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VIP: Episode 3 (5-6) Recap

Recap Kdrama VIP episode 3 (5-6)
Kdrama VIP episode 3 (5-6) recap, image SBS

I love this show! Episode 3 continued with the slow build of the affair coupled with these crazy rich super spenders that they have to deal with. I love the YouTuber who came in to talk business and how they all basically kowtowed to her because she not only has huge spending power, she also has huge reach with 30 million views on one of her videos in only one week. That is insane. So they need her more than she needs them and she knows it and tells them that she will still give an honest review which could drag them. Hands up if you think that is how it will go.

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Jung-sun is introduced as a new member to the team by the boss. he tells Sung-joon to take care of her. Hyun-ah and Jung-sun are already friends so they do a cute wave to each other. 

Jung-sun remembers different parts of Sung-joon as she voices over the type of person he is.

VO – Maybe it started from the beginning. He is hard working and polite. And he doesn’t speak too much. He is not a kind person. But he is a warm person.

Then the two of them meet to talk about work. She asks if his girlfriend likes this kind of event? It is good to have a regular woman’s opinion since this even is targeting them. He does not have one. She smiles to himself.

VO – I liked him.

Cut to Jung-sung getting yelled at by the boss for adding the wrong date. She says that she will place the sticker as the correction. He says that he cannot give her any work if she makes even more mistakes (yet he is playing solitaire on his computer). 

She walks out and takes a moment to herself. The people left in the office say that they checked internally, all she did was print what Sung-joon gave her. So it wasn’t her fault. They are angry at the main manager because he just drinks and parties all the time. Sung-joon overhears this.

Later that night, Jung-sun stays late to add the stickers to the documents. Sung-joon comes in and sees her working. She says people helped her but she told them to go home so that they are not all zombies in the morning.

He decides to stay and help her. She says she is okay, he has an early morning meeting. He says that he is okay, if he helps then they can finish before midnight.

He asks if she is angry? It wasn’t your fault. She says that she was angry, she was about to cry. He says that she should have told him. She says that if she made an excuse about it then the boss will say that female employees only complain and make excuses without responsibilities. I know that he does not like female employees so I will just do it. It is my job. We can find out who did it after finishing. I’m pretty cool right?

He tells her that they can just finish. She smiles and jokes that he looks attracted to her.

VO – I knew it later. When he lies, he avoids eye contact.


Jung-sun gets out of the car and hurries into the hotel. Sung-joon is inside the hotel. he gets a call from his wife. She is hurrying around the lobby looking for him and sees him. He is still looking at his phone. he answers it.

She stares at him and asks where he is? He says that the VP is drunk, he will be there soon. She asks if he is still with the VP? He says yes, I am almost done. You should be tired, go to bed first.

But then he sees her. He stares at her in alarm and drops his arm from his ear.

They go sit. She tells him to explain what is going on to her. Is there really another woman? He does not make eye contact. She tells him, if you say no then I will trust you. Just tell me no.

He looks at her and says, it all ended. Then he tries to hold her hand. But she yanks it away.

She angrily tells him that she is going home. Then she hurries back outside and catches the first taxi out of there. He chases after her but he is too late.


He gets home, soaking wet, and looks for her. She locked herself inside their bedroom and is sitting on the bed thinking. He knocks on the door and tries to open it while telling her to talk to him.

The next day, she leaves the room and heads out without talking to him. She goes motorcycling with her motorcycle team. But she is going too fast so they tell her to slow down.

A care comes from behind them and tries to cut them off. It makes her almost crash so she has to stop abruptly.  Her family friend, Jang Jin-chul comes out and asks her if she is crazy? I don’t want to see you die in front of me! Go die off by yourself somewhere!

But he softens and asks if anything is wrong? She says she is okay. So he tells her to go home, you shouldn’t ride motorcycles when you have emotional turbulence. So just go. But she says that she doesn’t want to.

So they go to a peaceful spot to eat by the ocean. They have soju. She asks why the people she loves leaves her? She thought he would not leave her. Jin-chul asks why she is trusting humans? It is better to trust the seagulls over there. 

She agrees and wonders why she did that? She takes a drink and tells him not to tell appa. He says he won’t tell him even before she finishing asking. Then he says that it is alright, this won’t kill you. She asks if that is right and then says that thinking about him with another woman just kills her. She should not have seen it. Why did I follow him?

Jin-chul says that it will happen anyway. Jung-sun says that she is afraid, just in case she loses him. What should I do ajusshi? She starts to sob at the table. He quietly lets her.

Jung-sun gets home and tells Sung-joon to sleep in their library from now on and to not talk at work. She goes to their room and closes the door.

VO – Once, I thought our love was special. That we can even mend the broken pieces. I didn’t even know that once the crack is there, it creates a bigger break.


Jung-sun is at work, Hyun-ah asks how drinking was last night and says that people drank so late. It was good to avoid it. It was raining so much. But the young guy, sang-woo, says that she lives close to him but it did not rain at their place.

Flashback to Hyun-ah riding a taxi in the rain.

Hyun-ah quietly looks around and sits. Then the young guy asks Mina if she moved? Mina says no. He says that he thought she left to go in the opposite direction to her house. Mina say that she left something so she went back. Jung-sun asks what she left there? Everyone looks up. Jung-sun asks why she didnt just call the restaurant, it was too late to go back. Mina stutters that she left her cell phone.

Later, Jung-sun calls the department store while in the hallway and asks if they had any lost cell phone or anyone looking for a lost cell phone that night? No one? Okay, thank you.

We see a flashback of Mina asking to go to the W hotel.

On the way back ot the room, Jung-sun mets with Ji-young, there is something important that just happened. A huge headache.


Cut to a meeting where Ji-young talks about their highest VIP black diamond. She spent $1 million at their department store last year. She is a star on YouTube and does expensive brand haul videos. She is the hottest YouTuber. 30 million views on one video in a week.

They show her video to everyone where she says that she just went on a $150,000 spree.

Ji-young says that she opened her own shopping mall in high school because her family did not have money. It grew and grew and grew. She is only a high school graduate but a self made millionaire. So that draws attention.

The issue is that she wants to reveal their trunk show live on YouTube. Sang-woo says that it is a confidential event right? But Sung-joon says that in this case it can be good for them and target potential customers. So the question is how much we reveal?

Ji-young says that she wants to reveal everything. And she wants to control everything, including editing the video. She will also have her own review. So it could be negative for them if she gives them a bad review.

Also, because of this big event, our client will spend $500,000. Hyun-ah thinks that they should do this event. It is their Black Diamond customer so it should be the same for other department stores. She will do it anyway if she does not do it with us.

Ji-young says, exactly!

Sung-joon tells Ji-young, Hyun-ah, and Jung-sung to discuss and brief him later so he can brief their boss.

After the meting, Mina and Jung-sung talk about work. Jung-sun is suspicious of them. Hyun-ah asks Jung-sun if it is better to start early? But Jung-sun is looking at Mina and Sung-joon and does not hear her. So Hyun-ah looks questioningly at Sung-joon and Mina as well.



The head dogs talk about separating the VIP team from the main advertising branch and whether it is good or not. Director Ha Yong-woong says it is not good, but Director Ha Jae-woong says it is good. They decide to look at the numbers.

In the VIP offices, everyone is working and notices Sang-woo napping while sitting up so they wakes him up and everyone giggles. Yuri gives Hyun-ah what she asked for, but Hyun-ah says it is too much to read, so make it smaller. Do it again.

Yuri looks confused but tells her okay. Hyun-ah tells her it should be no more than 10 pages max (right now it is like 200 pages). She tells her to highlight her shopping preferences.

Then flowers come in from Park Sung-joon to Na Jung-sun. Ji-young mutters that they always have a good time on their anniversary. But Jung-sun puts the flowers under her desk and does not really acknowledge them at all. Everyone starts to notice that something is up. Especially when Sung-joon and Jung-sun don’t speak after she gets the flowers.


Jung-sun and Hyun-ah sit for drinks.Hyun-ah asks her what is up? You don’t look like yourself? Jung-sun says that …. well…. it’s nothing.

They go back inside and Jung-sun sees Mina and Sung-joon walking somewhere together so she hurries off to follow them. But she tells Hyun-ah that she will use the restroom.

She hurries to the stacks and meeting room area, but loses them when another team comes out.

At the end of the day, everyone starts to leave and Jung-sun thinks about a past memory.


Jung-sun and Sung-joon have to go to a company event on their wedding anniversary. They are bummed about it. So they have to sit around with their boss and sing karaoke. Sung-joon volunteers to sing something even though he never does. So he sings a love song for his wife that talks about how he will love her forever. Everyone claps.

On the walk home, she tells him that she did not know that he could sing so well. He pulls a small bouquet from his bag and gives it to her. They are purple flowers. he says that he will give her a bigger one next time.

In the present, we see that he gave her those same flowers, and it is definitely a bigger bouquet. In the note he says, – Thank you, also for the future.

Then he peaks into the office room and they both look at each other.




Jung-sun goes to sit with Sung-joon and talk about the affair. She asks when it started and how long it happened. He says that it started like an accident. But if you know more then you will be hurt more.

She asks if he is pretending to care about how I feel now? You have should have denied it.

He says that he planned to do it. But, in front of you asking me, I couldn’t lie to myself.

She asks if it is someone she knows?

He shakes his head, no. 

Her chin quivers. She tells him that she wants him and that woman to both die.

He hangs his head and tells her that he knows he does not deserve it. But he will live forever apologizing to her. So, Jung-sung, please give me another chance. I can’t lose you like this.

She angrily wipes a tear and tells him that he already lost her.


They both get home. She goes straight to their room and cries. But she covers her mouth so he wont hear it.


The next day at work is work as usual. Jin-ho comes in so Jung-sun introduces Hyun-ah to him. But we know that they already met before in the elevator. Jung-sun asks if they met before? Hyun-ah says no, he mistook me for someone else. He smiles and apologizes. Then he asks to talk to Sung-joon later.

But right now he goes to talk to Jung-sun. he playfully tells her that she looks skinnier, is hyung not feeding you well? She smiles and asks if he was surprised that time? He jokes that she should not be calling her. She says that she was a little bit drunk. But then he gets a call from Sung-joon and excuses himself for a moment.

In the offices, Mina gives the new product list to Hyun-ah. Then she hovers behind her. hyun-ah asks if she has something else to say to her? Min asks her if she can give more work to Yuri and Sang-woo because I am swamped with other work for the trunk show.

Hyun-ah asks when she started to choose her work? Mina says that she is the main person for the trunk show, she wants to do a good job. Data collection is good for Sang-woo and Yuri. Hyan-ah asks if she really wants to get a promotion? Then says that she can’t because she does not want to babysit them. If it is too much, then you are out as a main person in the trunk show. Mina apologizes and leaves.

Yuri walks up to Hyun-ah right then and gives her the new summary. Hyun-ah flips through it and tells her good job. Then she asks if she would like to have additional work? Make a blue print from the existing sample. Yuri happily takes it.

Outside, Mina runs into Jung-sun. Jung-sun asks if she is okay? So they go outside. Mina tells Jung-sun that she is worried that she does not have any credit because he backup work will not be evaluated. As you know, I want to get promoted. Jung-sun says that she will talk to Manager Lee about it. Mina thanks her.

Jung-sun then asks Mina if she got an order from their team leader? She says nothing in particular. Jung-sun says that she saw her having a meeting with him separately. Mina says it was nothing. But she drops her coffee when she stands and hurries to the bathroom to clean it. However, she leaves her cell phone on the bench, so Jung-sun thinks about checking it. 

She decides to and quickly picks it up and goes through the messages. But Mina comes back out and says the coffee did not splash that much…~. But she sees Jung-sun with her phone and grows quiet. Luckily, the phone rings right then so Jung-sun quickly gives it to her.



Sung-joon goes to the home office to sleep for the night.


Ji-youn runs into the offices and says that the VIP is here without notice! What should we do! Oh no! They mention that they can put her in a conference room.

Cut to the conference room where the VIP starts to talk about her video. She speaks in a detailed and measured way about the video and contents and reiterates that she owns all the rights to edit. If you it is a bad review, then it is a bad review.

Ji-young hands her their proposal of what will be in the show. The VIP asks if she thinks this is okay? She appears to have opposite personality than her perky online personality and asks Ji-yong is she thinks this is okay? They all start to tell her that this is just a plan, they continue to update the plans.

But the VIP tells them that Hyunah knows things the best because Hyun-ah speaks in details about what is going on. Jung-sun kind of rolls her eyes a tiny bit. The VIP tells them to prepare well so she can spend all her money. Then they all head out in a line behind her.

Yuri looks at them stunned and star-struck. Sang-woo is impressed with manager Lee, she got an A.

The team bows the VIP out. Ji-young is all like, what the F? Sung-joon says that this can be a problem if she refuses any of our suggestions. Update the list please. Hyun-ah, help her also. he walks off.

Ji-young thinks this is so embarrassing. Then she asks why Hyun-ah did not tell her! Hyun-ah says she just showed up. Ji-young asks how Hyun-ah knows everything, are you born with a silver spoon in your mouth? Hyun-ah does not say anything and walks off.

Ji-yong tells Jung-sun that it feels like this is her unlucky year, sigh, I don’t know…~. She walks off.

Hyun-ah walks back into the hallway and is stopped by Jin-ho. He says that it is like fate that they meet again! He is so surprised that they meet on accident at work. She starts to walk away. he catches up and says that it seems like she wants to ignore him and wants it to be three times is fate?

She walks to the meeting room, he happily goes inside. So she closes the blinds and pushes in against the wall and tells him that she said no. When I say no, you should accept it. If you hit on me again at work, then I will report you with sexual harassment, if you do not want to be humiliated publicly then stop hitting on me.

She leaves. he thinks he might get in big trouble because she is super cool. She walks out looking like she only pretended to be cool because she has to keep herself measured and holds her hand to stop it from shaking.

In the offices, Sung-joon says that he is going to a meeting. But Sang-woo says that h thought his meeting was tomorrow. Jung-sun hears this but tries to get back to work. However, Mina says that she has a meeting then to, and heads out. So Jung-sun checks the computer for the meeting schedule, there is no schedule, so she heads out quickly.

Hyun-ah watches her go, curiously.

Jung-sun runs down the steps as she tries to keep up with Mina. Mina gets in a taxi and heads off. Jung-sun gets in a taxi and follows her.

Cut to Sung-joon sitting in a cafe waiting on someone.

Mina gets to her location and runs in. Jung-sun stops as well and follows her. But when she runs around the corner, she sees Mina picking up her kids from daycare. Mina asks why she is there? Jung-sun says that she was just out for work.

In the cafe, Sung-joon meets with a suspicious looking man who gives him a manila envelope. Sung-joon gives him an envelope of money. The man smiles and leaves. Sung-joon looks at the manilla envelope and thinks.



Mina tells Jung-sun on a bench that it is her turn to take their kids home. Her person said that she cannot make it today. Jung-sun asks why she did not tell them. Mina says that it is a busy time so she did not want to say. I am sorry. I envy you and your husband, you are always confident looking. I try my best but things get all messed up.

Jung-sun tells her that everyone carries their own cross.

She takes the bus home and thinks. She grows more and more emotional on the bus, but manages to keep it together.

Mina is headed back to work and gets a call from her husband. He tells her that he has a team dinner. She is upset because she has to get back to work as well. But he can only apologizes and hangs up to run back into work.

Mina gets back in and Sung-joon comes back in right then as well. San-soo tells him something work related. Later on, Jung-sun stays at work and then starts to head out. Though She meets with Sung-joon and they walk out together. 

They also drive home together, even though it looks like they drove to work  separately. Ah, but they don’t go to work, they go sit at the sunken paved in creek in the middle of Seoul (Chungaechun creek) . She tells him that she has to ask him something.

JS – I have a question. You said that everything ended. That that person is someone that I don’t know. Do I have more things that I have to know? I am just asking you if there are more things that will collapse?

SJ – nothing.

JS – There should be. Otherwise I will not forgive you. Don’t tell me until you die. Just live as if nothing happened. I will do the same. I will try to forgive you. I don’t know if it is possibly. It will be very very difficult. I don’t know if I will be in hell many times. But I will still try. I will try to trust you again.

He holds her hand and squeezes it and says her name.

JS – Don’t betray me anymore.


Mina’s husband gets home. He quietly comes in. Bu then he hops when he sees that she is still awake and sitting quietly at the table. She tells him to sit. He asks why she looks so scary. She tells him that she cannot do this anymore. I am leaving the house.

she already has her bags packed in her room. Her husband knocks on the door and tells her to open it. she calls Sung-joon. her husband keeps quietly knocking on the door and asking her to open it.

On the river, Sung-joon’s phone vibrates as he holds Jung-sun’s hands and looks reassuringly at her.

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