21, 2019 / 11:07 pm

    What is the actor’s name that plays Daniel, the chairman who is afraid of mirrors?

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