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Vagabond: Episode 7 Live Recap

Recap for Vagabond Episode 7 on Netflix
Vagabond Episode 7 Recap on Netflix, image SBS

Vagabond has turned into a drinking game. How many times will someone try to kill Dal-gun today? Take a shot each time. Every time a new character is introduced – take a shot. If a new character is introduced and dies in the same show – take 2 shots. If a dead character comes back to life – bruh, take 3 shots.

Note: We are using Netflix numbering for the episodes.

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The opening has a recap of what happened for the last two episodes. Hae-ri saved Dal-gun’s life and they found out that Director Min Jae-sik is the mole.

Cut to a press conference where the defense ministry is telling the press that the military cares about the people and is picking the right plane for the people of Korea. At the same time, the Judo coach is having his own press conference that says that the government is not doing anything. It looks like the family press conference is just as big as the military press conference.

The family does not want money, they want the truth. While the Judo coach is talking and the minister of the military is talking, we cut to images of all the main key players in this show and their reaction of this press conference.

Scene change to the president talking to  table of suits in his office as he asks his people if they like their mother or their father the best. He feels like he is asked this quesiton right now. He either has to accept the family of the country or the defense ministers suggestion.

The prime minister, Soon-jo tells him that a lot of poeple are talking about how the country is the most important thing right now. The president says this is what is giving him the hardest time. The prime Minister thinks he needs to make a decision before the matter gets worse. The president want all the people at the table to tell him their ideas. Lets put our wisdom together.

After the meeting, the president asks his main poeple who that dude was that was talking all that nonsense at the meeting. You should take care of him. The civil affairs minister, Han-ki apologizes and says he is new. The prime minister tells Han-ki to do it. His main job is to take care of the peoples opinion of Korea. Lets go, I spoke too much. 

The president leaves, Han-ki looks a bit humiliated at the conversation.

The President goes to eat with his right hand man, the Prime Minister. They eat alone in another room in the Blue House. Their discussion is on John & Mark and how if things do not go well, then they need to fire the defense minister. He is a good size shield for them. The president tells him that he is a genius.

Cut to han-ki looking angry as he eats an apple in the hallway.


Cut to Dal-gun looking at some people crossing the street. His eyes grow wide as he recognizes one of them. it looks like the reporter, but he is dead? 

Dal-gun hops out of the car and starts to run to the man. But he loses him in the crowd. he looks around and around for the reporter, be he has disappeared.

But then someone touches his shoulder, it is Edward Park, the weapons lobbyist. They go somewhere to talk.

Cut to their meeting where Dal-gun told Edward Park that a dead person was walking along the street, but maybe he mistook it. Edward Park thinks that it might not be, maybe we should try to find it out. Lets not have the same mistake as Morocco.

His secretary comes in to say he has a meeting, so Edward Park thanks Dal-gun and excuses him.


Dal-gun ends up drinking with his Judo friend. They talk about how he misses his wife and if Dal-gun goes home regularly? The Judo coach says he sleeps in his gym, he can’t go home like everything is sane and normal. It feels stupid.

Dalgun keeps drinking and listening. His friend wonders when they will be okay.



Hae-ri paces the NIS room as Hwa-sook and another agent sit at their computer looking for something. Hwa-sook tells the other agent to take a nap in the break room, she will call him if something happened. Then Hae-ri sits and keeps looking at her phone. Hwa-sook tells her to stop looking at her phone. And why like someone who does not like you at all?

Hwa-sook excuses herself to look at a larger screen in another room. Hae-ri wonders why Cha Dal-gun is not calling her? He should have called her ten times already. Did I do something that night?

Flashback to the morning after the night where they kissed. She asks if he was uncomfortable that night bcause of her? He doesn’t really say much but tells her to eat breakfast, so they eat together. hae-ri comments about how good it is. 

Dal-gun is pretty awkward with her. She asks if she did anything embarrassing last night? Did I curse? Throw up? Did I hit you? Anything like that? What happened?

He says nothing, but he can’t really look at her. So he drinks the rest of his soup and gets up. he tells her to put the rest of the dishes in the sink and let herself out.

At the NIS, Hae-ri thinks about this.


The wife of the pilot is in prison in the mountains somewhere. She is surrounded by all the North Korean soldiers who are working for the NIS. But they don’t think that they can trust Director Min to be real NIS soldiers.

The wife peeks out of a hole in the prison to look at them. One of them comes in with something for her to eat. A huge leg of a pig or something. But she does not want to eat it. So this guy asks her where her husband is? Tell me now before you become disabled. Where is he?

She says that she does not know, how can I tell you when I do not know?

He runs outside and grabs a hot rod to torture her with it. All the other guys look at the container as we hear her screaming.


Meanwhile, Min is perfectly happy eating room service as he sits with jessica and her lawyer. he gets a call and tells them to wait there. The lawyer asks what happened so Min says that the wife called her husband and the NIS intercepted it.


Hae-ri runs into a busy room with all the computers and NIS people. She gives Kang a message that someone anonymously sent that showed images of Jessica and the pilot. Kang asks for her arrest warrant.

Cut to a meeting in the NIS. The NIS people basically mention everything that is wrong and that the head of the NIS should not lead this team. The director asks them if they think he is stupid becasue Min betrayed him? he hits the table and tells them to find him and the wife. If you do not find them in one week, you are fired. Kang will lead the team.


Jessica, the lawyer, and Min all talk about how things are messed up right now. 

Meanwhile, Kang goes to the NIS head and tells him that they might have more moles inside the NIS.




Hae-ri drives her car with Tae-woong inside. She stops at a certain building and explains that they are using it as a task force. This is a sescret mission because we don’t know who the mole is.

Tae-woong pretty much ignores her and hobbles out of the car to hop to the secret location on his crutches. When he goes inside, Kang asks him if he can do this mission? Tae-woong gives the cruthces to Hae-ri and says he is fine. But his leg clearly hurts him.

Kang gives him morphine or something strong to take. But then news comes in where we see that the pilots cell phone is on! Cut to the pilot still in Tangier hiding. He wears a onesie as he talks on his phone.

In the secret location, the team starts to talk about how they need to go to Tangier to find out where he is. Hae-ri starts to pack up. But Taewoong tells her that he does not want to take her with him. She says that she knows Morocco the best out of all of them, so Kang tells them to take her with them. 

Everyone starts to leave. Hwa-sook asks Hae-ri why she wants to be in this? It is so difficult. Hae-ri says that she is all the brains of that operation in Morocco, Dal-gun was just the muscle. Hwa-sook tells her to call Dal-gun, why doesn’t he call you anymore? Did you fight?

Hae-ri says no and then goes to the hallway to call him. She gets ahold of the Judo coach who says that he is there, do you want to talk to him? She says no, if he is okay then that is fine. Dont’ tell him that I called him. She hangs up.

But then we se her at the Judo gym.


Hae-ri somehow sneaks into the judo gym and runs into the Judo coach and Dal-gun. it looks like she is there to train? I don’t know. The Judo coach says that he has back pain so h cannot train her, but Dal-gun is great at it, so he can train you.

Cut to Haeri in her Judo gear and Dalgun in his gear, they both square off. While they start to prepare to fight, she fills him in on all that is going on with the case. Romance music starts to play as they continue with their Judo coaching.

She holds him from behind and gets thrown by Dal-gun. But he looks shocked after throwing her to the ground. He tries to tell her to use the other person’s power to throw them. She tells him not to be like this, just tell me what happened and I can apologize to you or something. he says that nothing happened and walks off.

Later on, he wears his normal clothing and goes to get water. he starts to look at Hae-ri practicing Judo and thinks about their kiss as she trains by herself. He nods to himself and thinks that she doesn’t even remember.


All the NIS agents sit on the airplane as they fly over the pacific. Hae-ri leaves the bathroom and someone says that they are looking for her. So She goes to the passenger that is looking for her and sees Dal-gun sitting there. He hides himself with a newspaper. She is shocked to see him, he says that he bought his own ticket to Morocco, he will not bother them with anything, but he is just going crazy staying at home. So tell me everything about the copilot and everything.

She says she will fill him in when they get there.  But when she gets back to the NIS area, she thinks that she won’t tell him anything (?). But she is happy that the Dal-gun that she knows is back.


They disembark in Tangeir and start their drive to wherever they are going in the city. In the car, Tae-woong tells them that he and Haeri will go to the police station. Everyone else should go to the drop off spot.

Hae-ri starts to text Dal-gun the location.



Har-ri translates their conversation with the police. The problem is that the Morocco police do not have permission to help them yet. They will let them know when they have permission. But if they get a complaint, then you will have to stop the investigation.

Hae-ri lets them know that they will not make any trouble. But then we see that the officer calls someone. He tells them that, as they requested, they refused cooperation.

Jessica talks to him and says that maybe he can be the next candidate as the head of the polcie department. What should I tell them? The officer says, okay, I will take care of the co-pilot.


Cut to Min eating all his food and asking if things went well. He bites his subway and sits his coke and smacks his lips and is just annoying overall as he tells them that they are just unlucky right now.


The copilot gets a delivery of food and starts to eat it. Though he wants drugs more. So he gets his fix and gives a good amount of money to the delivery man. The man runs off to get him some water. The co-pilot looks at the news on his computer and sees that his wife disappeared. Where is the husband? is he hiding?

He quickly pulls out a hammer and breaks his cell phone.

The NIS agents lose his signal, though they know they are very close to where he is. So we cut to them all doing their investigation thing into the area to find him. They have a few agents in the area that all have a task to do something.

Tae-woong tells him that the water there cannot be drunk by people who are not from the area, so he should be drinking a lot of water bottles. We need to find who is buying up all the water bottles. Hae-ri asks what she can do and she is basically blown off and told to get them some food.

Hae-ri goes off and says that she has a lot of passion and ability. But Taewoong says that a lot of poeple could die, even very good agents. If you do not like this then go back to Korea. One of the agents tells her not to get mad, he said all this for you. But Hae-ri thinks he is screwing her over.




Hae-ri looks around a grocery store in disguise as a local. Dal-gun walks around in disguise as a local as well. She holds a carrot out to him and tells him that she was surprised. Then they talk about eah other disguises and which one is the best. They keep bickering about one being an amateur and one being a professional and how Koreans can’t drink he water there so they will buy water bottles.

Dal-gun asks if they sent her to the grocery store like a super agent? Your team leader is so stupid. Dal-gun tries to convince her to work with them. Then they accidentally bump into a man with a ton of water bottles and think absolutely nothing of it. They even help him carry the water bottles for a sec. But they continue arguing with each other and dont’ think twice about the dude with all the water.


The NIS shows up at her place with warrants to search everywhere. kang is leading them. She asks if he knows how much of a mistake this is? he says he will make even more mistakes and handcuffs her as a suspect in this case. It is a special arrest because she is a foreigner. Her lawyer tells her not to say anything, if they cannot prove it within the time limit, then you will be released.

Jessica is taken away by the Police. The lawyer calls someone and lets them know that Jessica is taken away. he asks if this person cares and then says, in the worst case scenario, we will survive and you will die.


Edward sits with Jessica in an interrogation room. he says he is a witness and tells her that they have super detailed questions. But don’t worry, I did not tell them that we slept together. She takes a deep breath and tells him that he changed, his business is not this dirty. You are cruel.

They start to talk back and forth about who is the worst and who taught who and how assurance is the worse thing in their line of work. He says that he also taught her not to do somthing that you should not do. The airplane crash is the worst thing.

She tells him that he knows that she did not do that. he nods and says that she had her hands cuffed before and he got them relseased before. She tells him that soon he will have his handcuffed also.

Hwa-sook says four hours passed without them interrogating her, why not? He says that they will wait for 40 hours and then he will use up the last 4 hours in their 48 hour time limit.


The NIS are working hard in their van looking at everything. 6 days has past for them. Tae-woong takes a break to inject his veins with morphine (um isn’t morphine intra muscular? Not inter venous?). he ties off his arm to inject it.

Later on, Hae-ri sneaks out to have lunch with Dal-gun. She bring him something to eat and they eat on a quiet street. She fills him in on not finding the location yet. he thinks that they should search houses around the area. she is all like, um, if they don’t open the door then you cannot get in. Dal-gun mentions that he won’t use the front door.

Dal-gun tries to get Hae-ri to work with him to catch this co-pilot. She tells him to stop dreaming.


Later on, Dal-gun has a dream about Hoon who is waking him up in another tear jerker scene. He pulls him into a hug and apologizes.

Cut to Haeri getting ready for bed. Dal-gun calls her, she does not pick up. He sends her a message to help him and she can actually hear him. She thinks he is hearing hallucinations of his voice right now, but then she jumps when she sees him at her window.

So she lets him in and asks if he wants her to get fired? He tells her that she can catch him. They cant catch him, but you can. hae-ri sits and tells him that she is not a field agent like he thinks she is. She sighs and wonders why he is making her like this.

He tells her that she is the best field agent to him. She is the bravest and the brightest and the best. She starts to think about everyone telling her to give up and how someone like her will die on the street without experience, people who just move with passion.

She tells him that he is mistaken, he says he is not, he is just the only one that knows about it.


Hae-ri goes back to the NIS office with food for the team. The team is all talking about John & Mark and things of that sort. Hae-ri tells Tae-woong that the co-pilot is not out and about, so maybe he is using locals to buy water. We should ask the grocery stores. Taewoong says that they are cautious of foreigners so they won’t give them any information. She sys that she knows the people there, it is not like they don’t like foreigners. They all start to complain about her.

The other agent that is on her side comes to her and tells her not to be depressed. She tells him to show her the drone path. He smiles and tells her that this is the Hae-ri he knows. Then she calls Dal-gun and tells him all the secret information about the drone.

Cut to Hae-ri on a rooftop where she looks at heat signature information about a building. She tells Dalgun about all the information with the heat signatures. he scales a wall and hops into a building. 

Hae-ri gets a call just then about getting them more food, so she has to head out. She signals to Dal-gun that she will have to move and tells him that the drone will move in an hour. He tells her that he will be careful.

Inside one of the building, the police officer from earlier gives the messenger guy his next target, it is the co-pilot.

In the NIS van, the agents look at Dal-gun running all across rooftops and think that they should catch this guy! So they all run out to catch him. Hae-ri asks what is going on, so one of the agents tells her that they have a suspicious guy around. He points to Dalgun.

Dalgun continues to hop the rooftops and finds all the water bottles n a roof. he tells this to Hae-ri. She tells him that he will be arrested. But he thinks it is worth it if he finds the co-pilot.

He goes inside the building.

Outside, we see that several other men are trying to get inside the building. They are locals. The ownder lets them in. 

Inside, Da-gun is looking through files or something when the co-pilot pulls a gun on him and asks who he is. Dal-gun pauses and tells him to speak in Korean. Then he turns around and looks the pilot right in the eyes as he says his name, Kim Woobi.

Fade Out



This entire episode is one big jumping of the shark. I don’t know who made the storyline decisions to have it go in this direction, but I think they needed to rethink some of their choices. Everything they did here feels like it is from a nickelodeon spy TV show. I mean, they are looking for someone buying a lot of water bottles, so they go to a grocery store and literally bump into a man with a lot of water bottles, they help him pick them up, and then keep bickering as they let him go while talking about finding this Korean that has to drink from water bottles.

Plus, Tae-woong is injecting morphine directly into his veins

Jae-sik is happily snacking on Subway with Jessica

Dal-gun pays for a trip to Morocco and is not noticed by any NIS officers

The officer see some dude running on a rooftop and decide to go chasing after that guy!

Why couldnt’ they just use the drones to spot all the water bottles around?

Also, we had a completely out of the blue Judo love scene practice session.

Plus, so many blatently obvious tear jerker staged moments that had me rolling my eyes.

So much is wrong, so much.


Ki – Why are you here?

DG – Is there a problem? I came here with my own money to find out who killed my nephew

Pres – Accept Dal-gun’s argument, they have no evidence right?

HK – Just change the entire task force that is investigating the case

HK – Tomorrow, Kim Woo-ki (the co-pilot) will die

Kang – Who is behind it?

DG – Lets see who wins

DG – I will bite you until you are almost dead


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