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Vagabond: Episode 8 Live Recap

Episode 8 recap for the kdrama Vagabond
Vagabond Episode 8 Live Recap, image SBS

Dong-chan has himself a bit sprung on Hae-ri, though she is clueless that this has happened. So what is a love sick fool to do? Buy a ticket to Tangier and try and convince her to release classified information and break away from the NIS to help him find the missing co-pilot and save the day! It’s a plan y’all.

Note: We are using Netflix numbering for the episodes.

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We open with Jessica in the interrogation room. Kang comes in and asks her what she would like for dinner? She tells him that she will eat at home soon because this interrogation is almost over.

He asks her if she has ever seen the co-pilot and shows her the photos. Then he asks her how Michael died and shows her an image of his hand with gun powder on it. She says that he committed suicide. He tells her that he is left handed, why would a right handed person do that with his left. He was murdered.

She thanks him for his story, but he has to tell her why he died. So Kang says that he did not agree with this terrorist act. Jessica denies everything and tells him that he is using an old style of interrogation.

He plays the wife and husbands phone recording about getting money. Jessica asks if they arrested her because of that? That is not valid in court. if you have anything to surprise me, then show it to me.

Cut to the Head of the NIS telling Kang to release her. Kang wants to extend her arrest. But the Chief says that the Blue House is quiet about what is going on, if they had the pilot then everything is solved.


Cut to Tangeir where Dal-gun is jumping buildings. He sees the drone flying around and slowly sinks behind a satellite disk. He calls Hae-ri and asks why there is a drone in front of him.

She says that they changed the time. Dal-gun looks around and then sees all the water bottles. he thinks that he can run and find the co-pilot. if something happens, just ignore it.

Outside the building, several men are trying to get in and have the owner open the door for them. Upstairs, Dal-gun sneaks in through th roof.

The men all walk upstairs with a woman and child looking at them. 

Inside the room upstairs, Dal-gun gets held up at gunpoint by the co-pilot. He tells the co-pilot to speak Korean and then says his name. The co-pilot looksa thim with shock. But is then distracted by the men coming in so Dal-gun is able to disarm him and breaks a chair on his back.

The copilot pushes him off and runs to the roof were he tries to escape to another building. Dal-gun catches him and starts to beat him up. he punches him over and over again. But then the men comeo ut with their guns out and tells him to stop.

Downstairs, the men all run around with the co-pilot and run into tae-woong and his team. Dal-gun is with them in handcuffs as well so this is a bit of an awkward meeting as Dal-gun has to explain that he is a fmaily member and was on the plane withhis own money and wanteed to find the guy that killed his nephew is there a problem with that?

Tae-woong looks at him like, hell yes there is a problem with that. But he does not say anything. the converstaion continues as the polcie say that they will take Dal-gun to jail for questioning. they tak him way. One of the agents tells Tae-woong that this family member is theone that broke the news to the reporters, why is he here?

Tae-woong calls Hae-ri and tells her to go to the polce station, Dal-gun is arrested. She says she will be there and then smiles as she drives off.



hae-ri gets to the jail and tells Dal-gun that he will be released soon. he tells her that he knew that they could catch that guy! They start to do a high five, but his hand is handcuffed so they are barely able to connect hands.

All the other people in jail tell them, fighting, fighting, so that they can high five each other. hey finally pull their hands together just enough to give each other a high-five. They smile and everyone in the jail cheers for them. 


Kang’s plan to wait 44 hours has failed as they have to release Jessica right now. But it isn’t all bad as they find out from TaeWoong that the co-pilot is caught. He was caught by Cha Dal-gun.

Kang is all like, what? Cha Dal-gun went all the way there? Okay, whatever, just get a confession. Tae-woong says okay and then throws his computer against the Van wall.

The NIS guy tells Kang that he will report all of this and heads off. At the same time, Jessica walks out into the hallway. kang tells her that seh has to pick her dinner menu because we just caught the co-pilot. Take her away.

Jessica says that she has nothing to do with him. But she has to be taken back to the room.


Dal-gun is still in jail. Tae-woong has come and talks to Haeri about how everything worked out so what is the problem? he is all like, do I really have to explain this to you? She tells him that all he cares about is his report because you did not do much at all.

Taewoong says that he wanted to see if she was trust worthy, to see if they could rely on her. She is not qualified as his team member. You failed. I already reported that you caught him so you will get the report that you want.

Dal-gun calls Tae-woong a narrow minded team leader and says that he should have trusted her from the beginning. But now you talk about  qualifications and all that, ha. They continue to argue about how Dal-gun caught that guy and Tae-woong did useless things.

Tae-woong walks to the jail and warns Dal-gun, if you do this one more time, you will be in big trouble. Dal-gun looks at Tae-woong and asks, so, for you I am doing things I should not do. If i find out the cause of my nephews death then I am out of authority?

Cut to the police officer telling the lawyer that he cannot hold this guy much longer. The lawyer tells him to hold him as much as possible. Min is still with him and tells him that the shadow will be there tonight.

Meanwhile, the Chief of the NIS is headed to meet with the Blue House when he gets a call for dinner with someone. he says he will meet them there.




The chief eats dinner with Han-ki, the Civil affairs Minister. he says that it is a good thing that he arrested the pilot, but do you think that the VIP will like to hear it? He thinks that John & Mark is the best partner for the company. You caught the real terrorist and the pilot confesses that John & Mark is behind it. That is the worst news for the VIP. You need to change everyone in the task force team. 

The NIS head asks if he should hide the truth? Han-ki says that he has to hide the inconvenient truth. Someone needs to play the bad guy. For the VIP, I do not care about anything.

The NIS head is about to leave, but then Min comes in. The head looks disgusted and wonders, does this bad root connect like this? Min hands him a folder and says that this is his corruption report. if we reveal that, then you and the people close to you will be hurt. the other party will be interested in this information. I have served the VIP for 15 years, I know him the best.

The NIS head says that he will follow his own judgment. He leaves. Min wonders, what if we are the ones that will be affected? (Um, shouldn’t he be arrested?)

The NIS head waits for the president. he is let in while the president is getting a personal massage. This massage is very inappropriate as she strides him to get in the best position on his back.

The president casually tells him that he pushes John & Mark because it helps the country. Dal-gun is the only argument against it. Do you think I am wrong with this? Work hard to control the media. Now leave.

The president then complains about having a headache to his masseuse and touches her leg/butt (off screen) and calls her a loyalist.

The NIS head sees Han-ki in the hallway. They talk about the task force and changing it up. Tomorrow, the co-pilot will die. Han-ki wants a clean funeral. In order to do that, they have to change who will give the funeral.


Lilly is back as the assassin in charge of this. She is in Tangier and asks where the man is. She is led around the corner to her meeting with the Tangeir police chief and one of the North Korean agents.

They all chat about the co-pilot and how they do not want to cause any trouble. She tells them to take care of the traffic and she will handle the rest. The North Korean tells her that she has to take car of the details, she tells him that she is not his translator (because they were speaking in English). She tells him to just leave and there is an altercation where Lilly pulls out her gun to shoot him.

But everyone calms down and sits to finish the meeting once again.



hae-ri is getting ready for the interrogation. Her sunbaes give her a thumbs up. She wonders if something is up? her sunbaes are acting so weird. They are all smiling at her and say that they wanted to have a sister like Elsa. 

Hae-ri asks the chubby agent what is going on. he says that they are all just sorry to her but she is the one that helped find the co-pilot. 

The co-pilot is brought in and plopped in the interrogation seat. Dal-gun and Tae-woong are in the room as well. The interrogation starts.

Tae-woong interrogates the co-pilot. He says that he saw the plane crash and we see a flashback of him putting on gear and hopping out of the plane along with the assassin. But he says that he just got out somehow.

TW asks who is behind it, the co-pilot does not want to answer. Everyone looks at him. Finally, the co-pilot says Cha Dal-gun and smiles.

Dal-gun wants to punch him but is held back. he yells about the guy with the scar. The co-pilot says the terrorists name but then starts to seizure. They all wonder what is going on. It turns out that he needs his next hit of his drug, so hae-ri tells Tae-woong to inject him with his painkiller!

So Tae-woong pulls out his morphine to inject the co-pilot. But Dal-gun grabs it and says that he needs to know who is behind him! There is a mini fight between Dal-gun and Tae-woong as the man keeps yelling for the drug. Hae-ri has it now so the man attacks her. She easily pushes him off of her.

Hae-ri steps on his chest and askshim who is behind him! She starts to shoot the drug into the air little by little. Finally, the co-pilot says that John & Marks Vice President Michael is behind this!

They ask where the evidence is, he says it is in a secret account. Flashback to Michael talking with the assassin about this plan. The assassins ays that the co-pilot is a druggie so he is the perfect person for this job. The money is sent.

In the present, the copilot keeps going into shock as he says that he was given 5 million dollars.

In the interrogation room, Jessica thinks back to telling Michael that they need to get this deal, otherwise they are dead. She is nervous.



Everything seems fine as the co-pilot is given water to drink at a table. Tae-woong tells him to give him the account number to his bank account with the 5 million. But he says that he will not say anymore and he does not remember saying that stuff earlier.

Dal-gun wants to punch him again. Tae-woong stops him just as Haeri comes in and tells them to stop this bickering already. She sighs.

They all end up leaving, but Tae-woong tells her to come back separately with Dal-gun. He drives off.

Hae-ri says he does not have a good personality, but he is not like Min. They head out in another car. Someone follows.

The caravan proceeds with several people calling each other as they see it going by. Something is up. 

The street is blocked so they have to reroute to another way. They are sent up abandoned looking streets.

But then they block the way and a cop blocks the road. haeriis on the opposite side of it and gets out and tells them that they will miss their airplane if this road is blocked. They are now separate from the caravan. But the police man tells them that the street is closed.

Cut to the assassins and Lilly happily chatting about how much money they will get for the co-pilot for this kill. they are all perched on the rooftops waiting for the caravan.

But the North Koreans have rumblings of wanting to kill Lilly so that she does not get all the money herself. Or maybe they just want to do the killing themself so they can take the money? Something like that.

The caravan arrives and realizes that this is a setup. (This scene is so much like a movie that I have seen before. That movie with Harrison Ford – Clear And Present Danger).

the rooftop assassins start to shoot the cars and everyone with all their weapons and machne guns and bazooka’s. The agents get out and start to duck for cover as they shoot back with their tiny hand held guns.

Then the North Koreans come out blazing on the street with all their machine guns. Tae-woong blows up something big as he takes a machine gun and shoots up a gas tank or something. Then they continue to start to duck for cover again.

Then Dal-gun and Haeri come balzing in with their taxi and drive to the side to rescue Tae-woong and the chubby agent and one more agent. The co-pilotis wounded so they pull him in. I have a feeling that this guy will die if this is a copy of Clear and Present Danger.

The all drive off with the other guy bleeding out. They try and think about where they should go because they need to try and get to the nearest hospital! We can get there in 20 minutes!



Scene change to Kang in the NIS building. He is called by Tae-woong and told that they will head to the consulate! They were shot at! Everyone is dead except two of us!


Min shows up at the secret task force with the lawyer and a ton of agents. The NIS head is in the car as well. they all run inside to take out everything there.

Meanwhile, Kang says that he will call a few trustworthy guys to deal with this. Jessica smiles from the interrogation room.

In the task force, all the new agents say that they are closing this task force and starts to take all of the computers and hold all the other agents back as they do it. Hwa-sook is there and tries to stop them, but they hold her back.

Min comes in to the interrogation room and tells Kang to cooperate with them. Kang beats up the two agents with them and holds Min by the throat. But then the NIS head comes in and tells him to stop. Min will take care of your team. (Wait, isn’t he wanted by the cops?).

Kang asks who is behind this! Why are you doing this! Kang is taken away. 

Jessica is ten un handcuffed and let out. Her lawyer is with her to help her out. She tells him that shadow did a proper job and walks out.

Cut to Kang being led out by handcuffs and Jessica walking out on her own. She tells him that she told him that he would be making a big mistake not to listen to her. He continues walking by.


The team makes it to the consulate office with the wounded co-pilot. But they could not get a doctor to come yet. One of the agents say that they have a clinic upstairs, so they head upstairs to work on him.

They have all the lights out in this room for some reason so it is hard to see. But they start to look around for everything none the less. Outside, Lilly and the North Korean look at the building because it is the consulate building so they think that they cannot go inside. She says that the consulate building is untouchable. 

They argue with each other about this for awhile.

Inside, they managed to calla doctor over the cell phone and talk to him about what they need to do to save the co-pilot. Tae-wong pulls out his pain killer once again and injects it into the co-pilot. then they use a box cutter to cut him open becuse they have no scalpels for some reason but they have surgical gloves.

So they cut his leg open with the box cutter and he screams in pain and passes out (the morphone must have done nothing?) blood goes everywhere as they open up the wound to take out the bullet but they have to sew up the artery. 

Tae-woong sys that he will try and sew up the artery which is just craycray. So he takes out the needly and thread and is walked through how to sew up an artery in the leg.

He manages and sews up the sew as well. They bandage him up and tells everyone good job and finally this scene is over.

But then he starts to hops around as if he is in shock. the doctor on the phone tells them that he needs a blood transfusion! Hae-ri says his blood type is O because she just so happens to know this. So Dal-gun tells them that he is type O! Take my blood!

Fade Out


After yesterday’s episode, I did not think this show could get any more ridiculous, but then today happened and I was proven so wrong. How can this episode even exist int he world? On one hand I kind of love it because it makes this into an interesting watch to find out what they will do next. I kind of have to see episode 9 now just to try and figure out how this much money can have this kind of storyline.


Kang – We found the pilot in Morocco but someone wants to kill him. 

Kang – Do you think we can report this to the president?

HK – We have a hidden card, did you forget?

Wife – You guys did this! You did this!

VO – Kim Woo-gi, Cha Dal-gun – kill them.

VO – Whose order?

VO – Who gives this kind of stupid order?

VO – The order is from the country

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  1. Jane M
    October 13, 2019 / 11:07 pm

    I’m starting to wonder if every show that has Shin Sung Rok is going to descend into chaos after The Last Empress, and now Vagabond. What a waste of his and Lee Seung Gi’s talents. I can’t imagine what excuse a pre-produced show that has been completed for so long can have for being so unrealistic and disjointed. I may have to watch it using your drinking game rules going forward. Thanks for the recap.

    • V
      October 14, 2019 / 10:51 am

      The drinking game rules will probably make it a very delightful watch. I think I need to add, Everytime the morphine syringe is brought out – take a shot. 😂

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