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Unexpected Heroes / Accidental Heroes Recap: Episode 2

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 2
Hello Loves! We left off on the last Unexpected Heroes at the high school where our new heroes are going to school. The three all arrive at the school at the exact same time and the episode cut off at that point. Today I am assuming that our three students will get to know each other and find out about their individual gifts. Let’s get into it.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 2
We are back at the school and the three kids are there for their first day in their new school. Joon-young’s heart rate goes up (from his watch) and he thinks his watch might have a malfunction (because his heart never races). They all walk into the school, but they don’t really talk to each other.

While inside there is a sign for a transplant patient athletic competition. A lot of kids are walking into the gym and the three kids see each other again. They point at each other as if they recognize each other and the doctor says hello to them all.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 2
Cut to all the kids lined up with a basketball. The doctor tells them that they won’t have to work out if they can get the ball into the basket. Our three main kids line up to throw their balls, they throw…the only thing is Soo-ho’s (strength) ball breaks the back of the basket. Yoon-ji (eyes) saw it, but Joon-young (heart) tells her that it was so fast, how did she see it? High five!

Though she looks annoyed, she gives him a high-five and Joon-hyung turns and blushes, he is shocked that a girl just touched him. A nervous smile fills his face as he looks at his hand. (Aw, he is super cute).

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 2
Meanwhile, Dr. Noh looks at the destroyed backboard of the basket, her first activity clearly ruined. She tells everyone they did a good job, but they should probably end for the day. No one disagrees with her and they all grab their balls and leave. However, our three main characters sit together on the floor. They start to talk about their organ transplantation: the muscle guy got his tendons and ligaments transplanted for his lower leg, the eye girl had her cornea’s done, and the heart guy got a heart transplant. They think it is weird that they meet again with the same doctor, same teacher, and the same classroom. A big coincidence. But they decided to get along together well.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 2
The uncle of the muscle guy (oh, so it’s not his Dad) drops his nephew off at another person’s house. His uncle is a police officer and says he will visit often because he works nearby. This conversation is very cute between them.

Cut to the heart guy and the eye girl rolling their suitcases into the doctor’s home. They think it is weird that she is their landlord. The strong teenager is already there and says hello to everyone. Later on, they cheer to a healthy and happy life. The doctor tells them that they will live there for 6 months. She is their coördinator, guardian, and landlord. She will do her best for them to have a comfortable stay with her.

Joon-young (the heart transplant) says that the other two live very far away, but he lives very close. Does he have to live here? He is worried about his mom living alone. But the doctor already talked to his mom and told the mom to do everything that she could not do before while he is living with her.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 2
The doctor tells them that they can sing as a celebration and she wants to hear how they sound. But Soo-ho (muscle transplant) wants to leave, he doesn’t though and they start to practice singing and they start laughing together and having an overall very good time.

The doctor steps out and goes to the bathroom, she sees a picture of her brother on her window and has a moment where she lovingly thinks of him. The heart guy sees her and then leaves. Hmm, he might think that is her boyfriend.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 2

Cut to all three students dreaming about the car accident. They all wake up screaming and panting from it. The girl explains her dream first and the other two boys realize that they had the same dream too. The heart guy feels his chest and collapses. Everyone rushes to his side.

Web Drama Recap Unexpected Heroes ep 2
This scene is before their transplants, it looks like they might be on the hospital grounds. The Yoon-ji (eye girl) is wearing her glasses, but she cannot see well. Joon-young (heart guy) stumbles and falls and the eye girl sees him. But the heart guy’s heart starts beating uncontrollably and he passes out. The Soo-ho (muscle guy) is there as well, he picks up her glasses, gives them to her, and then walks away with crutches (um, doesn’t he care about the guy that just passed out?).

Fade out.

Okay, I get it. We have all three living together so it is easier for us, the viewer, to get to know them and it probably costs less for the production company. I live for this setup because I just love family environments like dorms. Though their place isn’t technically a dorm, it is basically treated as one.

The three all have visions of their organs previous owner and all three of them are starting to realize that they are special. They also have someone with them that they can trust, the doctor. So far so good.

I really love how Joon-young is so into girls and had that silly smile on his face after high-fiving Yoon-ji. It is interesting that his heart started racing with her which makes me think that he likes her a lot. But will his heart race with every girl or will it race with only her? Hmm…


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