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Vagabond: Episode 14 Live Recap

Vagabond Recap Episode 14
Vagabond Recap Episode 14, image SBS

I am so happy this is finally back on the air. I needed the action coupled with nonsense and random romance moments of this show. Hopefully they deliver today! We will start our recap as soon as Melting Me Softly Ends!

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Kang interrogates Min in the interrogation room. He tells him that he knows this well. So just write down everything that you know about Chief Ahn and Yoon Han-ki.

Min is relaxed and says that he just followed the order. Kang asks him if he is stupid? you killed people following this order. Min says that he followed he order, that is what he was supposed to do.

Kang tells him that he is just a thug and a conman that sold out his own country. You forgerized evidence to get promoted. Yoon Han-ki promised you to be the next NIS head. Don’t tell me anything, just write down everything you jahika!

Kang walks out. 

Tae-woong asks him when he heard about that next NIS head thing? Did you just guess? Kang says that everyone knows that Min wants to be the head of the NIS. it was just a guess.


Hae-ri enters the building on crutches. Everyone claps and cheers for her. taewoong gives her flowers and Kang pats her on the shoulder and he tells her good job. Thye tell her to go to her office. But she wants to see someone before she goes up there.

So she goes to the memorial of the agents that died from their team, which is on the NIS campus yard. As the camera scrolls to each other them, we see a brief flashback of them and how they died.

She starts crying as she remembers them along with Tae-woong, Hwa-sook, Kang, and the other sidekick agent.

Kang tells her that the most difficult order is coming back alive. You didi your best. They should be proud of you.



Dalgun is eating with his friend and the other family members. They all joke that Dalgun should get married now. They joke that he is a virgin and all gawk at his face that they say is getting red. He tells them he is going to the restroom and goes outside smiling.

But then he gets a link of his nephews video. He look at it on his cell phone. It stops on the assassins face. then someone calls him. it is an unknown number.

Dalgun answers. he asks, who are you? WHO ARE YOU!

Someone tells him to turn around. it is Lilly. She is in the car near him and tells him to just listen. Jessica sent this, Min sneaked it out from the NIS. Jessica wants you to see her. I am done talking to you, ask her what she wants. You decide.

She drives off.

Vagabond calls Hae-ri and asks, where you at! Let’s meet! i will tell you what happened when I see you.

Cut to her putting on a lot of makeup as if this is a romantic-comedy all of a sudden. Bubbly music plays and she smiles and adds perfume. Hwa-sook jokes with her about it and asks, what if he falls in love with you? She tells him not to worry, she is used to it.

Cut to her in the car with Dal-gun. he asks, so you put on makeup? Are you wearing perfume? Did you have a meeting? She says that she always does it. he shows her the video he received. She asks where he got it.

So they send it to Kang and they all wonder why she sent it. it is disadvantageous to her. So we are going to see her now. Then they ask to search the assassins identity.

They go to the jail to meet with Jessica and ask why she sent the video. She says that she did not order to crash the airplane. they tell her they are not here to hear that.

They want to know why she killed Michael, she says that she did not kill him. Haeri says that he did not kill himself. She tells them that someone else did it. that is why she has the video. To findn out who killed Michael. You find the terrorist.

They ask if they saw Michaels girlfriend. She was a Japanese photographer in college. that is all I know. Dal-gun tells her that this sounds good, but it will not get you released.

Jessica tells them that the wife is out. Strange things are happening now. What if the truth that you think you know is not true.



Lilly asks why the North Korean agent climbed the wall if no one is in the house? Just go through the front door! he asks her why she is yelling at him. they bicker some more about him going with her somewhere. He asks how he can find it.

But then she puts his head in her lap when she sees NIS agents show up. 

Cut to the pilots wife looking up money at a computer cafe. But there is no money in her account. She calls someone and asks them if they are looking down on her because she isa  woman? Send the money.

They says that they will give it to her in 3 days. She asks if they think they can find her in 3 days? Fine, she can wait for 3 days, but if she does not have 20 million then she will reveal everything that they did. Keep it in mind, 3 days. She throws away the phone. (but not to worry, she has like 20 others)


Kang and team keep looking around for the wife and think that Jessica might be telling them the truth. It looks like John and Mark are behind this, but we still have suspicions. They need to solve this one-by-one. They will see the Kim Woogi, co-pilot first. He is in a mental hospital right now to treat his drug problem. 


Cut to the hospital where there is an emergency evacuation or something. Officers and people are running around looking for Woogi, they find him and struggle to put him back in his bed where they inject him with something.

Dal-gun and Hae-ri go to this hospital to talk to them. One of the officers says that he has shock so it will take some time. Dal-gun says that they will wait. Hae-ri says that this mental hospital looks chilly. 

But then we see that the assassin is watching them from the CCTV. The guard goes to him to ask what to do. he ays to wake Kim Woogi up. So the guard and assassin go to Kim Woogi and tells him that Dal-gun is outside, don’t do anything stupid.



Dal-gun and Hae-ri are lead through the mental hospital. Lots of people are being held down in their cells and are yelling to be let out. They get to Kim Woogi’s room and notice that he looks worse than before. They ask if they give him morphine? The guard says that they just use their own treatment.

They tell the guard to leave and not worry about them. So he leaves but make sure he glares at Woogi before he goes out.

Dal-gun asks Woogi if he can answer his questions, you knew that Oh Sang-mi would be released right? Was it really Jessica that ordered to kill Michael? 

Hae-ri asks, Micahesl girlfriend introduce you to Michael? That is what you said?

Dal-gun asks, did the girlfriend kill Michael? Tell me everything you know. You should know why she killed him.

Woogi covers his ears and yells, I DON’T KNOW. I DON’T KNOW.

Hae-ri sits on the bed and holds his arms then he says that he should tell them anything they know.

The assassin watches closely on the CCTV.

Dal-gun tells Woogi that he said he was approached in Morocco on purpose?


Flashback to Morroco where Woogi wins money in an illegal gambling place. But he is about to get beat up for it, however, the assassin comes in and saves him. he takes him to a drug place with women there.

Dal-gun asks if they tried to kill him afterwards? Is that what happened?

Woogi starts to scream. The guard comes in and says that they shuold not instigate the prisoner. Woogi grads hae-ri and asks them to save him! They will kill me! The guard tells the other guys to take him out. But Woogi says that Jerome is here! He will find you! Let me go!

The guard tells Dal-gun that when he starts this up it will last for awhile.

Hae-ri and Dal-gun walk out and think that he was not that bad when they were with him. He should be better under treatment. Why is he in a place like this? Other hospitals are way cleaner.

We get a flashback to Jerome. He was not killed that day. He tells him that he is being given his last chance.


Tae-woon tells a team of people that the assassin, Jerome, has a Korean name of Park Yoochul but he was adopted to France at 5 years old and re-abandoned at 12. At 22 years old he was arrested for violence and drugs. But then he disappeared without a trace after that. That is all they have about him. We should use Vagabond.

Hwa-sook and the sidekick also talk about the Vagabond place. Hwa-sook says that man there is a good hacker. They need to find out which politicians are behind the judge who released Oh Sangmi (the wife).



Han-ki is still in critical care. It looks like he just woke up. The Prime Minister is next to him and tells him that Korean moms all look the same. They only look at the kids and grow wrinkled. You grew up in a single mother household? People who grow up poor are scary when they are in power. The VIP is the same. being rich in Korea is nothing but pure greed. You know that right?

Han-ki asks him what he wants to say? The prime minister says that nothing was on the tablet PC, so where did you hide the information on the president?

Han-ki asks him why he is interested in it? Soon-jo tells him that he wants to remove all the greed in the Blue House and make a strong Korea. Han-ki asks him if he is the one that placed the CO2 starter?

Flashback to a woman adding the present to Han-ki’s car. 

Soon-jo tells Han-ki that the important thing right now is that he is still alive. Han-ki knows that Soon-jo is the one that brought him to the hospital because the tablet did not have what he wanted. Soon-jo tells him to just reveal the Singapore bank account and the president will go away. A new history of Korea will start. Do you still not know what I am talking about? I am giving you a chance to be a main person in the new Korea.

Han-ki asks who Soon-jo is. Soon-jo tells him that he will not be prosecuted right now. Call me after thinking about it. he throws a cell phone on the bed for him and starts to leaves. Han-ki yells, WHO ARE YOU!

So Soon-jo turns around and tells him that he is a patriot. Not like Jung Kook-pyo (the president), I am a real patriot. He leaves. han-ki cries.


While driving away, Dal-gun gets a call. It is from SOon-jo. He asks Dal-gun if he can come to the hotel. It is important and I hope you come. He hangs up.

Dal-gun wonders why he wants to see him. Hae-ri says that she does not know.

So Dal-gun goes to the hotel and sees that all the family members are there. They all recieved the prime mininsters phone call. it looks like a press conference is about to start as well. 

The president is shocked about this as he sits in his office and wonders why Soon-jo will have a press conference. he calls Soon-jo, but Soon-jo hangs up on him. Kook-pyo wonders what is gong on, how can he ignore the presidents phone call?

Cut to Soon-jo getting ready for the press conference.



Soon-jo sits at the head of the press conference and tells them all that he will cut to the chase. Listen to this recording first.

He plays the recording. Two voices speak. One is Jessica and the other is Seong-bum, her lawyer. he tells her that she will be arrested soon. As soon as the NIS chief talks about you. Jessica says that they will not be able to say anything, do you know how much money we gave to Jung Kook-pyo! 500 million! the Blue House will collapse, they will not let that happen! For me to survive, I need to continue this project.

Soon-jo says that the female voice is Jessica Lee, John & Marks Asian president. One reporter asks if they have any other evidence? Soon-jo says yes. John & Mark invested a lot of money in the company. All of that money went into a secret ban account. It was a paper company. We confirmed that Jung Kook-pyo was the owner of that fake paper company.

The president is watching this on TV. The reporters as if he has any evidence? Soon-jo says that Yoon Han-ki has the evidence. That is why he sacrificed himself. I hope he wakes up soon. To the citizens, I promise you one thing. I will never give up. I am going to investigate the B357 crash and whether it was about the military defenses corruption and if the president was behind it. I will prove it.

The president stands and says, that jashik-ya! But then he calms himself and asks for water from his secretary.

In the press room, Soon-jo says that he is revealing this all, even though he is like a brother to the president, because of the family members. He knows that Dal-gun wants to have personal revenge to Kim Woogi. The other family members are the same and put their life in danger to save Woogi, why do you think that happened? that happened because they trust the Korean government. Or maybe it is because they could not give up that trust. Now the country and the law should answer that trust.

Soon-jo walks to the family and bows to them. he tells them that he is sorry as someone who works for the government, it was out mistake. Thank you for trusting Korea.

He bows to them all and leaves. But Dal-gun and Hae-ri looks suspicious.


The president asks if Han-ki is unconscious, right? The secretary says that the doctors say that he has no hope. So he tells the secretary to form a meeting, but he wants to see Han-kii first.

He looks at Soon-jo and mutters, you are trying to have a coup against me?

While walking away, the secretary calls the prime minister.


The president goes inside and looks at han-ki with the respirator and all that one him. he holds his hand and tells him to sleep for ten years. No more and no less. Just ten years. the world will be better. When you wake up, I will give you a big present. But before that, you should not wake up Han-ki.

He walks out.

Han-ki moves his hand and wakes up. A tear falls from his face.




Hae-ri and Dal-gun go for drinks and think that everyone is complimenting the Prime Minister all day long. You dont’ look so happy. dal-gun sighs and takes a shot. He tells her that he feels like the prime minister is doing this for his own pocket.

Tae-Woong comes in and tells him that his guess could be true. Judge Ahn Soong-tae (the real life bad root of evil judge for the Korea scandal was Yang Soong-tae). Tae-woong tells them that this judge is the Prime Ministers person. So he could have released the wife.

They think that they need to investigate it. tae-woong tells them that they are aleady secretly investigating it so pretend like you dont’ know.

Hae-ri asks why Kook-pyo’s best friend had this press conferenc today. tae-woong tells them that when the president is impeached, the biggest beneficiary is the Prime Minister (this also happened in Korea). 

Tae-woong tells them that something bigger is behind this, even bigger than the military scandal. Dal-gun asks how the investigation is going with Jerome.


Cut to the chicken restaurant where the hacker is typing like a genius and hacks into the CIA agency. Hwa-sook is looking at him like he is just the most amazing thing ever. Kang is there as well. 

So they look through the CIA database. If they do not find him there then they will break in the MI6 and then the Russian one and Israel and France and Germany and them all.

Hwa-sook is amazed, this ajusshi can hack all of them? Kang says that some of them are more difficult, but we will do it. There is a 80% success rate. If we do not find him then we will give up.


Meanwhile, Dal-gun ask if Haeri has back pain and is tired? they are trying to catch a taxi. But he tells her to hop on his back for a piggy back ride. She does so they walk like that.

Dalgun asks if she remembers reporter Jo? This is the reporter that supposedly died but then he saw him on the street. he thinks that he might have mistaken it, but let’s go to his paper tomorrow. Or you can rest and I can go there alone.

She asks if he is afraid that she will ask for a piggy back. He ays no, it is just that she is heavy. She tsks and then says that this reminds her of when her appa would give her a piggy back ride. he tells her that he will give her one whenever she wants one.



They go to the newspaper and find out that the reporter is dead. But he died from a car accident in New Zealand. His family members are in a lawsuit against the car company.

Dal-gun picks up the photo and asks if these are all the reporters here? Reporter Jo is not here though. She points him out, it is a completely different person. She says that she knows who reporter Jo is because he was her mentor.

Cut to the fake reporter Jo. he works for Soon-jo and is meeting him by teh Han river. Soon-jo asks him if he is going abck to America? The fake reporter says yes, tonight. So Soon-jo presents a lot of cash to him in an envelope.

Jessica’s lawyer is there as well and tells him to take it since he gave it to him personally. So the reporter takes it. Soon-jo tells him that Sameul spoke highly of him, I heard he is coming to Seoul, have you seen him personally? The man says he has never seen him in person.

Then the fake reporter leaves. Soon-jo asks Seong-bum why he is not leaving? Seung-bum says that he wants to sit in his uncles car. So he sits inside.

Soon-jo tells him that he told him not to call him uncle. Your father and I are not blood related. Seong-bum tells him that he is still his uncle. Do to my video and voice recording, you will be the owner of the Blue House soon.

Soon-jo says that Han-ki did not make up his mind yet. But Seong-bum says that Han-ki is an orphan now (not the Civil Affairs minister anymore or anything at all). So this is good for Dynamics, they got the deal with no effort.

Hong Soon-jo says that he will not give this away too easily, they should pay for what it is worth. Edward is not an easy guy you know. the rebate thing will not work at all for him. Soon-jo says that he is not Jung Kook-pyo. Watch how I deal with Dynamics.

But then a person comes to the window and says that the VIP is conducting a meeting with reporters.

Cut to that meeting where a lot of treats and coffee are set up for the reproters. The reproters are all happily eating it and being super polite to him. (This also happened in Korea in real life).

The president smile and talks to them as they stand with him very politely and smile as they ask him questions. He says that he only owns a house, everything is so exaggerated. My motto is honesty and not owning anything.

A reporter politely asks why he thinks that the prime minister had that press conference. Jung Kook-pyo speaks so politely and almost cluelessly and says that he really wonders what happened.

Another reporter ask if he knows the Deep Blue company in Singapore? He asks if it is the name of a new alcohol? Everyone laughs pleasantly.

A reporter says that she heard that Han-ki has a secret account. Kook-pyo says that he is the bad guy with an account that he does not even know about. then the president asks how their boss is. the person says that he is fine.

A person whispers in the secretary’s ear to tell her that the Prime Minister is there.



Soon-jo happily sits in the presidents chair as the president comes in. he stands up and telsl him that they will start the impeachment of the president at the same time. if that is what the people want then I don’t have to do anything.

He says that the people will not stand for all this corruption. The president asks why he is pretending to be a good person now? the Prime Minister tells the president that his worst mistake as president is that he is too sold and old fashioned.

The president calls his secretary in to call a meeting with all the political parties. Then he tells Soon-jo that they will see who dies first.

The Prime Minister talks to the secretary soon after and gives her instructions on the meeting and then says that  he will met with the family members now in the restaurant.


Soon-jo meets with the family in this restaurant. Edward Park is also eating in this restaurant in his own room. he gets word from his secretary that Soon-jo and the family members are there.

Dal-gun tells the Prime Minister that the reporter that he thought died did not die. Soon-jo is confused about that he asked what the name of the reporter is? Dal-gun says it is a reporter Jo, but I found out that he is actually not a reporter. I still don’t understand a few things about it.

Soonjo tells him to tell his chief of staff and he will investigate it. Dal-gun then asks why he released Oh Sang-mi. it is a question that is pretty out of the blue. Dal-gun continues and says that he heard that judge is a good friend of the Prime Ministers and you will be the president if the president is impeached.

Soonjo says that if he is not fired by then, and they follow the law, then I will take the presidents position. Everyone starts to feel uncomfortable. Soon-jo tells them to eat well and he steps out.

But Edward Park greets him outside and says that he came here to meet him since he is hard to contact. He gives him his card. Soon-jo says that he will not be any help to him if this is about FX. You need to talk to the president first. I won’t be any help so don’t waste your effort.

He leaves.

Dal-gun walks out then and sees Edward. he asks him why he is there?

Cut to Oh Sang-mi running away as someone follows her. She is running through a subway train and is able to hop out in time. Then she takes off running int he subway.

Meanwhile. Dal-gun tells Edward that Oh Sang-mi is missing. She must have the Prime Ministers weakness. Jessica said that she did not kill Michael. Edward asks if he met her? Edward asks what she said. Dal-gun tells him that the things they know as true might not be true.

But then she calls Dal-gun and tells him that they are following her and are trying to kill her. He tells her that he can meet her somewhere. She says that they threatened her husband and tried to kill her. Dal-gun asks who they are?

But she has to run away from the phone. Jerome picks it up. But he does not say anything.

Dal-gun stands from the table and says that he will leave now. Edward ells him to call him if he meets Oh Sang-mi.

Oh Sang-mi ran into a department store an IKEA type furniture store and hides from Jerome. Dal-gun drives up.

Dal-gun starts to look for her and calls her name several times as he looks around.

But then Jerome comes out.

He and Dal-gun have a face off.

Fade Out


HR – Kim Woogi is gone.

TW – Oh Sangmi disappeared. Kim Woogi is kidnapped. It means…

Woman – Yoon Han-gi turned himself in.

DG – President! President! Do you know that you are trapped?

HK – All the information is in there.

Kang – So someone else crashed the airplane?

TW – There is a high possibility that someone else is behind it.

Police – Don’t move!

DG – What is your real identity?

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  1. WPB
    November 9, 2019 / 8:38 am

    OMG! HR putting makeup on, Lilly has a couple scenes so far (and assuming the drinking game has begun). I read that there will be more twists until the very end of the last episode. What to do?
    I am still pissed that this episode got postponed due to baseball game in Korea.
    Thanks, V. Your live recap is so addictive. I will have to get home early to watch the show later.

    • V
      November 9, 2019 / 10:55 am

      Yes, and in more bad drama news, I heard a rumor that Vagabond might not air at all next week????

      • WPB
        November 9, 2019 / 1:29 pm

        😨😠 Netflix usually shows the dates of availability of their episodes. They do not have that for the next ones neither.

        • V
          November 9, 2019 / 2:21 pm

          Ah! The plot thickens. Good to know that WPB!

  2. WPB
    November 10, 2019 / 10:55 am

    Someone posted a video of the courthouse sniper scene on YouTube. While I, like everyone else, am so happy to see the slow dance between DG and HR, as well as HR resting happily on DR’s back, somehow the one who shot HR was forgotten. The question is should one thank Lilly for getting DG and HR closer together?
    Lilly only kills for money, and she has the rule not taking the lives of the innocents, as becoming obvious when she disobeyed Jessica’s order at the courthouse.

    Also, there are a few new stills on the net showing the scene between DR and Jerome at the shopping center. When on-the-go next episode?

  3. Phil Lee
    November 12, 2019 / 7:02 pm

    In General: Several of these folks say they are patriots but that term gets defined and redefined by whoever says it. And patriot of whom/what – we could even consider that a patriot could be North Korean. Or that all nations of earth should be under one leadership…
    There are several mysteries with no data:
    Exactly who is backing Edward Park
    – remember (ep.4?) Lilly says that she wouldn’t work for Edward because he is so bad (translation?)
    – what are the groups goals, who is in charge?
    – they have international influence like Sameul but we are led to believe are not in his group
    – it would appear that it’s not the prime minister’s backers (assumption warning…)
    – are they aligned with Edward in Korea or just using each other? Edward keeps insisting that his primary goals and purposes are for Korea.
    Who is Micky (Edward’s assistant)
    – is she truly aligned with Edward? (the president’s secretary is aligned with the PM) or spying on him
    – A woman killed Michael but not Lily or Haeri or Jessica and Micky knows guns…
    Who is Sameul aligned with if anybody?
    – is he Korean

  4. WPB
    November 13, 2019 / 2:11 am

    Bad news for fans:

    Updated November 11 KST:

    SBS’s “Vagabond” will also not be airing this week due to coverage of the 2019 WBSC Premier12.

    Episodes 15 and 16 of “Vagabond” were previously scheduled to air on November 15 and 16. Episode 15 will now air on November 22 at 10 p.m. KST

    • V
      November 13, 2019 / 3:02 pm

      Oh wow, so none this week at all? 😧

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