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VIP: Episode 2 (3-4) Recap

Recap Kdrama VIP episode 2 (3-4)
Kdrama VIP episode 2 (3-4) recap, image SBS

The women are definitely the head of this drama so far. The men are window dressing, which I love. This episode continued to delve into the lives of these four different women and explore their everyday lives as well as their potential wants and desires. It also makes me want the best for Yuri (or Yoori) who seems so sweet and nice and caught between a rock and a VP.

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The text bing goes off in Jung-sun’s phone so she checks it. 

Text: Your husbands woman is on your team.

Jung-sun is taken aback and cjecks her husbands phone but it is password locked. So she sets it back on its charger and goes to the living room with her phone.

She sits on the couch and looks at the text, then she checks the phone number and anxiously calls it while biting her fingers. 

JS – Hello?


An ajumma answers loudly and says, HELLO? Jung-sung apologizes for calling so late and says that she got a text from that number. The woman asks, WHO ARE YOU CALLING THIS LATE? She sounds like she might be hard of hearing. 

Jung-sung apologizes and hangs up. She stays sitting in her living room.


She rides with her husband quietly in their car and then smiles as she lightly says that she heard that he got a text last night. I just wonder who contacted you that late. Your cell phone is locked.

He says that it has had the same password from when he bought it. She says, ah, okay, I don’t have to look at it. So, what is your password?

He pauses for a moment and then says 0000. She pauses for a moment and then asks him if he remembers what he told her when he proposed to her?


Jung-sung happily walk on a path in a park and continuously looks back at Sung-joon who is slowly clumping behind her. She frolics to him and asks why he clenches his fists so much.

She opens his hand and asks what this ring is? Why are you so sweaty? He can’t really speak and says that he had notes, but he can’t really remember anything. As you know, in my situation I can’t do too much for you so I don’t know if I should say this. But I can promise you this, the most difficult time, I won’t let your hand go.

He gets on one knee and tells her that the only thing he can promise to her is my heart. i will try my best to keep my heart true forever. he holds out to ring to her and asks, will you marry me?

She happily takes it and puts it on her finger as she asks, is it pretty? I am happy.


Jung-sun tells her husband that she wonders if his heart is still valid? He smiles and motions, yes. She looks out the window and says that the weather is a little cooler now.

In the office. Sung-sun looks around at all the women there. Then she looks at the text and wonders if she should delete it or not. But, she has to stop her thought because they all head in for a meeting.

Sung-joon gives them all something to do that is an order from the VP, so he tells them to do a good job. They all end the meeting thinking that it will be a busy week.

Hyun-ah  tells Yuri that she can work with her today. Then she can look at what we do on the field. Today we will be a mystery shopper to se how the service is. It is like we are a kind of spy.

Sang-woo wants to join them because he heard that this is a popular thing to do. But Hyun-ah just asks him who will be in the office.

She heads out to the hallway and runs into Sung-joon. He looks like he wants to pass her by without saying anything. She tells  him to correct his tie so he awkwardly does. She then starts to ask about last night. But someone walk by them so she doesn’t mention it.

Hyun-ah and Yoori head out. But Hyunah tells her that she has to change her clothing to something expensive. We can rent it for the day.

So Yoori changes into a plaid suit straight from the 90s. Hyuna makes sure that she looks good and tells her that clothes are your wings.


Meanwhile, Jung-sun and Mina walk off to their car. Jung-sun asks her if you can change numbers after you send a text, you can’t right? Mina says that you can’t. Jung-sun says that she got a strange message, but it is nothing.

Cut back to Yoori and Hyuna. Yoori asks if they can go inside like this? The line is really long. Hyuna tells her that they are VIPs so they can go inside an hour early.

With Jung-sun and Yoori, they are checking the limo service of a person and see a woman come out so they wonder if she is CEO Kim’s daughter. Mina says no, he only has one son in high school. But this address is correct.

They think that she looks familiar. Mina wonders why they are parking on the street and not in front of the house? maybe they are stealing someones identity?

Jung-sun calls Sang-woo and asks for him to find out something or ask the advertising department if they can find out something about this person using the limo service.

Meanwhile, Yoori and Hyuna step into the expensive boutique store and start to look around. Hyuna acts like a snooty VIP but Yoori acts like a deer in headlights. The ladies helping them treat them well.

But then something breaks across the room. One of the ladies cleans it up nicely but the other woman tells her that it looks like she is here with her friend, this is not the kind of place for you to make noise.

Then her friend runs up and asks if she got hurt? I will pay for it. The manager becomes super kind to her all of a sudden. The friend tells her that they should leave. The friend asks why?

Hyuna watched all of this closely and turns to Yoori to ask if she packed what she was wearing?


Jung-sun and Mina are at a dock talking to a woman. This woman says that she is the daughter to CEO Kim. Jung-sun and Mina look at each other, then Jung-sun says that she will serve the food today.

In the boutique, Hyuna changes into Yoori’s old fashioned looking work-lady clothing. The snooty woman from earlier asks her if she is with someone? Hyuna says yes. Then Hyuna asks if she can have the free gift shopping bag? The manager says that they do not have any more.

Then a rich looking woman asks another helper and the other woman says yes, please wait a moment. So Hyuna looks at this snooty lady. The lady says that this bag is limited so we cannot give it to all the customers.

Hyuna asks who they give that bag too? The lady says that it might be the first time she is here? Hyuna asks if first timers are not allowed to come? the woman says that arguing will affect other customers, you are here anyway so would you like to shop around?

Hyuna says that it sounds like if you come to a place where you don’t belong then you should be quiet and leave? The woman sighs and tells her that if she waits a bit then she will go get the bag. While walking away she mutters that plus ones are always trouble.

Hyun-ah tells her that people often say that expensive brands discriminate on customers. Maybe you are the same? She walks closer to her. She tells her that this means that customers have their own class? The woman tries to walk away again.

Hyunah takes off her glasses and tells her that the woman that broke the champagne cup is their department stores black diamond customer?

Flashback to Hyunah in the bathroom changing while the girls from earlier talk. The blue girl says that she didn’t get a chance to take photos. The brown jacket one says that they can come here next time. I will bring you then also. So this is the supposedly cheap customer who is actually the rich customer.

In the present, Hyunah sits with the woman and tells her that they had complaints in this location with their VIP department. I checked it and saw that it only started when you moved here as the department manager. i am sorry, but I will be reporting this.



Jung-sun finds out that the woman is the secretary, not the daughter. She is using her bosses yacht as if it is hers. Jung-sun looks at the secretary with shock. The secretary then asks if she can have more to drink. 

So Jung-sun comes up to her and reveals herself as the General Manager of the Sung Un department store. She found out that one of their services use and record are different. I am sorry, but what is your relationship with CEO Kim?

She says that he is my appa. You know, we can use it among family members. Jung-sun tells her that CEO Kim only has one son. So the girl says that he is her uncle. 

Jung-sun  asks if she is the secretary? The woman is busted and says that she will never do this again. Jung-sun tells her that this service is only for VIPs, it cannot be used for anyone else. The service will stop at this moment and the details will be reported to the VIP.

The secretary says no! He thinks that I am the daughter of a rich person. If he knows that I lied – without him I will die. Jung-sun tells her that she is sorry, but she will follow the rules.

The woman runs to the front and says that she will jump out! Jung-sun keeps calling someone. We hear a splash, wow, she really jumped. So a man jumps in to save her and we cut to her being taken into an ambulance.

The woman asks if she told him? Jung-sun did not. So the woman says that she is grateful, please give me a break this time. I will never do it again. The ambulance leaves.


Yuri changes back into her outfit. She looks at it for a moment and then heads out with Hyuna.

They go to eat at a sushi place. Hyuna tells her that she thought that the person who broke the champagne glass was not a VIP, I felt just like that manager.

Yuri says that she did not know that this world is this kind place. Hyuna says that it is kindness with money. But rich does not mean that it is good. 

Yoora tells her that she had to make a living since high school. To save money, I worked at a convenience store and always ate the expired kimbap. One time I collapsed and went to the emergency room. The doctor told me that I am malnutrition. At that time I thought, how can I pay for the hospital. I worried about it. Trust me, not having money is worse.

Yoora goes to a make up store and tries on a red lipstick. The helper tells her that this lipstick looks good on her with her complexion. Yoora asks if she can purchase it.

Elsewhere, Mina and Jung-sun drive back. Mina says that she heard that these things happened, but she never saw it happen at such a big scale as this. Jung-sun tells her that they have to check it. They will give her a warning this time. But her lie will be revealed anyway.

Mina thinks that she was that desperate to have him even though the lie would be revealed eventually.



Hyuna is at a hotel and is told that her card has been stopped. The employee asks for another card. But that card service has stopped as well. So she leaves with her luggage. But she does not have any money in her wallet. A service man asks if she wants him to call her a cab? She tells him that it is fine.

So she goes to a cheap motel that looks like the sheets haven’t been washed in awhile.


Jung-sun gets home, Sung-joon greats her and tells her to rest and he will make dinner. His phone goes off, it is his friend Cha Jin-ho. he takes the call in another room, though he looks a bit nervous. 


Jung-sun is making herself a coffee at work and thanks Sang-woo for his help yesterday. She asks him how he got the picture. He says that he asked the advertising team. She asks if the assistant manager is Cha right? I will thank him personally.

He says no, he went to China for a business trip so I asked the other guy. Jung-sung asks, China? When, for how long? Sang-woo says he left a couple days ago.

Jung-sun wonders about the late call her husband got from Cha. Woo asks if there is a problem? She says no, she will call the other manager to thank them.

Ji-young finds Jung-sun and gives her information that she says was very difficult to get. Checking illegal use of services is your excuse, you want to enjoy it right?

But then a man walks by who looks like his has been through the wringer. Ji-young says that he had an affair and got caught. Jung-sun says that he does not look like the type. Ji-young says that personality does not matter when people have an affair, those people just have an affair. It was an affair in the company, his wife found out about. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Jung-sung thinks about this at her desk. Then Mina comes in and says that the secretary says that she will pay for the service so they will end the case like that. I told her that next time there will be no mercy.

Jung-sun asks if she thinks it was a good thing that she lied? Maybe it is better if it is revealed.

Mina looks like she is thinking about it but gets called away for a meeting.

During the meeting, director Bae Do-il walks the hallway and looks in the meeting. His eyes land on Hyuna, he looks like he wants to slap her and goes into the room.

He tells them that it looks like they are working hard so he wanted to compliment them. You used to work under me after all, so how is the work? It should be easier than working with me, right?

He constantly looks at Hyuna and says that manager Lee came back so there should be no worried. Okay, work hard. He leaves. Hyuna tells them that they should take a restroom break and leaves.

Sang-woo tells Mina that he thought manager Lee had trouble with Director Bae. I mean, I heard that she had a hiatus from work because she did not get promoted over General manager Na, so she argued with director Bae and that is why she quit for a year.

Mina basically looks at him as if he should just be quiet and tells him to just give her the 6 month record. He runs off to do that. Yoori brings coffee and asks if the meeting ended? Mina thinks back to her HR friend telling her about how Director Bae evaluates them.

Mina then grabs a coffee and runs to give it to Director Bae. She thanks him for caring for them. He asks her name and tells her thank you. But when she turns around, Hyuna is staring at her across the hallway. They both see each other.

Mina then tells Jung-sun that she has to go get her child and heads out.


Jung-sun and Sung-joon go out for a dinner reservation at a fancy looking restaurant. They ask if they can sit close to CEO Jung, he is my friends father so i want to say hi. 

The waiter seats them at their table so they eat slowly. Sung-joon asks if Jung-sun is okay? You don’t look so good. She tells him that something bothers her.

But then he says that she came! Is she stealing the ID? Jung-sun says that this is not the secretary. Then CEO Jung comes and sits with this woman, so it looks like he is having an affair. So they were undercover to see who was using the service and accidentally found out about his affair. The rest of their meal is awkward.

They also drive home uncomfortably. Jung-sun says that he uses that service frequently because he has another woman. Her husband says yes. Jung-sun says that his wife is a good person.

She goes into their home looking like a zombie. He tells her that she does not look good so she turns around and tells him that she wants to ask him something.

Cut to Mina telling her husband that she will go out for groceries. He is very happily and busily playing dinosaurs and Godzilla dress up with their kids. So he tells her okay, I want to go. She asks who take care of the kids? So she kisses him and leave.


Jung-sun and Sung-joon sit to talk at the table when he gets another call from Cha Jin-ho. Jung-sun tells him that it is okay to answer, take it right here. He looks at her with worry and looks at his phone.

Cut to Hyuna on the phone. But her phone says no answer.

Sung-joon answers the phone and starts talking. Jung-sun holds out her hand and tells him that she wants to say hi.

Cut to Yoori who is also on the phone on her octapang.

Jung-sun talks to Cha on the phone, it is really him. He is actually in his car after arriving back to Korea from China. he is busy summarizing a lot of reports now. She tells him goodbye. then she asks herself why she is doing this.

Then she blankly asks him if he is having an affair.

He looks on blankly

Elsewhere, Mina is going to a person’s apartment. Though she pauses outside the door and looks worried before going up to it.

In her place, Jung-sun waits for Sung-joon’s answer. She says it must be funny to him also. Why are I doing this, someone sent me a strange text message. He asks, text?

She tells him that it is nothing, I am tired, I will take a shower. She leaves. he looks like he is busted.

In the bathroom, Jung-sun thinks about asking him if he is having an affair and he not answering her. She sighs and turns on the shower.

At the table, Sung-joon calls Cha Jin-ho and thanks him. Cha tells him that he did in on his request, so he is not actually sure if he did the right thing.

Sung-joon has a flashback where Sang-woo says that he sent a request for help to the advertising department. Sung-joon asks if manager Cha took care of it? Woo tells him that he went to China for business so he asked another person.

At the table, Sung-joon hangs his head in worry.

Hyunah sits in the motel

Mina sits in an empty one room apartment

Yoo sits outside on her octapang terrace. She goes inside and opens her closet. There are so many expensive things inside like clothing, purses, and shoes.

She she gets all dolled up and goes to a hotel room. She rings the door and the VP answers. She walks in.

At home, Jung-sun looks at her husband sleeping while laying next to him.

At work, Sung-joon thinks about his wife asking him if he is having an affair. he sis forward in his desk and texts someone.

Text: Can I see you today? I need to talk to you.

Both Mina and Hyunah receive a text at the same time. Then a second later Yoori receives it. Sang-woo gets a phone call a second later and tells everyone that the VP wants to have a company dinner. No one looks happy about it.


The VIP team and some other employees have a fancy dinner with the VIP. he stands and tells them that this dinner is for their hard work. They all eat and drink quietly. Jung-sun drinks a lot and looks overall uncomfortable.

The VP sits next to their team and asks Yoori how her work is. Everyone is all like !!!!!!!!!!. Yoorii says it is okay. So the VP tells them that he knows that the VIP team works hard. Pleas continue working hard, I promise that we will have good return for your work.

They all toast, but Mina pretends like she is drinking and then pours her drink out secretly. She excuses herself from the table as well. Jung-sun looks at her leaving and then excuses herself as well. Sung-joon sees her leaving and follows her.

Hyuna is left at the table alone, she sends a text.

Sung-joon gets a text.

Text: See you after work.


Two ladies talk about the VP and Yoori and how this is so obvious. Yoori does not look like that type, but yo can’t judge people by the way that they look. 

Hyuna hears them and tells them that she know that a lot of company people are here and yet you are talking so loudly, does that mean that you want someone to hear it? You need to be careful talking about unconfirmed rumors as the truth. What if the VP hears about it, what are you going to do? They apologize to her and head out.

Hyuna tells someone that she can come out now. Yoori comes out of the bathroom. She looks so much like Bambi. She thanks Hyuna. Hyuna tells her that she does not have to thank you. She does not want to matter in her personal life, but you have to be careful about the rumors. She says that she is like an old fart talking about this and leaves.



Mina buys the after drinking drink to make you less drunk and gives it to Jung-sun. She thanks her. Mina tells her that she usually does not drink that much, how do you drink so much. Jung-sun asks her if she has those moments? Where someone you thought you knew well, feels like a stranger?

Min says, well…

Jung-sun says that maybe she is drunk. She is drunk talking. Mina says that she thinks that it is actually a mistake to think that someone knows someone else well. We just live our life with the piece that that person shows and thinks that is that person.

Jung-sun looks at her as if that is revolutionary. Mina continues and says that everyone lives with a secret that they don’t tell anyone. Aren’t you the same?

Sang-woo comes out to tell them that they are wrapping up so they pack up to head out. 

Sung-joon tells Jung-sun that he will send the VIP off. See you at home. So Jung-sung heads out, but she asks the taxi driver if he can go back to the restaurant.

Cut back to Jung making sure the VIP gets into his car. He is asked for a second round but he says that he has to go home. Jungsung tells the taxi to follow him.

In the taxi, Sung-joon sends a text.

Text: I am on my way.

He goes to a hotel called Hotel Walker. Jung-sun tells her driver that she will get out. The driver tells her that it is better not to see it. Once you see it, you will not forget. She looks at him as if her life is diverging along two paths and then decides to hop out and go inside the hotel.

Inside, she looks around for him. Then she calls him and asks where he is at. He says that the VP is super drunk, he will be home soon. She asks if he is still with the VP? He says yes, they are almost wrapped up, you should be tired, go to bed now.

But then he looks at her in the lobby in complete shock and she looks at him as if she is about to rip him a new one.

Fade Out


I love this game the show is playing with us with these text messages and phone calls. Every text message or call gets a look from all three women, so we don’t know which one it was for. Though we do know that Yuri is meeting the VP in his hotel room at night while dressed to the nines.

We also know a bit more about each woman. Yuri is the poor girl living in the octapang that had to work every day of her life since high school, Hyuna is living in expensive hotels while not actually having a place to call home and is flat broke, Mina is the loving mother who looks like, perhaps, she would rather not spend time with her family, and Jung-sun is the sweet working wife who may have found out that her husband is cheating on her.

The men in this show are all dressing for the moment. We don’t know too much about Sung-joon and don’t really hear him talk all that much either. He is mostly just looking worried all the time as he sends or receives texts. then there is the Director and the VP who both look like villains. I am actually shocked that it appears that they confirmed the romance between the VP and Yoori this episode. But shocked in a good way because I like where everything is headed so far!


JS – Once I thought that my love was so special that it can mend shattered glass.

JS – Explain this situation to me.

JS – Why does everyone I love leave me?

HA – Do you really want to get promoted?

VO – I can’t do this anymore, I am leaving the house.

SJ – I will go to the meeting

SW – I thought the meeting was tomorrow

JS – Someone I know

SJ – It was an accident

JS – I am afraid to lose him

SJ – Can you give me one more chance? I can’t lose you like this.

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  1. Anonymous
    November 11, 2019 / 5:16 pm

    Hi, V. Will you continue to recap this series? I wonder Hyun A is her husband’s affair. I’m curious.

    • V
      November 11, 2019 / 5:33 pm

      Yes! We are two episodes behind and plan on catching up this week! I think today’s episode was cancelled by SBS so that gives us some room to catch up! I’m not sure about tomorrow though.

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