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Vagabond: Episode 9 Live Recap

Vagabond Recap Episode 9
Vagabond Live Recap Episode 9, image SBS

What in the what was going on last week with Vagabond? For one, it was fantastically ridiculous. Heroine syringes to the vein? Secret tickets on planes full of NIS agents? Clear and Present Danger rip offs? Bullet surgery without scalpels in a hospital with surgical gloves? Impromptu direct line blood transfusions? It was so bad that it was good. I actually am pretty interested in what possibly asinine and definitely convoluted plot could possibly happen today. Let’s go!

Note: We are using Netflix numbering for the episodes.

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Super long opening recap that recounts all that has happened in the first 8 episodes.

The president talks to the camera as he speaks directly to the citizens of Korea about being strong and passionate and all that kind of talk that politicians say. But he is actually practicing his speech with Han-ki and Soon-jo.

The president loves all the words in it about Koreans overcoming so much in its history, it sounds so good. But the prime minister thinks it is not strong enough.

Han-ki and Soon-jo start to talk about who they are targeting this speech to. Soon-jo thinks that it is targeted at the opposing political party. But Han-ki thinks that you shold not use strong words to make citizens angry.

They disagree on this. Soon-jo thinks you must use strong words in this case. But Han-ki thinks that is so old fashioned and will make the president look more like Hitler. They keep arguing about it. Soon-jo is thinks the president should have a lot of charisma and should look powerful.

The president intervenes and thinks that Soon-jo should re-do it because he is experienced. This make Han-ki quietly angry.


Tae-woong wraps the leg of the co-pilot, everything looks okay and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. But then the co-pilot starts to serizue so they call their handy doctor and asks what is going on. The doctor says that he needs a blood transfusion.

Hae-ri knows that his blood type is O so Dal-gun tells them TAKE MY BLOOD and we all wait for the direct line to be connected.

In a quiet moment, Dal-gun’s blood is put into a bag for transfusion, the co-pilot is passed out.


The North Korean assassin and Lilly talk in a car about which one of them is tougher and slept the least. Lilly thinks guys are so timid now. 


Dal-gun drains all his blood out of his body to almost pass out levels. He has almost drained 2 liters of his blood so he looks like he is about to pass out. But he tells them to keep going.

Everyone sighs and Tae-woong hits the co-pilot a few times to see how he is doing. They guess that he is not in critical condition anymore and take out Dal-gun’s needle.

Dal-gun can barely walk so Hae-ru tells him to take a nap. that is when Tae-woong gives him a candy bar to eat. Hae-ri feeds him the candy bar and Dal-gun reluctantly starts to eat it.



The lawyer tells Jessica and Min that any tiny video evidence will be troublesome for them. Min tells them not to worry, it is a secret mission that their team does not even know about. And I control the team so don’t worry. 

Jessica thinks that they don’t know him. But then the shadow comes in, it is Han-ki. Han-ki tell them that they have a hidden card. The hidden card is the co-pilots wife. She is the easiest person to handle with all her greed, so she is easy to persuade.

Jessica thinks that the husband should die, though. They think that will be difficult so long as he is in the consulate. Min thinks his mouth is so itchy, he did not want to tell them that but before Joo-chul was arrested, he did something nice. He sent our guys to the consulate. That is the best place to take care of things quietly. So just think that the co-pilot is dead.


So Jessica walks to the woods in her high heels and meets with the North Korean assassin team there. She is with her lawyer. Jessica goes insid the cargo crate to talk with the wife and tells her that this should be difficult for her. You know me right? John and Marks asian branch.

She asks if she is the one that did everything? You kidnapped me and strangled me? Do you think you will get out of this? Jessica tells her that if someone hears that she is the co-conspirator…~. The wife says that they are the ones that did it! You persuaded my husband!

Jessica tells them that the reason people have one mouth and two ears is to watch your mouth and listen closely. But the wife tells her something flip so Jessica hits her and says that she is not the kind of person to be persuaded. If I leave this place alone then they will come in and shred you. You will be sprinkled all around the countryside.

The wife begs Jessica to save her. 


The wife makes it back to the city in Jessica’s car. the lawyer tells her that she needs to find a Mr. Yang who takes care of information. Jessica starts to clean the wife’s face a little and tells her that chance is like a bird sitting on the ground. If you do not catch it then it will fly away.

The wife tells her to please keep her promise. Jessica tells her to keep her promise first. So the wife goes inside the building.

the lawyer asks Jessica if she thinks she can trust her? Jessica says that the wife is not dumb, she calculates things quickly.


the wife goes to the front desk and tells the worker that she wants to see Mr. Yang, she is being searched for Nationally. The worker quickly lets her in.


Ki tae-woong and his agent talk about what they should do in this situation. Then the NIS Boss calls, but Min is right there with him. He says that Kang told him what is going on (though it is a lie) and asks how the pilot is. Tae-woong tells him that the pilot is not in critical situation anymore.

Tae-woong asks when they will get their support, they are surrounded. Min sighs and silently kicks something. They get off the phone so Min and the NIS Chief talk about the situation. The Chief wonders if they can do this without the VIP. But Min thinks that they should not make the VIP worry, they should trust his right hand man, Han-ki.




Min goes to his hand-picked NIS team. They are all lined up to recieve orders. Min tells one of them that he is his best backop agent. You must kill the co-pilot. The agent asks about the other NIS agents, what if they get in the way? Min says that they have to take them out. But don’t worry, I will take responsibility. This is a silk road job, it will be difficult to come back, but if you do then I have a big gift for you. Fighting.

Meanwhile, Director Kang is walked to the restroom. But he manages to use all his old man strength to break away from his two guards and get to a cell phone. he calls a reporter right away who is in the Blue House right now nd tells them that they found the co-pilot in Morocco but someone wants to murder him. 

The reporter turns around and we see that it might be the dead reporter? It looks like it might be him. The reporter starts to write all the information down. Kang asks if he thinks he has access to the President? Can you deliver the message.

All the while, everyone knows that Kang has locked himself in the bathroom so Min is at the door now shoots it open. He holds his gun to Kang and asks him who he called. Kang does not tell him so Min hits him with the gun.

Han-ki gets word about all of this as he walks up the hallway. Then han-ki sees the reporter give the presidents secretary a note. The secretary goes upstairs to deliver it. But she she is stopped by Han-ki. Han-ki wants the note. She tells him that she has to deliver it to the VIP in person. But Han-ki is adamant about giving it to him.

Soon-jo comes walking up on them and asks what this is about. The secretary says it is something secret for the VIP. So Soon-jo asks for it. han-ki tells him that this note is Pandora’s box. If you cannot take it then do not read it. It could be big trouble for you prime minister.

The prime minister reads it and then rips it up. He hands the ripped up pieces to the secretary and tells them that the three of them have a secret now.


In the interrogation room, Min sits with Kang to talk. They talk back and forth for awhile until Min tells him that the co-pilot will not make it to Korea. He handed picked the team to take them out himself.

Then Hwa-sook comes in to the room. She has to put her finger print on a piece of paperwork. This will mean that Kang will be charged for betraying the country and she will be on Min’s side. But I am not forcing you to do it.

Hwa-sook feels the gravity of the moment and puts her finger print on the form wihout reading it. Kang is then taken to the basement. Min tells Hwa-sook that she might be called as a witness later. She is apologetic and says that she just wants to work with him for a long long time and asks for vacation. he tells her no so she says that she will work to get paid.

But when she leaves, we can see that she is thinking of something. In a lashback, she goes to talk to Kang. Kang told her that she will be made to false confess, just go along with it. So this was their plan.


Cut to a school flashback about Hoon where Dal-gun looks on at Hoon as he talks about Dal-gun in front of the class and how he is the best person in the world and he wants to be like him.


Dal-gun wakes from his Hoon dream and sighs. Then he walks to find Hae-ri who is making food in the kitchen area. Hae-rii thinks about all her colleagues who died yesterday and starts to cry. Dal-gun sees her. But Tae-woong tells him not to do anything, just let her get over it by herself, then she will be stronger.

So they leave her alone and later we see a happy Hae-ri serving food to the remaining team members. She gives a bit more to Dal-gun so he can recover from all the blood he lost. The other agent gives Taewoong food and tells Tae-woong to eat a lot as well and smiles at him. it is a round robin of sharing food as Tae-woong gives Hae-ri food. Everyone starts to give food to everyone.


Edward Park talks to the family members about their new deal and how he hopes it comforts them a little bit. They will also sue John & Mark soon.

But then an agent/secretary runs in and tells Edward Park that the co-pilots wife is having a press conference right now. 

Cut to the press conference, it is huge. She tells them all that her husband is still alive.



There is pandemonium in the room as camera flashes go off. The wife repeats what she was supposed to say. She says that it is true that her husband was involved in the airplane crash. But she is only saying this because she will get all the money. She blames Dynamic Systems and says that they offered her $10 million dollars to say that John & Mark did it. She knows that the truth will be decided in court.

Edward Park rushes back to a company building to talk to Jessica. In the lobby she tells him that she will never forget the humiliation she felt during the interrogation. He tells her that this was a good plan, but now you want to have a face-to-face fight. You saw what happened to people who crossed the line.

She tells him that it is cold forgiveness and passionate revenge. He says that is right. She laughs and says that it was good to go there, she wanted to see him, it makes her happy.

She starts to walk out. he tells her that he wishes her good luck. And says to himself that he means it, Jessica.


Hwa-sook sits with her old team and talks to them about what they will have for lunch. She is happy that she is out of jail and can celebrate, so she starts to look up a chicken delivery place. The camera goes to a CCTV where we see that Min and another NIS agent are watching this team.

Hwa-sook calls a chicken place to order and asks if she has the chicken that is called Vagabond? The person says that they have it. So Hwa-sook orders.

The woman starts to write quickly and then runs to the back of the kitchen place to get her brother to deliver the chicken. He delivers the chicken and tells Hwa-sook to sign and all that. She keeps the receipt in her hand.

Flashback to Kang telling Hwa-sook that this chicken place is a secret place that only he and Tae-woong knows about. The password is Vagabond.


Cut to Dal-gun doing hand stand pushups while the co-pilot eats. Dal-gun asks him if he was drugged while flying the airplane? the co-pilot tells him that he has super stamina. You gave me your blood and now you are working out?

Dal-gun grips him by the collar and basically tells him to shut up and stay alive.

But then Hae-ri comes in and says that their backup is there.

Outside, the North Korean fells asleep and sleeps so soundly. Lilly pinches him so he wakes up and is amazingly angry at how hard she pinched him. She tells him that he didn’t sleep for two weeks before, right? then why do you take every free moment to sleep? Then she tells him to get ready, they are here.

The agents go inside the embassy and meet with Hae-ri and Dal-gun and the other two agents. They tell them that they need to wait until tomorrow to leave. Dal-gun asks why they have to wait until tomorrow, can’t you send a helicopter? The agent tells them not to be too hasty. He asks where the co-pilot is so Hae-ri says that she will take them to him.

All the agents leave. tae-woong feels like something might be up. It does not seem like they work for Kang. But then he gets a call from the chicken place saying that the new supporting team agents are assassins. 

This was written on the receipt in the signature spot by Hwa-sook. So the chicken lady recounts this message to Tae-woong while eating a snack. She tells him not to die. When you come to Seoul, be sure to eat chicken.

Tae-woong hangs up. then he gets anothe rcall from the Chief who tells him that the supporting team is there but the team went there to kill the pilot and Dal-gun is also a target. Tae-woong asks whose order this is? I know it is not your order.

The Chief tells him that if he does not follow what he says then they will all die. Tae-woong asks, what if I kill all of the people. The chief tells him that Kang is arrested, remember, this is an order from the government.

Tae-woong slowly lowers his arm as his friend asks him what is going on.

Upstairs, the agents get to the copilot. They say that they will all stay in this room to protect him.


Dal-gun tells them no, I will stay with him. They tell him that protecting him is there job as well. Dal-gun says that Hae-ri can protect him. She is the best. The agent tries to tell him that he should follow Dal-gun’s orders, because they are here for them.

Tae-woong tells the agents to move to a bigger room, this room is already too narrow.

So Dal-gun and Hae-ri wait with the co-pilot and start to feel suspicious of the new agents.

In the other room, the new agents put on full body armor with head lamps and possibly night vision as they load their weapons for battle with Dal-gun and team. they migh even have machine guns.

Dal-gun goes to knock on their door, but Hae-ri pulls him away by the mouth and then tells him that she will do it. So she knocks on the door and sees that all the agents have silencers on their guns. She goes back and tells this to Dal-gun.

They think it does not make sense to put silencers on the gun since they are fighting the team outside. They devise a plan.

Dal-gun then goes back to the door and says that it is Dal-gun, I need to tell you something about the co-pilot.

But the agents just starts to shoot the door. Then they all go outside and Dal-gun starts to fight with all of them. Bullets are fired all around.

Hae-ri runs to grab the co-pilot. She gets a call at the same time from Edward Park’s secretary who tells her to follow what she is telling her. Put on a timer and find a safe spot to hide. Otherwise you will all die!

In the hallway, Dal-gun has the agent by gunpoint and is using him to hold off the other agents. 

Then Hae-ri comes up and shoots one of the agents. She asks them what they are doing.

Upstairs, Tae-woong watches all of this on a TV. His friend asks if we are just watching this? They will all die! Tae-woong tells him that this is an order from the country.

Downstairs, the standoff continues with Hae-ri & Dal-gun vs top black op NIS agents.

Fade Out


This show is a hot mess of illogic, and I kind of love it. It is definitely not a boring watch.


Jessica – DO you think it is possible to bring the co-pilot back?

VO – This time, I will give you an important job

Judo guy – Now the NIS is lying to our citizens

HR – the person who order to kill us is…

TW – The only person in Korea that can control the NIS

DG – Why don’t you just stop now?

HR – I am going to tell the citizens that they cannot do bad things anymore

EP – it will be a dificult and lonely fight

DG – I am going to put the co-pilot in court myself

Jessica – Anyway, you are destroyed

Guy – Shoot!

DG – Get on the ground!

HR – Why are you doing this to us?

TW – I got the order to kill you.


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  1. Aaom
    October 18, 2019 / 9:43 am

    I’m dying at the preview I don’t want HaeRi and Taewoong get rid of each other I kinda ship them T^T
    Thank you for your live recap

  2. MoniW
    October 19, 2019 / 7:19 am

    Lol. I feel for you V. I can imagine you shaking your head in disbelief as you are watching the show and recapping. I promised myself a long time ago not to take k-dramas too seriously and just enjoy them for pure entertainment value and I am sticking to this rule. I know it’s very hard at times but come to think of it EVERY drama that I watched had things/plot wrong with it, I mean the writers will always get some things right and some things very wrong. I remember huuuuge plot holes in shows that I still very much loved and adored. With time I forgot the bad stuff and just remember the good things. Despite many eyerolls even from me Vagabond keeps you on edge. While watching it I’m chewing my nails, laughing hysterically and yelling at my iPad lol. Never a dull moment. I just wish the President was a good guy but he’s clearly an ass so I’m curious how they will handle this all. Thank you for the recaps and don’t get discouraged please. Heck, it’s worth watching just to see Lee Seung Gi doing push-ups …. 🙂

    • V
      October 19, 2019 / 5:05 pm

      It is the strangest show because it has so many plot holes and yet I’M INTERESTED. The hour really flies by so I think they definitely have something here. What that thing is – I don’t know. 😋

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