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Vagabond: Episode 2 Live Recap

Episode 2 recap of Vagabond
Vagabond recap episode 2, image SBS

The first episode of Vagabond well exceeded my expectations! I loved the opening that showed up how skilled Lee Seung-gi’s character is and his bond with his nephew. It was playful and warm and gave us pretty good insight into how skilled and hard the life of a stunt double in Korea is, goodness.

We are about to start our recap, but we just finished our Arthdal Chronicles recap so we will take about a 10 minute break to eat something then we will hop right in! So we will start at probably about thirty past the hour (the bottom of the hour)! See you then!

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They show a brief recap of that happened in episode 1

Then we open on the bad guy who is bracing himself against the mirror in a dirty looking hidden room. He is cutting into his skin over a tattoo. It looks like he has something inside his chest. He grabs a tool and takes this out, perhaps it is a gps signal alerting someone to his location? He drops it in the sink and then thinks back to Dal-gun attacking him and asking him why he terrorized the plane! You asshole! the man thinks about this seriously.

Elsewhere, Edward Park is sitting on a terrace pleasantly and looking over the family profiles of the victims. he looks very well put together. A woman comes up to him and says that the people are waiting. He tells her he needs thirty more minutes. Then he starts to loosen his collar.


Inside, the friend punches the table and asks if they know how many hours they have been waiting! Hae-ri and her collegue wonder what happened. They should be here soon.

Then Edward Park comes in looking disheveled. He apologizes and says that he is head of negotiations with Dynamic Systems. Family members start to get super angry and the friend is about to hit him with a chair. he tells them that they can hit him.

EP – It is okay for you to blame me and yell at me. Show them how angry and lost you feel. 

Family – What the F is he talking about?

EP – Dynamic Systems told me to get the deal with the least amount of money, because the dead people are only a number to them. 211 people. You should teach them that those 211 people are not just numbers but family members that sit with you and smile with you together.

Family – I thought you came here representing them?

EP – Well, I lost my wife and my daughter in a plane crash….it was my daughters birthday but I told her I was busy so they couldn’t have had the birthday party. If I had dinner with them, then they would not have hopped on that airplane. Your wife worked late at the restaurant making kimbap and wanted to open a judo gym for you. Your husband, the assistant pilot, wanted to open a horse farm in Jeju Island. Even though he fits more in the sky than the land. The coach was like a son to you (the sister).

He goes around talking to them all about their family members. He tells them that everyone should not have left like that, they were all precious people. The family all start to cry.

Hae-ri starts to walk out and calls someone on the phone to tell them that she is done, how long does she have to stay there? But then Dal-gun shows up looking all busted and brused and bloody. Hae-ri looks at him, but he just walks right past her and to the room.

Edward Park asks the family members for their power so they can fight with Dynamics about it, whatever you want, I will tell Dynamic it!

However, Dal-gun walks back in right then and says that one guy is still alive! He didn’t die! He shot at me! It sounds strange, but I saw him!

His friend asks him if he went crazy? Dal-gun says that he did not go crazy! I was following him! This was terrorism! I am sure of it!

Everyone starts to whisper, terrorism? A woman says that she heard that the plane exploded even before it landed. How can anyone survive this? Dal-gun says that is why he is going crazy! They ask when he saw him, tell them? Dal-gun says he is not the only one, there was one other person.

All heads turn to Jae-ri who has come back inside. haei-ri woners why they are all looking at him. Dal-gun tells her that he is the man that he told her to catch! he opens up his computer and goes to the cloud to show the footage. This is the guy! Dont’ you recognize him! 

Dal-gun tells her to just think about it and look at him! She looks at him and remembers it, but does not remember the man. he yells at her, what is your brain for! She asks why he is yelling at her. Just check the CCTV at the airport!

Edward Park looks blank faced and yet concerned.




they go to the airport and look at the CCTV, the footage of the guy is still there so Dal-gun tells them to pause it on him. they look at several shots of him in the airport, but none of the shots can get close enough to show the scar. None of them are that clear, so everyone thinks he might have mistaken it.

Edward thinks so to and tells them to leave. But Dal-gun tells them that he must have done something to the CCTV. I saw him! I will put my neck on it! A woman tells him that they do not have any use of his head. We are all in pain. But Dal-gun is not relenting and says that they made the plane crash! They can do this as well!

Edward Park tells everyone that they should go, and starts to head out. His friend tells him that he owns a judo gym, he is patient, but they are all in pain. Don’t do this.

they all leave and Dal-gun is left wondering what is going on. 

Later on, we see a person walking though the alleys of Tangier. This person might be a woman. Cut to the inside of one of the buildings. The assassin is fixing his wound and cocking his gun. he opens the door to the woman who comes in and brings the information on Dal-gun. She says that he lost his family with the plane crash. 

The assassin wants to know what agency he is with? The woman says he is a stunt man, which is pretty unbelievable to the man. But then she says that someone is looking for him. He opens his computer to see a text that says to come home. He shakes his head and closes the computer.

The woman tells him that he should not continue to ignore these texts. But he says that his honor is more important that his life. Until he regains his honor, he cannot go back. She says that she cannot help him, so he tells her that she does not have to worry about that, he has someone that can help him.

He opens his phone and sees a message that says, “The earth revolves on its access.” 

He calls someone after reading it.


Meanwhile, Dalgun saves the file on his computer and then opens his safe and puts the laptop in there. he leaves the room and right at that moment, a man comes in through the balcony door and opens the safe.

Dal-gun walks down the stares and asks an embassy person on the phone if they knew where Go Hae-ri lives? he then goes to her house. it is raining like crazy outside, so he has to brave the rain with an umbrella as he calls her name over and over again. He is about to sneak up the side of the building, but then he feels a gun on his neck.

he slowly turns around and sees that it is Hae-ri. He asks her what she is doing, are you on the same side as him! Who are you!



hae-ri does not answer at first, she just holds the gun to him. he starts to walk towards her and asks her to tell him her real identity! She takes her hood off and asks if he thinks she is a terrorist? You are a dangerous person!

He takes her gun away super quickly and points it at her.

DG – I am crazy now! If you don’t tell me where he is then I will blow off your head.

HR – Do it then, go go go.

He is about to but there are no bullets in the gun. SO she just tells him that she is not a terrorist, what? Me and terrorism? 

But he grabs her and starts to tie her arms up. She tells him that he will be in big trouble for this!

Cut to the inside of her place. She is all tied up so she tells him that this is a big crime. Breaking and entering and threatening someone. He is not listening, he is just going thorugh all her things. He grabs a box that she tells not to open! But he dumps it all out and langerie falls everywhere, so she mutters that he is a pervert.

he continues to go thrugh all her things an dsees several passprots as well as an NIS badge. He asks her what is going on, are you NIS?

She tells him to release her. I told you that I should not show my identity. So release me.

He says he had a lot of those on a movie set. Do you want to see mine? I am CIA. She rolls her eyes and tells him that she is real. I can speak three languages. Do you think National security people only fight? There are smart agents too.

M calls her so Dal-gun asks who M is? He answers it and holds it to her. Her boss tells her good job and they chat a bit. he says that there was a detective that was arrested in Korea, good job. She asks him when she will go home to her National Security Intellegence service. Then she looks at Dal-gun.

M tells her that she can stay ther for now and playfully says it is nice in Korea without her. She asks him who will take care of that case besides her. He says that everything is already set up (this is the arresting diplomat case). He tells her that she finished it up well, it is done. She says that seh prepared everything and caught him, so she will buy a plane ticket.

But M tells her that she needs to stay there for now and hangs up.

Hae-ri tells Da-gun that it is confirmed right? He agrees and unties her bindings. She slaps him as soon as he stands up.



Outside, someone shows up in a car and puts a silencer on their gun.

Inside, Dal-gun sit with Hae-ri. She asks why he is there, he should have a reason for coming so late. Dal-gun gives her video footage right before the plance crash and tells him to remember his face, you said you ar smart. She sys that she is a busy person, I do not owe you anything. He tells her that they are responsible! (they are speaking banmal to each other).

She asks what he is talking about? He shows her her name as the host of the event. She sees it and sighs as she tries to explain that she just works for them. He pleads for her to help him, please.

He leaves later ona nd slowly walks down the steps to the street. But he sees a suspicious car parked there and starts to go up to it. However, a few guys start to walk by, so the man in the car starts to drive away.

Inside, Hae-ri starts to watch the video of all the kids on the plane and starts to feel all her emotions come up as she sees how happy there all were. She turns off the video and thinks about what Dal-gun said about her being responsible as well. She calls Dal-gun a jerk, how can he just say anything?

Then she puts her earpiece back in and starts to look at the video again. She sees the bad guy take a phone call and check his watch.


King Hwa-sook sits at her desk doing her nails when seh recieves a call from Hae-ri. She happily talks to her. Hae-ri says that she sent her a video in her personal mail. Hae-ri is all happy becaus she thinks it might be something sexy.

She goes to subway to look at it and sees that it is from the plane crash. Hae-ri asks Hwa-sook to check the phone call of the person who is in the background. Hwa-sook says that it will take some time to get permission. Hae-ri tells her there is no time for that, just do it without trace. Hwa-sook grumbles and says that there are a lot of cute guys over there, why are you working instead of dating?

Hae-ri hangs up quickly, so Hwa-sook starts to work on it and erases the file.


The Prime Minister, Hong Soon-jo walks to meet with th president and compliments a person for giving a good daily brief. She tells him that the president is not in a good mood today. he says okay, thank you.

Inside, the president starts to read about the next fighter jet. It says that the F-70 is the best choice. The Prime Minister comes in and asks if he is busy? then he will wait. But the president says he is fine.

The defense minister starts to talk to them and says that, based on the technology, transferring the technology is also good with Dynamics. Another person tells him that the public opinion is not good. If they make a deal with Dynamic systems, the public will be angry. 

They need to decide this with a lot of consideration, it is improtant. The other man says that the presidents rating has gone down so much after the plane crash, do you want to add fuel to the fire? This minister says that they should not waste trillions of won on defense.

The president addresses the Minister and says that they need to think about it this way. This is an $11 billion USD project. If that money gives sadness to people…yes our defense is important, but this is for the people.

The minister says that he is just saying this as a person who represents the defense. Please think about what is the best choice for the citizens.

The president says he will think about it, you can all leave.

The Prime minister stays and sits with the president like a friend. The president is all like, how dare that guy try to teach me something? His friend laughs and says that he picked a good minister of defense. I told you that there are a lot of good soldiers, but not a lot of trustworthy soldiers.

the president thinks that this is not good timing. The prime minister says he has to make good timing, But they think it is a headache, they should play baduk. The prime minister says that the funeral was today. The president says that has nothing to do with baduk today. The Prime minister says I will do black today. The president says he will do black. The PM says that if you lose then next time you are definitely black. They keep joking as they talk to each other.


Meanwhile, the families have the funeral along the coast. They are having it in Morocco and all are grieving for their losses.

Hae-ri is also affected by this after watching the kids video on the plane. Dal-gun is crying and tells Hoon that he is sorry. Uncle is so sorry.




There is a press conference about the net fighter jet. One person says that all of the Korean citizens are in sadness because of the next plane crash. Some people talk about the faulty machinery in the airplane. What do you think as the manufacturer?

The Dynamic Systems person says that they have no comment on that, they are waiting for the offical results.

Jessica starts to talk and says that for an airplane, the controls is the brain and the engine is the heart. Dynamic Systems big 357 created a faulty control and the engine blew up. They had problems with the head and the heart. Soldiers who have brain and heart problems will never win the war. That is what I wanted to say.

In the hallway of the press conference, the two NIS directors talk to each other and mock each other (they dont like each other). One is a director of media so the other mocks him about looking at entertainers all day. kang Joo-cheol tells him to go away. Agent Min jae-sik asks him if he has been drinking again? that is why our boss does not like you. DOn’t be too angry.

But then Agent Min leaves to talk to han-ki who is teh Civil Affairs Minister. He says he went to his hometown for a birthday. Mint ells him he is like an idol in his home town, that small town has a civil service minister! I know of a good restaurant! he starts to follow han-ki around. Han-ki looks like he doesn’t want anything to do with him.

At the same time, hae-ri calls Kang Joo-cheol. he asks why she wants to see the black box? She asks if he promises he won’t get angry. He says not to tell him because he is already angry. She tells him that one person argues that one person survived from the plane crash. Joo-cheol tells him to tell that crazy thing to her boss, Min Jae-sik, why tell me?

Hae-ri says that he knows someone from the information department . I went to Lisbon based on your request, I got all wet. You should repay me for that. He says okay, I will ask around, but I am not a 100% sure. She thanks hima nd asks about the autopsy report, did he commit suicide?

Joo-cheol says that he is not sure, he is not the kind of person who would commit suicide. But he has to hang up becuase Jessica goes up to him. She asks if he is a friend of Michael (that died). he says yes, he has a few questions about him, his wife is not picking up the phone. Do you know why he commited suicide?

Jessica says that she cannot tell him this kind of thing. What kind of relationship did you have with him? Joo-cheol says that when he was in the CIA, he helped him a lot. Jessica says that Michael had female problems, other that that, she cannot help him, sorry. She walks out.


Haei-ri is still with the family members and is helping them with indegestion or being sea sick. She gives them medicine and says that they can take it while here at the airport and in the plane. 

Edward Park comes up to them to make sure that they are all there and asks where Dal-gun is. He is informaed that Dal-gun is staying to catch the criminal. They all sigh and starts to head out.

But the criminal is there listening in one of the seats and hurries off.




Dal-gun is in the lobby and calls his friend and tells him that he will send him a video, be sure to spread it online everywhere. But when he looks at his online account, he sees that it is all erased. he gets up and hurries out, possibly to his apartment room. One of the embassy guys guys comes to check on him and asks what is going on.

Dal-gun gets to his apartment and sees that his safe is all broken into and someone took the laptop. He runs to the balcony and sees the person that took it running away. 

Dal-gun jumps from his balcony and lands on the table, it breaks his fall so he can stand right up. Dal-gun then remebers the janitor passing him upstairs and runs back inside to find him. he sees the janitor and starts to chase after him through the hotel kitchen area.

He catches him in the kitchen and the fight starts! The janitor has a knife and starts to attack Dal-gun. But Dal-gun is able to fend off all his attacks and puts the guy shead on the counter to yell at him about who sent him! Who sent you! the man says that he does not know!

Dal-gun swings him around and tells him to tell him! If you don’t want to die, then tell me!

A lot of police officers come in at that point and point their guns at Dal-gun. Da-gun says that they have to catch that guy! He is the criminal. The embassy guy catches up at this point and sees that Dal-gun is arrested, he looks worried.


Meanwhile, Hwa-sook and another agent are trying to filter out all the sounds from the video to see if they can hear what the man is talking about. They hear something, but it is not in English, it is in Spanish.

Hwa-sook listens closely and starts to write down the bits and pieces that she hears.

She calls Hae-ri and tells her that she found out what the phone call was, but she is not sure, he is speaking Spanish. She says that she will tell her, just write it down. Jae-ri tells her to just text it to her because she just woke up. Hwa-sook is all like, jashik. 

they hang up and the other embassy person knocks on Hae-ri’s door and tells her that the other passenger is in the police station. She sighs, what kind of trouble did he make now?

She heads out and tells her colleagues to follow her. The bad guy sees them leaving and sneaks into her apartment. he finds her laptop and starts to look through it. he is also able to hack it open using a hacking program and sees the kids video on her laptop. He sees that one of the kids (Hoon) caught his face pretty well on accident.


Meanwhile, Dal-gun sits in jail. He is thinking about his nephew who is in an orphanage. He hasn’t spoken in a long time so the nuns are worried about him and called Dal-gun to the orphanage to take care of him. Dal-gun thinks that he can’t take care of him, that is why he is in the orphanage.

But the nun tells him that they cannot take care of him, their orphanage will close soon. You should take him.

Dal-gun reluctantly takes Hoon and gives him a bath at home. He says he will find his mom. Hoon says that his mother abandoned him, are you going to abandon me too Uncle? dal-gun tells him that heir family is not just some kind of recycled waste that one person abandons and another picks up. Family all lives in the same house.

Hoon says that family is bull***t (that is what Dalgun said to the nun). Dal-gun asks him who taught him that and then starts to splash him with water. This turns into a pretty fun moment as they splash each other with water.

In the jail, Dal-gun remembers all of this and starts to cry. But then his jail cell is opened. A guard tells him to come out. Dal-gun goes out and is led into a room with several people including the janitor and the embassy employees. 

Some people ask Dalgun what he lost besides his laptop? Dal-gun says that they should tell them that this guy works for the terrorists. Hae-ri looks at him and says that they should definitely not tell them that.

the janitor says that he went to clean the room, but it was all messed up. So he left. He tried to say that, but Dal-gun just wanted to hit him first.

Dal-gun gets angry and stands, they tell him that getting angry does not help. They checked the janitor out and confirm that he works for the hotel. So they end up releasing the janitor.

Dal-gun asks why they are releasing him! hae-ri says that he will go to jail. Dal-gun is able to break away and grabs a pen. He holds it up to the mans neck and tells Hae-ri to translate to them that he is on the same side as the terrorists! 

Hae-ri is sto flustered and asks if he wants to be in jail forever! The police say that they will fire on the count of three Haeri says that they will really fire! They start to count to three. Haeri runs to be in front of the guns and says that they will really fire! I might die becuase of you jashik!

Dal-gun sees the situation and reluctantly throws the janitor back to the police.



meanwhile, the assassin is still in Hae-ri’s apartment.

Later on, Hae-ri heads back to her place when she gets a call from Joo-cheol to find a certain person to confirm the black box. But she sighs and says that she does not think they need to confirm it. He asks hr if she thinks he is training a dog?! She apologizes and starts to head into her place.

The assassin is waiting for her, he is getting ready to strangle her with a chord.

Haeri is about to go inside, but she pauses and thinks back to what Dal-gun said about her being a co-conspirator to the terrorist! She says that this is driving her crazy and heads out again instead of going into her apartment.


Hae-ri goes to this organization and is told to wait for a moment. SO she waits and looks around at all the pieces that they were able to retrieve from the airplane, inscluding taekwondo clothing.

then a man comes out to talk to her and presents the black box. They were able to find two black boxes. They got the voice recording and the airplane gps. 

They go somewhere to listen to the voice and hear the pilots talking about the kids and how they are part of the national team so they should be treated well. Then they talk about speaking in Spanish and how it is okay, they wont understand them. The man showing her the information says that he has the translation.

Haeri reads the translation and thinks that the pilot is talking to his girlfriend. Hae-ri thinks back to Hwa-sook saying that the guy in the video was speaking Spanish.

She pulls the phone out with the text message and compares it to the translation.

Text: Is the person next to you okay? Set the watch, the current time is 11 oclock, 2 minutes, 7 seconds, 8 seconds, 9 seconds. From now on, it is exactly 14 hours and 47 minutes later. Where is the present? 13:15, 13:20, 13:23, 13:30

The conversation kind of matches, so Hae-ri writes down the conversation from her sunbae on the translation and compares it. It looks like the assistant captain was talking to the terrorist?

The conversation matches now.

Honey I was waiting

(Is the person next to you okay)

They can’t understand what we are talking about

(Set your watch, right now is 11:02, 7, 8, 9 seconds

We see a flashback to the conversation and in it matching. The assassin says that they prepared the present at the place that they promised. it will be there. The assassin asks for their date plane. the assassin starts to count down. Then the pilot asks if they need anything else? The assassin says no.

Hae-ri is looking at all of this play our as if she is on the plane.

She tells the man helping her that these conversations match perfects. But one guy is the assistant captain, who is the other guy?


The other embassy guy is able to get Da-gun out of jail with 1500 Euros. he had to bribe them to let him out and tells Da-gun that he has to pay him back for this. You have to pay it.

In the science room, Hae-ri says that that thug was right, B357 was a terrorist attack.


Haei-ri is having her National Intelligence Service Interview (NIS)

I – Why do you want to join the NIS?

HR – My father was a marine colonel. He saved 8 of his fellow soldiers from a fire during an exercise. To follow in his footsteps, I want to serve the country.

I – That is lame.

HR – What?

I – Most of the people say the same thing sitting over there

HR – Well, I am the daughter of a man who served the country, so you should not question my national pride.

I – Marine first battalion leader colon Go Kyung-cheol

HR – Do you know my father personally?

I – I am one of the eight that he saved

HR – ah, you were. What a coincidence

She moves her chair forward and quirky music starts to play.

HR – I did not have to tell you this but…our mother was involved in fraud while she tried to buy a builing. So, we only had house but it is almost in auction. My brother had to study for college again.

I – Stop saying all those things

HR – Well, I am the head of the family now, my father saved you so…if I don’t get the job then we will be on the street!

he is walking away as she is saying this. She failed.



This episode was just as good as the first, if not better! The action is continuing and Hae-ri is reluctantly starting to put two and two together. Luckily, she has a eunnie at the NIS that will do things without using the proper channels and she has another colleague that owed her that favor for her going to Lisbon for him. So in those two instances, she was able to put together the phone conversation between the pilot and the assassin, so perhaps there were two survivors of this plane crash! I feel like the hunt will be on for this pilot, if the assassin fulfilled their part of the agreement. or maybe this pilot just wanted his family taken care of and thought of it as a suicide mission? He didn’t have that look about him, so I think he is still out there somewhere.

From the teaser, I hope the embassy colleague lives! He did not look that good of it. But maybe that is the in that Hae-ri needs to take this case all the way. As of now, she knows that something happened and that it was a terrorist attack, but maybe that also makes her want to keep her hands clean about it. If her colleage does die, or at least is severaly injured (which is definitely is from the teaser) then maybe that will make her want to go all in.

Also, Shin Sung-rok is making his appearance in the next episode! And he looks like a good guy! Yay! I initially thought he would be one of the villians becuase he has that look about him and plays a villian so well. But now it looks like he might be on the side of right. Hurray for that!


HR – I found the phone record of the terrorist in the black box recording

Man – Bury it

TW – More than 200 people died from this plane crash.

TW – We lost one evidence, we can’t just ignore it

Man – I am telling you to just do it!

DG – Who are they! Why did all those innocent people die!

DG – Why did my nephew have to die!

Embassy guy – Don’t do anything, they are scary people

HR – Go there and sleep, I will protect you

DG – You? With your skills you will protect what?

JL – You are going to put it in Cha Dal-gun’s vein?

JL – No gun fire and no poisoning

JL – You shouldn’t leave any evidence of murder

HR – Dal-gun, wake up!

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  1. Tutti
    September 21, 2019 / 11:48 am

    Thank you for the recap! It seems like Dal-gun is very uneducated and acts without plan. I wonder when he becomes a real pro.

  2. WPB
    September 24, 2019 / 10:24 pm

    After watching the first two episodes, I think Susy’s character is more challenging for an actor. It provides so much opportunity for her to show the depth of her acting. And she has been doing a fantastic job.

    • V
      September 25, 2019 / 10:02 am

      Yep! I like her in it so far.

  3. Samuel
    September 26, 2019 / 5:32 pm

    Who is the artist and song in the funeral scene in episode 2?

  4. Peachietime
    September 28, 2019 / 3:47 am

    The logic of this drama is so flimsy and ridiculous so far I am really disappointed but hopefully it’s going to have a better explanation.

    First thing first, when a tragic like this happens general public will blame the airline first. Think about all the news you have heard, when did you hear about people blaming Boeing? Not much. Also, the investigation isn’t completed. No company, not one, would ever admit they are at fault and start a settlement before a formal investigation shows proof that it happened BECAUSE of the plane’s malfunction. It’s barely a speculation right now that it’s Dynamic System’s plane design issue. And if a person is jumping out to tell you “it’s a terrorist attack” and giving a company an escape route, no company will not take that change and jump on it right away. Suzy’s character is an intern, why would an intern be handling a big deal like this? Why would an agent who’s supposed to blend in ride a red Jeep? Why would an agent shows a stranger that she has a gun? Why would she yell “don’t open the box!” to prove that the box has something she doesn’t want people to see? Why would she let a stranger listen to her conversation with her boss that could be extremely confidential as a trained agent? The writer will need to really spin this to make this makes sense. She could do all these intentionally but the fact that the investigation isn’t finished and how difficult it is to prove the plane design is the reason why the accident happened, I hope the writers could actually spin this. There are way too many more instances like this where the logic just doesn’t make sense.

    From this two episodes I am very disappointed but hopefully this week will be better. I can’t accept that this has better ratings than Arthdal. That just shows how shallow the Korean viewers are.

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