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Translation Request: Fight for My Way Instagram post

May 26, 2017

behind the scenes fight for my way

We just got a request for a translation of an Instagram post! Unfortunately, the requester didn’t have the original video, so we weren’t able to embed the translation onto the video. Instead, we have it as a script below. If anyone has the original, please let us know. It was hard to hear everything, but we tried to kind of decipher what was going on. Enjoy!

Kim: I think this ear is going deaf.
Park: We can fix the (microphone) in one location…
Ahn:….? [didn’t hear this word] man
Park: …? Ssam mai (maybe…) or Samg baek one (300 won- 30 cents)
Ahn or someone else: Romance!
Kim: I thought you were hammering my ear.
Park: Voice violence…. Ssam my way is a drama …
Ahn: Let’s start!
Kim: Your drama
Ahn: We will try it again
Park: Let’s rehearse (practice) again.

If anyone else has any other requests, hit us up! This one was easy so we shot it out pretty quickly. We are working on a Kim Tae Hee one as well. We both have day jobs, so we do this in our free time, but we are more than happy to help out, just let us know in the comments or on our contact page.

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