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VIP: Episode 15 (29 and 30) Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for VIP!


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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!


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Jung-sung sits with Sung-joon’s mother. They are on different couches. The mother starts to tell her that Sung-joon said he would never be like his father. he would live differently. It is all my fault. Jung-sun listens quietly and patiently. But she is about to pass out, she can’t believe this.

Jung-sun goes to her room and sits by the window to take this all in.

In the present, she looks at Sung-joon as if she can’t believe he is like this. he sees her and walks up to her to tell her that the matching room is all set up. She says yes.. he tells her that they will start the event in 30 minutes.

She asks him if she can talk to him after the event? I have to tell you something. He says yes. Yuri looks jealous.

Yuri walks up to him and tells him that the catering service will start. Then she asks him if he would like to eat dinner with her after the event? He says that they should see how it goes. There is no guarantee. Then he walks off.

Yuri remembers a flashback with Sung-joon where he had his cell phone. She asks him if he found it? He asks how she knows he lost it? She tells him that she called him and the taxi driver answered. Did you drink a lot? He says yes. She asks if he went home directly after drinking? He mutters, yes.

Her jealously ignites to supernova, she tries to keep it in.

In the matching event. Sang-woo is walking around the event when one of the guys recognizes him and says that he heard that he got a job. But you are doing low class manual labor for this event? Okay, work hard for the company. He pats him on the shoulder and walks off. Sang-woo looks on the verge of being pissed. Not quite there yet, though.

Elsewhere, Ji-yong and Hyun-ah stand by the food tray and wonder what these very rich people talk about. Ji-young pretends to be a rich person and says, my family owns a hotel – oh my family owns a department store we are a good match.

Hyun-ah tells her that they wont do that because they think that if you say thing directly then you are cheap. Ji-young is impressed that hyun-ah knows things. Then she wonders where they will donate things. Hyun-ah says that it has not been decided yet.

The match maker comes up to them and asks where Ha Yuri is. They tell her that she should be inside working as a Prestige team member. So the match maker finds her and tells her that someone wants to see her. You gave Kim Mingi a good impression.

Yuri says that she can’t, can you tell him nicely that I cannot make it? The matchmaker tells her to just meet him. It is a comfortable place, talk to him comfortably. If you refuse here then it could ruin the VIPs mood. I thought one of your goals was to finish this event successfully. 

To be honest, if we think about this objectively, you are not a good match to T.O Groups Kim Mingi. For you, it could be a good opportunity.

The matchmaker walks off and starts to talk to the bad employee. She tells him to stop giving that one rich guy alcohol. It is unknown but he has an alcohol problem. Please give him something else.

The bad guy says yes, but then thinks about the VP and how an unexpected event can happen. So he goes to the bartender and tells her that this guy likes whiskey, keep giving it to him.

Elsewhere, Yuri meets with the T.O Group heir who is the guy that talked to her earlier. He apologizes for embarrassing her and says that she is not use to this kind of event. Me either.

She tells him that she is surprised that he wants to see her. He tells her that she is a bit different. In this kind of occasion, I feel like I am wearing a mask and talk about what I don’t really think. But I think you are different. That is why I wanted to talk to you. 

He continues and asks, isn’t it difficult. She says it is okay. he asks, if you are thirsty, wouldn’t you like to have something to drink? He takes her to the main room and introduces her to his friends who he grew up with. Then he asks her to sit. The friend do not look all that thrilled to welcome her but they are not outright rude.

The friends tell this guy that he makes them sad because he does not hang out with them anymore. He asks Yuri what she is doing later. If you have time, can you come to our end of the year party? She says she can.

The other kids ask how her grandfathers health is. Yuri says he is fine and they all clink glasses.

In another room, the CEO and the VPs wife meet. The CEO asks whee Jae-woong is. The wife says that he is a little busy right now. The CEO asks what kind of meeting he has? a meeting to take me down?

The wife smiles and asks her if she is having fun with all this. But then another woman comes in in a fiery red dress which removes the smile from the wife’s face. We do not know who this woman is yet.

In the event area, Yuri walks up the steps and goes up to Jung-sun who is resting on a chair. She walks to her upset and says she is sorry to bother her why she takes a break, but I have a question.

Yuri – What are you going to do?

Jung-sun stand up and starts walking away.

Yuri – Can’t you divorce him? You guys ended anyway. Please divorce him.

Jung-sun thinks back to Yuri telling her that she does not know what kind of pain he has.

JS – Don’t talk to me about this anymore. It is none of your business.

She walks off.

Sung-joon starts to walk up the steps. Jung-sun is walking down the steps right then. They pause and look at each other. Then Jung-sun keeps walking. Sung-joon waits for her to pass and then walks up to talk to Yuri.

Upstairs, Yuri tells Sung-joon that his wife does not want to divorce him. But  abogi told me to go abroad to study with you. We can start over where no one knows us. To do that, Na has to divorce you.

He hangs his head and tells her that he will tell her later. She asks if he is okay with this? We can’t even meet each other properly, are you okay with that? I don’t like it anymore. She storms off.

Downstairs, Mina stands by as a rich woman wants to try on a special diamond necklace. She tells her that she will take it and sets up payment. Then she walks out.

Byung-hoon walks up to her and asks how it is? Mina is so happy and says that she already sold 7 necklaces. He is happy for her and asks if she is that happy? Mina says yes, she had the idea for this project and set it up, I am super duper happy. He tells her goodbye and looks at her lovingly and ask if he is thinking about something. Then he goes back.

Sang-woo finds Jung-sun and tells her that the VP came. Everyone alerts to attention as the VP walks in.

In another area, Jung-sun gives the CEO the money for the charity event. The CEO tells her that they have done a good job. Then she goes to the mic and thanks everyone for opening this Black Society charity event. They will work hard to create a lifestyle not just selling items. All the money you have donated will be donated to the Aaron Foundation.

The VP looks like he is about to have a heart attack.

The CEO continues and says that this money will help kids in the 3rd world. Now, let us invite the CEO of Aaron.

The lady in red walks on stage. She greets them and says that she is Lee Soo-jung from the Aaron Foundation. The VP gets up and leaves. Sung-joon looks alarmed and follows him. The wife looks so interested in this.

The woman in red continues talking about how this money will be used for kids who need help.

Around the corner, the VP asks Sung-joon, what happened! Bring Soo-jung to me!

Sung-joon runs off to fetch her but stops when he sees Jung-sun. She looks at him with daggers and says that it looks like it will be hard for him to meet with her today. So let’s talk another time. She walks off and sits in another room and looks tired.

In another room, the wife talks with the lady in red, who is Soo-jung. She tells her to take this money and go abroad for now. Soo-jung smiles and says okay. Then she leaves.

The CEO is there as well. The Wife thanks her sister-in-law who is the CEO. They poor wine. The CEO tells the wife that she is happy to have her on her side. With this chance, train Jae-woong well. The wife grabs her wine glass happily.

Outside in the event, the matchmaker asks Yuri how her meeting with him went? Yuri says that he looks like a good person. The matchmaker smiles and then says it is hard. Those poor people (employees), even if they work so hard, they cannot live like the people on the other side. You have a good chance now.

The matchmaker leaves. Yuri looks like she is about to burn to the ground. Meanwhile, the rich guy continues drinking. Sang-woo comes up to him and stops him. But the guy yells that he wants to drink more!

Jung-sun hears this and goes out to the noise. Sang-woo keeps trying to stop this guy from drinking but the guy wants to keep drinking. he says that he wants one more drink, I am not drunk.

They kind of get into it a bit. Jung-sun comes out and says that the event will end soon. We will prepare a car. The rich guy says that this department store has bad manners, what is your name, agashi. He is talking to Sung-jun and touches her face so Sang-woo removes his hand forcefully and tells him to stop. But he says that eh is saying it as a friend.

The drunk guy pushes Sang-woo. He almost falls down the steps but catches himself on the railing. Then the drunk guy is about to hit him with something hard so Jung-sun stops him but she ends up falling down the steps and careens all the way to the floor!

Sang-woo runs up to her to see if she is okay. The bad guy sees this, his plan did not go well, he runs away.

Everyone runs up to Jung-sun to see if she is okay. Sung-joon is one of them. He immediately goes to her side. The wife looks on and looks very happy to see that Sung-joon only cares about Jung-sun right now.

Yuri looks on but cannot do anything. The ambulance comes and takes Jung-sun away. Sung-joon tells them that he will go with them, I am the husband!

Yuri looks on, humiliated.

Yuri goes back in looking like a shell. The wife goes up to her and says that she looks super funny right now. Then she walks away. Yuri looks like something might have clicked over and starts walking away.

In the hospital the doctor tells Sung-joon that Jung-sun is okay. She just has a mild concussion. It does not require surgery. He thanks them and then sits with Jung-sun in this fabulous VIP hospital room.

Yuri goes home looking like a lost deer on the street. She thinks about calling Sung-joon, but doesn’t and cries instead.

Sung-joon sits with Yuri as she sleeps.

Yuri starts to go to sleep herself, she checks her phone. But there is no news. She stays awake as she looks at it.


Jung-sun is awake and looking out her window. Sung-joon comes in and asks if she is awake and okay? She says she is okay. he tells her that her father will come back. He was overseas and will be back today. She nods.

Sung-joon says that her father was very surprised. Jung-sun tells him, let’s end it here. 

Music starts to play as they look at each other. 

Fade Out


What about the maybe pregnancy! Is that all in my head? I love that the wife and the CEO are on the same side now. That is a twist that I did not see coming. And OMG, they gave the mistress all the charity money for her to leave town. AND SHE TOOK IT. These people are all so bad. I love it.

There is only one episode left! What in the world! How are they going to pull all these strings together to make a noose to hang Yuri with? I kid! I kid! Let her live long and prosperous! Just in America, not Korea.

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  1. Nam
    December 23, 2019 / 10:54 am

    Thank youu…
    Really nice recap 🥰
    I really hope In the final eps:
    Happy life for na Jung sun
    And misery for all de bad guy

    • V
      December 23, 2019 / 12:01 pm

      You’re welcome! 😘

  2. Minops
    December 23, 2019 / 11:48 am

    So it was all about a cheating husband and the only mistery was a fake one, who’s the mistress is? that’s a cheap and creepy way to keep viewers watching your drama. Well I watched it cos I believed that Jang Nara and Lee Sang-Yoon would’nt pick a drama with such a weak and silly story..I guess I was wrong (JNR did the same in her previous drama The Last Empress though. hope she make better choise in her next project)

    • Anonymous
      December 24, 2019 / 3:38 am

      I think your wring this was a good project fir nara and sang yion they even pull it till the end.

  3. dieulinh007
    December 23, 2019 / 2:19 pm

    What a nice surprise to see KTHREE here! Love them 😀

    • V
      December 23, 2019 / 5:53 pm

      They are the best! I have gotten stuck in many a KThree rabbit holes watching video after video 😍.

  4. December 23, 2019 / 11:58 pm

    Started watching VIP a few weeks ago when I randomly saw it on VIU. I “marathoned” for several nights, after a long day at work. It was stressful to watch, but I’m enjoying the provoking and riveting episodes. Your recap has also been helpful, I get to be clarified on some scenes and in case I missed something 🙂

    Yuri is competing, but nothing is working. (Starting from her efforts to lure Sung Jun that Sang Woo is into Jung Sun, nice attempt… but no :p) Curious of what the ousted Bae Do is doing in the CEO’s office. I can’t predict how the series will end. It’s not like romantic comedies where the couples surely get together. I hope the ending will never be in favor of Yuri :p I think something everyone will agree? 🙂

    • Anonymous
      December 24, 2019 / 3:42 am

      I agree with it would be bad if sund jun pick up yuri.it would be better if their is reconciliation between the wife and the husband for the sake of 10years being together.because one mistake does not make the ten years happiness that they have.so I hope there’s a healing

  5. Anonymous
    December 24, 2019 / 12:59 am

    This drama is about realities in life…and sinners must pay for what they did.
    SJ should be jailed (greed for money)…
    YR should not have happiness…she can even commit suicide, i don’t care….hmmmppppp….

  6. December 24, 2019 / 2:33 am

    This drama has so much potential to be a good one with a lot of office intrigues (ex: the black society), infidelity issue and vengeance but it’s a shame the plot is not elaborated enough to keep the suspense going. I expect more of revenge and counterattack but it’s nearing the end so I don’t keep my hope high. I wish the drama is a little bit longer. Right now, I feel like all the suffering JS faced is not worth it. Yuri seems to be well and dandy. (like she doesn’t even has the right to get jealous), she got a new admirer which is so sudden and unexpected (?) Like he popped out of nowhere, it seems unnecessary for me. There are so much potential, such as JS’s transfer to Ulsan (i think she forget about that and it got cancelled just like that. Also, THE PICTURES! I am waiting for it to be revealed since forever.)

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