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VIP: Episode 16 (31 and 32) Live Recap – Part 1

VIP: Episode 16 (31 and 32) Live Recap - Part 1

And here we are at the final episode! The ending of the last episode did not end in a cliffhanger but a realization that Jung-sun made about her life. Yes, girl, it is time for a divorce. Wash your hands with this nonsense and saddle up to Sang-woo who adores you. Noona power!

Hopefully today’s episode ends well. We have several people who need to have their comeuppance, and from the preview, it looks like at least Sung-joon realizes what a grave mistake he made. Whatever happens, we had so much fun recapping this show with everyone!


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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!


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Jung-sun politely tells Sung-joon that they should just quit. The nurse comes in then and asks if everything was okay. 

Sung-joon goes into the hallway and sits. He stairs at the wall. Then Yuri calls. He answers Yuri’s call quietly. She asks how General manager Na is. He tells hr that she is fine after treatment.

She says that is good and then asks, did you sleep at the hospital yesterday? He says yes. She asks, are you coming to work? He says, yes, later in the afternoon. She tells him, okay, see you at work.

He hangs up and then goes back inside Jung-sun’s room. He stares at her from the door as she stares off into space.



Everyone stands in the offices when Jung-sun comes in. Sang-woo asks her if she can come to work already? You only rested a few days. He apologizes that this happened because of her. 

Jung-sun says it wasn’t his fault. Mina tells her she is so relieved that it was not a big injury and Hyun-ah and Ji-young are happy that she is okay. Ji-young continues and says that the CEO kept them all quiet so no one found out about the incident outside.

Just then, Jung-sun gets a call from the CEO. She goes to her office. The CEO asks her how she feels. She is happy that this was not a bad incident and tells her that she will not forget what she did this time.

Jung-sun sits politely. The CEO tells her that she called her because she wants to tell her something. I heard that you know about Executive Park and the VP. If you help me then I think it will be easy to get the publics opinion on our side. What do you think?

Jung-sun mutters, sorry but I won’t matter in Executive Parks business anymore. The CEO asks, what? You wanted this big you already forgave him? You are a nice person.

Jung-sun tells her that she thinks that this kind of revenge is meaningless. The CEO asks, so, what about this. You said that you want to be on my side. This could be the opportunity.

Jung-sung tells her, if you want me to be just like executive Park, then it is not for me. I will do my best at my job. The CEO tells her, I understand that that is what you want. But it is a rare opportunity. I am a bit sad. If the wife breaks the news then it is more impactful.

Elsewhere in the building, Sung-joon takes an elevator that Yuri is already on. She tells him that he looks tired. He says he has a lot of work to do. She tells him to take care of himself. He says okay. It is a pretty dry back and forth from him to her.

When they get out of the elevator, everyone look at them.

Cut to Jung-sun looking at photos of them on the company computer.

She remembers the CEO telling her – this kind of scandal should be broken by the wife. That is more impactful.

Jung-sung sits back in her seat as she looks at the photos and thinks. Sang-woo, Hyun-ah, and Mina look at her and then starts to talk amongst themselves.

Hyun-ah asks – will she be okay? Sang-woo says that they did it, it is not our team leaders issue. Mina says that is true, but…~. They looks at Jung-sun again. 

In the Protege offices, everyone looks at Yuri who is looking at the photos herself. Sung-joon is in his office looking at the photos as well. Yuri looks in there at him and then walks off.


Cut to Sung-joon standing in the VP’s office, they are both looking at the news.

News – Sung Un Department store VP Ha Jae-woong has a 200,000 shares of secret stock.

The camera circles around Jae-woong and Sung-joon as they look at the news.

News – For the VP to get control of the company, he slowly gathered stock secretly under the name of some of the Executives including Park and his mistress.

the VP turns off the TV and tells Sung-joon that the news was broken on purpose with the scandal. You still do not have contact with Soo-jung (the mistress)? Sung-joon tells him, no.

The VP covers his face as if he wants to claw his eyes out and grumbles.


The scene changes to Byung-hoon and Mina. Byung-hoon is all like, whahhh … Executive Park and Yuri? That is nonsense. Did you know about it?

Mina tells him that they shuold not talk about this like gossip, it isi a difficult moment for our team leader. he says okay and says that she will not be able to talk about quiting now.

Mina says yes, I will tell them after this quiets down. He tells her that is good. Then they start to eat.

In the VP’s office. He tells Yuri to break up with Executive Park. And reminds her that he warned her not to date him until he got his divorce. he tells her, it is okay to date him. But you will leave the country as On Yuri, not Ha Yuri. He storms off.

She leaves in disbelief and stands, stunned, for a moment. then she tries to all Sung-joon. But she doesn’t.

Meanwhile, Jung-sun and Hyun-ah stand outside on their spot. Jung-sun tells Hyun-ah that she considered breaking the news. She was so mad and thought about seeing it to the end.

JS – Even if it destroyed me, I wanted to go all the way to the end. But I realized after being angry that the truth that I did not know but should have known.

HA – Are you okay?

JS – I thought I would feel good if he hit bottom. But my heart did not like that. I don’t know whom or what to get angry at.

Hyun-ah hugs her.

Inside, Bae Do-il bursts into the CEOs office even though the secretary tried to keep him out. He asks her, what about your promise? You promised me that if I broke the scandal then you would make a position overseas for me.

She says, ah, that thing. That was your wish. I did not agree to that. He yells, you said you would consider it! She tells him, yes I did. He screams, CEO! She asks him why he is screaming and says that they have nothing to talk about.

He picks up something and tells her that he is already on the bottom. If you do this then it will not be good. She walks up to him and takes this thing out of his hand. Then she tells him, how dare you threaten me. Do you want to see what the real bottom is?

then two men run in and pull him out. She shakes her head and mutters, so violent. Then turns and sighs.


Jung-sun is in Sung-joon’s office, they are talking about work. He tells her to submit something to him when it is ready. Then he asks if he can talk to her.

Yuri looks on, worried.

They start to talk on his couches. they sit across from each other.

SJ – Are you okay?

JS – Yes

SJ – You are in trouble because of me.

JS – Were you ready when you did all of this? Was this all worth it for you?

She looks at him a moment and then leaves. Everyone on the team watches her walk out. Yuri does as well and then looks at Sung-joon who is still sitting on the couch.


Jung-sun starts to pack up all of Sung-joon’s things.

At work, Sung-joon looks out his window and recounts Sung-jun’s words to him – was this all worth it to you? 

Then Jin-ho comes in. 

The two of them go out to drink soju. Jin-ho asks him if he is okay and then immediately mutters that he should not be okay. At least I will not be the one to add blame onto you.

Sung-joon says that he wanted to do well.

SJ – I wanted to do well and go to the top. That is the only thing I could do as a poor born person. Maybe I wanted to show it to Jung-sun and to everyone. When I was on the edge, I should have made a decision. I thought this should be okay. But my choice was far away from the edge. When I woke up, I was far away. But, actually this is good. I can stop here.

He starts to drink some more. Jin-ho pours his alcohol for him.

At home, Yuri looks at her cell phone and thinks about texting Sung-joon.

At the cafe, Sung-joon keeps drinking. Then he gets a text from Yuri.

Text – Tomorrow, can you teach me how to drive?

He looks at the text for a long time.

Then we cut to Jung-sun who is out for a meditative walk in a hilly park somewhere. When she gets to the top, she calls someone.

Cut to Sung-joon teaching Yuri how to drive a car. He tells her to go slowly, she is super scared. He looks happy as he teaches her and she looks nervous learning. But she is also happy.

In the park, Jung-sun walks with her mother. 

Mother – This is nice scenery and air. Not too many people are around so it is not fun interacting. But people are also a source of stress. So, what’s up?

JS – I am just taking a little trip.

Mother – How did you know where I was?

JS – Appa told me.

Mother – I heard about your husband. After hearing about it, I was so angry. No one can trust anyone in the world, but I at least trusted him. He will regret his decision. I regret mine. He will regret his.

JS – How is your health?

Mother – I am okay, I told you the life of a woman like me is resilient. Wait a moment.

She looks in her purse for something and then gives it to Jung-sun. it might be cash.

Mother – Take this.

JS – I am okay

Mother – This is the only thing I can give you.

JS – Thank you.

Mother – Thank you for calling me first. Even though I do not deserve it, I feel happy.

JS – It’s just, difficult to hate people….Bye.

She walks off. Her mother watches her walk away.


In the city, Yuri and Sung-joon drive back. Yuri tells him, when I learned how to drive, I wanted to drive with you to a movie theater and travel together. Let’s have a drink over there.

They stop at one of those orange outdoor drinking places (called a po-jung-mat-cha). 

Yuri – I will never forget that I learned how to drive from you and we came to pojungmatcha together. What about you Sung-joon?

SJ – It was good for me also. 

Yuri – You lied, do you know that? You always look sad when you are with me. if we are together for longer, I thought it would get better. But I feel like your sadness is getting bigger. I did not know why this happens, but now I know. Because I am that kind of person to you right? I remind you of sadness. I am a reminder that you broke up with your wife.

SJ – Yuri…

Yuri – Ii thought we won’t be lonely if we were together. But I fell more lonely even though I am with you right now *cries*. That is why I….will break up with you. With the scandal, I cannot date you anymore while people point their finger. Now I have to establish myself at work, but because of you, I don’t want to ruin everything. Let’s break up. I am dumping you.

SJ – I am sorry.

Yuri – I am he one dumping you. *cries*

SJ – *hangs his head*

She takes a taxi home and cries all the way. He is still sitting in the orange tent.



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  1. Diandra
    December 24, 2019 / 8:02 am

    Thank you for the recap.

      • V
        December 24, 2019 / 9:27 am

        You’re welcome Maureen! These 16 episode were a ride that slammed on the breaks, but still a ride!

    • V
      December 24, 2019 / 9:26 am

      So happy you recapped this show with us, Diandra!

  2. Julia
    December 24, 2019 / 8:16 am

    Cannot believe Yuri breaks up with him so she can have it all. Yuri is calculating and manipulating under that facade. The matchmaker’s words hit her somehow. Yuri has opportunities, so she tried to rush the divorce yesterday. She realized her odds were low so she dropped Sung-joon like a hot potato. She knows there are greener pastures out there.

    • V
      December 24, 2019 / 9:28 am

      Right!!!! I mean, what??? It almost feels like this show was Yuri’s story on how to live like a chaebol.

  3. Mickey
    December 24, 2019 / 1:36 pm

    Learning lesson drama, worth to watch especially married couple.

  4. Elaine
    December 25, 2019 / 6:47 pm

    I triggered Everytime I watched the show. It was like seeing my husband’s affair all over again. Teared all the time. Wished there could have been a happy ending but there never is

  5. Aniza horim
    December 27, 2019 / 9:09 am

    I really love how you all intepret every single scene into details. Thank you so much for all of your effort to translate korean language to english language.

    • V
      December 28, 2019 / 8:20 am

      You’re welcome, Aniz! 😘

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