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Vagabond: Episode 13 Live Recap

Netflix Vagabond recap 13
Vagabond recap episode 13

They made it to the courthouse! Yay! But you know that is not the end of their struggles. This show has so many twists and turns that I would not be surprised if the judge stood up and shot the co-pilot himself.

For those of you wondering, Vagabond did not air yesterday and will most likely not air next Friday due to baseball games coverage in Korea. So Vagabond will be a one episode per week show for the this week and next week. Though it could continue on depending on this current baseball schedule.

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The co-pilot, Kim Woogi, gives his oath to the court. Edward Park start to ask him questions as a lawyer. He asks, did you know that your wife had a press conference?

Kim Woogi says that all that his wife said was all lies. Everyone in the court murmurs. Edward says what that means is that the person who asked you for the airplane crash is not Dynamic Systems?

Woobi says it was Michael who is the VP of the Asian branch of John & Mark. 

Jessica’s lawyer, Seong-bum asks if he has any evidence? We have evidence that you were given money from Dynamics.  

The judge asks if he has evidence. Woobin tells them to search the FTP site to see. 

So they look it up right then and there online. Edward types in the password and looks for the file called stupid. they open it and a video of Michael pops up. It is a conversation that Michael was having with another person who talked about the co-pilot and how he is a junky so he does not care. All they need to do is make sure that the plane does not make it.

On the video, the co-pilot shows up and shows that he received the 5 million dollars on the video. This is basically slam dunk evidence for Edward Park’s side. Everyone in the audience is in disbelief at this video footage.

Edward thanks Woobi for his testimony and says no further questions. Haeri gives Dal-gun a secret high five.


Min and his assassins walk out of the courthouse. He talks to Han Ki on the phone and tells him that they are done. They have evidence that Jong & Mark are behind this. 

Han-ki asks to see him. Min says that the prosecutor task force will be formed soon so we have to~. But then hanki cuts him off and asks if he has to do everything for him. Do I have to tie your shoelaces as well? Just remove the evidence and tell them that you are following your chiefs order. Don’t say anything disadvantageous. That is the basics okay?

Min says that he is not doing this becuase he does not know the basics. I did everything because you are behind it. You must at least stop the prosecutor team from investigating us. 

Han-ki says that he cannot do it so you are on your own.

Min asks if this means that he has to go to jail? You are the presidents right arm, you told me to trust you and do what you say! Who will take care of my family because of you!

Han-ki hangs up. Then Min and team have to run off because Tae-woong yells his name. But a car screeches up causing Min to fall on his back. Kang opens the door and gets out in slow motion.

He tells Min, do you know how many people died because of you! Are you even human! he punches him a few times before Tae-woong holds him back.

In the couthouse, the judge gives the final verdict. Dynamics owes 11 million dollars to the family. The family is all like, what the f? Why are they paying? Wasn’t it all John & Mark? They did everything!

The judge tells them to be quiet. Edward Park says that he will not oppose this. Whatever happened, we gave sadness to the family so we will be responsible for it. We will also sue John & Mark.

The families all clap. The judge asks Edward park if he is going to continue the lawsuit? Edward Park stands and says that he will. A family member revealed the truth by risking his life so of course they need to continue. He bows to Dal-gun and to everyone.


After court, the family members all apologise to Dal-gun for not trusting him. Dal-gun tells them no problem, he should thank them because without their help they could not make it in.

But then Haeri holds her side and bends over. She says that her side was okay, but it hurts a bit now. Then she collapses and there is blood on her hand where she touched her side.

Dal-gun puts her on his back and hurries out. But he is stopped by the press. Dal-gun yells, what did you do? You never wrote anything about this and now you are pretending to be reporters? Get out of the way!

In the presidents office, he looks at the news explaining all that happened. He grows more and more upset as the newscaster says that the citizens are interested in who was behind the police shooting incident.

Then the camera runs off and tries to ask Dal-gun who is behind this! He looks at the camera and says, Do you remember that you would reveal the truth and not to worry? i still hope that you are not the one.

One of the reporters asks who he is talking to. He says that he is talking to the president. it is the president of Korea. You have to speak to the country and arrest everyone involved in the case and apologize in front of the citizens. You should have at least that much conscious.

The president turns to Soon-jo and asks if he is screwed up? Soonjo sighs and looks at the TV.


Int he ambulance, haeri tells Dal-gun to sit her up so that she can see the news through the window. The news mentions John & Mark and wonders who gave the order to the NIS agents and the police. It also mentions Dal-guns shocking allegation that the president is behind it. The Blue House has not said anything about it.

On the street, all the people look at the news. The news continues to say that John & Mark denies the connection. Haeri and Dal-gun lightly high-five again. Hae-ri asks if this is how it feels to work for the family and the citizens. He tells her that she has a gunshot wound right now, can you still laugh? She says yeah, it hurts but I keep laughing. Without you, I would have already given up a long time ago. thank you Cha Dal-gun.

He tells her that she said what he wanted to say, first. She tells him that if somone asks her to do it again, she wouldn’t be able to do it. He tells her that that is also what he wanted to say. They both smile at each other.


The press secretary answers all sorts of questions from the press and says that this allegation is fake news. The press asks all the information that we know like how NIS tried to kill Dal-gun in Morocco and the Police were ordered to kill Kim Woogi  before getting to court. 

The press secretary denies it all. The questions keep coming. A reporter says that the Blue House even got an extra budget to close the deal with John & Mark, what more evidence do we need? The press secretary tells themm not to write their suspicions.


The president sits in his office with the prime minister and says that he thought, to run the country, will power is more important than innocence. Not wasting people death and sacrifice, I wanted to make Korea strong.

Soon-jo tells him that he heard that when rabbits dig holes, they did 3 or 4 at the same time. To make a way to run away. Yoon han-ki did everything. You only got his report. But you do not know any details about it. Do you want to be the stupid president? People talk bad about stupidity, but with immorality, you get hit by rocks. Yoon han-ki is the rabbit hole, you should be ready for the worst case scenario.


Hae-ri is in surgery. Dal-gun is talking to the family members in the hallway waiting area. They are worried about her. he tells them that it will take some time, so just rest. You can go home and I will send you updates.

So the families all go home and Dal-gun goes to the hospital church to sit for a moment with his thoughts. He starts to pray when more people come in. it looks like the family members are back to pray as well. They each take a seat to pray. Dal-gun continues to pray as well.


Han-ki sits in his car by the Han river listening to the news. The news says that if the president is involved then this is a big shock. Then the VIP calls. it is the president so he tells him to come in. But the prime minister waves to he president and wispers that he should be banned from the Blue House. So the president tells him that they should meet outside.

Han-ki pulls out a tablet and looks at a video he has of him and Jessica. The video says that the VIP will not accept less than that much money. he also has audio of a conversation with the president where he said that he uses tax money to make Korea strong. But Han-ki says that if they are more expensive than Dynamics then there will be a lot of opposition.

The president says to push it forward. People drive even if they run over a little bug. i am the president, what are you afraid off?

Han-ki drives to the Buddhist temple and meets the President. he is sitting in front of Buddha. he says that Buddha says that all the bad things come out from the mouth. The mouth is like an axe or knife. But on the other hand, the mouth is the one that prevents those things as wel.

Han-ki kneels in front of the president and says that he will be responsible. The president tells him that he did nothing wrong. Han-ki says, [I] made the inappropriate deal with John & Mark. [I] pressured NIS and sent the police to kill Kim Woogi.

The president tells him that he is not using a subject in what he says. Who? Han-ki tells him, I. I did it without your permission. I am sorry.


The President says that he wanted to give this country a big present so no other country can look down on us. Han-ki says that is everyones dream, so don’t give up. The President tells him that it will be noisy for awhile, but in these cases, there is an expiration date. It is easy to deny, but to prove it you need so much evidence and documents.

So don’t worry about the rest. it will not collapse us. We are the Blue House. The biggest house with the most dignity.

Han-ki leaves. The NIS chief talks to him outside and asks if he is going to follow the VIPs order? The VIP will sacrifice us to cut the trail to him. Han-ki says, when our VIP is strong, we have a chance to survive later. Don’t think about anything stupid.

The NIS chief tells him that he hates him. If I told the president the truth and was fired…~.

Han-ki tells him that he did not have that much courage. You made that choice because you are greedy. Blame yourself.

Han-ki gets in his car and sees a president on the seat. Then he opens his glove compartment and sees that his evidence is gone (this tablet looks like the same tablet that was found with the previous president and their scandal in real life).

Han-ki opens the present and sees Whisky a lighter and fire starter. It is a method to commit suicide in the car with carbon monoxide poisoning. He hits the steering wheel and yells and yells and yells.


Hae-ri is taken out of surgery. She is still sleeping. The family members are still there and ask if she is okay? The doctor says that she will be fine. There is a hairline crack on her spine that will cause temporary paralysis. But she will be fine after rehab.


The president addresses the press and says that he is really sorry about the confusion with the plane crash. After I learned about this case, I am really disappointed. I can tell you that the rumor about me is all lives. 

I will find out who is behind this. I will fire the NIS chief and the Civil Affairs Minister. We will find the truth.

Elsewhere, the NIS chief gets out of his car and is hounded by the press. He is at an official government building. the press says that the president said that he is the body of what happened.

Han-ki is at the harbor in his car. He is listening to the news about how he is the one behind everything. he turns it off and drinks the whiskey. Then he lights the fire starter and starts to pass out with the carbon monoxide.

The president finds out that Han-ki committed suicide.

He sits, shocked. Soon-jo tells him that he did it in the car with a fire starter, but he is not completely dead yet. They will have to see if he pulls through.

The president says that he knows Han-ki well. He wants to die important than become a nobody and live. Soon-jo tells him that he can lay it all on him now. But the president is not sure if this is good or bad.




Dal-gun lightly touches Hae-ri’s forehead and wonders why she still has a fever? The nurse says that they gave her temperature medicine so she will be okay.

She blinks her eyes open a bit and sees a blurry image of Dal-gun. Then she closes them again.

Dal-gun gets ice water in a bowl and rubs it softly on Hae-ri’s forehead, arms, and feet to lower her temperature.

He does this all night.

Hae-ri mumbles something and then wakes up to see Hwa-sook there. She tells him that Dalgun just left, he did not sleep at all. Then she starts to fill Hae-ri in. Kang is back as the task force leader. Ki and lee are all together again and of course your spot is there because you contributed the most to solve this problem. You will be specially promoted. 

By the way, Ki wants you to call him when you wake up. Do you want to call him? Hae-ri asks for Dal-gun. Hwa-sook says that he is going to Jessica’s press conference.


Jessica tells someone on the phone that Michael did everything, they need to proceed this way. i will do everything I can, just stop the bleeding for now. What if our head is not willing to support us. Hello? Hello?

She tells her lawyer to cancel the press conference. Let’s go back to America. he tells her that they are banned from leaving the country. Maybe they have a warrant.

She asks who will arrest me! The lawyer explains that as soon as her name comes out~. But Jessica says that they will not be able to open their mouth, do you know how much money we gave the president? $5 billion. With that much money, the Blue House will collapse. So they wont say anything, the president will not let that happen.

The lawyer asks if she will proceed now? She says that she does not feel good about their main office. For me to survive, I need to make that FX deal going forward.

Jessica comes out to her press conference for John & Mark. The family is in the audience and lots of press are there.

She addresses everyone and says that she is really sorry about the B357. Michael did it all with his skewed loyalty for the company.

But then Dal-gun holds up a large poster sized picture of Hoon. The other family members stand up and hold up large images of their family members. it is an emotional moment.

Jessica continues and says that their John & Mark company will do everything they can do. But all the fake news includes tying this to the FX project. We will strongly oppose it.

Everyone starts to check their text messages all of a sudden. On it is video of the men dancing at that party that Jessica hosted and of her kissing the Minister of the Military.

All the press run up to the stage to ask her questions. She is silent. then a prosecutor shows up to arrest her on stage. She is handcuffed and taken away. The family is tearfully overjoyed at this.



The co-pilot and his wife sit in the interrogation room with the sidekick NIS agent. He tells them that he asked them the same question but they gave two different answers. Who should I believe?

So the wife and husband start to argue about how asked for more money. The wife denies it all and tells him to hit her! Hit me! then she yanks his hair and they start to fight.

Kang looks on and thinks that they cannot get any more from them, send them back to jail.

Tae-woong asks Kang why he turned Jessica in to the prosecutors office? I thought the video came from Vagabond. Kang says that they did not do it. Tae-woong wonders who spread it. Kang says they should have gotten Jessica, she is precious.

In the bus on the way back, the co-pilot throws hisi wife a note. She reads it and smiles faintly as she looks at the officers in the front.

She goes back to her cell and the other inmates take her as eunnie. One of them starts to massage her feet. But there is a new inmate in the cell so teh co-pilot tells the new, dont’ you hear? hey?

The new on turns around, it is Jessica. She smiles at the copilot. The co-pilot’s wife (oh Sang-mi) puts a sheet on Jessica and tells the others in the room to hit her until she almost dies. So the other inmates start to kick the crap out of Jessica.

The co-pilot wife tells them to stop and then sits Jessica up.

Copilot wife – This is not even one hundredth of what you did to me. I will be out soon. Until that day, I will make you suffer.

Jessica – *smiles* Do you think that a well is the entire world? The world is big and wide and scary. I will show it to you.

The copilot slaps her and tells the inmates to do it again. So the inmates start to kick Jessica some more.


The copilot is still on the bus driving to his location. he asks the guard to release him a little, it is only them on the bus after all, where would he go? The guard looks at him blankly. the co-pilot tells him that he needs candy, don’t you know, candy? But not candy, drugs! he sniffs happily.

The bus stops and another guard gets on This guard is the assassin. it looks likke he did not die (take 3 shots!). Another guard knocks out the co-pilot with one punch.



Hwa-sook pushes Haeri around the hospital lobby. Then the news comes on saying that Han-ki is unconscious. the trial will start soon though.

Soon-jo goes to the hospital room where Han-ki is. He sighs as he looks at him.

In the lobby area, Haeri tries to stand and walk. But Dal-gun shows up and tells her not to do that , it is dangerous. She says that she thought he would not come there anymore since the trial went well. She also tells him that she has a present for him.

He opens his hand and she puts the bullet from her waste in it. She says that she is so scared to think about what would have happened if it hit Kim Woogi. So take it, it will give you good luck.

He asks if she is already practicing walking? She says it is the first time. So he helps lift her up and says that he will help with her recovery. They stand as if they are dancing closely. He tells her that he can help her correct all her bruised bones and everything because ehe is a mixed martial arts person.

He tells her to put her feet on top of his and starts to walk slowly. He takes very tiny steps and asks her if she is okay. She wonders if she is too heavy, he says not to worry about it.

They look into each others eyes and keep slowly walking. He continues to ask if she is okay and holds her a tiny bit tighter around her back. She smiles and they keep walking as if she is dancing on his feet like a father and daughter.


Lawyer Seong-bum meets with Jessica in the head of the jails office. The warden says that he will be sure to treat her well now and tells her that he will get her a drip coffee.

He leaves. Seong-bum tells her that she will not have any limitations here, she can make phone calls and everything she wants. Jessica asks who spread the video? Seong-bum thinks it was one of the girls that were there. Jessica thinks it should not be and to find out who did it anyway.

Hong tells her that he will look into it. Jessica tells him that tonight he should fly back to America and make her get sent back to America as well. You understand what I mean?

He says yes and mentions her face which is all bruised. She says, since yo came here, can you ask for a meeting?

In the jail cell, the co-pilot is gettinga  massage from all the inmates when she is told to leave for a meeting.

So she goes to meet with Jessica in one of the rooms.

Jessica tells her that she needs to talk to her pricately. She locks the door.

Jessica – what? Are you afraid with just you and me priavtely?

Wife – If you touch me then in the jail cell I will ~.

But Jessica beats the crap out of her and puts her in a choke hold. She mutters that she said she wanted to give her a hard time? From now on you will see hell.

The wife goes back into the cell room with Jessica. She tells the inmates to do it. But they do not move. They throw the blanket on theh co-pilot and start to beat her. Jessica pleasantly reads a book.

We also see them beating her up on a stage? Jessica comes in with her coffee and asks her what is it? Do you want to tell the guards? Wearing the same clothes does not mean that they are the same. I will go back to America soon.

The wife says that she will be out sooner, lets bet on it. You will be here for a long long time. Jessica smirks and asks if she did not get enough of it? Then the inmates start to kick her some more.



Dal-gun wakes Haeri up for her rehab. He picks her up and takes her to the rehab room to help her learn how to walk again.

Montage of this as Dal-gun is a very enthusiastic coach and Hae-ri is extra embarrassed around all the other rehab people. 

Dal-gun stays with her. He massages her muscles as she reads in bed and says that it will help her. She asks if he has another reason for doing it? He tells her that hey, I am a martial artist. She says she is joking.


Jessica thinks about Michael and how he died. It appears that she did not do it, she thought that he committed suicide. But if he didn’t then she wonders who did it.

Some of the inmates go up to Jessica and tell her that the wife is out. 

Cut to the wife walking out of jail. Flashback to the letter that her husband tossed to her.

There is a name on the latter, Samuel, and a phone number. It says that there is $20 million in their secret account. Be careful with the color of the tattoo.

She smiles as she looks back at the jail and then walks off.

Cut to Jessica asking Lilly if lawyer Hong did not go back to America? Lilly said that he did not. Perhaps lawyer Hong spread that footage? Jessica thinks that he wouldn’t. He has no reason to betray me. Lilly tells her to think about what she did.

Jessica tells Lilly to help her out from now on. So Jessica gives her an account number and says that she can spend all the money there. The Jessica tells her that she needs to send something to Cha Dal-gun. Lilly asks, what? A bomb? Jessica tells her something stronger than a bomb.

Cut to the families all eating Subway happily. they chat joyfully as they eat. They mock Dal-gun about being a virgin so he leaves telling them that he is not. 

He goes outside for a moment and gets a video which is his nephews footage from the airplane. He wonders what is going on. then he gets a restricted phone call. he answers if and asks, who are you? WHO ARE YOU!

Fade Out


The assassin came back to life y’all. The drinking game continues. Even though things don’t make sense, I am enjoying this so much. The twists and turns of this show. Wow. 


Wife – I will reveal everything that you people did.

SJ – Let’s listen to the voice footage first.

DG – Is he reporter Jo?

HR – He is not reporter Jo.

Wife – They are following me! They are trying to kill me!

Copilot – Ahh! they will kill me!

Copilot – Save me.

SJ – I am giving you a chance to be the new hero from history

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  1. Anonymous
    November 2, 2019 / 10:58 pm

    Wow, I really commend your efforts on this write up. Thumbs up ☝.

    • V
      November 3, 2019 / 1:24 pm

      Thank you!

  2. WPB
    November 3, 2019 / 8:49 am

    V, thanks for the update and recap. I am all for the drinking game as well. 😁

    This episode is relatively light in fighting and action. Usually, the first episode of each is set up for the more dramatic second one. With only one episode this week due to baseball in Korea, I wonder if this would hurt their rating.
    Having said that, I love the scenes between HR and DG in the hospital. A romantic scene is hard to come by for action series.
    Who is behind all of this? We now know Jessica is also in the dark. Is that someone we have seen or another new character who has yet showed up? The prime minister?
    3 more episodes to go.

    • V
      November 3, 2019 / 1:26 pm

      I think it will be a new character!

      • Timothy Strand
        November 3, 2019 / 3:34 pm

        I think Edward Park will end up being the master bad guy. Remember when he and Jessica talked and it sounded as if he always came out on top no matter what.

        • V
          November 3, 2019 / 9:40 pm

          Yeeeees, that seems like it could really happen. I also remember him faking like he was disheveled when he talked to the family members which always made me think that he is one dastardly step ahead.

        • cesar
          November 4, 2019 / 5:19 am

          Remember the first scene in episode 1? I think Haeri, all this time, is a double agent.

          • Salxo
            November 4, 2019 / 7:56 am

            EXACTLY!!! My thought all this time. Plus the one that killed Michael was a woman. I thought it was Hae-Ri at first, it may sound ridiculous but who knows? This drama has a lot of plot twist.

          • V
            November 4, 2019 / 9:54 am

            I always wonder about that scene. I hope they go back to it and don’t just ignore like it ever happened 😁

            • WPB
              November 4, 2019 / 12:11 pm

              That scene is meant to keep us on our toes. While I am just as puzzled as everyone else, I hate to see HR being from the wrong side and being a double agent. I would rather consider this is a scene beyond the current storyline. I would have it happened in the future, where HR gets another assignment and DG somehow backing her up.

              If Edward ends up to the the big bad, his assistant would have been the one who killed Michael. I am not ruling out that possibility.

  3. cesar
    November 4, 2019 / 5:14 am

    what is the song title at the end of scene?

  4. MoniW
    November 8, 2019 / 5:51 am

    I absolutely loved this ep. It felt satisfying on so many levels. Bad guys got beat up and some things got resolved. Loved LOVED the light romantic scenes, I don’t care if they were cliche. That hospital scene (DG helping HR to walk the first time after surgery) with that gorgeous song by IRO playing was so much more romantic and heartfelt than many kisses in k-dramas lol. I was melting into a puddle of mush ha ha. They gave us lots of pretty OTP wise.

    I am convinced that there’s no way Haeri is a double agent. I believe it was either Lilly or more likely Mickey who killed Michael. I also suspect that Edward is behind a lot of it, lots of clues here and there… . I am still counting on a happy ending for our couple.

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