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Vagabond: Episode 10 Live Recap

Recap Vagabond Episode 10
Vagabond Recap Episode 10, image SBS

We have handstand pushups after giving almost two liters of blood followed by an NIS shootout. Will out intrepid heroes be able to make it out alive? Will our two assassins outside get past their bickering? Will Tae-woong help out? Will the chicken lady call again? All questions should be answered today!

*Update: We will start this recap in about 20 minutes, around 9:15am CST!

Note: We are using Netflix numbering for the episodes.

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They recap yesterdays episode with the NIS agents showing up to the embassy and the gun fight starting. 

The president gives his speech that he was practicing in the last episode to a room full of politicians and senators and congressman in Korea. he tells them that he has spent ten years in politics and he always cares about the people. He is happy to explain why they need more of a budget.

In tangier, Haei-ri and Dal-gun are at gun point with the NIS agents. they want to know why there are doing this? We are all with the same country. They say that they are just following orders. Shoot them!

Tae-woong turns off all the lights and the gun fight starts again while the president continues with his speech.

The gun fight stops momentarily as the NIS agents regroup. Hae-ri and Dal-gun are able to run off with the co-pilot. They run into Tae-woong who starts to shoot the other NIS agents who are following them.

It is a hallway shoot out now as each side shoots and ducks for cover over and over again until Dal-gun and team finally get inside the TV room where Taewoon was looking at all the action.

Hae-ri tells them that Edwards Secretary called. She has a timer as to how long they need to get somewhere and hide. There are 7 minutes left. So they wait. But then the NIS explodes their door, so they have to duck for cover again and get their weapons ready.

The gun fight continues.

But they start to run out of bullets. So they have to be conservative. One agent walks up and gets shot in the head with one bullet. The other agents back off.

Dal-gun shows the time, there is 1 minute and 30 seconds left. Dal-gun shows the time to the bad NIS agents. They all stop. He tells them that they have a bomb going off. If he does not stop the timer, then everything will blow up.


Dal-gun asks them if they think he is bluffing. We will all die. So tell me, only 30 seconds left, should I stop it or not? the NIS agent says it is all BS. DOng-chan tells him that we will see if it is all BS or not.

The timer starts to count down to 10 seconds. The seconds count down with everyone standing there and suddenly a huge explosion actually does happen! The NIS agents all fall through the floor and Dong-chan runs.

The Assassins outside wonder what in the world is going on in that building. Lilly knows what kind of bomb it is just by hearing the sound because she was trained in American.

Inside, the team looks at the floor where the NIS agents were standing. It is all gone now.

Meanwhile, the president keeps talking about how they need more money for the military program to protect their citizens.

The chief of the NIS cannot get in contact with the black-ops guy. Min thinks that is strange.

In Tangier, Tae-woong shoots all the NIS agents that survived the blast.

The president continues speaking and says that they will make their own future. By whatever cost, the safety of their citizens cannot be compromised.

In Tangier, the co-pilot tries to run away. Dal-gun runs after him. Hae-ri is about to go too, but is stopped by Tae-woong.


Tae-woong says that they got an order to kill Dal-gun and the co-pilot. Hae-ri asks, so, the person behind it is – our chief? Why? Tae-woong says that only one place can control NIS agents.

He tells her that the secret code is Vagabond.

She tells him that she does not have that kind of ability, he says that he knows that she does not have ability but she is the only one that he can ask. She starts to recite the phone number that he tells her and the secret code of Vagabond. Then he tells her to go.

Dal-gun, Hae-ri, and the pilot head off and Tae-woong and the other agent stay. Tae-woong tells him that their story is that they did not kill them, they survived. Erase the CCTV.

Dal-gun and Hae-ri run through the underground tunnels of Tangier and come out at an outdoor event where someone is spitting fire. Then a woman comes up to them. This woman is Edwards secretary. she tells them to turn off their cell phones in case they are tracked and follow her.

In Korea, the president finishes his speech. Everyone watches the news about the speech, including Edward and Jessica. Jessica mutters that even though the dog barks, the train still leaves.


The president and the Prime Minister talk about how his speech was. He mentions that his pee is stronger now. Power is the best medicine to keep me young. I have to work hard to keep it. I think I am the hardest working president.


The NIS teams find out that all the agents died. Tae-woong sent them a photo and talks to them via video. He says he was lucky, that is why he survived. Min is skeptical about if he is on their side or not but tells him to wrap things up and come back.

They hang up. Min and the Chief start to argue about this failed mission. Min thinks Tae-woong is the problem. The Chief yells at him and says that he is the one that hand picked those guys, you should have picked better guys! 

Min tells all the NIS agents to put out a call to internationally search for Hae-ri, Dal-gun, and the co-pilot.



Han-ki tells the presidents secretary that he can’t make a minister meeting. She tells him that he has to go, but he says strongly that he cannot make it, then M calls. 

Han-ki takes the call from M, who is Min, who tells him that the co-pilot got away. But he tinks he knows why.

Min goes barreling into Kang’s cell and punches him as he tells him that he did it! You are the one that moved Ki Tae-woong! Kang turns Min around and starts to punch him. Then Min goes and grabs his NIS agents gun and points it at Kang.

Kang is calm and asks Min how many people he has pointed a gun at? You got here with your mouth only. Our NIS agents are like this because of you. All the good guys left, the rest are dogs.

Min goes to the rooftop and tells one of the NIS agents to mix some kind of medicine in his meal and give it to Kang. he does not have family so it is fine. The agents doesn’t want to do it and says that Kang is not involved in this. Min says that he will be big trouble if we don’t take care of him now.

In the NIS teams room, everyone snacks on subway while working and looking at all the images on the screen. Hwa-sook is giving them some direction. But then one of the men tells her to order guk-bap and give it to Kang. 

So the guk-bap is delivered and Hwa-sook runs out to get it to give to Kang. It looks like the other NIS agent already put the poison in it. 

Hwa-sook gives Kang his food pleasantly. He sits and eats it. Min watches nervously from his tv screen.

Then Kang suddenly falls to the ground and gasps. His hand falls to his side. He is rushes out with Hwa-sook fretting over him and wondering what is going on.


Kang gets worked on at the hospital with Hwa-sook and the bad agent watching along. They have to give him chest compressions, but it does not work, he dies.

Hwa-sook cries over his body and is pulled off by the bad agent.


Jessica talks to the Tangier police about finding them. The policeman says that they are looking everywhere for them. Cut to a police barricade that Dong-chan and team drive up on. No one tries to hide who they are as the police look into the car.

Jessica tells the cops to kill them as soon as they find them.

In Tangier, the officer asks Edwards secretary if they have their IDs on them? She shows him her ID. There is a brief moment of tension, but then he lets them go.

Cut to the corrupt officer, he has a gun to his head which is why he did not fulfill Jessica’s order. He is shot.




Hae-ri re-dresses the co-pilots wound as Dong-chan talks to Edward Park on the phone. Edward tells him that he worried about him. The freight ship will be there in the morning. Take that ship and come back to Korea.

Dong-chan asks him to explain what is going on. Edward Park tells him not to be worried, the Korean government is part of this. A high official told him which is why he knows about Morocco. Don’t give up now. We are in trouble because the pilots wife made a false confession. You cannot trust anyone. It will be a very difficult fight.


Jessica meets with Min and Han-ki in her place. Min tells her not to worry, they cannot get out of Morocco. But then her secretary comes in and says that they already snuck out. Abraham has been found dead. It might be Edward Parks doing.

Min thinks that is nonsense. he put a big hole in the consulate and killed the officer? Can one lobbyist do that? Jessica says that Edward can do it, he has people all over the world.

Han-ki asks for a serach warrant for Dynamic Systems. The secretary says that they already did it but one confession is not enough. They need to make evidence. Han-ki asks when tae-woong will be back. Min says a few hours.

Han-ki says that as long as he is there in Korea, Edward cannot do much.


Min and a couple corrupt agents meet Tae-woong in the airport. They ask how their trip was and then arrest them.

The assassins walk up arm in arm and look at this. He tells her to remove her arm, she says that she wants to kill him herself. She holds out a fake gun toward Tae-woong. Her gun motion turns into Han-ki holding a gun and shooting a target.


Then Min walks up on him with Tae-woong. Han-ki holds up a gun to him and asks where the co-pilot is. He does not like it that tae-woong came back alive. 

Tae-woong says that he did not become an NIS agent to make him happy.

Han-ki tells him that if he does not tell him that answer he wants at the count of three, hen you are dead.

He starts to count down. Tae-woong starts to speak the NIS agents oath. The bad guy shoots him very close to his face. The bullet grazes him on the cheek.

Han-ki tells Min to make tae-woong sign the oath. We have a press conference, I will give him what to say. Min asks how he can trust him? He is a trained NIS agent, he is not afraid of bullets.

Han-ki says that the warrant will be issued after the press conference. Put him back to work, but follow him closely. Then we will find the trail.


The co-pilot screams in the cargo ship as he asks for his drugs! I need my drugs! I will die!

Dal-gun has his head phones on and is searching the internet for something about Morocco. There is no news about them released. Dal-gun can’t believe there was no report even though there was that much trouble.

The copilot is all tied up and tells Dal-gun that he really needs his drug, he will die. Dal-gun tells him that he does not need the drug. We cannot use a druggies confession as evidence. The co-pilot just yells that he wants the drugs.

So Da-gun takes off his sock and puts it in the co-pilots mouth to shut up. he tells him that if he does not voluntarily confess, then he will make hm confess.

In another room, the secretary talks to someone via headphone and says that everything is okay so far.

Hae-ri is in her own room thinking about what Tae-woong told her about how only one person can control the NIS. She remembers Dal-gun watching a video of his nephew and sheds a tear.

She goes to Dal-gun’s room but he is not there. The copilot motions for her to remove the tape on his mouth and tells her that he will do anything for her if she gives him drugs. He will share his money with her. She sighs and says this is why drugs are bad.

The copilot starts to talk some more. Dal-gun tells him to shut up. So the copilot starts to yell at Dalgun about something. Hae-ri punches him. He passes out.

Hae-ri thinks that she has to wash her ears because what he said was so dirty. 

Dal-gun and Hae-ri go outside on the ship to talk. He tells her that the Korean government is behind this. She asks how he knows? He says that Edward told him. He did not want to tell Hae-ri because she would be shocked. Hae-ri says that she shouldn’t have worried with how to tell him about it. 

He asks if she knew? She says of course, if an amateur like you knows about it, of course a special agent would. He tells her that she should stop here. You did enough. Just inc ase something really happens to you.

She asks if he will continue and she will quit? He says that she is paid by the government, he is a tax payer. This is his problem, he has to solve it because his nephew died.

She says that is right, she is gongwan and has to support her family. But she should not ignore it if the government does bad things. She knows that Hoon and his friends are all watching them, so she cannot run away because it is scary. This time, I will show the citizens that bad guys cannot do bad things anymore.

She puts her hand up and they high five. Though Dalgun was reluctant to at first.

The ship continues to sail.



Tae-woong gives his press conference speech and says that the building they see on the screen is owned by Dynamic Systems. He explains all the people on the screen and says that they talked to each other every since the plane crashed. the people on the screen are Edward Park and Dalgun and one other person.

The Judoo guy is inthe audience and tells them all that these are all lies! Dal-gun is not like that! Do not write about these lies!

But he is dragged out. He does get a good judo throw in before that though. While leaving he yells that tae-woong is bought by John & Mark!

Tae-woong continues explaining that the NIS agents in Morocco all died via an unknown explosion. The co-pilot disappeared with Dal-gun and Hae-ri. The press start to write about this and really don’t care that the most important thing is that the co-pilot is still alive.

Edward Park is then arrested due to kidnapping the copilot. Edward Park tells Tae-woong that he is good at lying. Tae-woong says that he can talk about it later.


Dal-gun and hae-ri watch all of this while on the cargo ship. They can’t believe the turn of events. Hae-ri tells Dal-gun not to worry, he will not betray them, if we was going to betray them then he would have killed them already.

She starts to call the secret phone number and gets the chicken restaurant. She is all like, um, chicken place? The lady tells her that they are closed and cannot deliver now. Hae-ri tells her Vagabond so the woman pauses for a moment and tells her to wait.

She leaves and someone else comes up and picks up the phone.


The person tells Go Hae-ri, welcome. Hae-ri asks, who is this? Director Kang?

It is director Kang! He tells her not to use banmal with him. She asks what is going on so he tells her that a lot happened. She starts to tell him all the details about when the cargo ship will arrive. He writes it all down and then tells her that they should have fun. Min wants to catch you so we need a plan to confuse them.

Cut to Edward Park eating subway in his interrogation room. He is very calm. Min and Han-ki look at him on the other side of the one-way mirror. They think they need to call Jessica to come in and tak to her.

So Jessica comes in. She asks the men to turnoff the camera so that they can have a private conversation and it looks like they actually do turn it off.

Jessica and Edward start to talk about impossible things. He mentions that he was able to sneak in concentrated Uranium to Libya and she said that was impossible. She tells him that he was just lucky then, you will not have that kind of luck again. Your company stock will go down. You will be attacked from everywhere. And John & Mark will buy your company.

Edward says that he understands now. It is not the FX contract, your goal is to eat up Dynamic Systems. She tells him not to guess, she is just telling him the facts. he says that if her prey is that big, that is why she terrorized the airplane. Jessica says thta after they buy Dynamics, they will make him CEO. How do you like that? It is a very lucky deal for you.

He asks, so you want the co-pilot? She says, finally, now is the time to talk business.

Edward leans in and tells her to go burn in hell. Then he sits back and asks if that is a good answer for her?

She tells him that he will be destroyed anyway. Can you not think straight with your age? He says that he is okay being destroyed if it is the right way.

She laughs and tells him that he is the worst bad guy in the world. Why are you pretending like you are a good person?

He tells her that weapons do not have borders, but lobbyists have countries. I love this country of Korea where I was born. I am not going to let you have the FX contract. He then says something like, don’t spit a sparrow (?).

She starts to laugh. But then Min and Han-ki get word that the co-pilot showed up. They all rush away to the NIS department to look at the camera.

They see the co-pilot on the screen in several different places and countries. They Dalgun shows up on the screen talking directly to them. He tells them that they work hard for he country and can actually see them through the webcam?

He starts to talk to each other them directly and smugly as he tells them that they all screwed up. I will go there and destroy you all.

Fade Out


Okay, what is the deal with not just recording the co-pilot’s confession and putting it up on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and all the online spots they can find? Then people will know that he is still alive. But it doesn’t seem like it matters that he is still alive anymore because Taewoong told all the reporters that the co-pilot was kidnapped by Dal-gun and Hae-ri anyway so that proves that he is still alive? Or does everything know that the co-pilot is still alive because the wife said he was? I am confused on that part.

I love that Kang is still alive and I’m pretty sure they are not going to explain how he did it so I’ll just be happy that he can live like a shadow at the fast food chicken place now until he is found out.


VO – What do you think that Cha Dal-gun wants?

JC – Let’s have fun

TW – Your comrade behind your back can be your worst enemy

Min – You talked to Go Hae-ri right?

Min – The co-pilot will never make it to Korea

HK – What if he shows up?

DG – Is the president above you?

Min – Ask him if he has any evidence

Copilot – Yes, definite evidence

HK – No arresting, just kill them

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  1. Jane
    October 19, 2019 / 9:47 pm

    I am officially on board with this drama now! You just have to suspend all reason and go with the flow (drinking games help as well). Absolutely nothing makes sense, but it’s so pretty and the action scenes are exciting even though they are completely impossible. I don’t know how you are able to recap this, though, because everything happens so fast and has absolutely no logical direction. I mean – how long would it take a cargo ship to go from Morocco to Korea anyway? Thanks for your efforts because it helps me enjoy the show even more. I do wonder if there was any intention on the part of the writer(s) to create this campy weirdness. Or, were they serious about all of this? Anyway – no one can die in crossfire, even if machine guns are in use. Jumping off buildings will result in minor injuries that require small bandaids and will be healed by the next scene. After an unexplained explosion in a deserted embassy, the bad guys waiting outside will just go away so the good guys can escape. Everyone eats subway at their desk at the NIS. You can’t make this stuff up. Oh yeah – someone did. Rock on, Vagabond!

    • V
      October 20, 2019 / 10:20 am

      I did not even think about the travel of the cargo ship, lol! I am with you, I am just enjoying the nonsense and waiting to see what else will possibly happen.

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