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Vagabond: Episode 4 Live Recap

Vagabond: Episode 4 Recap
Vagabond: Episode 4 Recap

We are posting this one super early because it just became Saturday morning, and I stayed up way too late. We will start our live recap at 22:00 KST! See you then!

Note: We are using Netflix numbering for the episodes.

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We open on an event in a ballroom. It looks like this is a Korea America 50 yer anniversary party for when the militaries started their partnerships. Weapons lobbyist Edward Park greets the Defense Minister, but the defense minister avoids his eye contact. 

Edward park goes up to him and says that it is difficult to have eye contact with him. The defense minister tells him that he should take care of the families of the dead. Park says that they will sign the document. That is what I am paid for, don’t worry.

Park asks why he should worry about them? People might misunderstand it, so watch your mouth. He walks away.

Jessica walks up to Park and says that it will be difficult for him this time. Park asks what she did to him. She says that she did what she learned from Park. Park tells her that what they need to be the most careful of is being too assured. She says that his reputation is all the way on the bottom, so just give up. You should be less embarrassed.

Then she goes off and mingles in the crowd.


The sting is about to happen on Dal-gun while he and Hae-ri walk through the airport. Hae-ri is bumped and the taser person is about to touch Dal-gun, but Dal-gun sees him in Hae-ri’s reflection and quickly spins to get the mans arm in a standing arm bar and yells, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?


Lilly sighs as she looks on and tells them to go to plan B

Gun has the man in a very good arm lock and tells him that he wants to see his hand! he takes off the ring from it. Lilly tells them to gt out of there.

Hae-ri is clueless and asks what is going on? Stop over acting with everything. Then her eunnie Hwa-sook shows up and gives her a big hug. She greets Dal-gun as well and says that they should eat. I want to eat kimchi chigae with a lot of pork. Dal-gun, what would you like? he says he is not hungry.

They start to walk out with Hwa-sook and Hae-ri catching up. Hae-ri says she would be a virgin ghost if she died. Hwa-sook says that she will just be a ghost, stop labeling things.

Lilly talks with another man about how their target does not recognize things, so they can try again. Lilly asks if he is a astunt man? Right? And mentions that he makes her competitive.


Hwa-sook brings up that they have no evidence about anything. Nothing is available about the pilots. It is not that they can’t find it, it is more like someon cleaned their IDs. they need to investigate this. Lets eat first.

Dal-gun asks about the video footage and the terrorist, but Hwa-sook says that they had some trouble and asks if Dal-gun is interrogating her now? She asks Hae-rin if Dal-gun’s eyes always look scary like that? hae-ri says she will get used to it.

Hoon’s mother calls Dal-gun so he grumbles outside to answer it. While walking, we see a man listening in closely on the tables conversation.

Outside, Hoon’s mother says that she heard about Hoon and could not sleep for awhile. She can go to the meeting of the family members, if you cannot go then I can. They also start to talk about the government money payment to the family. Dal-gun reminds her that she said she is not Hoon’s mother anymore. Hoon missed you so much. You dumped him at the orphanage and never showed up, but now you are prtending to be the mother? Whatever you are pretending, it is none of my business. But it is better if we do not see each other! Okay!

He hangs up and tries to get himself together for a moment. But then a man approaches him and says he is a reporter. He introduces himself and says that he heard from the family that Da-gun argued that the family was terrorized. Dal-gun asks him what he really wants to say?

The reporter says that when the airplane crashed, there was a report that it was terrorizm, but there was a fire at that moment. (flashback to those events). But the agent who made the call colapsed for no reason and is in a coma right now. But the police do not investigate it and are blocking the reporting on it as well. It is suspicious. But it is not the only strange thing. Can you tell me what happened in Morocco? this case if very complicated. We have to get all the evidence and put it all together. Then we will have the truth. Please help me.

He says okay, I can cooperate. The reporter says this should be secret from NIS, those women are NIS, right? Don’t trust NIS agents. As a reporter with experience and a feeling. Right now, you should n ot trust anyone. There is a cafe on the main road, see you there.

The NIS agents come out and see the man walking away so they ask who he is. He says that he was just giving directions. She tells him that they should leave together, just because they are in Korea does not mean that they are safe. dal-gun says that he will welcome whatever comes to him.

Hwa-sook says that he is macho, also, when did you start using banmal? Haeri says Morocco and then mentions that what he says, his temper and manner are perfectly not matching her.


The ladies start to drive away, but then they see Dal-gun and that man drinking coffee together. They wonder what is going on.

inside the cafe, the reporter mentions that a lot of things happened in Morocco, he does not know who is behind this, but he thinks it is a fighter project. the biggest beneficiary of this crash is John & Mark. There is a rumor that the biggest competitor, Dynamics, will fail. 

Dal-gun asks, so, is everything done by John & Mark? The reporter says that the most important question is who did it and why. But I could be wrong. They need an informer so it will be clearer. He is going to see someone about the plane crash who has prime evidence. Dal-gun asks who the informer is. 

He answers his phone and says he can be there, then hangs up. Dal-gun asks if he can go with him? The man says he is not sure because he does not want to show his identity. But we cut to Hae-ri and Hwa-sook looking at Dal-gun and the reporter getting into a taxi together. They follow.

They drive o a building called Hotel Wing and go inside. 

The reporter calls and says that he is there, he is alone, don’t worry. He will see him upstairs. The reporter says that this guy is so nervous. So Dal-gun tells him to go upstairs. he will see him soon. Dal-sun ends up waiting in the lobby area.

Thirty minutes passes, Hae-ri and Hwa-sook are still waiting in the parking lot. Hwa-sook wonders why two men are going in a hotel. Perhaps he doesn’t like women? Hae-ri thinks it is for another reason.

Inside, Dal-un starts to walk around and we see a couple come out of one of the room hand in hand. Dal-gun goes to 407 and knocks on the door. He checks the handle, it is open so he goes inside.




Dal-gun goes inside and sees blood everywhere. Reporter Jo is on the floor clinging to life and just manages to give Dal-gun a pen. Dal-gun puts it into his pocket and calls 2-1-1 (like 911) to tell them that someone died here!

But then the assalant comes in and attacks Dal-gun. Dal-gun is able to defend himself. The assailant runs away so Dal-gun chases him. the assailant is able to get on a motorcycle so he is about to get away, but then Haeri calls his name. Dal-gun hops int he car and tells them to follow him!

Drive Drive! They take off driving, but Hwa-sook stops at the red light and says that this is dangerous! What if an accident happens? What happened up there? Dal-gun tells them that a reporter died that came to see an informer. turn around.

They turn around and go back to the hotel where the ambulance team has just arrived. Dal-gun leads them up to the room, room 407. But the area is scrubbed clean already. The emergency team is all like, what is going on? You said someone died. Is this a joke?

Dal-gun asks him if he thinks this is a joke? He gives him the reporters card. hae-ri pull shim back and says that she is an NIS agent. She asks for Hwa-sook’s ID, but Hwa-sook doesn’t have it with her. So Hae-ri says that they saw them arrive together, check the CCTV.

One of the emergency team calls the reorters work place. They tell him that he is on vacation in New Zealand. Dal-gun screams that he is dead. Another person comes in and says that the CCTV does not show anyone coming into this room. The emergency team warns Dal-gun, if you do it again, I will arrest you. They leave.

Hae-ri and Hwa-sook sit on the bed. HS is not sure if she should trust dal-gun. HR says that she does trust him because this is not the first time it has happened.

Dal-gun stands and shows them the pen that reporter Jo gave him before he died. The pen ends up being a USB, so they plug it into the computer, but it is broken so it will not lock in. They think they can go back to one of their places to see if they can use it.


Later on. The family members meet over their grief to talk in a circle group with a psychologist. Dal-gun is not there yet, but he might be walking up the hallway to get there.

One of the men inside starts to talk about his girlfriend and how he wanted to marry her. he starts to cry as Dal-gun shows up looking on. Everyone starts to cry. Dal-gun stays at the window.


Meanwhile, Hwa-sook and Haeri try to fix the usb in order to see what is on it. HS says that she has never seen HR work so hard. Hae-ri says that she wants to be promoted to an office job so she can work for a long time. 

They finally fix it and plug it into the computer, it works. So they look on the file and see images of the flight team. Hae-ri says that she could not find any information of the co-pilot, but now everything is here.


Cut to a woman talking about her husband and how she regrets everything about that morning. It is hard to continue.

Dal-gun keeps looking on, but then he has a call from haeri. Haeri tells him that the flight attendent had so many life insurance policies. She thinks the wife might be in on it. 

Dal-gun looks at the woman crying a lot in the room. This woman is the pilots wife. She is dabbing her eyes and crying along with everyone. Dal-gun’s eyes grow fierce.

Inside, the wife looks sad along with everyone else. But Dal-gun goes inside and asks where her husband is! You husband is alive. She looks around at everyone and denies it. But Dalgun yells, where is your husabnd! You are a co conspirator right!

The friend comes up to pull Dal-gun away and Judo throws him into a table, knocking dal-gun out. The woman is spooked and looks around. Everyone else is worried about Dal-gun. Park shows up and asks what is going on.


Dal-gun wakes up in a car with a secretary driving him away. Dal-gun tells her that he found the real person that crashed the airplane. The secretary tells him that they need to go to her office first. She is Edward Parks secretary.

Back at the family meeting, the company tells them that they will take care of the lawsuit. It will take a long long time. So don’t think about it. But another man says that they will win it. Edward says they will suffer a lot. The other man says if you come to an agreement then you will be paid quickly. But he stands and starts to mention the guiltinness towards their family members and how they should sue. But it is your choice. You can either sue or come to an agreement.

The two men leave. The man tells Park to stop this talk of coming to an agreement. he is the lawyer for the family. Edward Park says that he did not expect that this lawyer would defend them. The lawyer mentions that Park used to be his hero, but now he does not know what is going on, you should retire. he walks away.



Elsewhere, Lilly is in a supped up van or something and talking to the the lawyer about Dal-gun. The lawyer says that dal-gun is talking about the case in front of the family, so get ready. But there should be no evidence of homicide, okay? She says fine, you talk so much though.

She leaves the truck and then tells some men outside to stop eating and find this man. She holds up a photo of the co pilot (I think).

Cut to hae-ri and Hwa-sook talking to Edward Park and Dal-gun about Jessica and the bribery. Park says he is sorry, he should have trusted Dal-gun in Morocco. He did not know that Jessica became this bad. He recruited her and trained her. But she does not care about the method. She betrayed him and went to John & Mark.

Dal-gun asks, so you just kill civilians because of the airplane deal? Is your business that bad?

Park starts to talk about how hundreds of civilians died in another country, John and Mark are related to that case. But the Amerian government hid it. Hae-ri asks if he knows anyone in Portugal? the vice president of John & Mark commited suicide. But the day it happened was the day before the B357 crashed.

Flashback to those evernts where Hae-ri investigated the death. her contact says that they think it is suicide. She looked around at the crime scene and inspected the body afterward. The doctor explained to her how he died and said that there was a gun powder stain on the mans hand. 

But Haeri remembers that Joo-cheol said that this man would never commit suicide.

Park tells them that he has a room that they can use as a safe room. Hwa-sook thinks this is so scary, didn’t you say that you wanted a long NIS life?

Hwa sook head back home as Dal-gun and Haae-ri head to the safe room. A mysterious man looks on around a corner and calls someone.

*missed a few minutes here*




Hae-ri talks to her brother in their safe room and says that she took on a big job this time. So she will go back to Seoul and work on it. But don’t tell umma that I am in Seoul, only because she asks for money all the time. She hangs up with her brother and starts to talk to Dal-gun.

She tells him that this will make a big issue tomorrow, I am smart right? She turns and sees his big tattoo on his arm that says he is a god of war in Chinese characters.

Dal-gun looks just out of the shower. Hae-ri asks him if he wanted to be an action director? So why dont’ you start again? that was Hoon’s last wish. But then she apologizes and says she shouldnt’ have mentioned it. She just remembers seeing that on Hoon’s footage.

Dal-gun asks if she wants ramen? He can boil some. She says that is okay, you should be sleepy. Dalgun thanks her for remembering Hoon and then goes off to the back. She smiles as she continues working.

In the back, we see Dal-gun working at the computer as well. He is looking up information on John & Mark on the internet. It says that John & Mark will get the next deal and how there was a big crash that will affect the next project and how they are having a huge concert to give to the hospital and all those things. Jessica is in a few of the news photos.

Elsewhere, the Prime Minister, Hong Soon-jo shows up to talk to the president. the secretary says he might be cranky because he is meeting with the head of the opposition party.

Soon-jo comes inside and has a seat with about 4 or 5 men. he tells them that everyone knows that the president like to drink, so have a drink. 

One of the men asks why they are switching to John & Mark and paying millions more? (Maybe billions more). Why did you pick John & Mark, defense minister? The defense minister says that the plane is expensive but it is more advanced. 

The opposition party leader says that is a simple answer. he heard that the other company is more advanced and cheaper. that is from their report. The defense minister says that, from their investigation, the John & Mark airplane is better.

The Prime Minister says that the people will be upset after the crash, you have to consider that and consider the next presidential election. One of the men asks why he is worried about that? The president says that he wants to hear that he is the King Se-jong of defense. You know my motto. Honest and not owning. I want a strong military, please cooperate.


The president and prime minister talk afterward about how it might be too difficult to get the extra money for this project. Those a-holes always want to stop whatever we want to do. The president says he will try to solve it step by step, so don’t worry. But they also wonder what was done to the defense minister, he is like a different person now.

The prime minister smiles and asks if he worried about that? then he gives him something and tells hm to check it when he is alone. the president opens the envelope and sees that the minister had an affair with Jessica. he looks amused and wonders how the prime minister got it, and remarks that he has a strange ability for this.


Hae-ri shows up at the NIS building, but immediately hides from Ki Tae-woong. Hwa-sook runs up to her and asks if she still has not apologized to Ki Tae-woong yet? Hae-ri asks how she can apologize, he is so embarrassed.

Hwa-sook says that he was the victim and she was the problem so you cannot avoid it. Hae-ri hits her ears and says that she is not listening.

Flashback to Hae-ri being super drunk at a drinking party. She yells Ki Tae-woong’s name and tells him that she will be sent abroad to Africa or somewhere far away. He is all like, what are you saying? She sits and says, you – are mine. Everyone is embarrassed for her. She drunkenly looks at everyone at the table and says that Ki Tae-woong is mine, so no one touch him. Then she turns her attention back to Tae-woong and pushes his forhead while saying, you are mine.

Hwa-sook is all like, are you crazy??? Lets go home! But she gets drunkenly pushed away by Hae-ri who turns back to Tae-woong and kisses him.

In the present, Hwa-sook reminds Hae-ri of all this and they try to hide from Tae-woong behind a pillar. She says that she would be dead if she wasn’t there. Hae-ri wants to know where the interrogation room is, she can get an electric shock and lose her memory. She starts to run away, but tae-woong walks in their direction so Hae-ri hurries to put on lipstick and then turns to tell Tae-woong that it is nice to see him.

She congratulates him for being promoted, he asks if she still drinks. He would no send her aboad. She says that it was difficult over there. But he continues and says that he would have just fired her. The agent that get unconscious by drinking is not qualified. Then he walks off.

Hwa-sook thinks he is so cold and asks Hae-ri if she is okay? She says she is. After she submits the report, he will change. that arrogant man. If he wants to recruit me onto his team then I will refuse it. She walks away with determination.


In their cubicle like offices, Hwa-sook tells Hae-ri that the director has called her. Perhaps it is good news. She goes into his office and we find out that they are not continuing the investigation even though her report is thorough. It is because there is not enough evidence.

She says that there is plenty, the pilot report and the reporter. Did you even read my report? Min does no think that is sufficient and asks what she will do if John & Mark calls them on it. he shreds her report.

She says that she will report this to their big boss (or minister?). He says that the minister ordered this himself. So you will be sent abroad again. Quiet Cha Dal-gun until then. Hae-ri asks for the evidence video. He asks why she wants it? Go to the evidence team. But he warns her, if you talk about it then you are fired. She asks if he hates that she is back that much? He yells for her to leave.

So Haeri storms back into her offices and walks out. Tae-woong looks like he overheard it all.

Later on, we see Tae-woong drinking alone when Director Kang Joo-cheol walks in. He tells him that drinking alone during the day is not for someone who likes drinking. But tae-woong says that what Haeri said is true. They are ignoring their jobs. Dont you have your pride, director?

The director asks if he still thinks they are national agents? As soon as their boss came, they became errand people. Do you know what I do? My job is to write replies to a person who talks bad about the government and make rumors. You know, be like Min Jae-sik who bribes everyone, or be like me who is a salary man. Ki smiles and says he refuses both. Perhaps he should quit.

Elsewhere, we see Dal-gun doing pushups when he phone rings. It is the judo guy who says he went to far last time, are you hurt? Lets eat lunch.

Outside, we see Lilly eating Subway (lol) and watching the entire thing from a skyscraper in another building. She tells someone that their customer is leaving, so prepare the party.

They leave as soon as Dal-gun drives off with his Judo friend. the judo friend is still apologetic and says he should not have done that, he is a martial artist. Dal-gun tells him to just stop talking about it.

In a car behind them, Lilly hacks their car, so the brake stops working. The friend says he slammed the breaks, but it is not working! dal-gun tries to help him steer it through the streets and traffic as it appears that the car goes faster and faster.

Dal-gun tells his friend that he will drive, you go back! They swich seats and Dal-gun stats to drive.

Lilly thinks that they can’t keep their distance too far, or the program will not work, so drive through the light. they take off through the light and hit several other cars. The friend notices this and says that car is following them! Dal-gun tells him that they want to kill him!


Meanwhile, the John & Mark hospital concert it going on to help children. Jessica is at the front of the row and smiling politely and clapping along perfectly to the melody.

Back with Dalgun, this car scene is a straight up chase through the streets as they keep driving and cannot stop their car. But Dalgun is able to rear-end a car so that car slams on his breaks o slow them down. 

However, that was only temporary. Dalgun sees a truck and sees that they should be able to flip it, so he tells his friend to hold tight and flips the car. Now it is on its back with the wheels still turning rapidly.

Lilly looks so annoyed.

Dal-gun crawls out of the wreckage and pulls his friend out as well. then he starts to walk toward Lilly in her car.

Lilly – Do you know the most difficult people that I deal with? Lucky people.

They take of driving again.

Da-gun’s friend asks him what happened? Tell me the details. Dal-gun says he won’t believe him, right? But his friend says that he believes everything now.

Back at the hospital, the photo event for the kids is over and the huge money check is given. But while leaving, they mention that they don’t want their charity televised so please stop photographing the event.

However, Dal-gun shows up at the hospital with the beat up car and a tow truck. he gets out, cracks his neck a few times and starts to walk to Jessica.

He walks all the way up to her and they have a stare off.

Fade Out


Another action packed episode with people dying left and right. At this rate, when a new person comes up on the screen, you can almost assume that they will be killed soon after. I even don’t think that Lilly will last too long. Though she might go out in a blaze of glory.

Still thoroughly enjoying everything about Vagabond because I am looking at this as pure blockbuster action entertainment. the more action scenes they give me, the better, because they look thought out and well executed. I heard they spent a lot of money on this show (hence the Subway sandwiches popping in everywhere, got to get that money, y’all), but in this case, I can literally see where the money is going.

Dal-gun is slowly building people on his side, with the Judo coach now firmly there. I think it won’t be too long before all the family members are on their side as well. One person I do not have a good read on is Edward Park. is he a good person or a bad person or an opportunistic person? It’s hard for me to get a good read on him. Any guesses?


HR – why did the usb have a virus? Are you going to cover up the case?

DG – You said that you are professional and I should trust you for taking care of it!

HR – Did you know that the Blue House invited the family, so reveal everything to the president

VO – You are unauthorized to be here

DG – I want to see the president! Where is the president!

VO – I will be response – *slapped*

Pres – I made you the head of the NIS, you used to just check the water quality in the Han river. So do your job.

Lilly – *sprays something on Dal-gun’s face*

EP – Lobbyist don’t do our business with weapons. We do our business by looking at people.

Jess – Even if the world changes, one thing does not change. Money is power and power decides what is true. This is not a scale that you can do anything. (or this is not your fight)


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    • WPB
      September 28, 2019 / 10:15 am

      Thank you for the recap, V.

      Here are a few random thoughts

      Netflix doesn’t include the preview of the next episode. 😠 thanks for including that in your live recap.

      I wonder if Suzy was really drunk when she filmed that scene. Her eyes and expression were so realistic.

      Lilly has established her presence in these two episodes – a bit crazy, but smart, predator.

      • V
        September 28, 2019 / 11:08 am

        It is good to know that Netflix does not include the preview because we were wondering if they did. Thank you for letting us know! We just need to find links to the actual video so we can show it.

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    Thank you for the recap! The show is getting more interesting. I hope Dal-gun finds a mentor who can make him James Bond

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    Hello V…was it you who did the recap? I just realised that when you wrote in part 5 – *missed a few minutes here *…. you actually missed Lee Seung Gi’s SHOWER SCENE! I’m afraid you need to re-watch this episode IMMEDIATELY lol. I did enjoy a bit of fan-service here with the shower scene and the push-ups! Now I really do sound like a perv lol. hope we will get some nice screenshots later in these recaps? (Not just of the shower scene lol). I really do enjoy re-reading recaps when they are well done. Thank you ladies for your hard work. Especially in a show like this one when 80% of the show is action. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Dalgeon is very impulsive lol but that’s exactly how Lee Seung Gi described his character. I do believe that he will grow with time. I am enjoying the interaction between DG & HR. By the way what is the song played when the credits are rolling at the end of this ep?

    • V
      October 1, 2019 / 10:26 am

      Oh, wow, I might need to go back and watch that one 😎! Not sure about the song at the end though, I need to check the OST’s on this drama.

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