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VIP: Episode 1 (1-2) Recap

Korean drama VIP episode 1 (1-2) recap
Kdrama VIP episode 1 (1-2) recap, image SBS

This first episode is so intriguing! I love that it appears that this is definitely a woman led drama, which is just wonderful because the women they have in this show are all excellent actors. Even the villain this episode was a woman (and I loved her!). The mystery with the main man is addressed and the three potential mistresses are introduced as well as how they all interplay on each other. So far so good.

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Sung-joon leaves a room in a hotel or apartment building. He gets a call right then and looks back at the room. On his phone it says “My Side” or “My Person” or “My Ally”.

Jung-sun is outside looking at a cat when a little girl talks to her and asks her what she is doing? Jung-sun says that she is feeding the cat, even though she is afraid of cats. She sees that the cat is getting skinnier following her around so she feels responsible.

The little girl smiles and then starts following Jung-sun around like a little cat. The little cat also follows her around. JS asks why this little girl is following he around, so the little girl says that she wants her to feel responsible so she will buy her chocolate ice-cream.

Cut to the little girl eating her chocolate ice-cream on a merry go round with Jung-sun. Jung-sun gets a call then and heads to work.

She gets to work using the VIP valet service and heads right inside. She is dressed completely differently and looks like the boss of some kind of company. Everyone bows to her as she walks inside and hands her coat over and then sits in a leather couch in the middle of a private fitting room.

The show starts, several models come out dressed in the highest and latest fashions. Jung-sun nods good or bad to all of the outfits as they continue to come out one by one. She must look at dozens of outfits as well as shoes and accessories.

Finally, she tries on one but it is too small. The lady says that she will get one size bigger. This brand size is a little smaller than others. She asks if she knew about it but she still brought it to her? So you want me to take care of myself better?

She takes off the jacket and throws it to the woman helping her. She tells her that she does not like 5-5 size, I like 4-4 size which fits me better. Then she goes and sits on the couch with attitude.

Ji-young whines that she is too strict. Jung-mi smiles and her entire demeanor changes to pleasant. She tells her that she is helping her, we need to practice like it is real.

Ji-young plops on the couch and says that she is so stressed. Her customer is strict about her size so don’t show her clothing that is too small for her. We need to lower the lights as well in here.

Jung-sun tells her that she knows that she is good in real situations. Ji-young tells her not to do th-i-i-i-i-i-s. Then she hops up and asks if Hyun-ah is still working in the office? Jung-sun tells her yes so Ji-young tells hr that she got promoted first, that is not your fault. But with Hyun-ah’s pride…


Cut to a woman getting ready. She has the body of a super model athlete and wears her underwear as she looks in the mirror and gets ready for the day.

When she leaves her place (maybe a hotel), she sees Cha Jin-ho leaving his room. She keeps walking without saying anything.

They ride the elevator together but she keeps ignoring him. He wants to talk to her though so he brings up something to talk about. She asks him if he has money? If you have money then buy it because he is sick. he tells her that she is cruel. It is someones life.

Hyun-ah tells him that capitalism is a cruel thing. He asks if she has a man? Then he straightens his jacket and hands over his phone to get her number. He tells her that she may need it in the future.

She tells him this is not the place for that and ditches him as soon as the doors open.

She walks up the street and gets a call. She is sure to put on a smile as she answers it.


Cut to Song Mina who is getting ready in her car and looks like she might be extra late for something. She hurries into a restaurant and meets with several other women who are all mothers. they need to pick a mother to go to an event. 

Mina says that she does not have time, sorry. She looks really apologetic about it. The other mothers look at her with a holier than though attitude and tell her that she is a working mother so she doesn’t have time. You can do it next time.

Then Mina gets a call from her husband because the kids are crying and won’t stop. She talks to the oldest and tells him to tell the youngest that appa will make them something nice to eat. They both stop crying so the appa is amazed. He asks how she can do that and when she will be home. How long is this mothers meeting?

They get off the phone and of course the kids start crying again.

Someone else calls Mina so she answers as if it is her husband, but then apologizes right away and looks stunned.

Jung-sun gets a call also and looks equally stunned.



Jung-sun takes off running.

Mina also takes off running.

They both run to the VIP room.

Sung-joon comes in to the VIP room and asks for a summary. One of their customers wants to get a certain kind of shoe. But they do not have any in Korea, so they are looking at overseas locations.

Mina and Hyun-ah will find what is available overseas. he tells Jung-sun to find something similar just in case the shoe is not found.

S says that he will take the first phone call and the second phone call will be by Jung-sun because someone with a higher title is taken more seriously. Hyun-ah is affronted by this but says nothing.

SJ then tells Sang-woo to call the accounting team for a follow up. But Sungwoo says that it is an off day, how can I call the accounting team? Jung-sung says that she will help him. So it is all settled.

Sung-joon tells them that this is the chairmans VIP, so there should be no mistakes. he leaves.

They get to work on this. SW asks Jung-sun if this is the wife of a chairman? Will we show it over there? Wow, the chaebols wife’s class. Jung-sun says that what Mrs Wong wants is to get the product wherever and whenever. Our job is to meet the VIP request.

Later on, they are still looking for the product. Sang-woo also needs to find a document so Sung-joon tells him that he needs to find it, not just think about it. Jung-sun says that she will help. But Sung-joon tells her that she is not his nanny, he needs to do his won work. Jung-sun apologizes and says that she will help him take care of it.


Sung-sun goes to jail and walks through the hallway.

In another room, a woman talks to her lawyer. She is smoking casually. Jung-sun comes in then and says that she is the general manager of the Sung Un department Store.

The lawyer starts to talk again and tells her that the drug was found on site and a lot of people saw it, it will be difficult to be bailed out today. The lady is annoyed and says that is why she is giving them a lot of money to their law firm. If I hear the same thing as others, then why do I need to hire you. if I stay here past 6pm today then you need to find something else to do. Okay?

Jung-sun then motions if it is okay to start? her and three other women then walk around in a circle to show off red bottom shoes to her. They are samples of the shoes that she requested. They cannot sneak in products so they are wearing them. The product she requested is not in Korea. But just in case they do not come in time, we have similar ones here.

The wife asks, similar? What is so similar about them? With your eyes, you still keep your job?

Jung-sun tries to stay very polite and tells her that they will do their best to deliver the model that you requested. 

She says that she doe snot care if they do their best or not, just bring me what I want. if you knew this from the beginning then you would not have to do this.

Jung-sun smiles and bows and says that she will deliver it as soon as you leave this place.

They leave the jail. Jung-sun tells the lawyer thank you for your help. The lawyer says that making a living is difficult so let me know when the product comes. She heads out with the other ladies.

In the office, Mina tells Sung-joon that the item they requested will be there by 3:30pm. So it will make it in time. He tells her that that is cutting it short, be sure to follow up so there is no mistake.



Mina, Jung-sun, and Hyun-ah take a break at Subway. They all complain a little as hard working employees do and relax with each other. They talk about how everyone saw her drugs and that she was dragged to jail barefoot. She cares about the shoes she wears when she comes out.

They wonder why someone like her did something like that. Hyun-ah says some peoples lives only look good on the surface.

Mina gets a beep on her phone, they ask if it is a delivery mistake? She says no it is her kids. hyun-ah wonders why she makes all the money and takes care of the kids? if I was you then I would boycott it.

She gets a call and has to step out. 

Hyun-ah and Mina keep eating. Hyunah says that Mina should leave when we let her leave. Jung-ah tells her that she is the cranky sunbae that is not happy with anything. Hyun-ah tells her that cranky subae does not match her.

Hyun-ah then tells her that she looks even more relaxed now. Jung-sun says that she should be. She smiles. But Hyun-ah gets a call so Jung-sun asks if that is man #3? 

She tells her, how dare you, this is man #5. she steps out to take the call.

It starts to rain outside as Min and Hyun-ah are outside on the phone. Jung-sun is alone inside eating.


A man starts to talk to Sung-joon about CITES and how the leather on the shoes violates endangered animal rights. They have a procedure that they have to go through. Sang-woo apologizes and says that he should have checked on this.

The ladies get word of this back at work. They need to deliver a certain paperwork to customs, they cannot fax it. The document needs to be original and a quick delivery service is delayed and the street is delayed due to the rain.

Mina gets an important looking Japanese phone call and thanks them for letting her know this. Then she tells Jung-sun and Hyun-ah that, from the Japanese branch, another shoe came to their rivalry department store. So if they cannot deliver this today then the rival store will deliver it to Mrs Wang.

They all sigh at this new stress. Jung-sun says that she will go, she doe not want to lose this customer. So she goes out and hops on her motorcycle. She tells them to wish her good luck. They tell her to be careful.

She revs her engine and heads out into the rain zipping through cars and making it to the airport in time.

She quickly gives the file to Sang-woo who is a bit stunned to see her riding a motorcycle. She tells him to hurry up. so he runs inside.

But then Sung-joon gets another urgent phone call. The ajumma from the jail has died.


Cut to everyone at the funeral. The hotel people and the lawyer sit together and talk about how it was a heart attack. Sang-woo asks, what about those shoes? Hyun-ah asks what he thinks will happen? Do you think that she will wear them to the other world? He thinks, ah.

The employees stay at the funeral until their VIP leaves. Jung-sun says that they all can go home after that. Then he walks to Jung-sun and tells her, let’s go?

They walk off together in the rain. she asks him how the morning meeting was? Then she asks what he would like to do if he died tomorrow? I just, after she became like that…

He says that he does not know.

She says that she thought about it. I don’t want to do anything particular. I think just living like right now is okay. Just thinking about what to eat for lunch and go home and talk about my boss, I think that is okay. it is okay to die like that. that is why it is good. If I die tomorrow, I would just live like I live today. I thought that was good. Do you know that your eyes are straight?

He says, well, um, I was busy. Sang-woo should do his work.

She says, that is why being a good team leader is tiresome. Not everyone is the best like you.

He asks if he was too cranky recently?

She says that she knows he is doing it because a lot of people are watching. You can relax a little bit, don’t try too hard. Just live like its nothing, my husband.

He puts his arm around her and they continue walking.




It is still raining. Jung-sun is in her pajamas and walks through their home. She looks at a door for a long time and then turns and walks to their bedroom. 

Cut to her sleeping and him lying awake. His alarm goes off. He stops it and looks at a message on his phone. 

Message – I miss you

He sits up and looks at it and then looks at his wife who is sleeping next to him. 


Sung-joon holds a meeting with his team and tells them that they did a good job. Then he tells them that they hav a new employee.  On Yoori walks in and introduces herself. She looks like a terrified mouse.

The team all claps.

Later on, Ji-young comes in all excited like but then pauses and looks grumpy when she asks Hyun-ah when she got back? You have been back for a month and never came to see me? She playfully hits her. Then she gives the schedule to Jung-sun and leans on her desk as she talks about the news person and how maybe the rumor is true.

Sang-woo asks what the rumor is. Ji-young says that she used to give out samples. Don’t you think it is suspicious that the person who used to give away samples is working here? it is not a normal promotion. So I can suspect whether this rumor is true.

Sang-woo leans in and asks what the rumor is. Jung-sun tells him to go to the design team and gets a blueprint. he agrees and motions for Ji-young to call him.

Ji-young thinks that he will find out soon. Jung-sun does not want ji-young to spread rumors. Then Yoo-ri comes in and is shown her desk. Later on, Jung-sun shows her how to log in and look at her email. She says that she never worked in an office so she does not know her password. Jung-sun says that she will contact HR for her. Yoo-ri thanks her.

An ajumma comes in right then and they all stand for her. She tells them that she has not seen them in awhile, hi hi! 

Yoon-ah tries not to roll her eyes. The woman asks if she missed her? Hyun-ah says yes, definitely, Mrs. Lee. Mrs. Lee tells her that is why she likes her, because she cannot white lie.

Then she sees Yoo-ri and tells her that she is a new face. But what is this style?

HR sends Mina a text and says that she can sell her important information for a cup of coffee. Interested?

The lady leaves with Sung-joon so all the employees relax and grumble that she is here again. Yoo-ri asks if she comes a lot?

Sung-woo tells her that the beginning of this tragedy happened one month ago.


Flashback to one month ago where Mrs. Lee is looking around a personal dressing area and looking at all the newest items to buy. She starts to try on one of the dresses.

Then another employee comes in and asks if that new money lady has come? She starts to talk bad about her. The other employee quickly shuts the ladies mouth, but it is too late. Mrs. Lee heard her and comes out angrily. Are you talking about me?

Cut to Jung-sung meeting with her and apologizing on behalf of her employees. Mrs. Lee tells her to fire them. if you don’t fire them then I will tell the media how you mistreat customers.

Jung-sun says that they will punish them. We will do anything to make you happy. Mrs. Lee says to fire them, that is all I need.

Jung-sun gets on her knees in front of her and tells her that she knows that her humiliation will not disappear even if I kneel. But this is the only way that I can show you my truth. i am sorry for this mistake, we should not have done it. Their life depends on this employment.

Mrs. Lee says okay, okay, just stand up, people are watching. You have a strange ability. Why did you make me in to a bad person? Jung-sun apologizes for making her angry. Mrs Lee tells her that she should do it then. You are my shopping partner.

They start to shop together all over the department store.  Mrs. Lee checks out lots of things and Jung-sun tells her if they are good or not and laughs at all the right moments. 

Mrs. Lee is finally done and heads out. it is raining once again. Jung-sung smiles as she waves her off and tells her team good job.


In the present, Sang-woo says that Mrs. Lee comes here from that day forth. She says no to all shopping partners. Now she is rotating through all our employees. it looks like she is a hard shopper and can keep one person occupied for 5 hours straight.

Mrs. Lee comes back out from Sung-joon’s office and says that she wants the new face to come shopping with her. Jung-sun says that she is new and has not been trained. But Mrs. Lee thinks that is great, she can help train her.

Sung-joon tells Yoo-ri to please take care of her well. Yoo-ri looks so frightened and startled as Mrs. Lee walks away and expects her to come with her. she scurries off.

Meanwhile, Mina meets with the HR lady. The HR lady tells her that her team might go under the umbrella of the marketing team. Mina asks about their promotion evaluation. The lady says that Director Bae will do it.

Then she tells her that she should use this chance to move to the marketing team. I think they have a spot for a promotion. if Lee Hyun-ah manager did not have trouble with Bae then she would already have been promoted. I think she will get promoted this time. It will be difficult for two people to get promoted.

Mina thinks that is true. So the HR person tells her that she is telling her this as a friend. You have been a regular employee for six years. It is hard not to get promoted for 3 years.

Mina says that she knows that, but they do not have enough people on their team. Her friend says that she is not in a position to worry about other people. You used 3 months maternity leave, only because of that – you are a good employee. Think about it. If you decide to move then I will make an appointment with the team leader in that department.

Mina says okay, and thanks her. But she looks like she has a lot on her mind.



Mrs. Lee is knee deep in shopping and asks Yoori which jacket she thinks is better? Yoori gulps and says both. Mrs. Lee tells her that she is in big trouble. For me it is even too much. You are worse than me. Let’s go to a different one.

Upstairs, Hyun-ah and Jung-sun wonder if Yoori is okay? This is too much for the first day.

Hyun-ah tells her not to matter in others business, you can only say it but cannot do anything. We should try to survive on our own. Jung-sung thinks twice but say okay, I should take care of myself.

Back to Yoori, she is now drinking in the VIP room with Mrs. Lee. Yoori sips her tea and gasps at how hot it is. Mrs. Lee smiles and tells her that she looks nervous. I was also nervous. I am new southern money. I am only trying to copy the spending of others. I bought all the nice expensive things but I still do not feel polished. I feel like I stand out.

Do you wonder why this woman is talking about this? It is just that when I see you, you remind me of me. You know, same team. Can you speak? Why don’t you say anything?

Yoori asks if they have to be the person that fits? I just wonder that.

The lady sets her tea on the table and puts a bag there to give to Yuri. She tells her that if she has one of these, it will help her. Yoori says it is fine! But Mrs. Lee tells her that she is southern wealth, it is nothing for me. I like what you said, do we have to be the person that fits. But, people evaluate others based on what they see. Drink.

Yoo-ri looks around confused and takes a sip.

Upstairs, sang-woo looks at an internal messenger chat and finds out the office rumor and asks their people if it is true?

then we go back downstairs and see Yoo-ri about to get on an elevator but she stops in her tracks when she sees the VP standing there with Sang-joon. he tells her to hop in.

VO – Is it really true that Yoori has a relationship with the VP?

Hyun-ah calls him over to her and tells him to just do your job, okay?

Yoori uncomfortably rides the elevator up to her floor.


The team all goes home for the day and says their goodbyes to each other until tomorrow. Jung-soon goes to see Sung-joon and jokes with him about how her boss is working so hard so it makes her nervous. She smiles and tells him not to be too late. Eat your dinner at home. he smiles and says okay.


On the way home, Jung-sun shops for groceries and lingerie.

In the office, Sung-joon gets a text.

Text – Are you still in your office?

Text – Can I go there now?

On the way home, Mina gets a text while on the bus. She checks it and then looks out the window. She looks nervous and hops out of the bus at the very last minute.

On the street, Yoori also gets a text. it makes her breathing change and her heart rate looks like it picks up. She quickly turns around and heads back.

In a taxi, Hyun-ah tells the driver that she is sorry, but can he go back to the department store?

At home, Jung-sun makes a nice meal for Sung-joon and sets the table up in a romantic way. then she looks at the sexy lingerie that she purchased and checks her ovulation date. She has a high chance of getting pregnant today. She smiles and tells her underwear that they should work hard today.



The door opens and someone comes into the room to meet with Sung-joon. But we do not see this person.

Then we are in the point of view of a person walking up the hallway. This person goes into the office and sees Sung-joon there. He hears someone outside his office and goes to check. But no one is out there.


Jung-sun waits for her husband to come home and gets a big surprise when his mother comes in instead. it is a bit awkward. Sung-joon gets a call from Jung-sun. 

Her name on his phone is “My Ally”. She texts him that his mother came. He looks at the message and thinks.

At home, the mother say that she just brought back some side dishes and thought they would not be home so she wanted to drop it off. She also mentions some medicine that is good for pregnancy. She seems like a nice mother-in-law. 

She tells her that she will head out now and hurries out pleasantly. Jung-sun walks her out and helps her inside her taxi. She tells her to let her know when she gets home and the taxi drives off.

Jung-sun goes back upstairs and starts to clear the table as she thinks that today is not the day. He comes running in then and asks if his mother is here? She smiles.

He goes to bed and passes right out. She looks at him and says that today is definitely not the day. But then she hears the ring of the text and goes to check her phone.

She checks it and then looks at her husband, stunned.

Text – Your husband’s woman is on your team.

Cut to Hyun-ah sitting at a bar and drinking alone. 

Cut to Mina looking out over the bridge alone

Cut to Yoori looking at the street alone

Then we cut to the text message. “Your husbands woman is on your team.”

Jung-sun looks at the text and then looks at her husband sleeping.

Fade Out


This first episode was great. I love how they introduced us to the lives of each woman in the opening minutes and how each woman’s life is so vastly different from the other. We have Mina who is the working mother who is doing too much, Hyun-ah who is the single lady who appears to have it all and a man for each day of the week, and Jung-sun who is the full of heart everywoman who loves her man and wants a kid. Throw in Yoo-ri, who is a complete mystery and kind of appears to be a deer in headlights with a potentially huge scandal on her back, and we have ourselves a show!

I for one love Mrs. Lee. I was on her side in wanting to have the employees at least reprimanded, though honestly that was a fireable offense at that level of money. I mean, we are talking Beyonce levels of money with these people. I really like how she wanted to throw her weight around to hav them fired , but I also love how she decided to not let Jung-sung beg on their behalf and pretty much relented right away. Though she did want someone to shop with, so having them shop with her was punish enough.

I also love how Mrs. Lee sees herself in Yoori and almost makes me wonder if their lives are going to parallel in some way. I hope Mrs. Lee sticks around for more episodes, but she is not on the character chart, so this might be a one and done cameo for her.

If the mistress is one of the three, then my guess right now is that Mina is the mistress. I feel like she looks at her husband as a beta man and wants to have an alpha that can take care of her. She also looked like she was hesitant in leaving the VIP team for reasons that are unknown. Even her HR friend was all like, um, I am handing you this job on a gold platter. You should take it. What’s the hold up?

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  1. Julia
    October 31, 2019 / 10:58 am

    Love the styling and fashion. The story makes me anxious but I am so drawn and invested yo the story. I hope he isnt cheating but his expressions and actions have me 🥺

    • V
      October 31, 2019 / 11:05 am

      I love the styling and fashion too! Everything looks good. I thought the darkness of the screen would annoy me, but it didn’t both me at all. Great first episode!

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