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Vagabond: Episode 3 Live Recap

Netflix Vagabond Recap Episode 3
Netflix Vagabond Recap Episode 3

The first two episodes of Vagabond had me hooked to the story and I’m definitely not alone as the ratings climbed for episode one and two. The airplane was hella tragic, but it was also the step into blind passion and drive that our hero needed in order to do everything and stop at nothing to find out the truth.

We will start our live recap at 22:00 KST! See you then!

Note: We are using Netflix numbering for the episodes, not Korea numbering, though we might put Korea numbering in parenthesis.

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We start with a recap of the previous episodes of Vagabond. Dal-gum saw the person that lived from the plane crash. We also find out that one of the pilots might have been in on it.

We open on a person pouring acid on electronics while in a dark room. This person’s face is covered. He looks at his cell phone which says, You are already dead. Don’t reveal anymore of yourself. Come Home.

Elsewhere, Hae-ri is listening to the pilot talk on the phone as the airplane is going down. The scene is shot as if she is in the airplane watching everything happen. The pilot says that he cannot control the mechanical issue of B357. The plane is going down!

Hae-ri listens to the end while inside the laboratory. The scientist tells her that the voice recording ended there.


Meanwhile, Dal-gum and the embassy person go to a gas station. He asks Dal-gum to go inside and buy him something please. So Dal-gum goes in. But then a suspicious person walk sin as well. He pulls out a machine gun and lets the clerk run out.

Dal-gun oes not notice this, he is jyst getting the food. But then he sees the person in a reflection by the drinks and ducks out in the knick of time! Shots are fired that tear up the entire place. Food and plastic and glass goes everywhere.

Dal-gun puts a bottle of propane in the microwave oven and takes off running until he jumps out of the window.

The embassy guy is running toward the gas station, but Dal-gun tells him to run, run! So he takes off running with Dal-gun, but is shot. Dal-gun helps him into the car and they take off!


the scientist tells Hae-ri that they cannot make it terrorism only from the phone record. But she says that the time matches so much. He says that they found a lot of evidence of mechanical failure, so we should not confuse things. She tells him okay and says that when she finds more evidence then she will let him know.

She is about to leave, but sees a timeline of the events on the wall, so she goes to check it out. It looks like the time of the mechanical failure matches the phone call timeline. She starts to explain it to the scientist and we see a flashback to the airplane.

Meanwhile, Dal-gun has made it to the hospital and is carrying the embassy man inside. the doctors take over from there.

In the laboratory, Hae-ri tries to convince the scientist, but he says that the association will not accept it without definite evidence. She tells him that she has video footage of the terrorist, she can send it to him. He tells her that they can try it.

Then she gets a call from Dal-gun explaining that her colleague has a gun shot wound. She says that she will be there and also tells him that he was right, they found evidence in the blackbox, the plane was terrorized. She will tell him more later.

But while walking off, we see the doctor looking at her and he looks suspicious.



Hae-ri goes to her apartment but does not see her laptop. then she gets attacked by a masked man. There is a struggle where lots of glas breaks, but Hae-ri dfinitely has the lower hand as she is about to be strangled. But she is able to grab something and stabs him with it (maybe a letter opener). Then she runs to her grab her gun and has him at gun point. She tells him to take off his mask, now!

It is the hotel cleaner. She tells him to turn around and get on his knees then asks who sent him. He says he does not know, they said they would pay him 1000 euros so he should make it that she commited suicide. She says that she can shoot him now in self defense.

She then asks for his cell phone and tells him to call that person who told him to do this, otherwise she will kill him. But we also see that she has no bullets in her gun. 

In the hospital, the embassy guy goes through surgery and they pull the bullet out of his back.

Dal-gun is in the hallway and gets a call right at that moment, he has two phones. Hae-ri asks why Dal-gun is picking up this phone? Dal-gun says it is her colleagues phone, you called it, what are you talking about?

hae-ri tells him that the cell phone that he is talking on is related to the assassin that tried to kill me. She tells him to catch the colleague while trying to get the bullets. But the man is able to run away.

Dal-gun goes to find the embassy guy in surgery, but he has left. So Dal-gun asks someone nearby where the guy went? But he is talking Korean so she is all like, I don’t know what you are saying.

However, Dal-gun us able to see the man running around the corner, all bloody and obvious, so he takes off running to catch up with him.

Flashback to the man with the raincoat, that man is the embassy guy. This guy also sneak peaked Dal-gun while he was typing in his computer and got the password.

Meanwhile, Haeri is driving toward Dal-gun in a hurry while talking with the scientist. She says that she sent the video to her friend and they can prove that it is terrorism. he says okay, and gets off the phone looking all spooky and stuff.

Then the scientist calls Jessica Lee and tells her that they have some trouble there.

Cut back to the action, Dal-gun is still chasing after the man with the bullet wound. hae-ri is able to hit him with her car so he falls and they are able to approach him and ask him questions.

Dal-gun asks, why did you kill my nephew! Why did you terrorize that plane! The embassy guy sees an assassin on a roof. He tells them that he had no other way in order to save his wife and daughter. Then he gets shot by the assassin.

Haeri holds his head as the embassy guy tells her not to do anything, they are scary people. Then he dies. Dalgun yells at him, who killed them! But there is another gun shot from the rooftop, so Dalgun and Haeri take off and hide behind her car.

She gets her gun out. Dal-gun asks for it. But she doesn’t want to give it to him. He says she has a wounded hand. But she tells him that he is just a civilian, I am special force. I will not let you die, trust me.

But Dalgun just takes off running toward the building. He is shot at, but none of the bullets connect. Hae-ri takes off running to the spot as well. But she gets wounded and falls. However, she gets there. She tells him, if he gets a gunshot wound then she is dead. She also tells him that she has had a lot of training. She then explains how the sniper weapon works. It takes 3 seconds to reload and he can’t shoot a moving target well. So you have three seconds.

Dal-gun says he can do it in 4 seconds. So they lure a shot from the assassin and then take off running. The assassin reloads and sets his sights on Dal-gun. But when he pulls the trigger, there is another person who has a bullet on his head. So the assassin stops and turns around to see a musterious woman and another person with a mask.

This woman is this assassins informer. She keeps the gun on him.



This allows Hae-ri and Dal-gun to get to a safe spot around a corner of a building. Hae-ri uses her phone to see around the corner and sees that no one is there. So Dal-gun walks out and sees a car driving in a truck away from them. he yells in frustration on the rooftop.

In the car, the other assassins put a mask over the main assassins face.




We open at a government national cemetary and see a man walking slowly up to a memorial. Then we cut to several men walking up a hallway in suits. The camera cuts back and forth between this man and the men walking inside the building.

the men inside the building get to the security team in the NIS and start searching it. This is the area where Hwa-sook works. These men take everything out, the harddrive and the laptops and everything. Hwa-sook asks if she can just get one video. She pleads with this man and says that they are from the same town, so she wants to get her naked video from the computer. He says it’s okay, we will pay you for it.

then Director Min Jae-sik comes in and asks what this order is? One of the men says that Ki Tae-woong ordered it.

Cut to the man at the memorial, it is Ki Tae-woong who is the internal inspection team leader. Director Min goes to the memorial to yell at Ki Tae-woong. Tae-woong tells him that seven years about one of his friends died. The director does not really care and starts to talk about something. Ki Tae-woong says that his mission was successful and he had enough time to get out, but do you know why he died? Because the leader ignored a tiny simple rule. So I am following the rules.

He bows and starts to walk away. Director Min mutters jashik to himself.

Inside, Hwa-sook tries to talk to Director Kang about how she needs a certain video that Hae-ri sent her, can’t I go get it! But the director just closes his door on her.

Back in Morocco, haeri talks with the local police about her colleagues death. Dal-gun watches from the other side of the door and thinks back to the colleague telling Hae-ri not to do anything, they are very dangerous.

Back at the NIS, Tae-woong tells his boss that they have a lot of security breaches now. At that same moment, hae-ri calls . But her phone does not go through.

Ta-woong keeps talking about the security breach. Director Kang is late and apologizes for it, but they tell him not to come in if he is late. Then he gets a call from Hae-ri who tells him that the call was terrorizm, she found a huge secret in the black box. if we catch the terrorist then we can screw those people that look down on us.

Director Kang stands up and tells everyone that the B357 was crashed by terrorism. He then walks to the front and gives the phone to their boss. She is so happy because she tried calling him before. She pumps her fists in the air and then starts to fill the boss in on everything with the black box and all that. She tells him that there is a co-conspirator with the co-pilot. 

He asks if she is sure, she says that she checked with the scientist and sent the video footage of the terrorist to one of their agents. She will report to him when she returns.

Director Min tells her not to come back, just make the detailed report. But the big boss tells her to come back right now.



Hae-ri is happy with this and tells Dal-gun that they need to go back now. He tells her to go, he wants to stay and find the terrorist and the co-pilot. he will not go back until he finds them. She asks if he thinks this is a safari? You think they will show up when you want? 

he says that they will come back because they will want to kill him. They can find answers from them. But she tells him to get real, they forgerized the CCTV in two hours. But Dal-gun is adamant with staying and asks who these people are! Why did they kill innocent people! Why did my nephew have to die!

She tells him that they are going back, they cannot do anything there. Their lives are already in danger. Korea is not dumb, NIS will investigate it. So come back to Seoul with me.


the boss and the directors talk about who will do the investigation? Tae-woong speaks up and says that Joo-cheol has a history with catching terrorism victims, so he should do it. But the boss said that Director Min will do it.

Cut to lots of NIS computer espionage things going on in a room. It looks like there is a hacker that is infiltrating the NIS system. Tae-woong is trying to figure it out, but they need a specialist to fix it.


Meanwhile, Jessica looks very rested and happy as she talks to someone about having to not worry about the investigation. She smiles and asks when she will see him again and pleasantly gets off the phone. Then she sits and tells her lawyer about this quiet shadow person. Her lawyer says that he will tell Doctor Kevin not to worry about the NIS. He just needs to push them to say it is all mechanical failure.

But then she sees the Defense Minister and pleasantly tells him that she did not know that he plays golf. He looks at her and then walks away. She thinks, sigh, his neck is too stiff.

Later on, Jessica talks to her lawyer about the military people. they have all the important peoples folders out and talk about how they are bribing all of them. She wants the lawyer to send all the bribery things to all of them and they need an even bigger plan to hook the defense minister. So send the competitors their weaknesses, they will take it right away.

Later on again, Jesica meets with the people she wants to bribe and tells them thank you for accepting my invitation. Then she has a lot of women come in looking like Gisaengs in a sageuk and tells the men that they can leave if they want to, but if they do them they will have a lot of trouble on their backs.

The women starts to take off all the clothes. One of the men asks what she is doing!



The defense minister also comes and is let in by Jessica. he asks where they are so she walks him into the building. Inside, the men are having a very fun party with these naked women as they sing and dance and eat. The Defense minister throws something and yells at them. WHAT ARE YOU DOING! EVERYONE GET OUT!

Athe men are embarrassed to see him and all run out with all the women. He then proceeds to destroy the room until he finds a video recording. he holds it up to Jessica.

Jessica tells him, if she were him, she would ask for a drink. So they sit for a drink. he asks her if he thinks this kind of cheap threats will work for him? She asks if he thinks it is threats? She starts to talk about the airplane business and says that he may be clean, but all the people that work with him are dirty. She is going to reveal everything that they did, including todays footage, in the media. People are already angry about the airplane crash, what are you going to do with all the anger from the citizens? 

She continues and says that she is sad, she does not want to fight with him. She also has a lot of the weaknesses with the Americans and what they did with the Korean government. I have a lot to offer you. he asks if she is offering for him to work with her? She says a relationship with trust can break easily, but a relationship with a weakness cannot.

He tells her that he does not have any of her weaknesses. She sys that he can make one with her right now and goes to seductively sit on his lap. Then she tells him that she thinks he could be her biggest weakness. She starts to kiss him and he starts to kiss her.




In Morocco, Dal-gun and Hae-ri are in her house because they missed their flight. But they cannot turn on the lights or anything because they are still being hunted. They start to talk about how she has revealed everything about the terrorism. Dont you trust me? I am one of the best in the NIS. But you dont trust poeple right? I am good at reading people, you don’t trust people and yo have a temper and you don’t think.

Dalgun tells her that she does not trust him. She says she does not trust due to her job. But he does not trust because of his personality. She then applauds him for that. 

She also asks him why he raised Hoon, it seems like you don’t like kids. He tells her that they should go to sleep. he will be the first watch. She tells him that a special agent like her should watch things. She walks up to him to tell him to go to bed, but he quickly puts her in a light choke hold and asks what she will protect?

She tells him that she was off guard back then and that she gets her salary from the NIS. He says that he cannot sleep with any woman, so whatever you believe, you decide.

She says that he is not her type, she likes very tall guys with white faces and are very smart. You are not my type, are you crazy. See who goes to sleep first. if you snore then I will stuff your nose with bread!

But then she falls to sleep first. She startled herself awake with her snoring and sees that Dal-gun is gone. So she walks around to find him.

He is in one of the bedrooms or maybe the bathroom, crying to hmself. She sees this and lightly closes the door a bit to give him some privacy.


they make it to the airport the next day. hae-ri tells Dal-gun to stop looking around suspiciously, sigh, it is difficult to do anything with amateurs. Dal-gun thinks everyone is suspicious and points out a man who ended up waiting for his girlfriend. 

They get to their checkin area and are let into the airport. But the camera zooms away to show someone looking at them on a screen as well as another person on a screen. There are several screens open.

This other person is being dragged in an underground tunnel. It is the assassin and he is being tortured. He tells another man that he did not betray him, he wanted to take care of the co-pilot himself. If it wasn’t Cha Dal-gun then he would take care of it. the man says that they will take care of the co-piot and Cha Dal-gun.

This assassin says he can do it, no more mistakes.

But they stuff his mouth with something and cover it with tape. The person in the computer room keeps watching and then makes a phone call. The phone call goes to the general in charge of this assassin who holds a gun to the assassins head. He fires.




The lawyer tells Jessica that the NIS will take care of Go Hae-ri, what are you going to do with Cha Dal-gun? Jessica says that they need to remove the stumbling block. But they do not have anyone who can take care of some things for them in America.

Cut to a man bleeding out in a bathroom. There is a woman in the back that looks like an assassin. She talks on the phone and says that she is on her way to Miami. But she could look at it as taking a vacation to Korea. But she must have it be first class.

She then grabs her gun and goes to shoot the man in the bathroom, telling the person on the phone that she is working right now.

Meanwhile, the head of the NIS is on the phone and asks the person if they are sure? Okay. 


In another room in the NIS, Hwa-sook looks on the computer and tells Tae-woong that something is strange. There was a passenger that was not on the list but was in the airplane, that is strange right?

Tae-woong goes to tell this to the NIS head. The boss says that it might be a mistake. tae-woong says that two people saw the video, it shoul dnot be a mistake. Director Min is in on this conversation as well and tells him that everyone at the meeting and a few inspection team people know about the video and the terrorism. 

The head of the NIS tells them to cover it up. The video footage did not exist from the begining. Min, you quiet Go Hae-ri, and Ki, you take care of the internal inspection team. But Tae-woong says that more than 200 people died with the airplane crash, it was more than 200 people on the airplane and 108 Korean citizens. We cannot just bury this case. they can’t bury it after losing one piece of evidence!

But the Head of the NIS tells him that he is telling him to do it! the evidence disappeared in their hands! If anyone knows, do you think our department will still exist? You me and everyone will all be dead! The airplane association thinks that this case is a mechanical failure. When someone brings up a terrorism theory, then we can investigate it later. Don’t tell Go Hae-ri the details because she is a rookie, so she is still a little dangerous.

Ki and Min leave, Min is worried about his promotion, but Ki says that is not the issue here. Min says that rich kids like Ki Tae-woong don’t have to worry about something like that, but I am raising three kids. Ki is upset and starts to walk away, but Min asks him if he thinks that someone hid the evidence? This is strange timing. You know, the video that you took from the security check had a virus? The terrorist face that only we have…

Ki asks if he is suspecting him? he glares at him. Min says, if it is not true then forget about it, we will cover up the case anyway. It does not matter.


Meanwhile, Jessica is lookinga t the video that Hoon took on the plane. She looks a tiny bit affected by it, but sees the assassin in the back and resolves herself to delete it. However, someone comes in right then so she closes her computer quickly.

Th eperson who came in is the assassin that was in America right now. She looks like a Kpop superstar who also kills popele. So this assassin starts to talk to Jessica in a flighty airy way and asys that Jessica is the B that is giving her the job and she is the B that is taking it. So, lets cut to the chase.

They give her the file for Dal-gun who is a stunt man. She is all like, stunt man? Did you go bankrupt after spending money on movies? Jessica says he is a family member of the B357 accident. the assassin tells her that she charges regular price for bad people, but for a good person then she charges a premium. But I will guarantee the job. 

The lawyer is about to say something but Lily says that if they don’t like it then I will just look around Korea. Perhaps I can go to Gyongjoo. She gets up to leave. Jessica tells her not to use guns or poison. There should be no trace of homicide.

jessia sits and pulls out a drug. She says this will give someone a heart attache. it is potassium Chloride. So, no one will find out. Jessica asks if she is going to put it in his vein? that sounds difficult. Lilly asks if she is looking down on her? I am lilly, the angel of death.

Jessica tells her that she will pay her 10% and when the job is done then she will pay her the rest. Lilly agrees and asks where the customer is.




It is night over the ocean. Hae-ri is eating her food and asks Dal-gun if he will eat? If not, can I eat yours? He starts to eat quickly, but then he goes to the bathroom to throw up. Hae-ri knows this and asks one of the flight attendants for medicine for flying.

She also says she can draw some blood from his finger. He tells her to stop. But she tells him to give her his finger and starts to rub the flood to his finger from his shoulder. While doing this she tells Dal-gun that she knows he is sorry to Hoon, she was the same when her father died. She was so sorry and so angry.

She then pricks his finger and pulls the dark blood out of it (it is something that is very commonly done in Korea).

Later on, She falls asleep on his shoulder. he is about to push her head off his shoulder, but stops. They sit like that for a moment, with him looking at her occasionally. 


they get off the airplane in Korea. We quickly see that there are a few bad guys waiting for them. One of them bumps into Haeri with all his luggage. Dal-gun tells him to be careful. Another man has a ring taser and stuns Dal-gun with it.

Another man runs up and ays that he might be having a heart attach, we need to call the ambulance!

the ambulance shows up, Lilly is on it and starts to say that she will put the potassium in his vein.

But it was only her thinking about wha they would do. It does not look like Dal-gun is actually out of the plane yet. Someone tells her that he is out so they start to go forward with the plan.

the goal is to bump hae-ri, so they do that. Dal-gun says that this person should be careful, the taser person comes up to taser Dal-gun. He is about to rest his hand on his back, but Dal-gun sees the reflection in hae-ri’s sunglasses and quickly turns around and puts the man in an arm lock.


Fade Out



Another great action packed episode. I’m not so sure if they can continue at this pace, but I definitely do see where all their money went. They got the most out of their money on their location shoots as they spent the first three episodes there. But now we are back in Korea, so I’m interested to see if they will still shoot these action scenes.

This looks like it will be another one of those TV shows that has a lot of characters that come in and out and most likely die at some point when their use is up. Like the airplane assassin finding his end today. I’m looking forward to tomorrow where our main team will find out that the NIS is going to try and cover this case up.


VO – The government is going to buy the net fighter jet project.

VO – John and Mark will get the most benefit from this case

VO – It is not the question of who did it, but why.

DG – So you mean that this Jessica person got all those people?

VO – I don’t know if Jessica went this far.

HR – Can you tell me why we are not doing the investigation?

Min – There is not enough association that we can tie with John and Mark company.

HR – 211 people died! Now is not the time to think about those things.

TW – I don’t agree with our boss.

JC – We are just doing an errand now.

President – For the nations defense, I want to hear that there are Jung Kook Pyo and King Se-jong (so he wants people to talk about how great he is)

DG – Only because of the next fighter jet project, they will kill civilians? Are you all like this?

DG – they want to kill me?

Lilly – Do you know who I deal with? Lucky guys.


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  1. WPB
    September 28, 2019 / 8:36 am

    The female assassin made a great entrance to the show. At first I thought she is a lone wolf but she has others to help her, making her a bigger threat to our main characters. A potential BIG bad through the show but she could also be one of many characters that only last for a couple episodes. This show gets me hooked and I can’t tell where the storyline will go.

    Do you know if Suzy learned to speak the foreign language or if that was dubbed? It surely sounded like her own voice and was fluent.

    • V
      September 28, 2019 / 9:44 am

      Yes, I loved her entrance into the show, she looks so fun and devilish!

    • V
      September 28, 2019 / 9:46 am

      Hmm, I’m not sure about Suzy, my guess is that it was her as well.

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