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Vagabond: Episode 15 Live Recap

Vagabond Recap Episode 15
Vagabond Recap Episode 15, image SBS

Vagabond is back! And I am so happy for this crazy action packed blockbuster fest to hop right back onto my screen. Dramas have been so sobby lately, at least this one gives us some rewards. I’m here for you, Vagabond, now tell me, what have you been up to lately?

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Hae-ri, Tae-woong, and the sidekick show up to the mental hospital to see Kim Woogi, but he has been kidnapped. They go into the room and see blood splattered all around the floor and on the bed and wall as if there was a struggle.

The sidekick asks where the guard was and what happened? The guard tells them that the CCTV was broken. Tae-woong tells him to call the police and get a fingerprint.

The leave and call the NIS offices to tell Kang what happened. They know that there is a high probability that Kim Woogi might be murdered so they have to find him right away.


Jerome shoots at Dal-gun in the department store but misses. The co-pilots wife keeps running around to escape. Dal-gun and Jerome keep fighting with everything that is around them. Jerome has a gun so Dalgun uses a ballpoint pen and glass and anything he can get his hands on.

The wife round to a kitchen area and grabs a display knife for defense. But another guy is already in the room and has a huge knife, he sneaks up on her.

Outside that area, Jerome and Dal-gun continue fighting. But then the police show up so the bad guys hurry out. dal-gun finds Oh San-mi holding her neck with blood all around. Her throat has been cut. It looks like she does not have much time so she tries to write a message in her won blood.

She dies. 

He takes a picture of what she wrote and then the cops all come in and hold a guns to his face. 

They take him to the offices and treat him as a suspect. Dal-gun tells them that he is the one that called them. But they still want to take his finger print. So they they take his finger print and we find out that he has a violent crime record.

Dal-gun says it was  just a tiny thing. Hae-ri and the sidekick come in right then and take Dal-gun away. The officer looks at them smugly as if he is a bad guy. Then he calls someone.



Jerome sits in his lair steaming about Dal-gun and drinking lots of liquor. He has a single light on in the room. Another guy comes in and tells him that it is difficult to infiltrate the NIS. Jerome asks if he is going to tell Samael that?

Outside the station, the sidekick talks to someone on the phone and Haeri and Dal-gun talk. Dalgun tells her that the police officer was a little suspicious. Then the sidekick comes back so they say that Dal-gun needs police protection since he is the last person to see the co-pilots wife alive.


Meanwhile, Tae-woong, Kang and the rest of the team talk about the wife’s last message. It seems as if someone else is behind this. Hwa-sook says that Samael is the devil in the bible. Why would they have that scary name?

The director tells them that the prime minister said that the president is behind the airplane crash. The Prime Minister also released Oh Sangmi. Taewoong asks, what if there is another person behind everything? What do we do?

Kang tells them that someone crashed the airplane and Jessica and the President where only used by that person as a pawn. That means that Samael is working with  the Prime Minister? They all try to work this out. Tae-woong says that this is just a hypothesis. Hwa-sook and the sidekick are on the same page with Tae-woong’s idea.

Kang asks if they got anything from the CCTV around the hospital? Hwa-sook says that they are investigating it but there is nothing in particular. So Kang tells them that they need more clues.

They look at the dying message which looks like pac-man is about to eat a cirle.

Cut to Haeri putting on makeup with bubbly music playing. She thinks she looks good and then goes upstairs to her place. Dal-gun is upstairs taking a shower and staring in a little mirror. He starts to draw the symbol of pac-man eating a circle and then adds two parallel lines to it. 

He thinks it is Jerome! It is the same tattoo that Jerome had! He runs out and yells Jerome!

But Haeri is there and sees all the family jewels. So he slinks back into the bathroom. She tries to tell him that she saw nothing.


Cut to Hae-ri and Dal-gun talking to the NIS agent video chat. They tell them about Jerome. Kang tells everyone on the team to search for this symbol everywhere on Earth. It can be a secret force tattoo. They put secret location things in it and use it to know each others identity.

Haeri and Dal-gun starts to look at every special forces symbol at Hae-ri’s house. They sit around the couch and look on her computer and talk about  Morocco and French and Chinese marks. 

Dal-gun is a bit embarrassed and talks about what happened before. She tells him that she did not see anything, okay? He is a bit embarrassed.

They keep looking for the symbol all evening and into the night until Dal-gun falls asleep on the couch. Hae-ri is still working and laughs as she mutters to herself, of course I saw it, my eyes are so fast. Then she keeps talking to herself and asks when he made that bullet necklace for her? You cute guy.

She walks off and we see that al-gun is actually not sleeping. He sits up and mutters, aw man, she did see it, I want to d-i-i-i-i-i-e. He puts his head in his hands.

Later on, Hae-ri is the one that is sleeping by the couch and he is the one that is awake. He covers her with a blanket as a soft song plays. He also takes off her glasses and sits on the couch next to her.

He starts to talk to her and says that she is the first, so you have to be responsible for me.


In a warehouse somewhere, Kim Woogi is hanging from his arms and asking for water. Jerome gives it to him. Woogi tells him that he wants to see Samael. Jerome told him that h will see Samael when he dies. So watch your mouth.




Min looks at the tattoo symbol in the interrogation room and tells Kang that he has never seen it before. Kang asks him if he knows Samael? Min tells him that he is Buddhist, why don’t you read the Bible?

Kang rolls his eyes and starts to leave. He tells him that he will send him to another investigation department. Min hops up and grabs his arm and asks for a break. You are the only one that can save me! You know my kids and wife! They are all in college now, please let me go, my wife cannot do anything without me! Please, please how can they survive without me! 

He falls to his knees to beg.


Meanwhile, Jessica reads something and looks concerned. Then she meets with Haeri and Dalgun. they show her the symbol. Jessica asks if Samael is the one that screwed her up? then she asks for their cell phone.

They are hesitant to give it to her so she tells them that they are there to ask her for a favor.


Elsewhere, Lilly and the North Korean agent are still looking up things together. It looks like they have fallen into a nice working relationship where Lilly bosses the North Korean agent around and he listens to her. Right now, they are looking for the co-pilot too and are scoping out the mental hospital CCTV while at their headquarters.

Jessica calls Lilly about the tattoo, she says that she does not know that. So she asks the North Korean about Samael but he does not know. She also mentions that this is so complicated, but she tells Jessica that she can find it. What about finding Kim Woogi? Jessica says to call the police information and ask for Yang, he will help you.

Lilly tells Jessica that she is using her too much, you don’t even have money in your bank account. But she smiles and tells her not to be angry, after finishing the job you can pay me later.

Jessica hangs up and tells Dal-gun and Hae-ri that she is good to she will find out the information.

They drive off. The news in the car talks about the impeachment of the president. Hae-ri tells Dal-gun not to worry about it, everything will be fine.

They go inside the area where Oh Sang-mi was killed and look around for clues. Dal-gun thinks about what Taewoong said, Who is the biggest beneficiary if the president it impeached?

Dal-gun asks to see the president. Director Kang knows someone in the Blue House so I will contact that person.


the president calls for the Prime Minister to come into this office. The Prime Minister comes in and does not great him, he asks why he is looking for him. The President tells him that soon they will have the impeachment for you. Why don’t you just resign before you are fired?

The Prime Minister chuckles and tells him, why don’t you step out before you are impeached? That is the last thing that you can do for the citizens. The President says that he made a newspaper guy the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister says that because of him he has a lot of nicknames like scare crow and background and invisible prime minister.

The president tells him that he would have supported him if he wanted to do politics. The Prime Minister says that he could have done that a long time ago. What is the read reason that you oppose me?

The Prime Minister says that the snake will die if they don’t shed their skin. I just took off my skin in the proper season. The President tells him that getting fired does not mean the the citizens will forgive you. The Prime Minister tells him that getting impeached or resigning will affect his sentencing a lot. Think about it carefully.

He walks out. The President calls him a poisonous snake.


The secretary comes in the presidents office and tells him that Dal-gun wants to see him. The President tells her that he does not have time to see those guys, I want to see Han-ki, prepare the car.

Hae-ri gets word that they will not have a meeting. She tells this to Dal-gun and says that waiting outside will not make a difference. But then Dalgun sees the president’s caravan driving by so he runs in front and stops it. All the secret service come out and points their guns at him. Hae-ri tells them not to shoot! He is a family member!

Dal-gun is forced on his knees but the agents. The President rolls down his window to talk to him and says he is too rude. Dal-gun tells him that he is in a trap! Someone is using you!

The President takes Dal-gun somewhere quiet to talk so they walk through a park. He asks if Hong Soon-jo put me in a trap? Dal-gun says yes. The President asks if he has evidence? Dal-gun tells him that this is why he wanted to talk to him. He needs to know how much the prime minister is involved in this case. He wonders what kind of help he gave him and what weakness he has about him. He also wants to know if he is working with the prime minister.

The President says that he acknowledges that he did not find out the truth, but that is his only fault. I am a victim also. Dal-gun asks him, you feel victimized? The President says yes, what did I do wrong? Dal-gun yells that he lied to the citizens! You hid the truth! What is the difference between you and corruption!

The President tells him that he is in a position that has to decide and make choices. If it is not good for the majority then I need to hide it. I need to stop if it make the majority in danger. For turbulence for the country, I need to hide it. That is the job of the president.

Dal-gun tells him that this is why they can use you! You hide things because of your own greed! The President tells him that he knows nothing about politics and power. Dal-gun tells the president that what he is doing now is not seeing or hearing and only deciding things for himself, that is what they want! An uneducated guy like me knows about this, but how can YOU not know about it as the president!

The President is all like, whaaa, you crazy bastard.



The president goes to the hospital to see Han-ki. But the room is empty. The secretary comes in and says that Han-ki turned himself in to the NIS. The president is surprised that he woke up.

Cut to Han-ki being wheeled into the NIS building. Lots of reporters are in front of him. He says that he will tell the truth to the agents. On of the reporters says that she heard that he had a secret account using his mothers name. He looks at her sternly. But then she is asked to move aside.

Hanki goes to a room for the interview. he declines doing the interview later and starts to write something. he slides it over to Taewoong and tells him that this is his secret account and password. You will find everything that yo need there. Tae-woong slides it over to the sidekick.

Tae-woong asks him why he changed his mind? Flashback to The Prime Minister talking with Han-ki in the hospital. The Prime Minister basically said that he made Kook-pyo the president because he himself wanted to be the president. But back then he did not have the support of the people.

Hanki tells him that he will not tell the Prime Minister anything if he does not tell him all the truth. The Prime Minister starts to talk about IMF and new Capitalism and all those things as the camera fades back.

In the present, Han-ki tells Tae-woong that peoples heart can change with one falling leaf. Peoples hearts are untrust worthy. Taewoong asks him if he has heard of Samael. It looks like HK has. he sets his glass on the table and tells them that he is done with the coffee. Can I go back to the hospital?

Cut to a news report about John & Mark approaching the president. All the bribery and corruption was true with John & Mark and money laundering and everything. After laundering the money, it all went to the president.

The family people of Korea are in an uproar and want him impeached. Lots of demonstrations and marches are on the street and lots of candle light vigils are had.

Tomorrow is voting day for impeachment.

Tomorrow comes and they vote. At the same time, Hae-ri and Dal-gun go to subway (lol).



Hae-ri and Dalgun get their sandwhich. The other family members are also here. They are all watching the impeachment hearings. 299 for yes and 247 for no. So he will be impeached.

The families all celebrate.

In the Blue House, the president takes a walk outside. The head guards want to walk with him. He says that he wants the car keys to drive himself. So he drives to a lake and takes a lot of pills to kill himself. But he accidentally drops the water bottle so he can’t kill himself anymore. He spits out all the pills and thinks about Dal-gun who told him that this is a trap. Someone is using you!

So the president calls his secretary and asks for Dal-gun’s phone number.



Dal-gun drives up the mountain to see the President who is still at the lake. he walks to the bridge to talk to him. 

KP = yo know, power is like a drug, it makes people go crazy. it is something that you can happily share but you want to get more and don’t want others to take it from you. that is why people lose their patience.

DG – Why do you want to see me?

KP – Actually, I tried to kill myself, but as you said. I thought that someone used me so I could not just die because I am mad. If you keep fighting the people that crashed the airplane and made me like this, I will help you until the end.

DG – You will go to jail if you are impeached.

KP – The lion does not become a cat if the lion is in the zoo.

DG – How will you help me?

KP – With anything I can do.

DG – I am sad, if you did this from the beginning it would have been a big help

KO – Regret helps nothing

DG – I don’t need your help

KP – You are the first person that gave me proper advice. Save my phone number. If you need help then call me anytime

Dalgun leaves.


Hae-ri and Hwa-sook eat at the chicken restaurant happily. Hwa-sook asks if the hacker is still inside? The boss says yes, he spent all night trying to find the terrorist. So Hwa-sook goes to the back with Hae-ri and they see the hacker sleeping. But he did his job, he found Jerome!

Jerome is on the computer so Hae-ri sits to look up all the information. Hwa-sook goes to wake up the hacker who looks like he just wants to sleep. they ask if this is everything about Jerome? The poor hacker just rolls over and tries to o back to sleep.

They find out that Jerome is part of an American mercenary group called Black Sun. The girlfriend with Michael is probably in Black Sun as well.

So Hae-ri tells Dalgun this. Then Edward calls Dal-gun. Dal-gun asks him if he knows mercenaries? Edward says yes, of course, I sell weapons. So Dalgun asks him what Black Sun is. Edward tells him it is a company in North America, why? Dal-gun tells him that the airplane terrorist is part of that group.

Dalgun drives to Edwards place. The wife of reporter Jo calls him right then so he takes the call. The wife tells him that he questions the cause of her husbands death and that it might not be the car issue? Dalgun says yes, do you have anything strange that happened around that time?

The wife says that her husband rented the car on July 24 to go on a drive. He had an accident after renting it.

This triggers something in Dal-guns head with Edward. He tells the woman that when he saw the fake reporter Jo, it was July 13th. He tells the wife thank you for your call, I will call you later.

He starts to think about some other things with Edward and the secretary. He also tries to put two and two together with the reporter. Then Edward calls and asks where he is. Dalgun tells him that he is in the parking lot, he will be up there right away.

Dal-gun is suspicious of Edward as he walks up to the offices. He looks at the secretary walking him to the room and starts to remember how she helped them and how Michael had a girlfriend. He is starting to think that she might be the girlfriend.

He remembers the tattoo and starts to think about how the secretary showed her wrist to the police officer when they were trying to escape  morocco. 

They get to Edwards office and Dal-gun sits to chat. Dalgun tells them that Oh Sang-mi gave them the information. But then Dalgun spills the tea on purpose and it falls on the secretary so he wipes it off and sees the tattoo.


Edward looks at Dal-gun suspiciously because Dal-gun is looking stunned.

Flashback to Michael calling the co-pilot to abort the plan. But Kim Woogi did not have a good connection and did not hear what he was saying. Michael was trying to tell Kim Woogi that this is all by Samael! But the co-pilot didn’t really get that message.

Then we see that the secretary killed Michael and Edward was the man in the car with the cigar.

Edward also told someone not to kill Jerome because he is still useful. In the cargo ship. Woogi recognized the secretary as Michaels girlfriend and told her to call her boss before he tells Dalgun. So she calls Edward. 

The co-pilot tells Edward that 20 million is cheap for him to tell everyone that John & Mark is behind all this. And, I want less than a three year sentence, is that possible? You have a big syndicate, I have nothing to lose. Think about it well Samael. Hahahaha.

Edward looks pissed and hangs up the phone.

In the present, Edward asks Dalgun if there was anything else he heard? Dalgun mentions Samael. She said Samael. Do you know him? The camera is moving in vertigo around Edward. He says that he has data about Samael.

Then he goes to his drawer, there is a gun there. So he fakes like he is reading something and then grabs the gun to shoot Dalgun. But Dalgun grabbed a pen and stabs Edward in the hand with it and grabs the gun.

He points it at Edward and tells him that he is the one that did this to his Hoon! Edward tells him that he would not be alive if it wasn’t for him. he would have already ben dead in Morocco. People believe family members. that way we will also have a happy ending.

Dalgun holds the gun to his forehead. Edward asks him if he thinks that he did all of this to only get the fighter deal? he starts to walk away with his hands up and telsl Dalgun that he does not know how the world works. Do yo know why we still have crime? We have to have crime so the law will move and the money will move.

Dalgun tells him to shut up. Edward says that crime is a business created by the people that own the law. War is the same. We are the people who make the world more convenient. I wish my home country Korea becomes strong. In a strong country, the citizens can brag about it to everyone. That is what I want. that is my righteousness. Not the righteousness of those poeple who make ends meet.

Dalgun scoffs and says that killing innocents is his righteousness? Edward says that happens all the time. he says tht his nephews death will be ~. Dalgun shoots him in the arm and tells him, whatever, yo did a stupid thing. You touched Hoon. Edward tells him that killing him does not stop it. Ii have someone that can replace me.

Three people come in with guns. One of them is the secretary. She tells Edward that they are ready. The computer screen turns on to Subway where all the family members are eating as they always do. Edward tells Dalgun that a bomb is in that bag of the person that just arrived. if you don’t remove this gun, then you will see thisi happen.

The backpack is on the chair next to the family members. The camera also cuts to Haeri who is talking on the phone outside somewhre. Dalgun tells them to stop before I kill you! he points the gun at Edward with more passion.

Edward tells him to stop otherwise the family members and Haeri will all die! Becuase of you.

Edward dramatically holds the gun to his own head and tells Dalgun that these people will all die becuase of you.

The tension builds as we wait for Dalgun’s response. 

Dalgun lets go of the gun and throws his hands to his side. 

Edward tells him that they are the ones that charter new territory. You have to defeat the gods first to defeat us, okay? Then he hits Dalgun with the gun and knocks him out.



Dal-gun is dragged to Woogi’s side in the warehouse. Edward accompanies them and the place is doused with gasoline. Edward calls someone and says that they will clear up everything here. He tells someone this on the phone and tells him, yes, sir.

The secretary gets a call from a special agent. She hangs up. It looks like Haeri is the one that called her. She is driving along the highway wondering what is going on. the secretary gives the cellphone to Edward and says that when they get another phone call, it will detonate.

Edward tells Dalgun Dalgun that he can think of it as meeting his loved ones a little earlier, good luck.

They leave.

Dalgun and Woogi try to get out of their bindings, but they are hanging from their wrists and pretty helpless.

When the get into the car, Edward calls Dalgun. The cell phone is laying in gasoline and sparks the gas to ignite. The fire swarms quickly.

Dalgun and Woogi are engulfed in flames right away. Then the flames get to barrels and everything explodes.

Fade Out


Exactly what I was missing in my weekly watch! This show is such a ridiculous happy blockbuster place to hop into in. I missed it so much!

Of course we all know that Dal-gun didn’t die. I mean he was in the first scene in the desert as that snipper on the hill. So I don’t know who they think they are fooling with that preview.

Also, why do they have all new cars driving around everywhere? All these cars they are driving (and on the street) are brand spanking new from 2019 if not 2020 and yet this show is supposed to be set in 2012 or something like that. But they do have old cell phones, lol. It’s like they are trying to make the effort but aren’t trying to make that much of an effort.


EP – Don’t be over confident, our organization can replace you anytime.

TW – All the investigations related to B357 are closed.

Lilly – Okay, that’s it.

HR – Who is that person?

EP – Before we kill Jessica, we have to know how much she knows.

Sec – I will take care of her by myself

HR – I will make them pay for murdering Dal-gun.

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  1. Jess
    November 22, 2019 / 10:02 am

    Now this is a drama!! Keep you hanging until the very last episode. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    • V
      November 22, 2019 / 10:10 am

      Yes! 🥳

  2. Jill Sanders
    November 22, 2019 / 10:57 am

    I need Suzy and Seung-gi to act in every drama together from now on. Anyone making guesses? I will guess that Jerome saves Dalgun because he is a triple agent.

  3. Vagabondfan
    November 23, 2019 / 7:52 pm

    So why did Edward Park crashed the plane of his own company? I still don’t understand it.

    • V
      November 24, 2019 / 8:32 am

      It looks like he crashed the plane in order to get the President of Korea impeached and put in a President that he wants and can easily control?

      • Anonymous
        April 10, 2021 / 12:08 am

        Cool…. I was wondering, too, as in why the crash occurred…. I am still confused about how Michael says Samael betrayed him; weren’t they working together?
        But your explanation seems the plot itself….! Cool!

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