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VIP: Episode 14 (27 and 28) Live Recap – Part 1

VIP: Episode 14 (27 and 28) Live Recap - Part 1

Jung-sun is not just sitting around and taking this injustice! They think they will relocate her, well think not, they think they will remove her VIP team, well think not, they think they will happily ride off into the sunset, hell naw B* you are riding to hell with me! I just love her.

I really love this turn of events and the introduction of the Black Society. Jung-sun is accomplished, really has the pulse of what VIPs want, and knows how to use the new power dynamics in the company in order to get her means accomplished through that knowledge. Though we don’t actually know the end of her plan, you know she does. Why else would she be staring off at that desk all night!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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Shorthand Character Chart: V.I.P Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open on Jung-sun talking to the CEO noona. She tells Jung-sun that if she really wants to be her person, she needs to prove herself in the task force team. I am a business woman – take and give (not give and take). If you show me tangible results, then I will be your support.

Jung-sun agrees.

Cut to the VP angrilly going into his office. Sung-joon is there with him. He is angry that they have been turned into a task force team ith the VIP team. He knows that she is publically resisting him. He also knows that Jung-sun is working with her, so if she is, I will not be able to give your wife a break.

Sung-joon says that he will talk to her. The VP tells him that this is noona’s opening fire against him. he cannot just leave her to do whatever she wants.

Then we open on the first meeting of the task force team. Sung-joon tells the team that they should work well together. Jung-soon stares at him like she wants to stab him.



The two teams continue the meeting. Hyun-ah talks about how they are making their own league for the Black Society. They might have a lot of resistance if they do not evaluate them fairly.

Ji-young says that the beginning is important. they need to show something super great in order to make people want to join us next year. Sung-joon tells them that they need to gather all their good ideas. Their Prestige team will select the first group out of every hopeful.

Jung-sun speaks up and says no. The VIP team should do it, that is more efficient. The VIP team has more information about VIPs. You have to evaluate all of the VIP members, we are more efficient.

Sung-joon tells her that they should do it together. It is better for differing ideas. Sung-jun agrees. Ji-young and Hyun-ah look at each other like, oh snap.

At the end of the meeting, Sung-joon asks Jung-sun to speak with him privately.

Outside, Byung-hoon asks Hyun-ah and J-oung what is going on in there? Why is it so scary. Ji-young sys, yeah, it is like opposite sides of a war. They walk off.

Mina stands with her husband and he asks her if she is going to break the news? She nods.

Meanwhile, Ji-young, Hyun-ah, and Jin-ho wait for the elvator together. Jin-ho is so happy and tells Hyun-ah that they see each other often. Ji-young tries not to laugh and walks to Hyun-ahs side to hide it.

In the meeting room, Sung-joon tells Jung-sun that he knows this is awkward, but I will make sure that the VIP team does not have any disadvantage. I will also make sure that you are not disadvantaged from work because of me. So just stop here.

Jung-sun asks, why? He tells her not to be part of this power game. Without me, you won’t do it. The VP will do his best and you will get hurt also.

She tells him, don’t pretend like you care about me. I will take care of my own work. You will see who gets damaged. Not only the VP is doing his best. i may attack you. I think you are misunderstanding things. You are already attacking me. And I am willing to do it also.

He looks at her and says, okay. Then gets up to leave. She asks him why he is with the VP like this? What is your relationship? He leaves without answering.

Jung-sun gets back to work and goes into the bosses office which is her office now. Mina goes in to talk to her. She says that she has to tell her something. So they sit to talk. Mina apologizes for deciding to quit. She will finish this task force work though.

Jung-sun tells her to think about it for a long time. I will hold your resignation letter for awhile. I hope you change your mind. For me and our team, you are very important.


In a Black Society meeting, Ji-young tells everyone that this married woman *on the screen* takes her boyfriend with her everywhere so her boyfriend is a VIP now. It is a known secret.

The two teams start to talk about this. Sung-joon’s team thinks that this guy should be included. Jung-soon tells them that this guy has a record of a violent crime. But the guy on the other team says that this boyfriend is a #3 Black Diamond for them.

Jung-sun tells him that this is a social group that considers class. His sentence was about his relationship with gangsters. So he is out. Sung-joon agrees. THat dude that brought it up is angry.

They go to the next person who will soon be the head of Korea University (part of the top three S.K.Y Universities in Korea). They think he will be a great candidate.

There is another candidate who is Lee Soo-jung who noone knows about and they do not have this person’s information. It is a new face. One of Sung-joons annoying people sarcastically says thta they dont’ know somebody? Sung-joon looks at him.

Jung-sun asks which department store she spent money. Sang-woo says in Samsung. Ji-young thinks that they should know this person. Sung-joon says that this person is out. Everyone on the VIp team looks at him. Jung-sun asks if he knows her? 

He says yes. So Jung-sun tells him that they should know why she is out. He says that she lives overseas. They wonder how she can live overseas and spend this much money. Jung-sun looks at her photo again.

The meeting ends. The sarcastic guy angruly asks why they are there, why doesn’t the VIP team just do this alone? He angrily walks off.



The CEO calls Jung-sun and Sung-joon into her office to discuss something. She wants to talk about the launching event for The Black Society. It is a charity event for single sons and daughters of VIP members. The Black Society members will be a big part of the economy and politics so one of their biggest interests is marriage. 

Jung-sun asks, so this is – . the CEO says, yes, this is kind of like speed dating for their unmarried kids. Our top class people do not actually have a lot of chances to see each other. All the famous people of Korea want to put their kids in this event. Of course, we need to know what they want and we need to match the proper people. 

She gives them information for a match maker and tells them that they need this person. Set up a meeting with them. They both agree and start to head out. But the CEO stops them and says one more thing. When you meet them, take manager Ha Yuri. It will be a good idea because she is a new face in this society as well.

Jung-sun tells her, okay. He heads out. The CEO has a mischievous smile.


Elsewhere, Ji-young, Hyu-ah, and Jung-sun drink coffee outside on the terrace. Ji-young spits out her coffee in surprise at something Jung-sun says. She is all like, her? I know her! Her nickname is Midas Song (a joke on Midal Sohn or Midas Hand and the person’s name with is Song).

Ji-young tells them that this person is a super matchmaker. Most of the important matchmaking in Korea went through her. So we will invite the matchmaker as a host and make huge 3rd generation matches. Wow, that is good *sarcasticly*. All the rich people will get together and be richer and more powerful, sigh, capitalism. 

The conversation switches to Mina who gave her resignation to Jung-sun. They think that stinks. If she wants to do it then it is good but if she does not then thats bad. Ji-young thinks that the government should support them, this is almost Mission Impossible to juggle both.

All three think about that, Jung-sun sighs with her thoughts.


Mina, Byung-joon, and Yuri meet to discuss a new IT system for the Black Society members because they need to share information among departments. Byung-joon thinks that using an external company will take time due to the security issue. So he needs to know who governs the IT department.

Yuri says that their Prestige team does. Mina asks if she talked to general manager Na? Yuri tells her that this is what Executive Park wants. Mina tells her that she will report it to their team and asks Yuri to share the timeline with them.

The meeting ends. Byung-hoon tells Mina that he did nto think she was like that, but now she is super cocky. Mina stops him from talking. Byung-hoon says that Yuri is in this position now but her ability is no match to Mina’s. But he also tells her that soon she won’t have to see these things anymore, so lets go. But Mina looks on longingly at Yuri and then heads away.

At her desk, she looks at her ID badge longingly. Hyun-ah sees her doing this.

In his office, Byung-hoon’s boss comes in and starts to talk about this weeks work. Byung-hoon holds his hands up to work on it. So the boss says that he can do it. Byung-hoon also says that he can work the night shift as well if there is any extra work. The boss is all like, okay, you can do that too.

His friend asks, what is this all about? Byung-hoon says that he is the only income so he has to work hard. he also tells his friend to give him work as wel. Whatever he does not want to do, he will give him 20% discount on the hourly rate, the friend said 30%. Byung-hoon says, okay and you have to pay me my $50 back. The friend is all like, okay.

Elsewhere in the building, the newly rich woman from the first episode shows back up and sees Yuri looking all fabulous. She asks her if she has time? Yuri is so happy to see her.

In the VIP offices, Hyun-ah gives Jung-sun the paperwork for the Birthday party customer evaluation. The rating for the secret talk room is low. Hyun-ah says that the AI was broken so seh sent Sang-woo as a replacement for the AI. All the kids cried.

Jung-soon is shook for a moment and thinks back to her confession to the AI goat. He told her that he saw her from the future and she looked happy.  Hyun-ah asks her if there is any problem? She tells her no and signs off on it.

Hyun-ah leaves, but thinks about something as she sits at her desk.

Meanwhile, Yuri and the rich woman walk around. the rich woman asksk her how she has been and says that she looks a lot higher, she looks like a different person. Yuri smiles. 

The rich woman tells her that she saw the newspaper article and wondered, what did I do to her? Then she asks her what it feels like to have a rich father? Yuri smiles and says that she does not know.

The rich woman says that with money you feel like you can do anything, but at least that is better than not having money. A person comes over to help so the rich woman asks Yuri to help her, lets see how good you are now.

So Yuri goes out to look for kitchen items for the rich woman and shows her a pantry set up. The other employee starts to talk about how this is the hottest item right now.

Cut to Yuri and the rich woman sitting and talking about the details on how to proceed with the purchase. The rich woman signs and then tells Yuri, lets go. 

They go drink coffee in the VIP eating area. The rich woman says that this coffee is still bitter. She likes old style cafe coffee. Yuri tells the woman that she had not seen her in awhile so she was wondering about her.

The woman says that shopping is not fun anymore, so she went to see her daughter in Canada. Her daughter told her that she worried about what other people thought her entire life and you still worry abotu it after becoming rich. When she told me that, I felt bad.

Yuri tells her that as you said before, people evaluate others with what they see. Thea jumma says yes, that is true. But you actually look really good. As a cheabols daughter, you are really different. You look like you belong there very quickly. Yuri smiles politely and then heads off.

As she walks away she looks in a mirror and thinks about what the rich woman told her – you look like you belong there, very quickly.



Mina is cleaning up and measuring the kids room. the kids come in and ask if they are moving? The father says no. Then he asks Mina what she is doing? She says that she will change up how the kids room looks. He tells her to do it later, you worked all day. But she says that she will do it now, she is okay.

He says that she can do it slowly, you still have a lot of time. She says that is why, this is just in case she has too much time. But then she thinks and says, yeah, lets do it later. Then she runs off to play with the kids. But her husband seems to be thinking of this as well and tries to shake it off as he runs off to play with the kids as well.


Jing-ho and Hyun-ah drink at a pool-house casually. She has a lot of thoughts. He asks her if she would like to play air-hockey? So they both start to play air hockey and she gets more and more competitive and takes off her coat. He jokes with her and says, if you are hot would you like a cold drink? She rolls her eyes and saddles up to the hockey table to win. But she loses so she has to tie back her hair. he tells her that tying back her hair won’t change anything.

She tells him to wait a moment and continues tying it back and rolls up her sleeve. She scores a point. and another point and another and they go back and forth with points now as they have a fun time playing. She ends up winning the last game and is very happy about it as she shows of her pony tail power.

She grabs her coat and thanks him for the drink as she happily walks back to the table.

He asks her if winning this makes her that happy? She says yes, she won. Then she says recently she has felt like she is getting smaller. Once I was the coolest person in the world, but now I am not like that. Today, when I saw Jung-sun as the team leader, I thought about it. I also could have ben there. 

When everything got screwed up like that, I thought will my life be like this? It made me sad. Jin-ho says that this is why what people show is not everything. I never thought you were timid or small. That is good that you are telling me this, it is more personal. 

Do you know that before I sent my text, I thought about it a million times. Just in case I was dumped again. I pretend to be cool, but that is all acting. You are feeling small now, but you are super late because everyone else already feels like that. Human beings have a history of being cowardly. he clicks her glass.

She asks, Jin-ho, would you like to date me? He coughs up his beer and then hops up as he apologizes for coughing it all over her. Then he asks, date me? Really? Why?

She does not answer. So he sits and says that he will think about it and smiles. She smiles as well and tells him, okay, think about it. Then they continue drinking.



Mina calls her mother and tells her that she will quit her job. Her mother thinks that is great. You can raise the kids now. But that makes Mina feel worse. She ends up hanging up as he husband comes in. He doesn’t know what to say so he steps out.


Meanwhile, Hyun-ah and Jin-ho walk along the street together. He thinks about something for a moment and then holds her hand. She stops and looks at him. He looks at her and then starts to walk again as he holds her hand. She walks with him.


At work, Jung-sun looks at this secret VIP. She spent over 1 million dollars at their department store alone last year


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  1. C.N
    December 17, 2019 / 10:05 am

    Oh my god, I need to know what happens next! I really liked Sungjoon and Jungsun as a couple at first but now I’m rooting for Sangwoo and Jungsun.

    No matter what the reason, I just can’t accept how callous and cold Sungjoon has been. If you want to be with another woman so much, freaking divorce before you start something!

    Honestly I hate Yuri so much. Just turns on the tears when she wants and Sungjoon is too stupid to see it.
    She’s vindictive and crazy. Wouldn’t be surprised if she does something to Jungsun and Sungjoon finally realises what a horrible and manipulative person he chose instead of his wife.

    I hope Jungsun won’t forgive him and leads a happy life with Sangwoo.

    I also love Hyunah and Jinho. I hope Minah doesn’t quit.

  2. Anonymous
    December 17, 2019 / 11:30 am

    Finally!! Time to cause some jealousy!!! Good on Sang woo!!! Can’t wait for more victories and kickass scenes of JS.

  3. December 17, 2019 / 4:14 pm

    Maybe Jung Nara is pregnant? Stomach pain from stress or pregnancy. Anything is possible in this drama. Only 2 episodes left. Something has to rock this cradle, and fast.

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