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Vagabond: Episode 11 Live Recap

Vagabond (Netflix) Recap Episode 11
Vagabond (Netflix) Recap Episode 11, image SBS

I don’t even know what might happen. But that is all of the fun with this drama. Will we get more pain relieving heroin needles in the mix, or was that just a plot devise for the embassy surgery? Will the chicken lady ajumma and her son become a main character, or will she fade into the background now that the code word has been used? Will they even tell us how Kang faked his death, or are we just supposed to accept it and move onto the next big thing? (Oh, and if you are playing the drinking game, take 3 shots because Kang came back to life!) Are our lovely bickering assassins going to fall in love with each other? Because I kind of really want that to happen. And, most importantly, will Min ever stop eating Subway? Let’s find out.

Note: We are using Netflix numbering for the episodes.

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We recap the last two episodes starting at the embassy explosion and Dal-gun and team sneaking out with the help of Edward Park. They are about to land in Korea on a container ship.


The family members are stationed in a protest booth on the street and are calling out the government and everyone about a cover up. There are undercover agents who are following the good NIS agents as well as the family members all of the time to find out any information.

Hanki and Min are talking to each other and explain allof this to us. Min says that Han-ki does not have to worry, they will never make it back to Korea. it looks like they are speaking in front of Kang’s tomb.

Cut to tae-woong telling Hwa-sook that Kang is still alive. But he can’t explain it all to her. 

Rewind to TW entering the Incheon airport with the sidekick. He gets a call from Edward who warns him about the circumstances and tells him that they are wire tapping Min’s cell phone. So Taewoong listens in on Min’s conversation with how they will kill Kang. he calls the chicken lady.

The chicken ladydelicers the food to the prison and Hwasook takes it to him. Kang sees a message insid the rice thta tells him that he will be poisoned. So he takes another poison that is secret for black agents and is sent to the hospital, but he needed to get an antidote right away, which he got at the hospital.

Hwa-sook argues with Taewook about this and ponders, what if he really dies? She frets over the entire situation.

Rewind again to taewoong telling Haeri that she needs to call Vagabond. So she calls Vagabond and Kang picks up the phone and chides her about using banmal to him. She fills him in and says that they are on the container ship. She gives him the location and time of when they will arrive.

He asks if she is bored in this container ship? Min Jae-shik really wants to catch you, so we need to have a confusing plan.


Cut to the NIS team seeing that the co-pilot is popping up all over the globe in many different places like France, Italy, Turkey and all over. Then Cha Dal-gun shows up on the screen.

DG – Thank you for working hard for the country. Wah, Han-ki is also involved. Wow, are you happy to betray us and be part of them? Min Jae-shik, you don’t even deserve to be cursed. You all are screwed because I am going to be there and destroy everything.

Han-ki yells for them to cut the video. Then he asks how long it takes to search the IP address. They talk about searching it and then wonder if Dal-gun will come there again. Tae-woong also says something to his sidekick, but it is whispered.

The NIS officers ask Taewoong what he thinks Dal-gun wants. TW thinks he wants more evidence because the co-pilot might not be enough due to the wife’s confession. They tell them to buy time by suggesting to them to turn themselves in.


Elsewhere, Haeri tells Dal-gun that they hung up the phone. What does that mean? She is on the phone with kang. kang says that they are buying themselves time. hae-ri worries because the NIS has the best technology so they can track them. Kang says not to worry. Dal-gun asks what they have over there?

Cut to the brother/son of the chicken lady who looks like he is a super hacker on the Sherlock Holmes level. Kang tells Dal-gun that they are driving with a Lamborgini so don’t worry. Then he pats the brother on the shoulder and tells him to start. They fist bump and the brother gets to work.

He is a super duper hacker and is able to crack into the NIS in like 8 seconds. He has all the information.

Cut back to the NIS where they say that Dal-gun has contacted them again. Cut to the screen where Hae-ri and Dal-gun now show up on. They pertend like Tae-woong is also a traitor. TW tells them to turn themselves in. Dal-gun tells them that they are the ones that committed a crime, they are killing their citizens twice!

Han-ki introduces himself and says he is the Civil Affairs Minister of Korea. Dal-gun tells him that he has to take Korea away from his title, aren’t you embarrassed? Han-ki tells him that the government will prove everything, bring the pilot.

Dal-gun asks him if he is calling the shots or if someone is above him like – the president? han-ki is quiet. Dal-gun asks again, did the president order him to do this? They are quiet. Dal-gun says, no, it is the wrong question. if you say no then you area traitor alone. If you say yes then you say the president is behind it, okay, I will take back my question.

Tae-woong explains that Edward is arrested, Dynamic Systems cannot help you anymore. If you turn yourself in with the pilot then the civil affairs minister will help you. Will you listen to our request?

Dal-gun tells them, okay, if you all hold hands and confess to the citizens then i will turn myself in. 

Kang calls them and tells them it is time to hang up, and don’t talk about Vagabond at all to Edwards Secretary.

Dal-gun hangs up with the NIS after cursing them out. The NIS team tries to find where they are but there are so many IP addresses so they cannot locate them. But they are going to try and follow the IP addresses anyway. A team gets on it.

Min tells Han-ki that Edward should be behind this much hacking.



Edward is in the NIS jail so Tae-woong goes into his jail and tells him that he may leave now. He gives him his wallet, watch, and cell phone back. Edward tells them that they can keep his things, he does not like it when people touch his stuff. Then he tells the one-way mirror that this is not about FX, it is about the truth vs evil. it is proven truth, why can’t you see this with power, Civil affairs minister Han-ki. he taps on the window.




The co-pilot somehow got ahold of something sharp and cuts his way out of his bindings. Dal-gun and Hae-ri find him along with Edwards secretary. She sys that she will find him and cocks her gun. he sys that she can’t kill him though, she tells him that she does not make mistakes.

They start to search the boat. 

The Co-pilot grabs Hae-ri suddenly and takes her hostage. He ells Dal-gun not to come any closer or see what will happen to her! I am not going to confess the way that you want. Do you think that I am crazy? You don’t have any confidence, no one has any confidence. You just want your nephews revenge and you don’t care how many people die!

Dal-gun tells him to shut up.

Hae-ri tells him to just do what he says.

Dal-gun is all like, seriously? Hae-ri and Dalguns tarts to bicker back and forth about how it was so hard to catch him and you are worse than the co-pilot! But then she hits the co-pilot and Judo throws him around which knocks him out. They lock him back up.

Dal-gun takes haer-ri to go check on her wound on her neck. She asks how her Judo throw was? Her teacher (Dal-gun) would be proud. They smile. Then she starts to complain about how her knife scratch hurts and tells him to blow on it.

So he blows on it and she asks why he is so flushed, do you have a fever? Sh touches his forehead. She asks if he got a scratch on a rusty nail? he says he is fine and pulls his hand away. She tries to say something else so Dal-gun makes up an excuse and leaves because his heart is beating too fast.

Meanwhile, the secretary covers the co-pilots mouth with tape because he talks to much.


All the politicians are together for a political meeting of everyone in Korea. the president sits with the Prime Minister in his office. Some other key players are there as they wait on the results of the vote. The yes vote passes so the budget is confirmed for the fighter jet. They are all happy even though they said that the vote was fixed.

The president tell them that they need to have a meal together and tells the Military Minister to process the deal with John & Mark. Cut to the signing ceremony for the deal that is a press event. After that, Jessica meets with the main evil military guys that drank together with all the young ladies to thank them for their vote.

She also has a gift for them. She says that she has a painting that she wants to show them for the auction. They ask her how they are supposed to show their heart to her. She tells them a drink is fine and then starts to tell the details of the paintings. Three painting all come out and they are all super famous. She tells them that they shuold wonder how expensive they are. She tells them each one is at least $400k. 

But then she gets a call and goes out to talk. Her secretary says that he will explain the next paintings to them as she leaves and meets with han-ki.


They sit and chat happily about their business together. he tells her that she can send money to a certain address. It is called Deep Blue and is a company in Singapore. So Jessica calls her secretary to send the money and says that it seems like their VIP is in a hurry.

Jessica hangs up and asks who this money is going to. it is a lot of money, 5% of their deal, it is hard to prepare that much money. But she also says that is a joke so she tells him that she can cut to the chase. The money is sent so she tells him to confirm it.

He calls a number to check the account. it looks verified so he tells her that she can pick her meal. She can drink but he will not. She asks if she can have a dinner with the VIP? She has business that the VIP will like.


Hae-ri and Dal-gun continue talking to Kang on the computer. he tells them that the vote happened and the deal is closed. They are not sure if they can win a case with only the co-pilot. They need solid evidence.

But then Edward Parks secretary tries to come inside so they have to hang up with Kang right away and pretend to be doing something else. So Hae-ri pretends like she is making ramen.

They all sit to eat the ramen and Hae-ri asks the secretary how long she has worked with Edward. She kind of shirks the question and then tells her about when they will be back in Korea and evidence and all that.

The Co-pilot asks if they knew that Michael has a girlfriend? he starts to talk about Michael’s girlfriend and says that his girlfriend connected them. Flashback to the original assassin and the co-pilot meeting with Michael before the plane crashed. The co-pilot sits and sees a naked woman with a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder.

In the present, they ask the co-pilot what she looked like, he says that he doesn’t know.  But he does say that he has prime evidence of video footage of him and Michael making the deal.

Dal-gun asks what he wants and why he looks like a new person now? he co-pilot asks if he doesn’t want him to cooperate then? I can go on ignoring you again.

Hae-ri tells Kang all that has happened and then tells him the time and location of when they will be back. Kang thinks that it will flip Korea over if it gets out.

Then he talks to the chicken lady and asks her to give something to Tae-woong. it might be the time and address. They chat a bit so a bit of backstory comes out that the chicken ladies husband died while working for the NIS. She annoyingly tells him to leave and then goes to give the secret message to her brother who loves to sit in a fridge.

Her brother takes it and happily goes to his work room to get started. he flips open one of his many books and circles a page number and then writes something down. he does this several times with various things in the book until he finally has some kind of code created.

Min and team get a message from Taewoong that is from the chicken place but they think nothing of it because they order from that place all the time. But Min actually mentions that he never sees him eating chicken.



Tae-woong goes to the bathroom and starts to look up all the code numbers that the brother gave to him via the chicken restaurant. he has the book as well so he is able to decipher it.

The message has the lcoation and time of the shipment so Tae-woong memorizes it and then leaves. Min is in thebathroom as well and asks TW if he can see his book.

He starts to flip through it and talks about how reading a book while pooping will give you constipations..hmm…are you contacting Hae-ri? he hans the book back and asks how a little chick like Hae-ri can get out of he hands of a hunter like him.

TW tells him that your comrade behind you can be your worst enemy. That is on page 147 or this book. (this book is he History of Korean Spies). Min says that is why he is not confident with TW. TW smiles and says well, at least you think I am your comrade.

But then someone comes in and says that Hae-ri is turning herself in! They run back to the room and we see Hae-ri on he screen. She says thats eh is turing herself back in, but she has one condition, can she go back to work? Min says, okay, sure. So she asks if she can be promoted also? he says okay, okay, I’ll do it. So she tells them that they are in New Delhi, India. 

They cannot leave because the co-pilot has a wound. Min asks if Edward park helped them? Hae-ri tells them that she has to go and hangs up.

So Min asks the team if she is really in India? But they say that they cannot track her yet. So Min say that he will go to New Delhi asap.

In the container ship, Dal-gun and He-ri give themselves a good-job.

In the NIS, Min is walkingo ut and asks if they recorded Hae-ri? Send the recording to me without Tae-woong knowing about it, I think I saw something.

So they play the video and see her watch. her watch says 5 o’clock. So Min says that they need to find a country with a one hour and 13 hour time difference without them knowing about it. he also thinks that this should not be Hae-ri’s plan and wonders who is behind it all.



Dal-gun wakes up on the floor next to Hae-ri. Her shirt is partially off her belly so he tries to cover it up. So she rolls over and it uncovers a bit more. So he tries to cover it up again.

She wakes up and wonders what he is doing and slaps him right quick. he tells her that he was covering her stomach. She asks why his eyes look like that? So he asks how his eyes should look?

They settle back into their pallet on the floor and talk about if they are scared tomorrow. He says that he is not scared and then they start to talk about how they sleep and how she hits him a lot at night and how they should just go to sleep and they don’t envy their future spouses as they settle in to sleep.

But then Dal-gun wakes up to Hae-ri all cuddled up on his back. So he removes his arm, she moves it back and also puts her leg over his. He rolls it off, but she puts it back.


Han-ki gets a call, it is from Min, he says that they found the co-pilot, they found a Chinese agent that Hae-ri contacted and found out that the co-pilot is on a Chinese container ship (?). He is getting all his team together to get them. Han-ki tells them that they should not arrest any of them, just kill them.

So all the NIS agents run off to do just that. the sidekick and tae-woong watch them leave and say that they will be super surprised that the Chinese agent is Kang (or something like that).


Meanwhile, Lilly and the North Korean assassin are shooting cans for target practice and competing while doing it. Lilly wins. he complains about his weapon.

He asks how much she makes, she asks why he is asking her that? He asks if it is that difficult to answer? She says that he can’t do what she does because he cannot speak English. Are you going to ride on my boat? Just go away.

The North Korean gets a call and runs away. She asks where he is going, he tells her that she told him to go away so don’t worry about it.


TW and he sidekick listen to a call from Min as he talks to the North Korean NIS agent about how they are going to the dock. While driving, they see a quick chicken delivery service pull up next to them. Hmm, he might have given his cell phone to this guy.

So the North Koreans are super confused as to why TW is continuously changing his route. They decide to get close to him and end up knocking him off his bike which leads them to figuring out that they have been had.

The North Korean tells Min that their information was leaked. they knew we where following them. Min tells him okay, just standby. The other agent tells him that Ki did it on purpose, Min tells him to stop talking and then looks at the cell phone to say that his target is the co-pilot so don’t worry about him. hen he asks if they are close to a rest stop because he has to pee.

Cut to their bathroom break at the rest stop. Min asks his agent if he found anything. the agent tells him that his cellphone has been wiretapped. So Min tells him to backtrack to see who did it.

Another NIS agent quickly back tracks the cell phone and finds out where Tae-woong is. He is at the Incheon Harbor.



Kang drives up and meets with tae-woong and the sidekick. Hwa-sook is there as well. She tells them that it will take an hour to unload the container ship.

Cut to the container ship where Dal-gun and Hae-ri are bumping into each other and accidentally touching each other as their container is being taken off. the pilot watches this hilarity.

Dal-gun and Hae-ri continue they bickering and play fight yet not fighting over moving all over the container ship while the co-pilot just pleasantly stands and watches as if nothing is wrong. He isn’t stumbling or anything.

Finally, the doors to the container ship open. It is Taewoong. h tells them good job and says that they can get to the courthouse before it starts now.

But then bullets start bouncing off around them so Taewoong has to hop inside the ship as the sidekick drives them away quickly in the 18 wheeler.

The North Korean team unloads tons of artilery on the 18 wheeler as everyone hides inside and bullet fly all around them.

Fade Out


Everything was great. Today’s episode was cray and tomorrow’s episode looks like it will be extra cray and I am here for this.


News – This afternoon the court will open for the families lawsuit against Dynamics. 

President – Welcome *to Jessica*

TW – Get down!

HK – Cha Dal-gun showed up with Kim Woo-gi (the co-pilot)

Note – Please end the trial quickly!

VO – The money is for the politics of Korea for the next 1000 years

Wife – So we can win because we have evidence?

Jessica – Call the president, we have to stop them from getting to the courthouse!

News – We found them! Please prepare a live broadcast

President – Call the head of the police.

TW – We are fighting against the Korean government.

SJ – You look happy

SWAT – Drop your weapons!

HK – The order to kill them has been given by the VIP

SWAT – Shoot!

DG – Duck!

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  1. Aaom
    October 25, 2019 / 10:03 am

    The preview make me hype!!
    Thank you as always

    • V
      October 25, 2019 / 10:37 am

      The preview makes tomorrows episode look like so much fun!

  2. Amy
    October 25, 2019 / 2:15 pm

    Can somewhere explain me how they knew they were at Incheon Harbour? I know you mentioned they traced the cell phone back, but didn’t Tae-Woong give the phone away so how were they able to trace it? Also, why can’t they just send out a live video with Kim Woo-gi showing that he’s alive? It’s still a really good show. I just wish the good guys would get a small win, feel like that won’t happen till the end since they’ve now introduced the girlfriend.

    • V
      October 25, 2019 / 2:19 pm

      I actually don’t really understand how they did it either. So if anyone knows, let us know. I am so confused. 🥴🤪

    • 토비
      October 25, 2019 / 2:50 pm

      Well it was not Gi Tae Woong’s phone they traced. Remember GTW tapped Min’s phone to listen in on his conversation and monitor his location, right? Well, after Min and his men found that out they did a reverse of that tapping that GTW. That means, through the tapping, they (Min and his men) were able to locate the phone (GTW’s tracer of Min) that was originally tracing them. I hope my explanation has helped to understand it. I got it immediately but it can be complicated to understand.

      • V
        October 25, 2019 / 4:05 pm

        Thank you so much, Tobi! Any amount of clarification is wonderful and this explanation definitely helps!

        • 토비
          October 27, 2019 / 10:34 am

          You’re welcome V

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