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VIP: Episode 10 (19 and 20) Live Recap – Part 1

VIP: Episode 10 (19 and 20) Live Recap - Part 2

Yuri is that hammer that is breaking up Jung-sun and that fool Sung-joon’s life. Though we could argue that Sung-joon messed up his own life. Anway, I really didn’t think that she was the one! Aw, man. Well she better watch out because Jung-sung looks possessed by vengeance yesterday when she was walking into the offices. Plus she had that charming smile and handshake. I can’t wait until today to find out what she is up to!

Things went well with the two parts yesterday! So happy there weren’t any snafu’s. Just like yesterday, we won’t post until we finish each part. Our goal is to get it up as soon as possible!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: V.I.P Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Jung-sun goes into her husbands car and looks at the CCTV footage of him walking to the car from Yuri’s place and her running up behind and hugging him. 

In the video Yuri says that she knows that it is wrong and that seh has to end it, but General manger Na is a nice person. I know I shouldn’t do this but I can’t end my love to you.

He pulls her arm away and then turns to face her. She says that seh has never been greedy to anything since she was born. But just this one time, can I be greedy? I will never be greedy to anything anymore. I will recieve all the punishment. Just this one time.

She cries as she holds his hands and pleads with him. But he removes her hand once again and leaves without another word. 

She keeps crying and crying.

Jung-sung keeps watching the video in the car. She laughs and takes a few deep breathes and then starts to cry.



Jung-sun gets to work and stares daggers at Yuri, then goes up to Sung-joon and smiles as she extends her hand in congratulations. He is surprised and thanks her. He thanks the entire team and then says that they can have a party later.

Everyone goes back to their desks to get to work. Sung-joon looks at Jung-sun as if he is wondering something.


Everyone gathers for a successful Tifóne event and to congratulate Sung-joon on his promotion. The VP is talking to everyone and asks them to support his daughter and to celebrate the event.

Now everyone is so nce to Yuri. They give her food and talk about how she suffered a lot and how people shouldn’t talk about things without knowing it. Yurii is surrounded by people who are not from the VIP taem. She is sitting at a different table.

Ji-young looks over and mutters that power is a super good thing. We should say something right? Sang-woo, you need to stay in a good line to get promoted and have a happy work life. Sang-woo says that she is the VP’s daughter, not the VP himself.

Ji-young asks if he is a golden spoon that comes to work for a hobby? He starts to stutter and changes the subject (because he is a golden spoon). He says that jung-sun is the first now in the team. 

They keep talking about promotions and things. Ji-young mentions that Hyun-ah looks too depressed. The old Hyun-ah would kick out everyone, but you are not passionate enough because you failed one promotion? Hyun-ah sighs and walks away.

Jung-sun looks at her husband and at Yuri. Then the VP comes along and asks if she is enjoying the dinner. Sung-joon comes over as well to sit with them as the VP pours them a drink. 

Then the VP says that the biggest reason he likes Executive Park is because of you, General Manager Na. He has a good and hard working wife and a happy healthy family. That is why I respect him.

Jung-sun tells him, thank you. Then the VP asks if they would like to have dinner with him and his family? Sung-joon says that they have a family event on the weekend but Jung-sun says that they can find time to come since it is difficult for the VP to make time for them.

The VP asks if he is giving them a hard time? Jung-sun says no, her parents will understand. So the VP says that he will tell them the time and schedule. Please teach my daughter well. I can trust you. He smiles warmly and thanks her. Then they all toast.

Mina might have pretended to drink. Then we see Jung-sun and Mina talking in a flaashback when Mina was waking up from passing out. Mina basically says that she was not the affair person, she saw him with someone but she thought that it was better for Jung-sun not to know about it. It was a long time ago.

Jung-sun understands and tells Mina that her husband does not know about it so don’t tell him that I know. Then she tells her to rest, it is not good for the baby.

At the company event, Mina’s husband, Byung-hoon, finds her and says that the nanny just called and said that one of their kids is injured and is in the emergency room. So Mina rushes off with him and excuses herself from the event.


Meanwhile, Jin-ho sits with Hyun-ah and tries his hardest to make conversation with her. He asks her where she stays now, in another hotel? One of my subaes goes oversease for 6 months and told me I can use his place. I don’t need it so if you need it then let me know.

Hyun-ah asks him why? If I did this much then you should stop hitting on me because it will make you angry. Is this self pride or competitiveness? He stammers and says that it is coworker to coworker.

But then he mentions that he was curious about her first. Honestly. But now I am starting to like you. I can’t explain it. But they stop taling when Jung-sun comes back to the table.

Mina gets to the hospital with her husband and they see their kid who looks perfectly fine but has a bandage on his head. It looks like they were playing light saber and got carried away.

The boy is happy to see his parents and asks if they are getting a divorce? He says that his friend said that if Mom and Dad live separately that means that you are getting a divorce.

Mina says that it will only be 7 more days. Both husband and son say, Really! The husband is so happy and says that it was good to be injured. You look good.

After the company event, the VP walks out as everyone waits for him to leave in his car. He smiles at everyone and then tells Yuri that they should ride together.

Everyone looks at them and start to comment that she might be an executive soon. In the car, the VP softly pats Yuri on the hand.


The next day at work, Sung-joon meets with the VP who tells him that he will control the entire Marketing team, including the VIP team. SJ asks, what about your brother?

The VP tells him that the marketing team is still important for his brother so do not confront him too much right now. Then he asks him if that video footage was spread on accident? That camera was too steady for someone to take it out of curiosity. It was recorded on purpose.

He says that if he has an arrow coming toward him, he should shoot a cannon so they will not come anymore. Teach Jung-sun well to take over the team. Also, give a proper job to Yuri. Something noticable, but not something big. I just want to see her being a little stable.

So Sung-joon meets with his team and gives them all work. At the end of the meeting, he tells Hyun-ahh that he wants Yurii to take care of the gift event.

Hyun-ahh thinks that is too much for her. Sung-joon tells her that yurii needs to learn how to be responsible quicker than others.

Jung-sun comes back in and says that she will tell her. It will look better if I give it to her and she can work under me. Sung-joon says okay.

Later, Mina meets with Sung-joon and says that she needs to take 3 days off. He asks if she decided? She says yes (OMG, so he knows???). he says that she can take the time off. She thanks him for keeping the secret but then starts to think about Jung-sun telling her not to tell her husband that she knows everything.

So Mina tells Sung-joon that she will tell Jung-sun.

Later on, Jung-sun lets Yuri and San-woo know that Yuri will be in charge of selecting the gifts for the VIP’s and that Sang-woo will support her. Jung-sun gives Yuri the list of gifts and tells her to pick the right thing.


Elsewhere in the building, Mina meets with Director Bae Do-il. He tells her that the video thing was an order from above so he did not have control over it.

But he says that he has more orders coming from the top so I need to ask you another favor. She asks what they want from her? He tells her that everyone has their own weakness. 

Search executive Parks computer and cell phone. Mina tells him that she just took the video footage because you wanted to see the event. If I knew that I would be used like this-. 

He asks, are you sure? I know that you are smart. Did you really think it was only to see the event? You knew it and are pretending that you did not know anything.

He pats her on the leg and says that he is he only one that knows that she took the video. if others know about it then you will be in trouble. I will take care of my person but I need assurance that that person works for me. Don’t take that long. he walks off.

They ride the elevator together. Hyung-ah sees them both getting off and wonders what that is all about. But then she runs into Jin-ho and thinks about talking to him or not.

She is about to walk off, but then asks him if he wants to have finner later on. Of course he says yes so they go to have drinks and eats at a lounge. He tells her that this is the first time that she has asked him to do anything. He feels moved.

She tells him that he is a good person. He says this is a bad start. This is what women say when they break up. She tells him that she has no time to think of other things. Her family is destroyed and she is all messed up as well. So she does not have room to understand anyone in a relationship. I thought that this would be a polite thing to say at least once.

He tells her that he is sorry to push her, so he will just be a good coworker to her. She thanks him and they click glasses.

Then he goes to play basketball with Sung-joon later on that night. They both sit and talk about his divorce. Jin-ho thinks he is crazy. Is it about that woman? Are you going to live with her?

Sung-joon says no. So Jin-ho asks, why are you getting divorced then! You can make a mistake. It an be a one night stand. But you should just live for her apologizing. All those married couples are like that. They overcome their hardships.

Sung-joon says that he knows that, he wanted to do that, but every time he sees her, it hurts him. He can’t see her straight.

Jin-ho asks, how did that woman make you like this?

MAY 2019

We are sent into a flashback where Sung-joon is at a hospital. But then a man asks him how dare you come? As a second wifes son, do you still want to have blood ties? he pushes Sung-joon. Two other poeple pull him away.

The mans ays that he does not pity his father at all. He had an affair with your mom and had you. I dont’ care if that guy dies. You son of a B. He just makes me sick and looks aorund without emotion.

The other two call the man Oppa and tells him that they can go in. Sung-joon tells them that they did enough. For 30 years they  have been sinner and begged enough. When You asked for money, I gave it to you. 

My mother lived with insecurity and the feelings of guiltiness. She cant even sleep without sleeping pills. She will live like this until seh dies. Is that not enough?

The man says that you two destroyed our family. My mother lived her entire life with anger in her heart. She lived alone, lonely, waiting for her husban to come back from another woman. But now, what? You did enough? the accuser does not decide how much you have served. The victims decide.

Sung-joon says that he was not born like this becasue he wanted to be. The man grips him by the collar. But the sisters pull him away and say that people are watching.

Sung-joon takes a deep breath and turns to leave. Yuri is watching him.

He goes to her mothers room and says that they took care of the hospital bill and the VP asks if they can move her to a better hospital. Yuri says that they have been there for a long time. She likes it there, the nurses know her and her mother.

He says that he will tell the VP. He starts to leave. She tells him not to worry, she won’t tell anyone. He bows to her and leaves.

Later on that evening, he sits at his home gym working and then gets a call. It looks alarming.


(Click for Part 2!)

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