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VIP: Episode 15 (29 and 30) Live Recap – Part 1

Whoo hoo! It is the finale! The lovely ladies Marisa, Karen, and Jenn of The Kthree on YouTube are sponsoring our live recap for VIP this week! Let’s all enjoy this ride together on the episode-before-the-last episode that will have us all biting our nails and spitting them out at Sung-joon.

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!


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Jung-sun walks up the hallway and sees Sung-joon walking towards her. She stops and stares at him as if she is seeing him for the first time. 

VO – Park Sung-joon takes care of my husband’s women. Quit a few so far. My husband has different named stock/bank accounts and executive Park takes care of it. Lee Soo-jung and Executive Park are the names on the stock.

Jung-sun slightly scoffs and keeps walking.


Sung-joon rides the elevator up. It stops and Yuri gets in. She asks him ifhe went to visit his mom? How was it. He grunts that it was okay. She asks if he can teach her how to drive? I am uncomfortable if Mr. Lee drives me everyday, so I want to learn.

He says he will so she touches his arm and says this weekend ~. But then two more people get in so they have to straighten up and pretend like they are not close.

In the office, Jung-sun looks at the stock information on the computer and looks at a list of everyone who owns stock in the company.

VO – if we break the news of his affair and the secret stock account, executive Park and On Yuri will be destroyed as well.

Jung-sun is told that it is time for the meeting by Sang-woo, so she goes to the meeting with her VIP team. It is a meeting with the Prestige team.

Sung-joon tells them that their event is a charity event. The donator will put their own name. Mina tells them that they have a jewelry company that has a new product, why don’t we collaborate with them for the event. That brand is popular for young VIPs as their wedding present.

Ji-young says that is good, when VIPs get married the jewelry companies want to contact them. They will be super happy to put their item here. The VIPs will like it as well.

Jung-sun says that they need someone to take care of the event, how about we put Song Mina to take care of it, she came up with the idea and has contacts.

The bad guy on the other team says it is too much for a regular employee to take care of, we have a history of taking care of those collaboration events. We should do it.

Jung-sun tells him that it is there idea. They have a lot of experience with VIP collaboration events so it should be okay. Mina also has experience with Cha Serin.

Sung-joon asks Mina what she thinks because the event is bigger and has higher responsibility. Mina says that she will do it. Her husband beams with pride. Sung-joon tells Hyun-ah and the advertising team to take care of advertising for other events. Jin-ho is so happy about that so everyone looks at him.

The meting is adjourned. Hyun-ah waits for Jin-ho after the meeting to talk to him. So they walk to a private area to talk. He tells her that he didn’t want to just show~. But she asks, today would you like to eat dinner at my place?

He asks, your place? Yes, I would like that. His smile is a big as a tree as she tells him, see you later.


The bad guy goes to the VP and tells him that the VIP takes care of all the important events. But Executive Park is head of the Prestige team, he should give us important roles.

The VP says that he VIP team has more experience with these events so it is more about the efficiency of the task force. The events do not go as you think. there are always variables and unexpected problems that can occur, isn’t that right?

The man says yes and leaves.


The CEO’s secretary tells her that she has an important phone call. The CEO asks who it is. The secretary tells her it is Bae Do-il.


Yuri cooks dinner in her fabulous minimalistic kitchen. She gets a message on her phone so she checks it.

The camera cuts away to the VP who is meeting with some men in a private room. Sung-joon is there as well. he leaves when Yuri calls in order to talk to her. She asks for dinner with him. he says he is sorry, he has dinner with the VP. They hang up and she looks deflated and stepped on.

Jung-sun goes back to the room. One of the men asks him about if this was a call from his wife? Everyone knows about your wife and y’alls fabulous relationship. Sung-joon says it was not her with a smile.

They start to talk again. The VP says that the reason he called them here is becasue the CEO should not be chosen by the chairman alone. The person who knows the department store the best should be chosen. I will have a board meeting about it.

In her home, Yuri eats the food she prepared, alone. But she doesn’t end up eatingn it.

In the company, Bae Do-il shows up in the CEOs office. She takes her time in addressing him. When she finally does, he bows.


Mina looks at her son’s homework but her son grabs it from her and hides it. She says that she has already looked at it, you are just like your father. The father comes in with the other kid and says that their mother was top in class.

The kids are all like, wow! Why did she marry you, appa? Byung-hoon tells them that he studied as well. Then he tells them that their umma got an important job at work. he kids are so excited about it and run out.

Byung-hoon wonders why they want to brag about umma only. Ii need to make a list on how great appa is and make them memorize it. She puts a sticker on him.


At Hyun-ah’s place, her and Jin-ho eat and drink on her octapang pyongsang. They looks very at ease with each other. She asks him if he knows what happened between Sung-joon and Jung-sun. But he says it more like a statement. He does not say anything.

Hyun-ah wonders what he was thinking. Jin-ho says he does not know what he thinks. They toast soju. Hyun-ah says that she saw them from the first time they started dating. I never expected them to break up like this.

Jin-ho mentions, yes I thought that they would not break up. Hyun-ah tells Jin-ho that she thinks that forever love is a fantasy. But for the two of them, I thought, yes, that kind of relationship exists. But now it broke so I feel bitter and a little sad. You know, maybe I was laughing at forever love, but maybe I wanted it to exist in some part of my heart.

He looks at her like he wants to say something profound to comfort her. But he holds her hand instead, which is perfect. they both hold hands quietly and look at the cityscape.


In Mina’s house, hr husband tells her not to work too hard. But she says that this is her last project so she wants to work hard on it. He gives her a tiny massage and says that if he was her boss he would not let her go. Then he tells her to work hard and he goes to bed.


Sung-joon leaves the meeting with the VP, he is pretty drunk on a sick level. He bows as the VP leaves and then sits on the curb. In the car, the VP does not look drunk at all and also looks stern about something. he takes out his phone.

At Yuri’s place, she gets a call from the VP.

At the restaurant, the concierge called a taxi for Sung-joon and helps him inside. But he is too drunk to say where he is going.

At Yuri’s place, her father is there so she gives him a coffee. He tells her that after the task force event is complete, I will send you to America to study. i will send Executive Park to our American branch. Until that, you should not see him.

Yuri looks shocked.

The VP tells her that before Executive Park divorces, your relationship is just an affair. We are not in a good position. We don’t need a scandal. I have given you enough breaks right? She looks at him like a lost wet bunny and nods.

The taxi driver wakes up Sung-joon and tells him that they are here. So he drunkenly gets out, takes a few deep breathes, and starts to stumble inside. But then he sees that he sent the taxi driver to his home-home.


Jung-sun and Sung-joon move into this home. They are unpacking. Jung-sun says that she is already tired unpacking and asks him how he feels moving in to their honeymoon house. He says he likes it and gives her a massage.

She hugs him and looks at her photo and says that those kinds of families that always argue, but whenever they are needed, they become an ally. Ii always wanted to make that kind of family. they can fight and resolve and have kids. We can be like that.

She looks up at him and tells him she is glad he is her husband. He says that he is also glad. She tells him that they should live forever like this, comrade.

In the present, Sung-joon starts to stumble away, but stops when Jung-sun stands right in front of him. He tells her that he was drunk and told the taxi the wrong address. She tells him to go, this is not the place for you.

But then she turns around as she walks off and tells him, I always thought you were not a bad person. But now I don’t know what kind of person you are. She goes inside. He looks like that sobered him up as he looks at her walk inside.

Inside, Jung-sun sits on the couch and sighs.

In Yuri’s place, she sis on the couch and looks off at nothing. But then she grabs her phone and calls Sung-joon. Someone else answers. She asks if this is Park Sung-joon’s cell phone? The taxi driver says that he left it in his taxi, he is around the Hannam dong. She looks like she knows that is his home.

Jung-sun keeps drunkenly walking off.

In her home, Jung-sun gets a ring, it is the mother in law at her door.


It is the day of the Black Diamond event. Everyone is dressed to the nines and a group of VIP and Prestige people stand with the matchmaker to welcome the kids of rich people inside.

One of the men goes inside and introduces himself to Yuri. The matchmaker notices this. 

In the room, San-mi tries to work, but has to hide from some people. Hyun-ah asks him why he is hiding, is it because you are the son of the Minister of Foreign Affairs? Sang-woo looks so shocked and is all like, are there no secrets in this company? She pats him on the back and walks off.

In the event, we see the rich kids sitting and looking around at everyone. The guy that introduced himself to Yuri is sitting at another table with two other people. The other people talk about how her look changed to much from low class to high class, but she is still the daughter of an affair and high school graduate.

The CEO shows up in her golden mermaid-esque skirt and Sharon Stone effortless button up looking amazing. Jung-sun is with her. The CEO looks out over all the kids in the bar area and tells Jung-sun that she was like them once.

CEO – When you marry with love, love is not everything. When you marry with a condition, then that is not everything. How far are you going to go?

JS – What?

CEO – Your revenge. I hope you go all the way to the end.

JS – Where is the end?

CEO – An interesting thing will happen soon.

The CEO smiles as if she is telling Jung to wait for it.

Jung goes to check on Mina who is working hard. Jung-sung tells her that she is doing a good job, keep working hard. And then walks off and sees Sung-joon. She remembers what his mother told her.

Flashback to that night.

Mother – I am so sorry. He is not that kind of guy, I don’t know why he did that. I will change him and punish him. Can you forgive him?

JS – I am sorry omonim. I cannot. We are done.

Mother – Please don’t, I will apologize to you and beg you *gets on her kneels pleading* he should not have done it.

JS – It is not your fault.

Mother – It is all my Karma. I should have lived my life right. Because of how I lived, you guys became like this.

JS – It is not because of you, we jut became like this. Don’t do this and stand up. *tries to help her up*

Mother – I am an affair wife, he grew up under and affair wife. 

JS – *looks stunned and backs away a bit*

Mother – I am the bad one! I want to die.


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