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Vagabond: Episode 12 Live Recap

Netflix Vagabond Recap Episode 12
Vagabond Recap Episode 12

Today should be a crazy ride ♫over the river and through the city to the Seoul courthouse we go♫ as even the SWAT team gets in on the fun. Can Dal-gun and team make it? Alive? Let’s find out!

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We start with a brief recap of what happened with the freight ship approaching the harbor and everyone showing up at the harbor due to a lot of various reasons. han-ki tells Min that they do not want any arrests. Kill them.

The news mentions that the trial for the B357 is starting today. But they are not sure if Hae-ri, Dal-gun, or the co-pilot will show up. The nes is not sure what will happen.

Outside the courthouse, everyones IDs are checked to make sure that they are not Hae-ri, Dal-gun or the co-pilot.

The cops won’t even let the family members inside the courthouse.


The president happily sings as Han-ki looks at a book on baduk and studies the baduk table. he and the president talk about politics and all those things about running a country. The president compliments the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister tells her that they don’t have to talk about it, but can you give me something, like money? 

The president asks what money? Soonjoo tells him the private money. We all know about it with John & Mark. But the President tells him that he did not accept that money only for himself. Soonjoo apologizes. The president tells him that you cannot change the country with no money. What if I just become an old man at the end of my term, how do you think Korea will be?

Soonjoo says that it is not a shameful thing among them. he does not need to worry about small thins since he has the big picture to worry about. But the president looks like he might be upset. However, he just playfully says he is hungry where are they?

Jessica and Han Ki show up to the Blue House. She looks fabulous so han-ki tells her that she should put on her jacket because she is catching looks from agents. She loves it.


In their meeting room, Han-ki tells Jessica not to talk about money in front of the President. 

The president comes in and Jessica says that it is an honor to meet him for the first time. They all sit. he says that he heard that she is good at what she does, on top of that, you are beautiful.

She smiles and tells him to please take care of their project. Soonjoo tells her that they need to make sure that maintenance and everything is int he contract. Jessica says yes and shows her leg to the president. he likes it.

A secretary comes in to say that they can head out to the meal, the president says that they can eat there and he happily tells her that they are having Korean today. She smiles and jokes that she is American but Korean on the inside.


At the harbor, the crate gets loaded onto the 18-wheeler and driven away. Taewoong and the other agent are driving it off. But then it stops and Taewoong greets them inside the crate. He tells them good job. if we leave now then we can make it.

But then the bullets start flying. Dal-gun tells Tae-woong to get in and he closes the door.

Elsewhere, Kang and Hwa-sook wonder what is going on, he tells her to follow him and they run to the top of a building. he is carrying something in a violin case.

Meanwhile, the crate is being torn up by bullets as the North Koreans are shooting all the artillery they have into it.

Tae-woong and team area able to return fire and take a few of them out. So the bad NIS guys shoot them all up even more. It looks like a scene from Rambo.

Inside the crate, Dal-gun sees their car and thinks that he can get to it. Bu Hae-ri tells him no. Tae-woong says that he can get it. But Dalgun fixes his shoes and says he can do it. he is 12.5 in the 100 meters.

One of the NIS agents throws a greade, but he gets shot by a sniper so the grenade falls. The North Korean agent has to throw it quickly and it blows up under the 18-wheeler.

The sniper is Kang Joo-chul who is waaaaaaaay far away on a rooftop with Hwa-sook. But he has muscle cramps and knee pain so he has a hard time shooting quickly and needs her help to arrange the shot.

Dal-gun jumps out with his super shoes on and take off running for the car. 

Hwa-sook tells kang that the wind changed, it is left to right now. Kang makes a correction and shoots more bad guys.

Dal-gun is able to get the car and drives it back to the crate where everyone hops in. 


The car takes off and takes several bullet hits as it gets away. The bad guys all get in their cars and give chase. Kang tries to shoot the bad guy driver, but they get away.


Meanwhile, the president asks Jessica if she is married. She tells him to introduce her to a good guy. Her standards are so high though, she couldn’t marry a man like the president. 

Then she brings up that she heard that the oil project is not going well. Everyone looks up. The President says that this is their secret project, how do you know? 

Jessica mentions that she might have made a mistake, the King of that country told me so I just brought it up. He asks if she knows that president well? She says it was a business deal, but now they are good friends.

The President tells Soonjoo that they have someone that can help them now. Soonjoo says that if he needs help then he will call her. She tells him anytime.

Jessica tells the president that she will treat him to a place to eat next time. Han-ki and Soon-joo look stifled.

After the meal, Han-ki and Jessica leave. She asks him who the Prime Ministers business partner is. he says that he does not know and that she is too greedy. then he gets a call from Min telling him that Dal-gun and team are headed to the courthouse. They are following them.

Cut to a car chase on the highway.

Dal-gun is able to navigate the car arounda  ton of other cars to avoid gun fire and ends up driving the wrong way on the other side of the street. But he is able to get on the right side again and goes into a tunnel. They get away momentarily.

Min tells Han-ki that they got away. he heard that Dal-gun was a stunt man, he drives like crazy.

Han-ki tells Jessica that Dal-gun has the co-pilot and is headed to the courthouse. She tells him that they need to stop him from going to the courthouse! She hurries off and calls her lawyer.

Han-ki runs back to the president.

The President is meeting with several other high profile men when Han-ki comes in to ask for a word. These men are the head of the political parties.

The president steps out and finds out that the co-pilot is on his way to the courthouse. he also asks Han-ki if he is he one that did that to the B357. Han-ki says no. The President asks him how much he knows?

Soonjoo says that the John & Mark vice president did it alone. He just removed the evidence. The President tells him that he should have told him! But now they already approved the deal.

Soonjoo ells him that it is not too late, you can return the money that John & Mark gave you. Soonjoo hears this. The President tells him that that money is for the politics of Korea for 1000 years. So tell me, what should I do?

Han-ki tells him that he should activate the police.


Cut to police barricades going up around the courthouse and in the streets of Seoul. They are all armed with protective gear. han-ki tells the police that these people are all suspects and are all armed. You do not need to catch them alive.

The president tells him to report to him in real time. Han-ki says okay and leaves. The president throws a glass against the wall in the first bit of angry emotion we have seen from him. Soonjoo stays quiet.

Cut to the wife showing up at court. She is booed.

Then we see Dal-gun and team driving peacefully. Tae-woong wants to drive, but Dal-gun wanTs to continue driving so Dal-gun asks Hae-ri who she thinks should drive. But then the police show up behind them with their siren on.

Min gets word that they found the car.


In the courthouse, the wife tells the secretary that she was not supposed to be arrested. He asks if she expected to be looked at favorably? You will get out after the trial. 

She asks if he can promise this to her? I don’t trust your promises. He says that Kim Woo-bi (the copilot) might show up at the trial. So she becomes worries and thinks that he might have evidence. Can we win if he comes? The secretary says that it would be better if he does not show up at all.




Everyone sits and waits for the court to start. Edward Park is there with his secretary. She gives him something hot to drink. So the opposing lawyer tells him that he heard that he drinks before the trial, he wonders if that is his secret to winning. 

This lawyer also drinks coffee and says that he wants to break the routine of the other lawyer. You taught me that sunbae. Edward says that if the other lawyer does something irregular, then that means that he is nervous. I think your routine is more irregular than mine.

The judge comes in and everyone rises. Then he gets everything started and everyone sits. the judge asks if the witnesses are there? The lawyer says that the wife is there. Edward says that their witness is coming, Hae-ri and Dal-gun.

But right now he wants to call the defendant first. So the Judo guy gets up to speak on the witness stand first.


Meanwhile, the police officer keeps following Dal-gun and team up the highway.


Scene change to he wife being on the witness stand now. She says that she has evidence that her husband made a deal with Dynamics. Her lawyer shows the bank account that Dynamics had.

The Judo player stands up and says that John & Mark did everything. They forgerized it! Everyone starts to argue because the family members think that Dal-gun got money from John & Mark

The Judge hits his hammer for order but his hammer breaks. he sighs and tells them to stop arguing. 

So the courthouse continues. The lawyer says that there is 5 million in the account. She says that her husband is the only one that knows the password, she cannot withdraw it.

Edward says that the bank account are all Swiss accounts so you cannot track who owns it. But the judge says that he will take it as evidence. Then he says that they will take a break and moves to hit his gavel but it is broken so he just holds it for a moment and drops it.


The car chase continues with the police. Cut to NIS chief asks Han-ki if the order to kill them is really from the president? Han-ki says that there are armed terrorists there, so what would you do?

Cut to the chicken restaurant where customer are still showing up. But in the back the brother is able to hack into the NIS. Hwa-sook is amazed. Kang says that he needs to spread this information to everyone. Hwas-sook is so amazed that the brother can type so fast how do you do this?


The Judo guy and the families are at a stand still. One of the family members says that the Judo guy shouldnt’ do anything so they can win this.

But then a woman shows the Judo guy that SNS is on fire now. They realize that the co-pilot is on the way. But they wonder why the police s are chasing them? They should protect them. The Judo guy wants to run off and help them. So he takes off and says that this is a real time follow he can find them.

The other woman says that they other family members should help him! But the family thinks that this should be on the news. She tells them that is what she is talking about! They are hiding this!



Lilly gets all her guns ready at Jessica’s place while Jessica calls someone to take out the co-pilot. Lilly asks her why she is so upset, this will end everything. She is holding her sniper gun.

Jessica says that this is the last resort. We should not use it. If you do use it then you need to use it properly, no more mistakes. Lilly grumbles about mistakes and her pride. Then she gets a call and asks if they found it.


Edward park gets a call.

Then he goes back into the courthouse and tells the Judge that Kim Woobi is on his way there. The other lawyer says that Woobi is their witness, if he is on the way then he should know it. You should give us.

But then someone else comes in with a note and gives it to the Judge.

Note – Just finish the trial. Hurry!

The judge thinks about this for a moment. then he tells the plaintiff that he will give him 30 minutes.


On the road, a helicopter starts to follow Dal-gun and team as they race to the courthouse. Hae-ri waves at them and the reporter tells them that they should go live right now.

Han-ki gets word of the helicopter and tells someone to remove it! he might be on the phone with the company that sent the helicopter. But the person says that this has to do with the ethics of the reporter. Hanki threatens the man with his past indiscretions and tells him to remove the helicopter.

Dal-gun and team get to their first barricade and have to turn around, But tey are stopped and surrounded by armed police officers on every side. All the streets are blocked and guns are pointed at them. 

Dal-gun thinks that they will not shoot them because the helicopter is there.

The Judo guy and the woman get to the scene and wonder what is going on. They all look up at the helicopter.

But the reporter is asked to leave by the director. She can’t believe that she has to leave and tries to say that they will not. But she is forced to leave.

Dal-gun and team can’t believe that the helicopter is turning away. Tae-woong says that it is pressure from the top. They were forced to do it. Get ready, we are fighting against the Korean government.

Min is here as well and gets on the speaker to talk to Dal-gun. he tells him that he is good at driving.

On a rooftop nearby, Lilly shows up with a sidekick. he starts to get her sniper rifle ready. She is her usual happy self and says that it is a nice day to smell blood.

Min tells Dal-gun and team to drop their weapons and come out, otherwise you will all die. Then he tells the SWAT to kill them all when they come out. The SWAT guy is all like, what? So Min has to ell him that no one should think that they treat terrorists lightly.

Min starts to count down from 10.

The co-pilot hops out and yells for them not to shoot him. then they all start to get out. Dal-gun is last in the car. Min tells Dalgun to come out as well. Dal-gun hits the steering wheel and reluctantly comes out.


They all put their hands up. Min smiles. 

Min tells the SWAT person to give the order to shoot them.

The SWAT man yells, SHOOT.

Nobody shoots though, they all look as stunned as Dalgun and team. 

But then the North Korean guy comes walking up with his machine gun and starts to shoot them all up so they have to run and get beind they car. Then all the SWAT starts to shoot. Things look bad.

But hen a huge dump trunk shows up. The door opens, it is one of the fmaily members, he yells for them to go becuase he is blocking more of the bullet with the huge truck now. So Dal-gun and team hop in and take off running.

The bad NIS agents follow. But the Judo guy runs into the bad NIS guys car with his car and tells them to run! Go go go!

So they take off running.

In the chicken place, hwa-sook and team wonder what they should do right now? The brother hacker looks like he is uploading all of the CCTV footage for everyone to see.

The family members see the team all running toward them. But then all the polcie cars show up to stop them and the polcie surround them. 

Min comes as well with his gun out and tells them good job, but dont’ come closer.

All the family members and citizens yells at Min and the bad guys and start to tackle them all. Tae-woong tells Dal-gun that they will open the way, you make sure he gets in.

So taewoong starts to beat up the North Korean NIS officer assassin.

Judo throws are happening everywhere. 

Dal-gun looks around at the citizens helping them get to the courthouse. Hae-rii tells him that they have to go! 

Dal-gun snpas out of it and runs through the pocket that Tae-wong and the family made for them. But then we see Lilly on the rooftop. She shoots and hits the co-pilot in the arm.

Taewoong yells, SNIPER!

Hae-ri jumps on top of the co-pilot and pushes him to the ground. He is still alive.

All the family members know that the sniper is around and make a body wall around the co-pilot to get him inside.

Jessica yells for her to shoot! Why are you not shooting! Lilly says that she can’t the family members are around them. Jessica tells her to just do it.

But Lilly does not and tells her person that they should leave now. He asks about the rest of their money. She tells him not to worry, you won’t starve. 

But then that assassin gets shot! there is another sniper on a different roof! Lilly hides quickly and tells Jessica that there is another sniper, that is why she didn’t do it.

Jessica thinks that this other sniper was sent by Edward! Argh!



The other lawyer says that time is up. The judge looks at his watch and says, ah, my watch died. The lawyer tells him that they cannot dealy it any longer.

But then the door to the courthouse break open and Dal-gun and Hae-ri come barreling in with Kim Woobi. Out of breath, Dal-gun yells, Kim woobi, we have Kim Woobi!

Everyone looks at them as Hae-ri, Dal-gun, anc Woobi stand and catch their breathes.

Fade Out


OMGaaaaaawd, this episode was so amazing! It had me smiling and stuck to my seat with everything that they came up with to throw at Dal-gun. Lots of things didn’t make any sense, but I really did not care because it was so fun to watch it. This is one of those shows that is so ridiculous that you just love it.

I mean, Kang complaining about knee pain as he ran up the stairs and then complaining about a cramp in his arm when he had to be a sniper … The judge breaking his gavel and his board during court? Then picking it up again to look at it at the end of court … the North Korean assassin going guns blazing wherever he is … not one person getting shot on Dal-guns side even though hundreds of bullets lit up their car …. the bullets disappearing on the side of their car sometimes … The dump truck showing up out of nowhere that the family member drove (how he found it and got the key? Who cares! The dump truck of doom saved the day this time!) ….  everything was just fun and ridiculous….the judo throws for the win.

But they also had some pretty epic touching moments like when they got to the courthouse and the family & citizens started attacking Min and the bad guys and protecting Dal-gun and team so they could go inside. Loved it.

Could all of this have been saved if they recorded a video footage of the co-pilot and put it on the internet somewhere to show that he was alive and headed to the courthouse? Possibly, but then we might not have had this glorious episode.


DG – I still hope it is not you. Not you.

VO – People talk bad about inability, but the will throw rocks at you for immorality.

Pres. – You didn’t add a subject, who?

VO – I will follow the VIPs order.

J – He won’t open his mouth the president wont let him do it.

Co-pilot – What my wife said that the pres conference is all a lie


VO – There should be another informer

Co-pilot – Stop the car!

J – Lets bet on it, who will come out first?

SJ – We have to see if that person will make it.

HR – Without you, I gave up already. Thank you Cha Dal-gun

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  1. Jane M
    October 26, 2019 / 8:58 pm

    This was straight-up 100% entertainment! What can possibly happen next?

    • LIM
      October 27, 2019 / 11:10 am

      I just finished watching ep 12, amazing. Love it. I love the way u wrote very detailed, thumbs up.

      • V
        October 28, 2019 / 10:18 am


    • V
      October 28, 2019 / 10:14 am

      You nailed it! 100% entertaining!

  2. WPB
    October 26, 2019 / 10:33 pm

    Due to the all action in this episode, I feel Suzy was like a supporting actor.
    Lilly is so cool. Will we see her again? Now that she said she is walking away since she didn’t do the job.
    This is a crazy show. One has to turn off all the logic. Once you have done that, it all entertainment and fun.

    • V
      October 28, 2019 / 10:15 am

      I really love Lilly, I want to see her in her own show. And yes, turn off the logic, lol. How did that family member get the keys to a bus? Who knows! But it was amazing!

      • WPB
        October 28, 2019 / 10:07 pm

        That’s an intriguing thought. I haven’t been watching k drama long enough but has there been one in which a main character being a female, kick axx, that people love and hate at the same time? That’s would be cool.

        • V
          October 31, 2019 / 11:09 am

          I know I have seen that in a movie! Kim Ok Vin is a martial artist in real life and was in a movie called Villianess where she was kicking butt and taking names. It was even invited to Cannes.

          • WPB
            November 1, 2019 / 8:58 am

            Thanks, V. I will add that on my watch list.
            Vagabond and My Country are the only two current dramas I am watching right now. I always keep up with Vagabond but I am 2 episodes behind My Country.

  3. Pearl antonio
    October 27, 2019 / 5:46 am

    Done watching epi.12

  4. 토비
    October 27, 2019 / 10:51 am

    I got the thrills in this despite the bunch of loopholes that were left in the editing and plot progression of this episode. I could not but feel sad about how the characters, especially CDG could feel it in their bones that the government – which is meant to protect the citizens have not only failed them, but are also seeking to end them. The acting was great and the funny scenes in this episode was daebak! I’m able to move on step by step thanks to Vagabond after the cliffhanger ending of Arthdal Chronicles (hopefully, just the season 1)

    Thanks for this recap!

    • V
      October 28, 2019 / 10:18 am

      I really hope Arthdal comes back on Netflix for a season two. If they end up doing well on Netflix then maybe it could happen!

    • WPB
      October 28, 2019 / 10:10 pm

      I would watch if it comes back for Season 2 and 3. I feel cheated after the last episode. There are so many questions unanswered. Some of sub plot I feel a waste of time could mean a lot later on if the show continues.
      Have my hope up.

  5. Matcha
    October 28, 2019 / 1:18 am

    Very very nice plot and so much action. One thing i did not get is how miki who is in container in the cargo ship managed to be in the courthouse when she should be entering the courthouse together with the three others in the container.

    • WPB
      October 28, 2019 / 8:31 am

      In the previous episode, she mentioned to DG and HR that she will get off at the next port. She didn’t specify which port but it’s not uncommon for the cargo ship to make multiple stops. She would take a plane back to Seoul after and be ahead of the cargo ship.

      • V
        October 28, 2019 / 10:13 am

        Ah, that makes sense!

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