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Vagabond ratings recap for week 9 at 10.6%

Suzy behind the scenes in Vagabond
Bae Suzy behind the scenes in Vagabond, image @skuukzky

Vagabond started off strong with nationwide viewership ratings of 10.2% during its premier and held steady to that number in the next several weeks growing to 11.5% high for the drama.

But then the numbers started to decline right along with the storyline that started to resemble something out of a Nickelodeon movie special as nothing added up properly. The ratings slowly dropped and started to bounce around 10% to 11% until settling on 10.6% for episode 9. Though it has dropped, Vagabond is still the ratings winner for Friday and Saturday. Beating out both My Country and Melting Me Softly.

I have a feeling that it might stay around 10-12% because it seems that everyone who has stuck with this show will continue to stick with it unless something better comes along. My Country has been able to eat a few points away from it though, so Vagabond does need to watch out in that regard.

I am still enjoying Vagabond though my joy has switched to comical as I watch to see how much unplanned hilarity hits each episode. The episodes really fly by while watching because they do have a lot of stuff happening. Though I am not so sure if I would recommend for anyone watch this drama, I am having fun watching it.


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