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Unexpected Heroes / Accidental Heroes Recap: Episode 5

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 5
I love how the problem solving our heroes are encountering is very grounded in reality. It doesn’t feel fake or artificial in the way they are solving the problems, or even in the way that they are introduced to the problems. Yoon-ji is definitely more interested in solving this mystery than the other two heroes are though. I wonder if it will come back to bite her in the butt.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 5
We open with Yoon-ji crouched and looking around a corner with a hoodie on. The other two kids walk up on her and crouch right along with her. It looks like they went out looking for her, they followed her after they saw her sneaking out from the jimjilbang. They said she is so pitiful (like someone you have to look out for) so it is hard not to follow her and she should repay them. She says she was scared so she is happy that they found her.

They change the conversation to the house, will the robber come there? They don’t know if the robber will come to that house first or another house first, so they will just be on the lookout. Cut to Yoon-ji sleeping and the other two guys fighting over whether her head rests on their shoulders, but then Yoon-ji wakes up and apologizes for falling asleep momentarily. They joke that she was snoring a lot and drooling. But then they hear a sound and hop up. They see the robber and one of them yells, Hey!

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 5
The robber turns around, but then he keeps leaving. Soo-ho (Superman) gets pushed out to go after him (lol) and the other two call the cops. Soo-ho and that other guy get into a fight and of course, Soo-ho wins easily and ties the robber up.

The detectives show up and the robber starts to talk crazily about how some super strong and fast guy showed up and he never saw someone like that before in his life. None of the detectives believe him though.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 5
The uncle is excited about catching the robber and is showing off to the doctor about it. They then wonder if they have their letters now? Or did their letters really disappear? They think maybe it was a delivery error or something of the like, maybe it wasn’t the robber after all? But the girl uses her super great memory and remembers all the things that have changed about their place. She knows that someone was there.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 5
It looks like Joon-young was able to join the broadcasting club. He is sitting in the broadcasting room, broadcasting, and all the girls are going cookoo over how cute he looks and how handsome he sounds and all that. But the girl that he likes is holding it together a little bit better. She does look affected by his superhuman handsomeness though.

Joon-young plays B2B’s Missing You (meta shout-out) and they cut to the song. Soo-ji uses this moment to tell the other girls behind her that this is a broadcasting club, not a fan club and they should get it together. Joon-young leaves and Soo-ji tells him that they have a meeting with another high school’s broadcasting club soon and she will see him later. He smiles, agreeing, and then leaves, cue all his groupies happily chasing after him.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 5
The doctor is talking to a family about organ transplantation and tells them that organ transplantation is only for brain dead people and that their father does not qualify so they cannot make him a donor. Their father may recover so he cannot become a donor. (This was basically a PSA about organ donating).

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 5
Cut back to Joon-young and Soo-ji talking in a cafe. Some random guy walks up to them and tells them that they look like Idols and to call him. He tells them that they look like Idols so this could be a once in a lifetime chance to be an idol or actor or actress and to search his company. After looking it up they can contact him. Soo-ji goes crazy over it and Joon-young looks like he doesn’t really care too much about it. This scene is so random, I don’t know why it exists but it looks like it only exists to call attention to Lee Min-hyuk who is actually an idol in real life with B2B.

Joon-hyung tells Soo-ji that he doesn’t want to be an idol (har har) but that Soo-ji does have the look of one. She says that this is the street casting that she has only heard of, she loves it so much.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 5
Joon-hyung goes back home and tells the other two that he has been street-cast today with Soo-ji noona. Superman tells them that they can cast anyone, even dogs and cows so basically that means nothing. Joon-hyung thinks that maybe that is true, but he also thinks that Soo-ji is so pretty. Yoon-ji wonders, is Soo-ji really that pretty? Joon-young leaves and says he will go and talk to Soo-ji noona on the phone. Yoon-ji glares at him and then we cut to her freezing outside.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 5
Yoon-i is freezing her butt off outside and kind of crying, but not really. Soo-ho goes outside to hang out with her, just to keep her company. He wonders if this is about Joon-hyung? She says of course not! and then continues to mope around. he senses that this is the problem and tells her that she is also really pretty, not just Soo-ji. Yoon-ji tells her that they should go and they both get up.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 5
Yoon-ji gets another eye exam and the ophthalmologists confirm that her eyes are pretty perfect. Dr. Noh tells her that she is happy that Yoon-ji can see so many pretty things. She tells Yoon-ji that she doesn’t have to wear glasses anymore and they should take them off to change her look.

Cut to the apartment and we get another ad about some food. Uncle had a day off and went to the apartment to cook dinner for the kids. Dr. Noh is all like, um, okay did you really cook all of this? (Honestly I would be all like, um, why are you in my house?) It is the perfect time to cut to the food advertisement from the company I-chon, which is a sponsor of this web drama. Honestly this ad is so blatantly bad and simultaneously super cute.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 5
But then we see the new Yoon-ji walk out without glasses. Of course, all the boys swoon all over her new no-glasses look. They tell her that she looks good, you know, no big deal, and she says thank you. But clearly, they are way more smitten with her than they are letting on.

All of a sudden we find out that Soo-ji ran away from home to become an idol entertainer. Yoon-ji is shocked, to say the least. (Okay, so that random scene makes sense now, but it still felt so random at the time)

Fade out
Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 5

Out of our three heroes, Joon-young is definitely the one who is living it up the most. He has the looks, the cool headedness (thanks to his calm heart), and the flirting ability to boot. Wait a minute, is this flirting ability part of his superpowers like Yoon-ji’s amazing memory is a part of hers? Because that would be amazingly apt. Cool hearts always get the honey.

I have to say that the scene where they were street scouted was so out of the blue, it really took me out of the drama. I’m glad they brought it back around at the end of the episode. I’m guessing the next episode is when our smooth talking hero, Joon-young will get to use his powers for the greater good.

However, that food ad was just so randomly random though. It was so jarring that it was kind of cute. They really need to learn how to disguise these ads a little better.


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