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VIP: Episode 5 (9-10) Live Recap (FINISHED)

Recap VIP episode 5 (9 and 10)
VIP episode 5 (9 and 10) Recap, image SBS

Our first live recap for VIP! I am really enjoying this drama so hopefully episode 5 continues with the slow build intrigue that this show established in the opening episodes. Though, with the ending of the last episode, things might take a hard turn unless those two can explain themselves!

Our recap will start at 1pm CST!

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JUNE 2002

Hun-ah wakes up in a college looking break room. She might have drank all night and passed out there. Someone comes in so she asks who this person is. This guy looks like Sung-joon. He says that he has to work. She says that she will catch the first bus out. She missed it last night.

He goes to the locker and says that he will develop his photos. She asks if she can do it with him. So they go to the dark room and start to develop the photos. He gives her a blanket and she asks about how this is done. he asks if she has never developed any photos? She says she has not, this is her first photo club. But she joined it to hook up with an oppa.

Sung-joon is a bit embarrassed by that but tries to ignore it. She asks if he is going to ask her about it, but he says that they should have their own reasons. So she tells him that he was not great, less than expected.

She follows him to the liquid tray area where the photos appear. She tells him he is like a magician. But why are you doing this this early in the morning? he says because it is quiet and he can see the sun rise also.

She asks what his name is. I think I saw you at the welcome party, but I don’t remember. She says that her name is Lee Hun-ah, you might know it because that sunbae guy said I am a crazy B. Are you not surprised?

He says that is a fact. She laughs and tells him daebak.

He hangs all the photos up and looks at them. They are all photos of people so she asks him if he likes people and if he is always that serious. he says he sometimes likes people and sometimes does not. Then he checks his watch and they go outside to look at the sunrise.

She tells him that she understands why he is doing this at this time of the day. he tells her that he does not like complicated relationships and she is not his type. She asks what his type is? He says that it is someone with one heart. Though it changes often. He smirks. She tells him not to pre-judge. Maybe I am your type. 

Later on, she sees him playing basketball with his friends. he actually happy here so she walks up to him and tells him that he is good at basketball. Then she walks away. Her friend asks her if he is her new target? Hyun-ah says not yet, he is my last target. My blood is too hot to settle down with one man now, so I have picked him as my last. her friend smiles and asks if she thinks that it will happen, even though you are cool. Hyun-ah tells her that she will see.





Hyun-ah is crying in front of Sung-joon and tells him that she didn’t want to show this side to oppa, but she is embarrassed. She is showing him her bottom.

He stars to pat her on her shoulder which is when Jung-sun walks up. They both look up startled. She runs away and Sung-joon runs after her to tell her that this is not what she thinks. She asks him, what do I think! WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM THINKING!

He says that this is about work, lets go home and talk. She tells him that he is so rational in this moment. But Hyun-ah comes in and says that she will explain it to her. 

So they go to a conference room to chat.

HA – i have debt. My mom’s business went bankrupt so, I am in trouble

JS – How long?

HA – For awhile, that is why I came back to work, because I need money

JS – Why didn’t you tell me?

HA – Do I have to tell you these things? Maybe I went crazy because I am hitting rock bottom

Cut to Hyun-ah going into the room where the late woman’s clothing is located. She has her things to document them, but then just starts to pack all the jewelry away. On her way out, she runs into Sung-joon.

She is shocked and tells him that she is just checking on samples. Goodbye. He looks at her kind of suspiciously, but doesn’t press it and leaves. She goes to her desk with a huge exhale and looks around. The place is empty.

So she takes out the jewelry, but the jewelry has a tag on it, so it looks like you can’t take it out of the building. She puts it away and starts to look on her computer for something. She googles how to unlock a security chip on the company system.

In the garage, Sung-joon gets a phone call from someone who wants a document or he has to look at a document or something. So he says that he will call them back and heads back upstairs.

Upstairs, Hyun-ah goes to Sung-joon’s computer and puts in a request for a form. Then she goes to a plant where everyones login information and password is. So goes to Mina’s computer and starts to try and approve the form.

But she is busted by Sung-joon. She tells Sung-joon that she does not have any excuse, just follow the protocol to fire me. But he says that she should just cancel the computer records. You are a smart girl, you know that it will not be processed.

She breaks down and says that she has shown him her bottom. He touches her shoulder.

In the present, Jung-sun asks if she is that bad of a friend to her so that she doesn’t tell her everything she is going through? Hyun-ah tells her that you have to be the main person. You ave to know everything and help everyone and everyone should like you. That is how you have to be. I am tired. Sorry, I don’t have room in my heart to handle that. That is why I did not tell you.

Jung-sun takes a few shallow breathes. Hyun-ah asks what she was thinking? Did you think I was having an affair with oppa? Ask yourself if you trust me. She walks out.

While walking out, she tells Sung-joon goodbye as well and tells her to go inside because she is a mess right now and could not tell Jung-sun things nicely.



Sung-joon goes into the room, Jung-sun tells him, lets go. So they drive home quietly. At home, Jung-sun leaves the room and tells him that she will get some fresh air, you can go to sleep first. Then she takes the car to the river. While there, she thinks about all the things that led to this moment from the point that she saw that text.

She is so upset that she chuckles to herself and then sobs on the steering wheel.


Jung-sun thinks about the login post it that she put under the plant. She told everyone inside the office that it was only for emergencies and only among us okay?

She thinks about the family friend, Jin-chul, telling her that the computers name was under her name, Na Jung-sung. So she knows that someone in this office did it. Then Hyun-ah comes in and they have an awkward moment as she takes her seat quietly.

Later on, they have a meeting where they discus VIP premier houseware. they will have a project involving this and will have the hottest designer take care of it. Jung-sun looks around at everyone instead of paying attention.

The Director lists the order of importance with managers and sales and marketing and concierge. But Hyun-ah thinks that the concierge should not sale the product, they just need to make everyone feel good. You do not have the right to evaluate the managers as well. The Diretor says that this is why it is an order from the top. Hyun-ah starts to argue again but Sung-joon politely motions for her to stop talking and says that he will contact them after they discuss the details.

The Director person starts to leave and tells Na that she is the only one he can trust. It is for the company. Jung-sun smiles and nods as she says she will work on it. Upon leaving, the man looks at Mina, Mina bows to him. Ah, so this guy is the one that interviewed Mina.

Once they all leave, Hyun-ah says that they should go back, they said that they will do evaluations so that means that in the future they will affect their work. If we listen to them one time then they will use us as their own servants.



Sung-joon tells her that this is a direct order from the senior managing director (Ha Young-woong). We can’t refuse it right away. Jung-sun asks why they don’t just accept their opinions this time? hyun-ah says that because it is a direct order, they will not accept our changes. Hyun-ah complains a bit and says that they do not always have to be nice, they need to be strong sometimes.

Jung-sun tells Hyun-ah that it is okay to express her opinion, but she needs to keep her manners together. Hyun-ah apologizes and Sung-joon looks at Jung-sun. Mina is all like, OMG.

Sung-joon goes to the VP’s office. the VP tells him that the chairman has already approved it (which is his father because this is VP Ha). He says that he can’t do much. then he says that hyung used his brain this time. Do you have any good ideas for us?


Back in the office, Mina shows Jung-sun the report and asks her if she okay? Jung-sun asks, what she is asking? Mina says that it looks like she has trouble with the manager. Jung-sun says that there might be arguments at work. So Mina bows and leaves.

While walking back, Sung-joon gets suspicious phone call. His eyes grow wide when he looks at it.

Inside the offices, Hyun-ah gives orders to Yuri and Mina and then looks at what Sang-woo is doing. He is putting all the phone numbers in his cell phone. She ask why he is doing that? he says that he has to send a group mail to all the managers. So she asks him why he is hand typing everything? Do you really not know about how to send a web text in our system?

He is clueless, so she shows him how to do it. He is pretty amazed and Jung-sun is paying close attention. But then he gets called away. So Yuri says that if it is in a hurry then she can do it. Hyun-ah says that if she does then she can do it. She gives her the work to do and says to get the email addresses from the list. Jung-sun looks at Yuri suspiciously as she does this.



Elsewhere, Mina meets with her husband to talk about their sons upcoming picnic and how he has to pack a lunch for them. He tells her to come home. She says that she will send him the recipe so don’t forget. Also, you need to practice it because it is difficult to make character kimbap.

He says that he will buy it. Then he asks why she doesn’t make it. She asks if he thinks she is joking? They are your sons, I did it all the time so you do it this time. She walks out.

In a cafe somewhere, Sung-joon meets with his mother-in-law. She asks him how he is doing and asks if there are any kids yet? he sys no. She mentions that she has a kid but my kid does not take me as a human at all. She laughs a bit and takes a sip of her drink. He asks how she has been and that he heard that sh lives in Daejun after remarrying. She starts to talk about her husband and her husbands business and says that she has to talk to him about that actually.




In the company, Jung-sun asks the security man if he can check he entrance list? The security man sys that he can do it if she has a good reason. What is the reason? Jung-sun says that it is nothing in particular. She walks off and runs into Ji-young so they go for drinks.

While getting drinks, they talk about what is going on with the VP fight. She wants Jung-sun to tell her about it. Jung-sun asks her if she thinks she is a B-ch? Ji-young says yes, you have everything, good husband and money and rich family and you come to work as a hobby but at the same time you are successful. You are nice to the people around you because you have no stress and people are nice to you. if your life is hard, i would difficult to be generous.

All the world is so nice to you so you can have a gracious life. Of course you are a b—ch. Jung-sun asks, does she not have everything? Ji-young says not to be polite about that, it will make everyone even more upset and will make you even more of a b—ch. What, did someone say that you are a B? Good for you, I want that kind of jealously.

In the offices, Mina is having a meeting. Director Bae comes in and asks if Mina is in charge of this? Good job. He gives her a bit of a signal and heads out.


Jung-sun meets with her family friend Jin-chul at his motorcycle shop and tells him that she only shared her ID with the internal team so this person should be on the team. But why would they send me this kind of text? He asks if it is important? She says that it is. if that person says something about it then i would be in trouble at work.

He says that there are three choices, either it is a joke, a courtesy, or a threat. If it is the first or the second, nothing will happen that you worry about. There is no other follow up so it does not seem like threatening. that person will show up because they will request something. To make a long story short, it is not important who sent it to you. Use our time for more productive things.

She says that she wonders if it was really based on something. He said that it was not someone that I know. Jin-chul tells her that if she is not confident about it, just stop. If you wee wondering what is out there and keep thinking about it, just stop here and open the door. Whatever it is, after you see it you won’t think of a rat as a tiger. if you are not confident opening that door, then forget that the door even exists. Whatever it is, you have to do one or the other for you to live.



Cut to their house, Jung-sun stand in front of a door. He tells her that she should open it or stop. if you are not confident then you should forget about it. Sung-joon asks her what she is doing. She tells him that she can’t open the door. But then she says that it is nothing.


Two men are carrying doors around the building. One of them is Sung-joon. Jung-sun asks him if she can help him with something so he happily comes up and says that he is scared of Ji-young, but now he has 20 Ji-young’s around.

Ji-young comes up behind him and scares him. Sang-woo quickly hurries away. Ji-young tells Jung-sun that he is still cute. Then all the sales managers come in. They are all women. They all take a seat for the meeting.

They start the meeting. The ladies ask them if he wants them to sale things? The man tells them that this si their job anyway, to sell things. You will get incentive if you sale more.

Ji-yong starts to tell him about what all the women do to get a sale from people and always ask them what they need, they never ask them if they need this. The VIP’s buy what they want, not what they need. Unless they request it, we never recommend something to them, that is against the VIP. That little suggestion will make them feel like they are only the subject of the sale. So I think that this came from the desk that does not know anything about what is going on.

The director tells her that their policy has been decided from proper research and planning. Ji-young asks the managers who had any discussions with the company? Everyone shakes their heads. The director asks them what they want? Will you ignore our police? Ji-young says yes, it is difficult to folow orders, especially a way that will negatively affect the sales.

the director asks them if they will go ons trike? You are all on contract, we can end your contract. Ji-young tells him that he has a misunderstanding. The contract is two sided. Without an agreement, we can break it. It shuold not be one-sided from the company. if you want to then you can request firing us, but then you will have to rehire all the concierge and the managers.

Sung-joon tells her that they will get their ideas and put it to discussion. The other director looks at him and nods.

Then Hyun-ah looks at Sung-joon so Sung-joon reluctantly walks to the front to announce a lesson from the interior designer. Ji-young looks back to Hyun-ah and winks, Hyun-ah gives her a thumbs up.



Later on we see Ji-young all collapsed on a table and talking about how scared she was to say all that. Hyun-ah and Jung-sun smile and tells her that she did a good job. flashback to Jung-sun telling her team that they should make it like they agree on the plan but say that the managers in the field are against it. She thinks they will be against it anyway so we can get their input. then the marketing team will not be able to process it on their own. When that happens, we will gain control over the situation.

In the present, Ji-yong says that she has a lot of places to go if she is fired, but the other managers really risk their life. Hyun-ah says that they will not be able to refuse their plan B. Ji-young tells JUng-sun that she thinks she is the bravest person there. She heads out when someone comes in to talk to her.

Jung-sun smile and then tells Hun-ah that she wants to talk to her for a moment.

In the kitchen area, Mia and Yuri are working. Two managers start to gossip and mention that the VPs wife went to a location and broke a huge screen.

Flashback to the VPs wife walking through a posh looking room happily. But then she sees the YouTube clip on a big screen of Yuri looking shocked and throws her wine glass at the screen causing it to break.

The two managers ask if the VPs wie knows about it? Behind them, Yurii and Mina stand, though they are a little bit away. The managers think that they will ahve something fun to watch.

Later on, Director Bae tells Mina good job and then asks her if she has time.

In the kitchen area, a person asks Yuri about the marketing date. Yuri mentions that Mina has it and sees her walking away with Diretor Bae.

Cut to a kitchen area where Mina and Director Bae talk at a table. He says that he heard she wants to join and thinks that this could be good for them. But he will have to see the best time that she can join them. Not right now, but you can probably do something for us in your current team. She asks what kind of work he wants her to do? He says that they can see what happened, you just let us know what kind of work is going on. that information is your power. But don’t be too serious, I am not asking you to betray them. I am not going to ask you to do anything illegal. He sighs and says that he thought they could be a good team. Do you need time to think about it?

She says no, she will work hard. He smiles and tells her good, he knew that she was a smart person. I was not wrong.

Our super great eavesdropper, Yuri, is listening in in the other area of the kitchen and hurries off.

In another room, Jung-sun tells Hyun-ah not to use her own money to pay for her mothes debt, you can find a way to survive. Hyun-ah gets up to leave. Jung-sun tells her that she was right, I suspected that you and oppa where having an affair. Oppa had another woman. Well, it is even more unrealistic when I say it. As you can see, I am messed up like you, I am not sure if that will comfort you. I am not sure if I have the main person syndrome, but it bothers me so that is why I am doing this in this situation. Don’t refuse it. 

Hyun-ah asks why she told her. I could be that woman. Jung-sun asks, is it you? Hyun-ah looks at her and Jung-sun’s heart starts to beat quicker? She says that she felt like it would drive her crazy if she did not tell anyone. If it was you, what could I do. I hope it is not you. But at least I could tell you this because it is you.



Hyun-ah rides the elevator upstairs but as the doors close, Jin-ho barely manages to squeeze himself through the door. Hyun-ah rolls her eyes. He tells her that they know each other so they should at least say hi…..

So she nods a hi and he bows a high with a smile as he mentions that it is nice to at least say hi.

But as they get off the elevator, Hyun-ah sees Sung-joon and Yuri going off together. She starts to follow, but Jin-ho tries to stop her and ask her to dinner and get in her way to keep her from looking into that situation by saying that he really does not want to eat alone.

She basically tells him no and then runs to where the two of them went. But they are gone now. Jin-ho wonders what his hyung is doing.

Cut to Sung-joon meeting Jung-sun’s mom and giving her an envelope of money. She thanks him and apologizes and says that she will see him with good news next time. But then she says that not showing up is the best news for you guys. Sung-joon asks if she can at least tell Jung-sun that she is okay, I think she still thinks about you.

The mother says okay and then tells Sung-joon that he is a good person. She does not have good mom luck, but she has good husband luck. She starts to head out, but then the mother in law starts to collapse. So he runs to her side.

Jung-sun calls him and asks if he is still working. But then she must have gotten the news because she hurries off.

Elsewhere, Mina sneaks into the house and sees how much of a wreck it is in right now. She made a pretty lunch for her kids so she puts it in the lunch. But she also see that the father did try and make a cute lunch for their kids. So she might feel a bit of regret in this moment.

She might not use hers after all. She goes to the kids room and covers them with blankets then she sits and watches them for a moment.

At work, Sung-joon tells the team that general manager Na is not coming to work for personal reasons. He tells Hyun-ah to take care of urgent matters. So Hyun-ah meets with sung-joon. She tells him, because it was Jung-sun, I could accept it.

Flashback to her telling Sung-joon to accept her as his wife. He told her to stop talking about nonsense, let’s go back to work. She mutters to herself that she was not joking. Then we see a flashback of her and Jung-sun talking about how Jung-sun is dating her friend Sung-joon. She tells him congratulations.

In the present, Hyun-ah tells Sung-joon that she understands that Jung-sun is the person that has one heart, like he likes. But she thought that oppa was the same person. Oppa, you should be the same kind of person. She tells him to stop now, before it is irreversible.

Cut to another flashback where Hyun-ah sees Sung-joon with another woman while late at work (maybe from the first episode?). She was almost caught seeing them together when she dropped her keys. But she was able to avoid it. She did not get a good look at the person though and wonders why she hid. She tells herself that she will pick up the key tomorrow.

Then she goes to a cafe and calls Na Jung-sun. She asks her where she is. Sung-joon says she is at home and Jung-sun is at work and his mother is here. So they hang up.

Hyun-ah sees Sung-joon driving off and then she sees Yuri. But she also sees Mina. It looks like the two of them met and went into the building?

So in the present at work, Hyun-ah looks at the other two and is suspicious of them both. She also looks at Sung-joon who is working diligently in his office.

Fade Out


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