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Unexpected Heroes / Accidental Heroes Recap: Episode 3

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 3
In the last episode of Unexpected Heroes, we left off after establishing where our heroes will be living and with our heroes figuring out what powers they all have (and at least one heroes weakness). For some reason Joon-young’s heart beats fast whenever he is around Yoon-ji, or perhaps whenever he is around any girl, which I would consider a potential weakness. It will be hard to rescue a girl if your heart goes crazy every time you are around one, amirite?

Another thing we know is that they are all connected to the the organ donor by dreams. They are all dreaming about the last moments of the organ donors life which leads me to believe that they will be solving his case later.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 3
The three main characters and the doctor are in the hospital. The heart guy is fine, his testing results are normal so nothing to worry about. The muscle guy said it looked like he was dying and the heart guy said his heart was racing so much, it felt bad. They wonder why all this happened, maybe because of the dream…but the muscle guy hit his arm a few times to shut him up. It looks like they don’t want the doctor to know.

When the three are alone they tell each other their dreams and compare notes. There was a car in the countryside, it was dark and a car came with a bright light…maybe someone was there.

But the heart guys heart starts to race again so the girl told him to not think about it. She held his arm but he shook it off hard and she is stunned by that. She tells them that she will leave first.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 3
Cut to them all eating breakfast at the doctor’s house. The doctor tells them to use an app to pick whatever side dish they want and it will be delivered to their house. (This feels so much like a commercial, they should hide it better). They get back to the real story and the heart guy mentions her brother’s photo, but they don’t know it is her brother. They think it is her boyfriend and they ask to be introduced. She said sure, maybe later and walks off with a stifled smile.

Cut to the doctor explaining organ transplantation to a person. Everything can be donated. (This section is very Public Service Announcement like because one of their main sponsors is the organ transplantation association).

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 3
Cut to the high school. Joon-young (heart guy) is avoiding girls, but he looks at his watch and his heart isn’t going crazy anymore, so he tells himself that he can approach girls. He pumps himself up and is actually able to wave at a group of girls. Yay! He hides behind a wall and cheers himself for being able to do it. He is normal! Yay! His heart didn’t go crazy! But then he thinks of the eye girl and how his heart went crazy when he was around her. He wonders what makes her different.

At the house and the heart guy confronts the eye girl. He invades her personal space and looks deeply into her eyes. But the muscle guy grabs him and pulls him away while heart guy is saying that he has to check! She has to look into his eyes! To his credit, it doesn’t look like his heart was beating fast during this exchange.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 3
Soo-ho (muscle guy) pushes Joon-young (heart guy) into the room and wants to know what this guy is doing to this naïve girl. Joon-young says he just wants to check what is going on, it is very important to him. Soo-ho is all like, why? He wants to know if the heart guy likes Yoon-ji. Of course, Joon-young denies it and says that another girl is his favorite. But he has had trouble with women before. Now he is much better, except for when he is with Yoon-ji. His heart races around her and it bothers him a lot. The Soo-ho is all like, whatever, just stop while I ask nicely. So now heart guy starts teasing Strong guy about liking Yoon-ji. Soo-ho tells him to just shut up. They have to keep the line as friends. Just look at Yoon-ji as a guy.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 3
Cut to a convenience store which is basically doubling as another commercial for product placement. (They are really obvious about their product placement in this show, I feel like we should turn it into a drinking game). The two guys get into a very light fight about liking the girl, with the girl in the middle, but it gets squashed quickly. Yoon-ji gets embarrassed though and leaves first yet again.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 3
Joo-hyung approaches a girl the broadcast club and tells her that he wants to join. he does this with a lot of coolness and authority about himself, but in his mind, he thinks, “Yes! Soo-ji noona smiled at me!”

Outside some kids ask Soo-ho to kick a ball to them and he does, only, the ball goes well over their heads. Like seriously, it may have gone to the moon. Instead of commenting on it, he just leaves.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 3
Soo-ho is sitting at a park when the two other super kids meet up with him. They wonder if anything is wrong. Then the heart guy waxes poetic about being 17 years old. It is normal if you are 17. But the muscle/strong guy says that the problem is that he is not normal. he then tells them all that they are not normal too. The heart guy thinks it is pretty cool, his heart rate is always the same so he is not scared of anything now.

But the muscle guy wonders if they are curious as to why they are like this. Maybe it is related to the organ donor. The eye girl says that she heard organ transplant people sometimes receive the memory of the organ donor. Heart guy says that they are Superman, Ironman, and someone who can see far away (Arrow?), those superheroes donated their organs to us. Soo-ho (muscle guy) says to not fool around, but Joon-young (heart guy) tells him to take it as a joke, he doesn’t like complicated things.

Then they start to talk about their nightmares, but the Joon-young doesn’t want to talk about it. Soo-ho (Superman) gets a rock and crushes it with his hand into pebbles, he says that the cause of their accidental powers and the root of their dream is something that he wants to find out about. Yoon-ji also wants to find out about it too. They all go to the doctor to get to the bottom of it.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 3
They confront the doctor about the donor and they tell her that they are not normal, they have all of these weird gifts and they have these weird dreams. They think they are related to the donor. The doctor tells them that the donor is a secret and it is illegal to tell them who this person is. She apologizes and says that she cannot tell them.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 3
Later on, the girl brings the doctor some sliced apples, but the doctor isn’t in her room. Ah, so now she uses this time to get on the computer and she sees that the donor is up on the computer (so convenient!). Everything about the donor is on the screen. The doctor is writing a letter to her the donor (her brother) who passed away because she misses him so much. She tells him about the kids who received his organs and that they are very curious about him. The eye girl looks around the room and realizes that this person is also the person that is in all the photos around the doctor’s room.

Fade out.

Okay, so I like how each episode is progressing nicely with the heroes finding out that they each have super powers and dreams AND going to find out answers whenever they have them right away. Their current question is in the donor. It looks like they might not know that they share the same donor though? They might, that part isn’t so clear to me, but perhaps I just missed it when they mentioned it.


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