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Unexpected Heroes / Accidental Heroes Recap: Episode 6

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 6
I really think this episode of Unexpected Heroes is where our smooth talking hero, Joon-young will get to use his powers for the greater good. So far he has just been dragged along with Yoon-ji solving her mystery case and he didn’t even help when they did find the robber. But now his beau is missing and you best believe he will be all over this case.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 6
We open with Joon-hyung finding Soo-jin at the bus stop. Something is wrong, Soo-jin said that her appa told her to get out of the house if she wants to be an idol wannabe. She needs help because she really wants to do it. Joon-hyung tells her that it is okay and to not worry about it, she can find a way. But she is depressed and doesn’t know how she could find a way. He thinks that she should try shocking therapy (umm). Maybe she could actually leave home? But she doesn’t want to leave home. He tells her that she should just run away for show and not for real. Ah, it looks like this entire scene was a flashback to show us how she came up with the idea to run away.

Cut to the present and Joon-hyung thinks that he told Soo-ji to run away as a joke, not for real. One of his teachers berates him and tells him that he shouldn’t have told her that. She tells him that hopefully she is really pretending, and to leave.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 6
Yoon-ji is busy doing some Hermione style research in the library and reading news reports. I really miss her eyeglasses, she looked so cute with them. Her teacher is there and he thinks that Yoon-ji shouldn’t be reading about scary killing cases on the computer, but she says that she has to. She leaves when she sees Joon-hyung, and the teacher looks at her all weirdly a little longer than he should.

Joon-hyung needs to understand something. He needs her to remember something since she remembers everything. She needs to remember the card that he showed her about the idol person. Yoon-ji remembers it and tells Joon-hyung, he leaves and tells her that he will see her at home.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 6
Cut to their home. Joon-hyung is pacing and pacing and pacing. Something is wrong because the phone number on the card is not real, it doesn’t exist. How can a company disappear out of the blue like that? On top of all that, Soo-ji’s cell phone number disappeared as well. Something isn’t right. The cops are looking at the case like a regular runaway case. But something just isn’t right about it. Joon-hyung looks very concerned and he blames himself (as he should by giving her that crazy advice). he thinks they should ask the superman’s uncle, but Superman tells him that his uncle is in violent crimes not missing persons.

They try to think of something, they need the Avengers to come help them. They think that maybe they could go to the scene of the crime and try to find out what is going on?

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 6
They go to the Idol company, but everything is gone. The company was all fake and disappeared like smoke. Papers are scattered everywhere. Joon-hyung is distraught and thinks that this shouldn’t have happened.

But now it is time to figure it out, so they go to a real estate company. The owner says that the Idol company just left even though they have a contract. The kids want to know if he saw anyone there and they give him Soo-ji’s picture. The halabogi there says that it is Yoon-ji, the poor man can’t see worth anything. He says that kids in their school uniform all look the same.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 6
The kids leave and immediately get kicked out of another office. This time it is the security office and they want the CCTV footage. Joon-hyung tells the man that kicked them out that they just want to see something on the video and the security guard says he will show it to them if they come back with the police. So like basically with a warrant.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 6
The kids are distraught, they think no one listens to them. As they are walking through the parking garage Yoon-ji tells them that they have a way. Some of the cars have dust on them, so they have been parked there for a few days. If they look at the black box then they can figure out what happened. They decide that if one of these cars belongs to a college student then they have a chance to see her black box. Smooth talking Joon-hyung is on it.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 6
Cut to Joon-hyung talking to a young woman who owns one of the cars. He asks about her college life and basically sweet talks her (super power alert!). The strong guy wonders why girls talk to him and Yoon-ji tells him that you feel good when you talk to Joon-hyung, so, it’s nice. Soo-ho asks her if she feels the same way, but she doesn’t confirm or deny it.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 6
They are able to get the CCTV from the car and immediately take it to Soo-ho’s uncle at the police department. They have to talk him into looking at it right now though. He says they have to follow proper steps, but Soo-ho just puts it in and turns it on (lols). All the cops come to look and the uncle says, “What the F, it is a real case!”

Fade Out

I love how each person is figuring out how to use their super power in order to best help the team. Joon-young is using his suave skills and steady heart to sweet talk the ladies and keep a level head. Yoon-ji is using her amazing eyesight and memory to pick up little clues that everyone else misses (I especially love how they throw in her love of mysteries to help her solve crimes, like noticing that the cars have dust on them, so they can use their CCTV’s to see if it caught anything). The only one who didn’t really do anything this episode is Soo-ho, but he is the muscle of the crew so you kind of just feel safer whenever he is around, you know?


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