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Vagabond: Episode 5 Live Recap

Episode 5 recap Vagabond
Vagabond (on Netflix) recap episode 5, image SBS

We have a cover up, a dead reporter, an information packed usb, a wild car chase through the streets of Seoul, followed by a toe truck ride culminating in a stare down with Jessica – and we’re all caught up!

We plan on recapping My Country today as well! Look for it sometime today, but probably around lunchtime.

Note: We are using Netflix numbering for the episodes.

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Recap of the first 4 episodes. The voice over mentions that John and Mark got the most benefit from this plane crash and the co-pilot might ba alive and in on it. And of course we see the chase at the end of the last episode that culminated in a tow truck to the hospital.

At the hospital, the judo coach says that someone did something to his car. He is telling all the reporters this and says that Dal-gun will explain it all so please be patient.

Dal-gun in in a meeting with Jessica where she offers him tea. He asks her how much she got from Dynamics. She mentions that he is out of his league. Dal-gun just leans in and tells her that she killed all those poeple for money and power. She says no, she even has a hard time watching TV now because of all the tragedy.

She continuously denies what Dal-gun says and mentions that he needs treatment for all his pain. He sits and asks her if she has heard that your conscience is also your intelligence? You all are all stupid, you picked the wrong person. I will suck all your bone marrow.

She says she pities him and asks how she can help. Dal-gun tells her to bring his Hoon back. Then he walks out. The lawyer walks in and tells her that he has her car ready. Jessica asks what happened to the reporter? Why didn’t you discuss that with me! Don’t you know that one mistake can mess up everything!

The lawyer apologizes. Jessica says to pull the car to the front of the building. She should not avoid the reporters in this situation.

Downstairs in the lobby, Dal-gun tells all the reporters that the airplane fell do to a terrorist attack he has footage and he gave it to the NIS. Jessica comes out at that time and mentions that there are a lot of rumors but none of them are proven true. Even if what Dal-gun says is proven untrue, don’t write bad things about him because he lost his family due to this.

She continues to leave and all the reporters follow her. 

Elsewhere, it looks like the NIS is getting a lot of calls about this video footage. They have to tell everyone that they do not have that kind of video. Hae-ri is in trouble with Min about this case and why she could not keep Dal-gun quiet. It is all your fault. You will go to the middle east somewhere. If you don’t want to die there then quit.

Haeri leaves and sees her sunbae Hwa-sook who tells her that she was almost fired. Hae-ri thinks they need to investigate this first.

Meanwhile, Kang Joo-cheol is looking at photos of Michael who died in Portugal. We see that Michael was left handed. Then haeri and Hwa-sook come in. She asks if he saw the pictures seh sent her. She also mentions that Michaels death is related to the plane crash.

Kang asks what she thinks they should do about it? He doen’t seem all that convinced. They say that he is also suspicious about Michaels death. You can be promoted. He tells them to give up, this is out of their league. Hae-ri think he should be stronger! Why are you so whimpy. You are not this kind of person! I am disappointed in you!

Hwa-sook has to cover Hae-ri’s mouth and pull her out.


Kang Joo-cheol looks at the photo again and mutters something about Portugal.


In a cafe, the judo coach and Dal-gun talk about what is going on as they wait for the reports from the reporters. But they haven’t seen anything show up on the news yet. The Judo coach wonders if they did something to the reporters already?

Dalgun calls Hae-ri, but she did not pick it up. She asks Hwa-sook if she has a friend in the internal inspection team? Hwa-sook says she knows someone. Hae-ri wants to get the video. But then her brother calls so she answers. He says there is a big problem, someone took money from their mothers group and she was the leader so she has to pay for everything. Hae-ri tells him to tell their mother to take care of it.

She hangs up and hangs her head on the desk. Hwa-sook tells her that she has a hard life and then asks if she should see that guy?

Cut to Hwa-sook meeting with the person she knows for drinks. It looks like she is trying to get him super drunk. He asks her about that, are you trying to get me drunk? She laughs it off and toasts one more time to drink some more. The guy leaves to the bathroom so Hwa-sook looks thorugh his things and gives his keys or something to Haeri who comes in right then.

Hae-ri walks off in her all black attire and hoodie with her hair combed perfectly to the front. She tries to sneak into the NIS but gets caught by her boss. He asks her why she is there this late. She asks why she shouldn’t be. He says she has no work to do. She is there to write her resignation letter. He tells her not to be that angry, he was just upset back then. Just don’t do anything, be in the middle and still get paid.

She thanks him. He tells her that he doesn’t hate her, he just pities her. he walks off which allows Hae-ri to search the room she came there to search.

She hops on the computer in this room but everything she tries to do is blocked. On top of that, she is being watched on CCTV. Ki Tae-woong is watching her. She calls him while he is watching her and says that she has to see him now. He mentions that he will text her his address and he also erases the footage of her in the room.


Hae-ri meets with Ki in the library. She asks him to tell her why the usb has a virus on it. He asks how she knows so she says she checked it with her own eyes. Hae-ri asks if he is hiding it? Ki tells her that it is their bosses order. She tells him that 211 poeple died, they need to sacrifice for the country! You are the one that told me that!

She thinks he should reveal it or she will reveal it. He casually tells her that she cannot. So she walks off and he grabs something from the shelf. Perhaps he was recording this?



Outside, the drunken NIS agent stumbles back to Tae-woongs car. It was their plan this entire time to trick Hae-ri and Hwa-sook into thinking that they were doing this on their own. The drunk NIS agent says that he should be an actor.

Ki tells the NIS agent to give something to the opposite political party leader, because this will be more impactful. They chat back and forth about this information and if it is good to give to the opposition. Also, what if Hae-ri says something first? 

Cut to Hae-ri who recorded the conversation on her phone. Then she gets a call from Dal-gun. She answers this time and meets with him at a pub. he tells her that it makes no sense for the video to have a virus, a mole got to it! 

Dalgun mentions that a reporter died in front of him and they tried to kill him as well! NIS has spy! Haeri says she has no power. Dal-gun asks about the pilots wife, but Hae-ri says that no one is investigating her. Dal-gun is super angry and makes a scene in this small establishment. he yells that they are supposed to exist for the citizens!

Hae-ri tells him to just stop. She is doing all she can but her boss tells her to cover it up! So what can I do! They are resiously yelling this in the small pub. Haeri tells him that her father died after rescuing 8 people in the army. He became a hero. Do you know that our family has to much hardship now? Gongwan (government worker)? This is just a job. If I get fired then my entire family will be on the street. Lief is not only hard for you.

She storms out.

Dalgun gets home and miserably grabs a water from his fridge. He goes to his couch were Hoon’s things are still sprawled around. He also sees a note on Hoons door that says this is Hoon’s room. Knock to Enter. Dal-gun holds Hoons clothing and leans on the wall next to his door. He starts crying as he sits there.

At her home, Haeri listens to her recording of Ki. Then she turns it off and starts to think of all the stress of it all. On her wall is a photo of her and her father. She starts to cry.



Hae-ri wakes up to the news. The announcer says that the families of the B357 will meet the president so that they can discuss how to prevent this in the future and payments for the families. Hae-ri hops up and calls Dal-gun in a hurry.

He picks up, though he is still sleeping. She hurries to get all her clothes on and is about to tell him something but then says that she will be there!

Dal-gun starts to slowly get ready when the bell rings. It is Lilly pretending like she is a new neighbor who wants to give him dduk. When he opens the door, she prays something in his face that causes him to pass out, though he does try to choke her before he goes out. Lilly casually walks off.

Haeri walks upstairs and sees Lilly walking down the stairs with a body and an ambulance. She gets to the apartment and sees the dduk on the floor outside the door. Dal-gun is not inside, so she quickly deduces that this person must have kidnapped Dal-gun. She runs off and calls someone to alert them of the kidnapping.

Hae-ri quickly follows in her car and catches up to them. She start to block the ambulance which is just enough for Lilly and team to not be able to give Dal-gun the injection.

Dalgun wakes up and dos a lot of fancy fighting moves to get the two off of him. Lilly tries to strange him, but he is able to get away from her. He then injects the drug into the driver which causes the ambulance to flip. Everyone inside is momentarily unconcious. 

Lilly and team wake up first and take off. They do not kill Dalgun because it should not be homicide, otherwise they will not get paid. Dalgun wakes up last right when the police show up. Hae-ri drives up as well and tells him to get in!

Dal-gun hops in so Hae-ri tells him to listen to something. He listens to it as they drive off. Then she tells him that the Blue House invited the family members, did you know that? He asks her, what if you get fired? You said your family would lose everything. She says that she was the legendary marines daughter, don’t look at me like that, I also hate doing this.


The presidents all walk in to meet the family. Hae-ri and Dalgun show up outside the gates, but he is not on the list. So the police don’t let him in. He yells that he is family! He needs to see the president! But they won’t let him in

So Dal-gun thinks of another plan which looks like it involves a tour group? He is able to sneak onto a tour bus and picks up a random kid that was running away from his mother who was handling more than one kid herself. She was grateful.

Inside, the president and prime minister get ready for the meeting. The president is more concerned with how his tie looks.

Inside the tourist part of the Blue House, Dal-gun takes a photo of the mother and kids and then asks one of the guides where the bathroom is.

Meanwhile, the president comes in to the meeting room to talk to all the family members.

Dalgun is able to sneak out from the bathroom.

In the meeting rom, all the family members cry as they meet the president.

The Blue House police realize that one of the tourists snuck out and start to look for him. He runs through the woods to the Blue House with tons of people runing after him.

He is almost caught, but is able to scale a building to the second floor.



DAL-GUN makes it to the second floor. No shots are fired. But once inside, he is surrounded by all the secret serice members. He tries to tell them that he is a family member, bu they just want to arrest him, so he starts to fight them and tries to get away. But he is way outnumbered so hey handcuff him and drag him off as he yells that he wants to see the president.

The Prime minister comes out and asks what is going on. Dal-gun says he is a family member, he is there to see the president. The prime minister says to let him in, he is an important person here. He basically yells at the security team to let Dal-gun in.

So the handcuffs are taken off and Dal-gun goes inside with the Prime Minister. The security person calls someone and lets them know that they have a problem.

Inside the room, word must spread about the disturbance because word is whispered from one ear to another until it gets to the president. The President tells them to let him in.

So Dalgun comes in looking all busted and sweaty and lost. The president walks up to him and shakes his hand Dal-gun bows his greetings and then tells him that the airplane was terrorized, it was not a faulty machine.

All the reporters perk up. The president asks what he is talking about? Dalgun says that the co-pilot crashed the plane with the terrorist. The president tells him that he needs to be responsible for what he is saying. Dalgun tells them that the video footage of the terrorists face disappeared inside the NIS!

The president asks The Prime Minister if it is true? Then Dalgun pulls out the recording that Hae-ri and Ki had that talked about the usb and how this is a coverup order from their boss.

People start to gasp inside the room. Dal-gun walks up to the co-pilots wife and asks where her husband is! Where is he! You have 5 million dollar life insurance policy on him! You are the recipient!

She looks around at everyone and then pretends like she faints from the rage of the accusation. It is chaos.


In the NIS building, the drunk NIS guy tells Ki that he does not have to see the senator, Hae-ri just broke the news.

This makes big news on the TV, it even reaches Jessica who sees that John & Mark are in the news about this. She tells her lawyer to call that guy! The lawyer says that they shouldn’t. But Jessica yells, DO IT!

Elsewhere, Edward Park looks at the news as well and thinks that the lobbyist is not working with weapons, it is working with persons.

The news continues to say that they will keep investigating it.

Cut to the pilot who is all drugged in a basement somewhere. 


Hae-ri frets in the bathroom over what she just let happen. Ki comes up to her when she leaves. She tells him that she will apologize at some point, to him. Then her boss comes up and tells her to follow him.

She goes to his office and tells him that she will resign. He is all like, huh? You will be responsible? Are you the director? How can you be responsible? She gives up her resignation letter. He tells her that she will not fo home, she has to go to jail for leaking this. She is all like, huh? Jail?

Min tells her to just ignore that she met Cha Dal-gun. He can protect her, so just ignore all of this. She says that she is fine with that, but if she denies it then Ki Tae-woong will be responsible. Min tells her that if she takes responsibility then he will also have to quit because he is the boss of a dumb person. Don’t you see what is going on? I am not doing this for you.


Meanwhile, Dalgun sits alone in what looks like the presidents fancy office. Then the president and his people come in quickly, so Dalgun stands to greet them.

The president asks if he was kidnapped on the way there? Dal-gun says yes, they tried to kill him. The co-pilot worked at John & Mark and the wife is from there as well. They are the people that will get the most benefit from this.

The president says he is impressed by him. Even though you were threatened and kidnapped and almost murdered, you still want to reveal the truth. Watch what I will do with this. 

Dalgun thanks him and then asks for a favor, please don’t fire the people in the recording. He says this is not under his authority. Dalgun says they were not able to investigate it this much without them. The president listens to a word from the Prime Minister and then agrees with Dalgun, he won’t have them fired.

They start to head out, the civil affairs minister comes up and says that they have an order to take Dal-gun to a safe house. Han-ki will personally take him there. They walk away, but things look suspicious.

Later on, we see the head of the NIS meet with the president. He apologizes and says he will take care of it. The president hits him hard across the face and tells him to quit. So the head of the NIS kneels in front of the president and says this was his mistake.

The president says he used to check the water quality in the Han river, I made you into the head of the NIS, do your job. Then the Prime Minister comes in so the president tells the NIS head to stand up. The three start to talk about how to untangle this mess. They tell the NIS head not to fire the two on the recording, that will make a bigger issue.

The NIS head leaves. The president sinks into his seat and thinks that it is regretful that they are losing John & Mark like this. The Prime Minister thinks that they are not losing them. You let the head of the NIS take care of it, but you can also take care of it yourself. We can reveal the truth the way we want to.

Cut to Hae-ri getting reprimanded while in a meeting with a lot of people, including Ki Tae-woong. They ask her if she gave this recording to Cha Dal-gun? She does not say anything. So Ki says he did it. Min asks what he is talking about? Hae-ri says that he did not do it, she did it. 

Kang asks if they are ashamed? Over a hundred of our citizens died and you are blaming these kids? Lets be frank, who thinks that video disappeared because of a virus? We know that someone erased it and we all ignored it.

Min and Kang start to politely argue back and forth about who could have put the virus on the usb. But then they get word that they all have to go to a meeting with their boss.

They all go to a gymnasium and stand in line to hear from the Head of the NIS. He walks in and tells them that they have been given another chance. We need to do our best, not only for this B357 case, but also for the country. The team says yes and starts to chant their motto of protecting the citizens. Some are more into the motto than others.


Afterwards, hae-ri and Hwa-sook carry a lot of paperwork as they talk about how they shoudl drug test their boss. it makes no sense that she was not fired for sneaking out that information. Hae-ri says she is unlucky in all aspects except the company. 

They wonder who the dirty betrayal person is that erased the usb and start to name possible names, but then they run into Ki Tae-woong, literally. The paperwork goes everywhere.

Ki Helps them pick it up quietly as Hae-ri tries to apologize about the recording. He tells her good job and leaves.

Hwa-sook tells Hae-ri to close her mouth or a fly might go in. then she tells her that she was not the only one with the recording. Ki Tae-woong also recorded this secretly and possibly tried to leak it. Hae-ri smiles.

Cut to the bad guys. They are looking for someone that does not move easily. 

Then we cut to Lilly who is looking at her busted up face. She is upset about it and wonders how she can kill Dal-gun. Then she gets a call from Lawyer Hong. He tells her that she can quit now, another team will take care of him. She asks if they don’t trust her?

Elsewhere, we see Dal-gun riding to the safe house. It is deep in the woods. 

Someone tells Lilly that Dal-gun is going to a safe house. It is not an easy person, it is dangerous. She says it would be dangerous to that other person as well. So who is this guy that took my customer? The man says it is a very cruel guy.

Cut to Jessica and the lawyer waiting for this mysterious man to show up. She gets a call and says, finally the shadow showed up. They go to greet the shadow and Jessica’s face falls.

On the way to the secret NIS location, Dalgun is offered chewing gum from the civil affairs minister. He takes it and starts chewing angrily.

VO – Give me an empty dish with Cha Dal-guns head on it

Fade Out


Okay, how did Dal-gun not get shot by the secret service at the Blue House? You have this strange dude running through the forest and jumping all over the building  and not one shot is fired? Don’t they carry guns in the Blue House, because I think they do.

Love all the action in this drama. I am watching for the action and they are definitely not disappointing. 


Pres. – Take care of this case. Ugh, this accident give me a headache

HK – From now on, the NIS agents will protect you

VO – I’ll will take care of it

Ed – Send these pictures to the NIS – anonymously.

VO – Your husband is in Morocco, right?

Woman – My husband is dead

Ki – If I were him, I would not die because I have things to do

VO – I think he became a killer

VO – The NIS agent, let the NIS team take care of it

Man – Okay, I will only kill Cha Dal-gun

VO – He is not a human, so just shoot him

HR – I am really shooting you, you bad gu-u-u-u-y!


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  1. WPB
    October 5, 2019 / 7:33 am

    Great show! I know the cover up goes deep in the government. It becomes more interesting how the PM and President going to use this for their own political advantage. No one is clean!
    Who is SHaDoW? Are they going to tell us who he/she is? Will there be a competition between shadow and Lilly? Can’t wait for ed 6.

    • V
      October 5, 2019 / 6:34 pm

      I really want to know who shadow is too and now that I watched the 6th episode, I think they told us who it is! Even though that person does not seem like a shadow to me.

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