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Character Chart: Vagabond (on Netflix)

Character chart for Vagabond on Netflix
Character chart for Vagabond on Netflix

Here is the character chart we made for Vagabond based on one of their posters. After watching the first episode, it is clear that new people will hop in and out of this show, so those people are not included on the character chart. Only the main cast (that should stay alive until the end) are included. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them met a surprise a early end as well.

In the character chart, the initials are our shorthand for the characters that we use during our live recap. We try to use their name whenver possible, but sometimes thing go so fast so we just type the two initials or even just one initial. For Ki Tae-woong, I can already see myself calling him Ki a lot. It is the same for Director Min Jae-sik because I can already see myself calling him Min.

Because this is a government drama with lots of agents and specialists, I might end up using their last names more than their first names (because they use their last names a lot in conversation). So if you ever get confused, just refer to this character chart that is also linked to in the live recap.

When you look at the character chart, also pay attention to their titles, which is included above their names. Their shorthand initial is below their title and their full name is below that, written in English and Korean.


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