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Vagabond: Episode 6 Live Recap

Vagabond Episode 6 Live Recap
Vagabond episode 6 Live Recap, image SBS

Dal-gun is safely in the care of the NIS and headed to their safe house. But a new assassin has been brought in to take him out. Someone who never shows his face anywhere so not even Jessica knows what he looks like. Will this newest attempt on Dal-gun’s life be successful, or at least close to successful? I think not because everyone knows that stunt men can take a beating, scale walls, and flip cars with the best of them. So bring it, assassin.

Our recap starts after we finish up Melting Me Softly!

Note: We are using Netflix numbering for the episodes.

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The wife of the co-pilot wakes up in a hospital room. There is someone in her room, so she sits up and asks, who are you?

Elsewhere, the civil affairs minister, Han-ki tells Dal-gun that the safe house is usually for people who are not safe. he makes a drink and offers one to Dal-gun. Dal-gunis looking outside so Han-ki tells him that the more he looks outside, the more nervous he will become. He also tells him that he should not have a personal cell phone there. From now on, their NIS agents will protect him.

Dal-gun asks about the co-pilots wife and when they are going to investigate her. Han-ki tells him that they will do their job. Just let us do it.

Han-ki walks downstairs where Min is telling the officers not to order delivery food there. Hae-ri is one of the officers in the building. Min and Han-ki walk off together, though it does not look like Yoon Han-ki is thrilled that Min is there.

Dal-gun looks out the window at Min and Min looks back at him, but then he has a knock on the door. It is Hae-ri with an offer of coffee. She jokes that she told him she is great which is why she was not fired. She also tells him that he was pretty great to break into the blue house and meet the president. She acknowledges that.

Dal-gun says he could have taken care of 15 agents, but 30 agents was too hard, they are all black belts you know. hae-ri jokes that he is the God of War and gives him a thumbs up. then she leaves.


Meanwhile, the co-pilots wife is sitting in an interogation room. She has not said anything for one hour. They think that she must be hiding a lot. She should be terrified, but she says nothing.

Ki Tae-woong goies into the room and offers her a cookie. It looks like a Delta cookie. He tells her that she will need some sugar. She asks them why they are doing this to her? The airplane crashed. How can someone not die? he tells her that all her insurance money and the money to she got paid for the crash, no one would die and leave all that money behind.

She says that if he is still alive, it has nothing to do with her.

he tells her that her husband talked to a terrorist right before he departed. She says that is wrong, he was talking to me. It was a secret conversation between us. he starts to speak Spanish and says that there is no phone record of him speaking to you, so how do you explain that? Answer me, if you talk to your husband, then you should speak spanish.

She starts to speak Spanish and says that they did not use a phone record becuase they used a fake phone to avoid loan sharks. The NIS head is angry that they did not know that she could speak Spanish. What is he doing in there? You said he was the best? Do anything you can do! He storms out.

Hwa-sook says that she told him that she could speak Spanish. Why did he do that? The other agent says that it was planned. Wy keep it secret from our boss? Kang says that they have an informer and it might be the NIS director or it might not.

The woman on the inside eats the little cookie and tells Ki to take some as well. You might need more sugar than me.


Ki asks if her husband is hiding in Morrocco? He is probably very nervous right now because he does not know what you will say. She chokes a bit on her drink. he tells her that she should protect her husband for the money. She says that her husband is dead, he is dead.

Kang tells Ki to let her go. He says that his time did not end yet. Kang says that this is an order from their head, so just do it. Ki kicks something and the wife smiles.

Elsewhere, Lilly asks someone over the phone who took her customer, who is that person? The person says that it is a cruel guy and we go to a scene that shows someone in an undisclosed location get a call and say that he is already working on it.


All the agents eat at the safe house. It looks like they ordered it. Not sure. But then it cuts to a man who says that he will only kill Cha Dal-gun. it looks like these are the people from the order, so they were a fake company possibly. It also looks like they poisoned the food to put everyone to sleep in the Safe House.

Hae-ri wakes up first and sees that everyone is sleeping. She hurries off somewhere. The assassin gets to the house and goes upstairs. Dal-gun is sleeping in bed. Haeri throws up in the bathroom. Maybe she just didn’t feel good? She thinks she might have had food poisoning.

Cut to Jessica seeing this shadow person but they don’t show us his face.

The assassin gets to Dal-guns room and quickly shoots the bed. He is not there. So the assassin shoots the closet. He starts to ask if he does not like Jajangmyun? Should I have ordered Jampong?

Dal-gun coems out and starts to fight the assassin. Everything gets destroyed as they kick and punch all over this room. Knives are taken out so Dal-gun has to try and remove the knife. He head butts the guy and someone is slammed into the coffee table. JUdo moves are all over the place and Jujitsu.

Finally, the assassin gets his gun and points it at Dal-gun. But he wants to talk to him first so he tells him that he has a stone head. Goodbye stone head.

However, that is just enough time for Hae-ri to shoot the assassin. She tells Dal-gun to check to see if he is dead. So Dal-gun checks the body. Hae-ri keeps her gun up and walks over to the body, it might be her first time killing someone.

Dal-gun goes through the mans clothing and gets his phone. He calls Samchon on the phone.

The person it is calling is drinking with Jessica and the lawyer. He answers and asks if he met the deadline? This person is Min! Min says to tell him. Hae-ri gasps, so Dal-gun covers her mouth quickly.



Min keeps talking and tells this guy to tell him. Call me back later, I can’t hear you. He hangs up. Hae-ri tells Dal-gun that this was her directors voice. They are both in disbelief over this.

Dal-gun then sends a text to calm Min down a bit. Hae-ri sees it and calls him an amateur. She tells him to lay on the floor.

With Jessica, Jessica asks if something went wrong. Min sighs and then gets a text that shows Dal-gun on the ground looking dead. He tells them that he is dead, would you like to see the photo? He shows it to Jessica and the lawyer.

Jessica asks about the wife. Min says that she is acting well and following their protocal. Flashback to Min going into the wifes room and telling him that he heard that she is fluent in Spanish. So remember that the person your husband talked to was you right before the plane left. She sits up and asks who he is.

Min wonders how he can best introduce himself to her. He tells her that he is with John & Mark. Here are all the instructions for you to do. Your NIS interrogation will go well if you follow this. She looks at the forms and tells him that if John & Mark want her cooperation, then it will be expensive. he tells her that after memorizing everything, she should not delay it.

Cut to the NIS people explaining that they put a chip inside the wifes things so that they can follow her around and hear everything. they give her all her things back, she does not know that the chip is there. 

The wife flags a taxi and tells it to circle around the city, she will pay him for that. The NIS agents says that she knows that we are following her. How was she so prepared for the interrogation, she is not a normal person, someone on the inside is giving her information.

We follow the NIS following the wife around. She gets a coffee and walks up the street with it and puts on her shades and keeps walking. The NIS people keep tracking her into the night.

Then Hwa-sook tells the NIS people that the wife took another taxi. hae-ri also calls at the same time. Ki ignores her call. he asks Hwa-sook where this taxi is going. Hae-ri calls kang and tells him that Min Jae-shik is he turncoat. Kang is all like, what are you talking about? tell it to me straight.

They continue talking but we dont know about what. Then Haeri tells Dal-gun to take this person and leave. All these agents work for Min-jae-shik and I should be here when they wake up. He-ri then goes and erases all the footage.

Dal-gun takes one of the cars and goes to meet Director Kang. Hae-ri says that he can trust him. Kang looks in the trunk at the dead agent/assassin. Dal-gun asks if he knows Min Jae-shik. Kang tells him that he does not have to know.

Dal-gun tells him that they are in this business because of him, so they should handle all the customers together. he will take this body to the prosecutors office. then kang says that this person is a secret agent that they made during their work with North Korean spies.

Flashback with Kang and Min talking about these types of people. Kang thinks they dont’ need them anymore. Min thinks they do.

In the present, Kang explains how Min put all the North Korean agents together. Dal-gun says Min was the one on the phone.

Cut to Min getting a phone call from haeri. he sighs and answers it. She tellshim that there is big trouble, Dal-gun is gone. We all passed out while eating, there is blood. It looks like a killer came here. They hang up. Min tells another person to keep Hae-ri quiet and remove all the black box footage. They tell him that it has already been done.

Min then asks the North Korean assassins to get the wife. They tell him that she is close by. The NIS agents are also following the wife around. Ki says he does not feel good about this, hurry.


The wife gets out of the taxi and goes to a Catholic church. Ki tells them to let them hear her voice as well. The wife walks into the church and then hurries to a back room. She turns on hr cell phone. 

In Morrocco, her husband is searching the internet in his grimy safe house. She calls her husband and leaves a secret message. She says that with someone elses Rosary beads, we will attain Heaven. he answrs her call. She tells him not to worry, she took care of everything. You know, we are not the only ones that are afraid that the truth will be revealed. Her husband tells her that she does not trust john & Mark as well right?

She tells him that she only trusts money. Did you get paid by John & Mark? He says he will get paid the rest when it all quiets down. So dont’ think of anything stupid. I need to stay alive and then the 5 million will be yours. She says she won’t quit after recieving the 5 million. She tells him to just stay. They are more nervous than us to we might get more money. Then she hangs up.

All the while, the NIS agents had entered the church and are now at her door. They break her door and arrest her. She was in the process of taking out her sim card. But Ki is able to get it. 

Ki then calls Kang and tells him that they got the smoking gun that the pilot is alive. She called him and talked to him. But then Ki and his team get into a huge car accident. The assassin car crashed into their car. 

They take the wife out of the car. They were tracking her from her shoes. Kang is still on the phone and asks what is going on? Ki tae-wong? Ki tae-woong?

Soon, Hwa-sook tells Kang that there was a car accident where he lost contact with Ki. Serendipitously, the assassins pass right by kang and Dal-gun. they see them both. 

Dal-gun and Kang drive off. The assassins text the killers phone and tells dal-gun to pick up. So Dal-gun shows the phone to Kang and says that they figured it out. So he answers it. The assassins ask where there guy is. Dal-gun tells him he went to hell.

So the assassins are all upset about that. But then Kang gets on the phone. The bad guy calls him a turncoat/betrayer.

At the same time, Hwa-sook has to find where Min is. She is able to type  few things on the computer and finds him quickly. He is in the red light district so Hae-ri asks her to send her the location. she heads off.


Kang and Dal-gun get to the car accident. Ki is on a gurney being put into an ambulance. Police and emerency personell are all around. Dal-gun checks the car and finds the wifes phone. he gives it to Kang. 

Kang then calls Haeri and asks where Min is. She says that she found him. She asks where Ki is. he tells her he is on his way to the hospital. Min will find out soon, so we need to arrest him before he finds out. Can you do it?

She says yes, she has her gun. Kang tells her that he will give his authority for her to shoot. The wife is missing and Min is behind all of this. So if needed, you can shoot him.



Hae-ri goes into this red light hotel and looks around for Min. She tells anyone who asks that she is there for her husband, so dont touch me.

Min is in a room with the NIS head. They are both drinking. The NIS head says that if they don’t take care of this case then they will all be fired. Min says he brought him here to comfort him so just have another drink and then go home.

Min gets a call right then from the assassins who tells him that he should hide. they will hide with the wife. The assassin died! then Haeri bursts into the room and pulls her gun on him. She tells him that she is arresting him for the cover up of B357 and ordering the murder of Dal-gun.

The NIS head is all like, what are you doing! Hae-ri explains it all. She tells him that he did that to Ki team leader. Don’t move or I will shoot you! Min tells her that he is her boss. Hae-ri says that Min removed the video and betrayed their people. How much money did you get from John & Mar! You said that you have three daughters! Are you happy that you make money like that! 

The NIS head gets a phone call which distracts them all so Min throws a bottle at Haeri and jumps on her. They start to struggle and he gets away.

The NIS head is so confused. Later on, he sits in his office looking dumb. Kang comes in and asks if he is sober now? Then he tells him how Ki Tae-woong is doing and asks what happened to Min. The NIS head says that he disappeared. Kang thinks it won’t be easy to find him.

On the streets, we see Min running and hiding in alleys. It looks like it might be easy to find him. Someone finds him, a local cop and tells him to take a phone call. he takes it and then gets into the car.

VO – Min Jae-sik is actually a coward, he won’t do this by himself.

Cut back to Kang and the NIS head talking about his. Kang tells the NIS head to give him the case, he will find it out. If he doesn’t then he will quit. The head tells him that he will get fired first. Kang tells him that he found the smoking gun. Soon, we can find the pilot. From my experience, this is an important point. We need to stay focused so all the prey we got does not sneak out.

The NIS head tells him to do it, he gives him all the authority. But if he fails, he will not collect only one resignation letter.



Dal-gun and Hae-ri go to the hospital to see Ki Tae-woong. Hae-ri is a bit shocked up to see him, but she hides it well. She tells Dal-gun not to worry about Min, there is a city wide search for him. Then she holds Tae-woong’s hand and sits with him.

Dal-gun sees this and remembers what hae-ri told him about her type. She likes tall men with pale faces and intelligence. Which is Ki Tae-woong. Dal-gun thinks Tae-woong looks more like a parrot (which also means gigalo in Korea). And he says that he also looks like he has a bad temper.

Hae-ri looks back and asks if Dal-gun ate yet, but he is gone. 

Dal-gun is at home and makes two servings of fried rice. But he remembers that he only needs to make one serving now. Then someone rings his bell.

He opens the door to Haeri who shows him all the food she bought. She tells him that she has all the food they need and also sees the fried rice so she tells him that he must have telepathy because she reallyw anted to eat it.

So they eat fried chicken and fried rice together in his place with no care of any assassins trying to find them at all.

They happily drink soju together as well. Dal-gun tells Hae-ri that she did a good job today. The toast. She drinks her entire cup solidly. he is all like, um, take it easy. She tells him that she is drinking this to calm down, too many things happened today.

Later on, we see a drunk and sleepy Hae-ri on the table with several empty bottles of soju next to her. Dal-gun tells her to go home, where do you live? Wake up. But she is super out of it.

She drunkenly mutters, do you hate me that much? Do you really really not like me? How can you hate me so much? I will change myself.

He tries to get her to wake up so he pulls her up by her arm. She drunkenly looks at him and says, You – you are mine. She touches her hands to his cheeks and tells him again, You are mine. Then she kisses him.

He is stunned.

She then pushes him away by the forehead and says, You are mine. Then she passes out. He stutters a bit as he tells her to wake up, Hae-ri, you should not sleep here. But she is out so he picks her up like a husband does a wife on their wedding day.



the NIS head tells the President and Prime Minister all the craziness with Min Jae-sik. Like how he is bought by John & Mark. The Prime Minister asks if he has any evidence? The NIS man says he cannot explain what is going on. 

The Prime Minister tells the NIS head that this is dangerous, how can you tell the president this without any evidence. At least bring basic facts. Dont’ you see how he has a hard time working so hard?

The president tells him to take care of it quickly. This case gives me a headache.

Then a german shepard stars to bark. han-ki lets it go and it runs to the NIS head. It starts barking at him, right in front of him. Terrifying stuff. Han-ki runs up and apologizes. They excuse the NIS person. The president says that the dog is smarter than the NIS head, why didn’t you just bite him?

The Prime Minister tells him that he told him that sometimes you have to do things yourself. The President says he has a perfect record of his presidency, he does not want to taint it. He tells Han-ki to take the dog away.

The prime minister says it is not like he is clean, he just washed things well. It was difficult for me to do all the laundry. The President tells the prime minister to use his smart head and tells him what he has to do. The Prime Minister says that he has the picture, he should use it in situations like this.

The camera shows us the incriminating photos of the Military head with Jessica. They both laugh as they think that they can put the head of the military in the front now.

The Civil affairs minister, Han-ki looks at them with disgust.

Cut to the families at the group funeral. it is 49 days later. The Judo teacher tells the news to please find out the truth about B357. President, please keep your promise. The politicians are not doing anything. Nothing is being done now. They do not want the money. They just wish they correct this situation.

Edward Park is looking at this press conference at the funeral. Someone gives him photos that were sent to Edward of the co-pilot and Jessica Lee together. he tells his person to report it to the NIS anonymously. She nods and heads out.

Later on, the Judo coach and Dal-gun talk in a car about the investigation. But he has not talked to Hae-ri in a while and she has  not tried to contact her.

But while sitting in the car, he just so happens to see the dead reporter walking across the street. he is sure of it! So he gets out and starts to run after this man. he yells, Reporter Jo! Reporter Jo! Then someone grabs his shoulder from behind.

Fade Out


We just realized that Vagabond sounds like James Bond. I wonder if that was on purpose? I am happy that the excitement continues, though things are so awfully convenient for our team. I am willing to go along with it all because the show never lags. there are no boring moments where we have to sit through a lot of exposition. Sure, they have exposition, but it is not buckets and buckets of it, so I can stay into the show.

This drama is hitting all my action requirements (barring some dumb things, like going home to cook after almost being killed 4 or so times???). Though I love all the nonsense as well.


Kang – If we catch the co-pilot, then the game ends.

HS – The co-pilots cell phone is on!

DG – Give me everything about the co-pilot

VO – In the worst case scenario, we survive but you die.

VO – Look at me. I will show you the proper way to sword dance (metaphor for drawing a lot of blood to handle things)

Ki – Hey!

DG – help me Ko Hae-ri, you are the only one who can catch him

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  1. WPB
    October 5, 2019 / 5:46 pm

    Hae-Ri’s “God of War” comment to DG at the safe house was referred to his “God of War” tattoo on his right upper arm. She saw it before when DG had his shirt off (either after shower or after workout) and made fun of it that time.

    I don’t think this show is similar to James Bond. It’s way better and the storyline is way more complicated and exciting.

    • V
      October 5, 2019 / 6:38 pm

      Oh, yeah, definitely nothing like James Bond. The word Vagabond just sounds similar 😁. Thank you for the insight about the God of War comment! I completely forgot about that tattoo.

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