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VIP: Episode 4 (7-8) Recap

Kdrama VIP episode 4 (7-8) recap
Kdrama VIP episode 4 (7-8) recap, image SBS

I am really enjoying this show and finding out more about our ladies lives. It is great! I also love the switch they pulled here. I thought they gave it up in the last episode but now they threw something else at us. Well played, show.

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Sung-jung wakes up early and makes coffee and breakfast at home. Jung-sun sleeps in. Sung-joon brings her breakfast in bed and gives her a peck. She tells him that she does not want to wake up. He smiles and tells her, Na Jung-sun baby, you have to wake up. She tells him she is not a baby, she is an adult.

They happily kiss as he tells her that he has to go to work. But she starts to undress him and they start to kiss on the bed. However, just when it seems like they are about to keep going, he tells her that he should stop there today because he has a meeting in the morning. So he sits her up and tells her that he made her toast.

In the present, Jung-sun gets to work. it is empty there. She looks in her husbands office and sees a woman there, talking to him. But it looks like it could be a dream? He starts to walk away, but she holds his arm, so he comes back and slowly moves to kiss her.

But then Jung-sung wakes up suddenly in her bed. In the kitchen, Sung-joon made breakfast for her. She comes downstairs looking sad. he tells her that he made her breakfast, take and shower and eat it. She tells him, okay.



Everyone works quietly. Jung-sun thinks about the dream kiss that her husband gave to someone and imagines who it could be from the office. She knows from the text that it should be someone in the office. So she imagines that it might be all three of the women there.

Right then, Mina’s husband comes and pulls her out respectfully. They go to the hallway to talk. he asks her where she is staying now. Did you really abandon us?

Flashback to Mina telling her husband that she can’t do it anymore, I am leaving the house. I have done enough work. I only have one body, how can you ask me to raise kids and take care of the house and go to work. He said that he helped her. She asks if he is raising someone else’s kids? You are not helping me, you are raising your own kids. I asked you to give me a break this year, but you did not change at all.

He apologizes. She says that she has done enough working Mom life, so you should live as a working daddy. he is apologetic and says he is scared to do it. She tells him that she is scared that she will break living like this.

In the present, he asks what they will tell the kids. She says that she will tell them that she is relocated. He asks what to tell the other parents. She says that he can tell them if he wants to get a divorce. Then she goes back inside. He thinks that this is too strong.


Sung-joon meets with VP Ha Jae Woong about signing a document and being promoted to an executive. He tells him that he needs right power to make changes, so get ready for it. Don’t do anything that causes trouble for now. I know that you are not that kind of person. Sung-joon says, okay.


Yuri happens to see two of her former colleagues in the kitchen. They tell her that she looks good. But one of them is sarcastic and ays that she looks much better than them who stand all day. The nicer one tells Yuri to visit them, people miss you.

But Yuri feels a bit uncomfortable and tells them that she will leave now. The nice one asks why the mean one talked like that? You liked her. The mean one said that she did, but she did not know that she was that kind of person. Everyone knows who is supporting her. Even though I am not educated and i own nothing, at least I know that I should not live my life like that.



Yuri eats her lunch int he office and works. She is the only one there until Jung-sun comes in. She tells her that manager Lee is busy with the trunk show, so I will check the merchandise.

JS tells her that she is doing a good job now, she will coach her on how to make these images for work.

Elsewhere, Mina has a meeting with another manager about moving to the marketing department. He asks what about her team? Why not just learn a lot in the other team?

Mina says that she can use the knowledge she has learned. This manager says that they need someone that can work right away. What can you do? She starts to talk about how she can market and promote well.

The director comes in, he asks where the general manager is. They tell him that he is interviewing a potential employee. Director Bae looks into the room and sees Mina being interviewed. It looks like he remembers her but it also looks like he might have some other thoughts involving her.

Meanwhile, Yuri and Jung-sun have a meeting with another woman about their plan for merchandising or something. But the other woman says that they are too busy, it would take months to do this. However they need it done in 3 weeks.

They head back to the employees, Jung-sun tells her to go first, she needs to go to another area. So Yuri heads off but realizes that she left a document so she heads back.

She sees Jung-sun talking to the woman again about how she knows she can do it faster. But the other woman talks about Yuri and how she is that one that was appointed by the VP, right? Jung-sun tells her that she does not know the details.

The other woman says that one of the other team members told her that it is good to be a woman, just smile and you will be promoted. At work, you should do 150% of man, then people call it equal. But if someone knows about that case then the other hard working women are all blamed. She is a high school graduate and sampled food. What about the people that worked so hard to get here. It is not only about me, it will not be easy for you to work with her and get help from other people.

Jung-sun asks if she can just give them one break. You know that the VP wants this. The woman asks if she is threatening her because she is the direct line with the VP? Jung-sun smiles brightly and asks her if she will do it? The woman sighs and says, I don’t know.

Yuri leaves and goes to the show room. Hyun-ah asks her how her meeting went. Yuri kind of just looks at her like Bambi and mutters something about it being fine and leaves.

Later on, Hyun-ah, Ji-young, and Jung-sun head out for coffee and talks about how that one guy got fired because he cheated. if you want to cheat then you need to cheat well. But the wife forgave him. Jung-sun mutters that he should not have gotten caught. If she didn’t know about it then they would just live happily. They both look at her curiously.

Ji-young tells her that she is getting old. Don’t you know that a-hole that dumped me and is dating another woman.

Flashback to Ji-young being dumped years ago, she is crying at the table of a dinner style restaurant where Ji-young got a text from the other woman and asks to talk to her. Jung-sun calls the woman and says that she dated him for 3 years and just broke up with him a week ago. The lady says, you dated him for 1 year? Jung-sun says yes, he was dating two people. Goodbye.

Then she tells Ji-young that you should not avoid poop, you should remove it. Then no one else will be a victim of him. Hyun-ah high fives her. Jung-sun tells Ji-young to eat, eat!

In the present, Ji-young reminds her that she used to be like that. Now she is getting old. Hyun-ah looks from friend to friend and quietly drinks her iced coffee.


Jung-sun sits quietly when Yuri comes up to her and gives her her data. She tells her that she is not confident in leading the project but she will do all the work Jung-sun gives her. Jung-sun thinks about that.

Later on, Sung-joon gets a text from Jung-sun that says that she will eat dinner with Yuri and will be back late. He texts her back, okay.

Then his friend comes in smiling and tells him that he works hard. Cut to them eating at a drinking restaurant. His friend asks him what happened and why he made him a co-conspirator? I don’t feel good about this. Is this really what I am imagining? 

Sung-joon says that he really did not know that this would happen. His friend, Jin-ho yells, are you crazy! But then he quiets himself and looks around. Everyone is looking at them now. So he quietly asks Sung-joon what he is going to do.


Hyun-ah looks through her storage and starts to sell all her limited edition expensive bags. The woman she sells it to runs a boutique used bag shop and says that she will give her a good price.


At the dinner, Yuri tells Jung-sun that she is sorry but she heard her talking to that person. She does not want to affect the project. She understands that there are qualifications, she should have understood that before. I don’t deserve it.

Elsewhere, Hyun-ah meets her mother at a fancy cafe. Her mother looks wealthy and asks her daughter where she is staying and what she is doing now? So the loan shark couldn’t find you? Hyun-ah asks her mother how much it is? Her mother says that it won’t affect her, then she asks for money in that same breath.

Hyun-ah gives her half the money she brought, her mother wants more of it. Hyun-ah gives her a little bit more and tells her that money is the only thing that she gave her as a mom. The mother asks if she is doing that project with the mall? Hyun-ah says that the mall owner is their client.

The mother says that she heard that store does not have good cash flow after launching their own brand. Hyun-ah tells her that she is only talking in rumors. The mother tells her not to contact her in awhile just in case. No contact is good contact. She gets up to leave and says that she cannot stay to eat in a public place like this.

Hyun-ah stops her and gives her all the money. The mother takes it but then she gives her some back to her and says that this is all that she can do for her as a mother. Hyun-ah asks if she really has to do this for her pride? Her mother says yeah, that is the only thing she has, her pride. And it was inherited to you. Goodbye my baby. She lightly pats Hyun-ah on the cheek and heads out.


At home, Mina tells the kids that she is relocated for work and will be gone for 100 nights. If you behave well with your father then I can come back earlier. The sons are both sad. Mina tells them that she will visit them often. She tells the oldest to take care of the youngest and tells him that he is the only one that she can trust. If you cry, then who will take care of appa and Seo-joon. Take care of your parents, okay? And take care of your appa okay? he says okay so she hugs them both and starts to head out.

Her husband asks if she is really leaving? She says yes and tells him that she invited him to Yong-joon’s class parents meeting. Do a good job. She leaves. One of the kids tells appa that he has to poop so he takes him to the bathroom.

Mina sits at the bus stop and sadly looks at photos of her kids. She tries not to cry, but it proves impossible.


Meanwhile, Sung-joon gets home. But he looks at the house from outside and hangs his head with a sigh.

Inside, Jung-sung stands at a door, it looks like she is thinking of either leaving or entering. But she turns and calls her fathers friend, Jin-chul, to see if he knows a private detective. He asks if she is going to check on her husband? 

She tells him that she wants to look for a text message location.




The VIP department store team starts to prepare everything for the trunk show. The VP shows up so Sang-woo tells Hyun-ahh that this looks like a super important event.

Then he YouTuber comes. The VP introduces himself. He says that he hopes that she likes it. She tells him that it is better than expected. San-woo thinks that the YouTuber is even confident with the VP. Hyun-ah basically tells him to stop gawking and get to work.

Cut to the YouTuber filming the YouTube event. She says that she will spend 500,000 today. Sang-woo thinks that she could have totally been an actress. Hyun-ah tells him to be quiet. The YouTuber gets off her live YouTube stream and then tells everyone that they can do it now.

But then some gangsters come in and say that they are there to get their money. Hyun-ah immediately grows nervous, but then the YouTuber tells them that they should talk outside. Outside, she asks them if it is $300,000 more?

Inside the VIP team circles up to discuss this change of events. Hyun-ah says that she heard a rumor that the shopping mall has a cash flow problem because she is launching her own brand.

Sung-joon asks why she is saying that now? Hyun-ah tells him that it was just a rumor. Jung-sun wonders if they can proceed today? Hyun-ah says she will talk to her now.

Sung-jun goes to do that. The YouTuber is putting her stamp on the receipt for $300k. The gangster is amazed that he came there to get money and is lending her even more money now. He reminds her that they will chase her to hell to get the rest.

The YouTuber comes out and tells Hyun-ahh that she is sorry that this is delayed. Hyun-ah tells her that she should cancel it. We do not have to do it, so whatever you lended, you can give it back.

The YouTuber ignores her. Hyun-ah speaks in banmal and tells her that they will follow her around until she dies. Money is scary. But the YouTuber says that she knows more than she does. i put my life on the line with this. Hyun-ah sighs and says that she really does not understand.

The woman tells Hyunah that there is a proverb, if you think that you will die, then you will survive. I would not even be here if I did not have that determination. It is better to die than to go back to what I was before.

Hyun-ah tells her that she could really die. The YouTuber tells her that they can see if she will really die or not. Let’s see if I have any luck left. Let’s go. She walks to the steps and sees Yuri standing there. Yuri quickly tells her that they were looking for her. She tells them that she is going now.

Inside, she tells Sung-joon that she will pay $200,000 now and $300,000 when she gets the product. Everyone is uneasy with this. But they go on with the event.

Cut to the unboxing event for $500,000 in the VIP private show room. She definitely knows what se is doing. Yuri is fascinated. Across the room, Sung-joon speaks with Mina. Jung-sun watches them closely.

After the event, Ji-young thinks that it is successful, but what if she goes bankrupt? Hopefully it does not affect their company right away.

Also in the room, Jin-ho tries to talk to Hyun-ah. he tells her that she is a cool person, he is not trying to come on to her, he just wanted to tell her that she was cool today. She walks off without acknowledging him, but she thinks about what he said with a smile.


On the way home, Sung-joon asks Jung-sun he she wants to eat something? She says she is okay and tells him not to try too hard. This might take some time.

She gets a text from Jin-chul, her family friend, about the private detective. He says that it will take some time. She tells him to please do it, ajusshi.


The team sees that the video is uploaded and starts to watch it. But the issue is that the YouTuber put in Yuri’s reactions to all the prices on the video. Her team thinks she might get turned into a meme.

But there is a strange reply to the YouTube video so they click on the link and watch the news coverage that talks about how much money was spent at this event. Jin-ho mentions that their public opinion is not that favorable with this news video. There are more than 1000 bad replies about spending $500,000. Also, some of the replies talk bad about their department store.

The team says that they need to get together and make s public announcement. They also need to change up their advertisement plans. 

Cut to a major meeting about the companies public image due to this YouTube video. Sung-joon is in trouble for okaying it.

Later on, Sang-woo gets a call about the trunk show. Then another woman gets a call about the trunk show product list. Then Ji-young runs in and says that they have a lot of calls for this trunk show. The t-shirt is all sold out and a lot of people are asking for future products. It looks like it is daebak!

The phones keep ringing.

Jung-sun and Hyun-ah go outside and talk about the situation and how it is nice that it turned out fine. Jung-sun tells her that she had an argument with oppa. It is different than before, I don’t even know how I treated him before. I don’t know what to do.

Hyun-ah tells her that she can get a divorce, or if not, she can do what she always does. Sh can offer hand first and do what she always does. Jung-sun asks, what I always do?

In a meeting, Sang-woo tells the team that the YouTuber bade $3,000,000 from that video after spending $500,000. She had millions of clicks and sold so many of her own product. The loan shark is after her, but she actually made bigger money.

Hyun-ah listens to all of this and walks out. She walks to where Ji-young is who is taking photos with several kids. She is kind of famous because she was in the video a little bit. But actually Yuri is extra famous due to the video. She looks over at Yuri who is so uncomfortably standing and taking photos with one high school girl after the other.

Later on, we find out that the YouTuber almost bought the news team to create such a big issue with her video. It was all her plan. She tells Hyun-ah, the reason people watch mackjang is because it is shocking. So I just touched their basic instinct.

Hyun-ah says it is like gambling. The YouTuber tells her that she still has her luck then maybe.

Hyun-ah heads home and is stopped by two men in suits in the lobby. They are looking for her mother. They tell her that they will visit her from now on until they locate her mother. They get up to leave. Hyun-ah tells them that they know that this is illegal. 

They tell her that they are just customers at her department store. If we come often, people will see us and it will make them uncomfortable. Just pay for her debt, that is the only way that we have. They bow themselves out.

She tries to call her mother, but the phone is off. Jin-ho comes to the lobby right then and sees Hyun-ah looking distraught. he decides to leave her alone.

Flashback to Yuri looking at Hyun-ah talking to the YouTuber as she was on the steps. The YTber said that if she did not put her life on the line, then she would not be there at all.

So Yuri, at her desk, gulps and walks to Jung-sun. She asks if she can be the lead on the project again. Then she goes to the other woman and sits with her for a meeting. She is nervous to be there. But she tells her that she knows that she hates her.

The woman chuckles and asks if she is treating her unfairly emotionally? It is not like I don’t like you, I am professional enough to not use my feelings at work.

Yuri says that she is not saying that. She knows that she is following the procedure. But what I want to say is, I know that you hate me. Now, and in the future, you don’t want to work with me. But I will do this work anyway. So you will have to see me anyway.

She gives her a small bow and apologizes. She says that she knows that she does not deserve this and that she is not good enough. But this is her first chance and she wants to make this chance successful. I know that not only you, but everyone else hates me. But, I can’t step back because I have nowhere to go back to. I am sorry.

The woman tells her that even though she is trying hard to push the buttons, if you hav a wrong start, then you can’t help it. if I have to see you, then we have to see each other because it is work. But except work, do not come and visit me for emotional things. If you don’t have anything else, then leave.

Yuri tells her thank you and please let’s have a good relationship

The woman says that she will process it properly. She walks off.


At her desk, the woman looks like she is thinking about it. She asks one of her team if she has a spot in her schedule? The woman says yes. So this woman says to empty it, she will put the VIP team in that spot.

Elsewhere in the building, Sang-woo and Hyun-ah work on something in a clothing library/closet. he wonders what they will do with the clothing of the woman that died? how much would all of this cost? Actually, if we take it then they wouldn’t even know.

Hyun-ah tells him that she will take care of it. He walks off. Hun-ah looks like she is going to sell that stuff.

Hyun-ah stays at work late.

Jung-sun walks out and asks Sung-joon if he will be late. he says he has an executive meeting but he can finish it up quickly. She tells him, no, finish it up, it seems important. Goodbye.

She goes to a sushi place and asks for take out.

In his office, Sung-joon gets a text saying that things are difficult, can I see you?

Jung-sun gets the take out and heads back to the office. She gets a call from her ajusshi Jin-chul who says that this text came from a computer, but it’s weird.

Jung-sun says that she is in an elevator so she cannot hear him well. she calls him again when she gets out. He tells her that the text was from her work computer. It says it is from Na Jung-sun.

Jung-sun gets to work and sees her husband touching Hyun-ah on the shoulder, comforting her. Hyun-ah looks stressed and is teary eyed. they both look up when they hear Jung-sun gasp.

Fade Out


Love this show. I think I will love Yuri’s journey if it continues in this way. I love how she went to talk to that other manager even though she was terrified. That felt so real, and it was so wonderful to watch her get a bit of gumption!

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