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Unexpected Heroes / Accidental Heroes Recap: Episode 4

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 4
With our last episode of Accidental Heroes, we found out that the Joon-young has possibly two weaknesses. One is that his heart beats fast around Yoon-ji or women in general, and two is that his heart beats fast when dreaming about the murder mystery that brought our team together in the first place.

I am curious as to whether we will find out any of the other two heroes weaknesses or if they will just keep it to Joon-young.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 4
We open on the heart guy (Soo-ho) dressed in red and surrounded by white. He is deep in thought and it looks like he is waiting for something. The other two show up and they want to know why he wanted to meet with him. He tells them that he asked his mom about the donor and his mom said that the donor was a very good person, but it is a secret. He plays it a little like a joke though. Soo-ho’s uncle knew who the donor was though and it looks like they all got their organs from the same person. They read the letter that was on the computer.

My lovely little brother,

I am writing this letter because I want to see you so much today, our kids are doing well when I see our healthy kids it reminds me of your more. the kids want to know about you more, which worries me, but I won’t tell them for their future. By the way, the kids have some unexpected powers, I will tell you the details after I observe them more.

Have a happy life over there,
I love you my little brother Sa-yoon

Joon-young realizes that this isn’t the doctor’s boyfriend, it is her brother.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 4
The three go back to the house and tell the doctor that they decided not to ask about the donor. They will just be thankful for their lives and live with that feeling. They think it is important to live their new life and do their best in this new life. The doctor is happy to hear this and says that she is proud of them.

The doctor thinks their abilities are a gift, she tells them that she is their organ transplant coordinator and she knows that they are greatly improved from before. But she doesn’t want them to use their abilities. The kids want to know why, but the doctor says they don’t know why it happened or how it might change in the future. She also thinks they might be in danger if other people find out. The doctor does want to find out the answer.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 4
The three kids start to write a letter to the organ donor.

Hello Ajushi, I am Lee Yoon-ji

I don’t know how to start but first of all, I want to say thank you. We are doing well with Dool-hee teachers care. Maybe Dool-hee is having a hard time taking care of us, but she is taking care of us well and loves us a lot.

We will all have a full filled life including your portion also.

Thank you for giving us a new life.

They talk about how there are really thankful and they think about what the doctor said. Do they really have superpowers? They think it is a burden because they just wanted to be normal. Can’t they just take it as a present and use it?

Soo-ho (Superman) says that if these abilities are really a gift then he wants to use it preciously. The girl is scared though, she thinks something dangerous could happen. The boys tell her that they are there and won’t let anything bad happen to her.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 4
But a bad looking guy comes in. Maybe a robber? He is dressed in all black, but he took off his shoes, lol (what if someone comes in and sees them at the door?). Some of the previous episodes at the gym highlighted a suspicious looking cleaner at the gym, maybe this is the cleaner who is looking around? He eventually leaves and the girl sees him. She picks up something that the man dropped and realizes that it is something very strange. The envelope is empty.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 4
The doctor is talking to someone who is wondering why she didn’t come to the meeting. Didn’t she get the letter? The doctor thinks this is very strange.

Cut to the robber guy jumping out of some wall with a bag. He walks away looking very suspicious and robber like.

The kids are starting to put 2and2 together because it looks like this robber is hitting all of their houses? The uncle came to tell them to stay safe. The girl is excited to figure out this problem, but the uncle says that they should watch out. On a funny note, it looks like the uncle likes the doctor, lol. He is definitely comic relief and the music playing in the background confirms it.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 4
The girl tells the uncle that their mail is disappearing and the uncle gets serious again. She tells him all of their things that are missing like utility bills, commercials, and junk mail. The doctor was also wondering about this too. Now they are all wondering about everything disappearing and they wanted to know when the girl started noticing this. She said she noticed it a few days ago. The uncle says that he will investigate it.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 4
Joon-young is looking for someone in the library and his heart starts racing. He sees the eye girl! Ah, so it looks like she still makes his heart race. He is wondering why she makes his heart race so much and he thinks that he is crazy. Sorry boo, it looks like you might be in love.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 4
The Yoon-ji sees her teacher in the library and surprises him. She asks him about a case that she is working on. Does he have a book about empty house robberies and solving crimes? The teacher thinks her tastes are very different than the normal teen. She agrees. He wonders why she is interested in something like that, but he finds her the book anyway. She tells him that she is very interested in mystery novel writings and crimes. She is just researching it. He lets her know the right section, but his look lingers a little too long. Maybe he is the bad guy?

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 4
The kids are walking home with Yoon-ji walking several paces ahead of them. The two boys are walking together and talking. They are wondering why she wants to look around at the robbed houses. Is this a symptom of geeks? They think that they can’t just leave her in this dangerous world though. But then the heart guys says this must be a side effect of the dangerous surgery. This is all a side effect. Sharing blood and flesh together is like…..a bond. Soo-ho is just shaking his head, no.

Meanwhile, the smart girl is on the case. She found a mysterious house and she is looking intently at it. Cut to the three of them talking around a table. Yoon-ji is explaining everything to him about all the houses that had a robbery. It looks like a pattern because the robber only picks empty houses. They think they should tell the uncle-detective, but they also think that the detective will never believe that Yoon-ji can see everything and remember everything. They have to find the house with the same mark and hide there and catch him.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 4
The Joon-young thinks the girl is kind of crazy, is she Conan (a detective character in Korea). He tells her to not do things from novels. She said that she isn’t doing this from a novel, it just all comes to her mind. She somehow knows exactly what he is doing and how he is doing it. But the guys think they should investigate a little more before acting.

While walking they see the mark that the robber uses on the doctors’ house. It looks like “S” might be the robber’s mark. They think it is really amazing, it really exists. But the mark is different because the robber’s mark looks like “$”. They think that maybe it means this house is the next one that will be robbed and he will add the line once he has robbed it.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 4
They go to the doctor’s house and everyone is there having a meeting about the robber, it is a full house. The kids, doctor, and uncle are all there. They adults tell the kids to sleep somewhere else that night, a jimjilbang. The doctor will go with them and the uncle will stay in the house tonight. But as they walk around they see another “S” mark on another house.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 4
Fade Out

I love how we are getting into some problem solving with our three heroes, but this problem solving is very grounded in reality. It doesn’t feel fake or artificial in the way they are solving the problems, or even in the way that they are introduced to the problems. We know that Yoon-ji is all about problem solving and detective books, which is why she is so into this mystery and is the one leading it. We also know that the boys could really care less, but they are going with Yoon-ji in order to protect her just in case something gets popping.


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