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VIP: Episode 11 (21 and 22) Live Recap – Part 1

Last week’s episode reminded us all that nobody puts baby in a corner. Good Lord did Jung-sun throw that gauntlet at the dinner! I really did not think she would do that. What is going to happen!

I feel like the VP is about to coach his daughter on how to politely show her status in the company and shut a B up with a look and a pink slip. Though I kind of feel like the wife might be on Jung-sun’s side and will not let her get fired or mistreated at all (at least, that would be cool if that happened).

Jung-sun is also the head of the VIP team with Sung-joon moving over to Director level and possibly taking Yuri with him? Or perhaps the VP will take away his promotion? I don’t know man, I really want to see how the levels shake up this episode.

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Jung-sung sits up off the OBGYN table looking happy and hopefull as she talks to the doctor happily. The doctor tells the baby to go to the public bathtub with her mom (so that means that this is a daughter). 

At home, Na Jung-sun tells Jung-sun that they still have 5 more months, are you starting this baby room so early? He happily organizes the baby room and makes the crib look nice. He turns on the baby music and tells the baby to get used to the sound.

Jung-sun tells him that he is already a daughter’s fool. So Sung-joon says, ah? A daughter? Are you a daughter? They both smile happily and giggle.

But then we cut to Sung-joon knocking on the door to the nursery as Jung-sun sits inside and cries. At work, the company Hyun-ah tells Jung-sun that she needs to take a rest. 

But the the manager comes up and says that happens to older moms often. he even chuckles as he walks away. Sung-joon hears that conversation but does not do anything about it as the team manager asks Sung-joon to schedule his golf trip.

Later on, he gives Jung-sun a warm cup of tea and tells her to drink. Then he goes to his office. Everyone in the office wants to say something comforting, but does not know what to say.

At home, Jung-sun sits next to the crib and cries softly. her husband comes up to her so she tells him that people say that it will be okay. Yes. But you don’t understand. i also gave birth after 13 hours, but I don’t hear the babies cries. I did not even see my babies face because it would haunt me forever.

I wanted to ask them if it really happened to them if it would still be okay? Are you okay? You should be like me, crazy and angry. Why our baby? Why didn’t God take me! Why our baby! She keeps crying and crying. He holds her.

Later on, they both eat t the table. He sits, not knowing what to say. he gives her a little of a side dish. She gathers all her food and puts it in the sink then goes back to the room.

She ends up sleeping in the babies room. He goes to kneel next to her and softly moves her hair from her face.

APRIL 2019

Jung-sun walks out of the room while Sung-joon gets home. He tells her to sleep in their room. You can’t sleep in the babies room forever. She tells him to leave her alone.

On another day, he tells her that she is going to a funeral. He asks if she wants to go with him? She asks if she knows that person? he tells her no, you can rest at home. I will be back.

She mets with her family friend, jang Jin-chul, and talks about how it has been one year but she is still angry. She is angry at everything. But her husband is so calm, so it makes her mad. She is angry at herself and feels like she could not protect the baby.

He asks about her medicine? She says that she has been taking anti depression medicine for one year, but it is still the same. Ajusshi, you used to be a psychologist, tell me, what can I do to be normal again?

He thinks for a moment and then tells her that it will never be okay. It will never be better. But time passes. Days pass, months pass, years pass. Human life is so tough so you keep living. I heard your husband, after what happened to the baby, checked your breath every night for many months.

For him, maybe the fear of something happening to you is a bigger fear than the baby itself. Not saying anything does not mean that the pain is smaller. Some people don’t know how to take the pain out. 

I know that you wanted to have a happy life more than anything else. i know that you can risk your own life to give birth to the baby. But, to you, you have things you need to protect. You guys still have a chance.


She goes home and looks at the crib in the nursery. Then she turns out the light and gives the room one last look before leaving. She locks the door from the outside and goes to her bedroom.

Sung-joon is making the bed. She tells him, from today, I will sleep here. For us, we still have a chance to live properly again. hopefully someday we will have a moment to look at the room without feeling anything. Can you just hold me one time.

He walks across the room and holds her hands. Then he tells her, okay and pulls her into a warm hug. She sinks into his chest and cries.




All the main people from the VIP team sit in a circle to talk about an event. Ji-young sighs and asks why they even have to set up children’s birthday parties now.

Yuri and Jung-sun look at each other during this meeting as Ji-young talks about all their hardships at work. She thinks she can work hard for the company because she has stock init. 

She also tells Yuri tht she is getting prettier. You look so shiny. What kind of cosmetic do you use? Yuri looks taken aback and says that she just usues anything.

Ji-young says that is good for young people. Expensive products don’t even work for me at all.

Jung-sung glares at her and then stands when the VIP coms in with her daughter. This daughter is the girl from the begining of the show that Jung-sun bought icecream for.

They all sit, Jung-sun explains to the mother that this is a joyful time for their company to have somehting fun for VIP children. The kid says that she wants to do something fun with Min-joon. His brithday is a week after mine so I want to have a coupels party. She says that Min-joon is her boyfriend.

Jin-young asks what kind of party she would like? Elsa? Tobot (a transformable car that is really popular in Korea right now)?  She says no, she wants an alpaca party.

They area all like, huh? Alpaca? The daughter says that Min-joon likes alpacas a lot.

The mother and daughter leave later on and say that they will see them at the party. The team all thinks that Olof would be easier, many don’t even know what an alpaca looks like.

One of them finds an alpaca farm nearby. Another says that this kid provides a creative headache for them. Ji-young asks about executive Park Sung-joon, is there different air up there as an executive? they all look at Jung-sun, she asks, up there? Then she says she will give them the proposal as soon as she has the plan and leaves.

The team all looks taken aback and looks at each other as they all walk out.

In the VP’s office, The executive tells Sung-joon that they are targeting the VIPs kids at this event. Is this your wife’s plan? He says yes. The VP tells him to keep him updated.

Then he asks him why he did that? Sung-joon tells him that he is sorry to make him worry. it is all in the past. The VP says that men can do that, buy my daughter – you knew it was risky. 

Sung-joon says, if you ask me to be responsible for it, then I will be responsible. The VP asks if he is sure that it all ended? Sung-joon says yes. So the VP tells him that it is okay. We should never talk about this again.

Sung-joon starts to head out. But the VP adds one last thing – I will let secretary Kim take care of Yuri now. Sung-joon turns to bow to the VP and then heads out.

The VP calls a person and says, for this promotion send Na Jung-sun to Ulsan (way south-east of Korea. It is an industrial city).

While walking away, Sung-joon sees Yuri in the hallway. He tries to walk on by. She says that she will explain it all to her father. He says that he told her father that this is all past. Yuri asks what happened with his wife, will you separate? if you devorve, will we have a chance?

He was walking away, but he turns to tell her that it won’t happen. Then he continues walking down the steps. She watches him the entire way.


Elsewhere, Mina talks to her husband Byung-hoon about what happened. She wants to talk to him about it. He says no, you left home without talking to me. But now you want to talk. 

He tells her that he needs time to think, then he will call her. He goes back to his office. He goes to his desk and grubles. He takes a few deep breathes as he thinks about things.

Meanwhile, Jung-sun gets into an elevator with Yuri. It surprised them both, but they hold it in.

In the elevator, Jung-sun talks about work to Yuri. Yurii apologizes to her. She sys that she knows what she did to her. But I was truthful. Hit me, I will get hit.

Jung-sun turns to her and says, no, you dn’t know. You want to believe that. Because it was difficult, your life was hard enough so you can be this greedy. Even though people are pointing their finger at you, you want to say that it was a love like fate. But look at this, you destroyed someone elses life completely. Does he really love you? Maybe he only pities you.

Yuri tells her that she does not care, so long as I can be with him. It is okay that he pities me. I also pity him. You don’t know what his real pain is. You dont’ know that.

The elevator opens and another person comes in. Sung-jun walks out angrily but tries to keep it together and does an amazing job.


The alpaca birthday party looks amazing, pink balloons and tables are everywhere, though the girls relationship looks one-sided on her side. Ji-young says this as well.

Sang-woo tells Hyun-ah that something is broken, so Hyun-ah tells him that he has to be the Ai in this situation. Just answer to a kids level. Your voice will be changed anyway so just be kind.

All the alpacas are at the party so they all pet the alpacas. The girl runs up to the boy sho is in a straight grumpy mood. She asks him to pet the alpaca together. But he says that he does not want to, now I don’t like alpacas anymore. He walks away (poor thing needs to run from that boy).

Meanwhile, Jin-jo practices what to say to Manager Lee Hyun-ah. Then she show up behind him which causes him to jump. He messes up everything that he has practiced. She asks if he has taken all the photos he wants to take yet? then she lists all the places he should.

He bows his head nervously so she tells him he can relax a bit. As she starts to walk away, he says that it is difficult to talk to her comfortably after being dumped. How can you be okay and make me a loser? But I am not mad just in case you misunderstand me.

He walks away quickly. She smiles and walks away a well.

Then a man talks to Jin-ho and says that the team leader wants him to come back to the office.

Cut to Sang-woo pretending to be the alpaca. One boy asks if he is great to be an adult. He says when you are an adult you will think primary school is the best time in your life. Another girl asks, who is the prettiest in the world? He says Seul-yun, IU, Suzy. Another says, I dont’ want to study, but mom wants me to, why? He says, that she is a kind of pension (retirement fund).

The girl takes off running from the little house crying. Sang-woo wonders what he is doing.

Meanwhile, Hyun-ah and Mina talk with an alpaca next to them. Hyun-ah asks if she is going to give birth to her baby? She says that she does not know what to do. Hyun-ah tlels her that she needs to be careful with Director Bae, he is not a good person to be involved with.

She mentions that she saw her a lot with Director Bae recently. Mina says it is for work and says that she will take care of herself, dont worry. She smiles pleasantly and leaves.

At work, Jin-ho interviews a very glammed up Yuri on what her goals are. She says that she saw confident people at work, so seh wants to be a confident career woman as well. She just wants to be good at work now.

The VP comes in and asks how the interview is going. He tells them not to talk too much about personal things, just work. then he gets a phone call so everyone bows him out of the room as eh leaves. Jin-ho thinks about something.

At the birthday party, the kids all leave on an alpaca train and happily wave to the conductor. Jung-sun is standing by. But her mother runs to her and asks where her daughter is frantically. She says that min-joon wanted to go home so she sent him off, but now her daughter is missing.

Jung-sun tells her that they will look for her right now.


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