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VIP: Episode 10 (19 and 20) Live Recap – Part 2

VIP: Episode 10 (19 and 20) Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our Live Recap! Read Part 1 right here.

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!



(Read Part 1 Right Here)


Sung-joon leaves his office dressed in his suit. His wife asks where he is going so he says that he is going to a funeral. She asks if she knows that person? He says no, so she can rest at home.

So he goes to the funeral which looks like it is his fathers funeral? the brother wants to get into it some more, but the mother or sister stops him and says that she is the one that called him.

So Sung-joon pays his respects to his father and leaves. But right outside he gets a call from the VP and goes to meet him at a hotel.

The VP gives him something and tells him that he did a good job. Then is wife storms out from a private dining room. The VP looks at her and then asks Sung-joon if he can stay with Yuri and drive her home? I have to go to my wife. He pats Sung-joon on the shoulder and heads off.

So Sung-joon drives Yuri home. She sees a street restaurant and says that she would like to go to it. She has never eaten at a place like that before. So he stops there with her and lets her eat whatever seh wants.

She eats and drinks soju. But he does not want her to drink so much. However, he ends up pouring it for her and they start to drink together. 

She asks if anyone died? When someone dies, do you think that it all really ends? the past and sadness and pain. Do you think it all disappears? I hope I wasn’t even born. My existence is pain for everyone. I think that Ii should not have been born.

He says that it is not her fault to be born like this. It is not your fault. She thanks him. He keeps drinking.

Later on, she stumbles home and he walks with her. But then she falls when a motorist drives by. She smiles at Sung-joon and says that it is comfortable to sit on the ground so she tells him to sit with her.

He sits with her reluctantly. She looks at him and asks, what happened to him? You look sad.

He doesn’t say anything at first, but then he looks over at her big brown eyes and says that he feels empty. He tell sher that his father died today. He knows that he is the son of an affair woman. 

When people ask about his father, he told them that he was dead. Even my wife. Everyone thinks that my father is dead already. I thought I would be happy if he died.

She tells him that he can cry, it is a sad thing. He says that he thought he would be okay if he died. But ~. He puts his hand over his face. Then he says that he didn’t want him to die. If he dies like that~. He puts his hand over his face again as he chokes back his words.

She lightly touches his arm and then pats him on the back as he continues crying on the street.


VO – you know, those things. Those stories that only you know. She knew about it. But it made me feel good. It comforted me that I could say that.

Jin-ho asks him if he had secrets like that? Even if you have it, then your wife should know about it.



Jin-young sits with San-woo and Yuri and talks about the gifts. They send a lot of wine and flowers. Sang-woo assk why she is using Jongdaemal all of a sudden. 

Ji-young says that she uses jogdaemal at work. Sang woo tells her that seh always uses Banmal with him. Ji-young send him a dirty look and then starts to talk to Yuri again.

She tells her that VIP here is different from VIP’s elsewhere so we need to have distinguishable gifts. 

Then Jung-sun comes in with her stark mood. The team leaves and sees the company people all bowing to Yuri as they pass by her. They think about how things have changed.

Jung-sun, Sang-woo, and Yuri go outside to drink something hot. Jung-sun asks Yuri if she has a boyfriend. Sang-woo gulps. Yuri says that she does not. Jung-sun mentions setting her up. Yuri says she is okay.

Sung-joon says that she thinks Yuri will be very truthful to the person she dates. Do you have someone? You look like you do. Yuri looks on guility. Sang-woo breaks this up and says that he thinks he should go back. I have urgent work. Manager Lee asked me to come.

Jung-sun tells them that they can go and starts to head off. Yuri stays behind as if she was just found out and looks at Jung-sun walking away.

In the offices, Byung-hoon calls to talk to Mina. Jung-soon tells him that she is off today. He mutters that he forgot about that and then hangs up. He sees that Mina is shown as being off today.

Jung-sun remembers that Mina told her she is not giving birth gain. Then Yuri goes up to her desk and tells her she has an idea to do something with burth month flowers for the gifts. Jung-sun says that they can look into it.

Yurii goes to her desk. Then she goes back to Jung-sun and talks about perfume. But she does not know French so she cannot make the call. Jung-sun makes the call in French and says that she wants to talk to their perfumist. Then she tells Yuri that she can send an English email to them. But show it to me first before you send it.

Yuri says okay and heads back to her desk. She starts to google how to write  an email in English.


Meanwhile, Mina is on the table to have her abortion. But she shows second thoughts and tell them not today. Then her husband comes running in. She asks how he knew. He tells her that they should leave and go talk.

So they go talk at a cafe. He tells her that he could not contact her so he went to her place and saw the pregnancy diary and asked the hospital. They told me that you had an appointment. I did not know that it was surgery. How could you not say that to me.

She says that if she told him that he would want her to give birth. This is why she did it, because she did not want to give birth. He asks if that is why she left home?

She says that giving birth is easy. But after that, what are you going to do? I am the one that is responsible for it. He says that he knows he is super dumb, but you should talk to me. How can you just decide this without me? I am scared of you. I did not know that you were this scary.

He storms out, she sobs at the table.



A work, Yuri has finally finished her English letter and show it to Jung-sun. The letter looks perfectly serviceable, though it is not completely professional. Jung-sun fixes it and then sends it to Yuri to email.

She also tells Yuri that they talk to foreigners a lot on their team. So they only accept people who can speak English. You working here is a favor. Sang-woo came 6 months before you and is still a supporting job ( and the character chart says that he went to all top school so he is a pretty bright person). 

Jung-sun says that no one gives this big important job to someone who has only worked a couple months. This is also a favor. If you are not the VP’s daughter, then you would not get this kind of favor. That is what you deserve so you do not need to say sorry. You deserve it.

It seems like you want to pretend to be a good person. Just stop. It makes me uncomfortable. She walks out. Yuri looks affected.


The next day, Hyun-ah moves into her octapang apartment. She lugs all her things upstairs and rests on the pyongsang. She looks around and says that at least it has a nice view.

At home. Jung-sun sits at her makeup desk and takes off her wedding ring as she prepares for dinner with the VP and his family.

Jung-sun and Sung-joon sit at the dinner in a private room together. He asks her why she agreed to come. She tells him not to mistake it, this is not for him.

Then the VP, his wife, and Yuri come in. They all settle in to eat. The VP tells Jung-sun that his wife does not compliment people too much, but she likes you Jung-sun.

The wife says nice things about Jung-sun. Jung-sun thanks her. The wife tells Sung-joon that he has a good wife. but then they start to eat and Yuri tells Sung-joon that this has nuts in it.

Sung-joon asks how she knows he has a nut allergy? The VP tries to clear the mood and says that Yuri is good friends with Yuri to know what he likes.

Jung-soon looks at this and sighs back her anger. She then puts her things on the table and addresses the VP. She tells him that she has something to them him. Sung-joon tells her to stop.

JS – Yuri and Sung-joon love each other.

Everyone is all like, say what? But then the VP gulps down his food and says that he actually asked Sung-joon to take care of Yuri, so it is not like that. 

BUT THEN – Jung-sun slides over a CCTV photo of Yuri hugging Sung-joon from behind. The VP looks at this, startled and then looks at Sung-joon and asks, is this true?

He sits back in his seat and then looks at Yuri.

JS – I thing you all have something to talk about. So, excuse me.

She leaves. Sung-joon also gets up. He holds her arm in the hallway to stop her. She pulls it away.

SJ – Let’s talk.

JS – What! You lied to me without even blinking your eyes. You make fun of me in front of me? How can you have an affair like – you are dirty. Because of your dirty thing, my ten years with you became a nightmare. You are making my every moment hell! I will show you what it is like to lose everything. Let’s go together to hell.

She storms off.

He hangs his head as he looks at her leave. Then he turns and sees the VP walking up to him. He bows. He tells him that the can talk about it tomorrow. The wife kind of huffs as she walks by. Yuri looks so confused and thinks about stopping, but keeps following.

Cut to Jung-sun at home. She opens the secret room that she is always standing in front of. It is the baby’s room and looks so adorable. She plays music from the crib and sits to listen to it.

She starts to softly cry as she looks at the crib ornament spinning around.

Fade Out


OMG! Jung-sun is so bout it! I cannot believe that she just dropped that huge social bomb at this dinner party. That is the best! Complete thoughts coming up with the preview in a separate post!

(Click here for Episode 11 Preview Translation!)

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  1. Julia
    December 3, 2019 / 10:11 am

    Love that Jung sun took action. This all started bc of the stupid VP but actions are all Yuri’s covetousness and Sung joon’s self pity.

    I want to see next week’s episodes now!!

    I love Jang Nara’s acting!!

  2. Kaniala
    December 3, 2019 / 10:34 am

    Glad they know now who the players are but I feel it’s more. More than just the Dad. I believe it has something to do with babies…just saying. Want better ending for Jang Nara…thought last empress was great movie but wanted her to be happy with emperor

  3. Julia
    December 3, 2019 / 11:33 am

    Kaniala, you may be onto to something. The baby room, Mi-na’s baby, Sung joon’s status as a child out of affair, Yuri as baby from unwed romance… There is a potential theme there.

    What if Jung sun is pregnant and fighting for her marriage bc of the baby…. She seemed to want to keep the marriage until she found out it was Yuri and the lies…

    • December 3, 2019 / 6:30 pm

      Would be cool if she is pregnant. That would show those 2. He is such a dick. Trying to explain it happened cuz she comforted him, he never gave his wife a chance to comfort him. What a lame excuse. And lil miss innocent needs to be taken down, hard!! Can’t wait for next episodes..

    • Kaniala
      December 3, 2019 / 7:24 pm

      That would be a great twist for her to be pregnant. IT bothers me why he told Yuri in the car that JS would be scarred forever if she found out it was her (Yuri) that he had been fooling around with. any guesses!

  4. PT
    December 3, 2019 / 1:10 pm

    Ep 10, was intense!! Let the battle begin !!! She open that door with full confidence & she’s ready to fight it all the way. I want her not only to see the truth and be understood but also find herself how she was back then. So far I can see communication is not their thing because they keep too many thoughts to themselves which i don’t understand because trust is not within themselves. I hoping she’s pregnant and finds out later through all the revenge process and just throw the towel and raise the baby herself. I wouldn’t be surprised if the VIP accepts him as a son in-law because he is his right hand- and he accepts it. Can’t wait I have so many scenes in my head how it may play so I’m hoping something more dramatic like her last show.

  5. Chi
    December 3, 2019 / 2:08 pm

    Could it be that Jung Sun maybe suffered a miscarriage before in that scene where Sung Joon asked her if she’s accompany him to the funeral?

    • Kaniala
      December 3, 2019 / 7:28 pm

      Wow, that would be the ultimate blow!! To loose a baby and your husband!! Just wow!!

  6. December 3, 2019 / 6:31 pm

    Would be cool if she is pregnant. That would show those 2. He is such a dick. Trying to explain it happened cuz she comforted him, he never gave his wife a chance to comfort him. What a lame excuse. And lil miss innocent needs to be taken down, hard!! Can’t wait for next episodes..

    • V
      December 3, 2019 / 7:22 pm

      Oh my gosh, what if she is secretly pregnant and wanted to tell him! But then he messed it all up with this!

  7. JJuna
    December 3, 2019 / 6:43 pm

    Thank you for the recap! We get to watch it later here in the US because we wait for the full sub version and so I cheat and read your recap first 🙂 This was pretty intense, but my prediction is SJ will choose Yuri just because I believe he is a serial cheater (apple does not fall far from the tree) and an opportunist. Remember when Hyun Ah had a conversation with him, I think they were in relationship too and he cheated on her with JS. Now he is upper management with more chances of moving ahead, and yes I think VP approves of the affair. I hope I am wrong but grrr I hope karma bites these liars and cheaters in the a**! I love Jang Na Ra and my heart breaks for her.

    • Candi
      December 4, 2019 / 11:57 am

      I agree with you, I want to add I also think Yu ri is very jealous of Jang Na Ra character because she is the whole package. Its almost like Yu ri wants to be her. SJ is an opportunist and I think he chose Jang Na Ra because she was wealthy but I think he will lose everything in the end and Yu Ri doesnt begin to compare to Jang Na Ra.

    • Candi
      December 4, 2019 / 11:57 am

      I agree with you, I want to add I also think Yu ri is very jealous of Jang Na Ra character because she is the whole package. Its almost like Yu ri wants to be her. SJ is an opportunist and I think he chose Jang Na Ra because she was wealthy but I think he will lose everything in the end and Yu Ri doesnt begin to compare to Jang Na Ra.

  8. Anonymous
    December 4, 2019 / 9:26 am

    OMG i can’t wait to see Jung Sun take revenge…so heartbreaking to see her sobbing away for such a dick of a husband. She should take him down and move on.

  9. MeSaya
    December 5, 2019 / 1:59 am

    @dramamilk, I am glad you recap this drama. There were times where I wanted to drop this drama, because it just too dark. Things that depict in this drama, I know that in real life. That’s why sometimes it just too hard to watch this. Who doesn’t long for happiness? For being loved? For being able to trust people around you? For be able to pursue a successful career?

    To be honest, I don’t know what I would do if I were in JS’ shoes. When I was younger, I surely would choose to burn everyone, including me, to hell. But, as I grow older, revenge is truly a knife with double edges. There was nothing but a deep black hole that sucked the life out of us. It might seems like we won. But, it was an empty winning. We may left like a broken, empty shell. It’ll be hard to recover.

    I love to see Jung Sun leaves the company, brings along most of the capable/credible colleagues with her, and opens her own V.I.P. company – a.l.a Search:WWW and be successful, never look back. Let Song Joon marry Yu Ri and be whatever he likes to be, but never owns a true happiness. That’s will be a sweet revenge.

  10. PI
    December 5, 2019 / 1:02 pm

    Definitely an intense week and I have so many things running in my mind on what direction she may chooses. Who doesn’t want revenge but at the end of the day what good is it- if your already destroyed and left feeling horrible. Her mom did the same thing(idk her true story) but bu hearing her speak about not fitting in her husband rich family made her choose the wrong path. And it was her regret of a lifetime and ruin her daughter relation in regards to trusting people. People tend to come in your life either good or bad but basically teach you a moral lesson and it’s up to you either to accept that person or not. How I see it she’s going enraged now but she’s going to find the truth in all Hopefully she’s strong enough to harbor everything. I honestly don’t think the VIP cares at all, his making sure everyone Knows that his the boss and his daughter is next line so the rest of the employees need to know their place. As for the husband he don’t really say much so I’ll have to wait a bit to fully understand his role. All I can see is his an opportunist and he was to succeed either to prove to his siblings his not just a child born of an affair. All I can say is 10 yrs of marriage there has to be some emotion but he ain’t showing much at all. I want the wife to leave content and the husband to feel the pain.

  11. December 12, 2019 / 2:59 pm

    I so enjoy your comments & summation of this drama. I am so far behind, here in the USA we have to wait for sub titles. You are a lifesaver for us. Thanks

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