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Trailer 3 For The Third Charm! (aka Your New Obsession)

Kang Seo-joon and Esom sitting on swings in The Third Charm Korean Drama
The Third Charm is giving me obsession vibes, y’all. I am already obsessed with it to the point where I am just owning my obsession and sharing it with everyone so you can also be obsessed with me. Y’all, this site was created for shows like this. BRING ME ALL THE HAPPY AWKWARD ROMANCE IN THE WORLD AND YOU CAN TAKE MY HEART.

We translated the other trailers on our Twitter site (right here!). Below is the latest trailer. It is a bit longer than the other ones and so much nerdier. I love it y’all. They were both cute nerdy dorks in their early twenties who turned into chic adults. My guess is we will get one long-ish trailer from each season of their relationships, which they are breaking into Spring, Summer, and Fall/Winter. The trailer below is definitely spring.

Ohn Joon Young – Don’t push, don’t push
Lee Young Jae – Uhh, clumsy….stupid…he is good at making people get mad
Ohn Joon Young – Hello!
Lee Young Jae – A good thing is he is cute
Ohn Joon Young – Perfect (caption – Ohn Joon Young)
Ohn Joon Young – Her attractiveness…she has a hot temper and is violent and
Lee Young Jae – Can you just stop you pervert a-hole? Get out!
Ohn Joon Young – Maybe she already has a criminal record (caption – Lee Young Jae)
Lee Young Jae – Ohn Joon Young!
Ohn Joon Young – When I get a perm, will I look handsome?
Lee Young Jae – Don’t you trust me?
Lee Young Jae – Ohn Joon Young, fighting!
Lee Young Jae – It is our day one from today.
Ohn Joon Young – The woman I can’t forget even though I try.
Ohn Joon Young – The woman I should not have seen again.
Caption – I met her again.
Caption – Airs September 28th, 11pm KST

Itlooksamazinglyadorable! Like Something in the Rain, but without the melancholy undertones and psycho mother. But it is a Kdrama so I understand that this show has a huge chance of being melancholy and sad where no ones love life works out in the end…but still, a girl can dream of the cute, right?

The Third Charm premieres September 28th on JTBC. It will air Fridays and Saturdays at 23:00 KST.

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  1. Ruth
    September 22, 2018 / 8:49 am

    Thank you very much!! I’m obsessed with this drama too. I really hope it doesn’t disappoint me because the teasers are increising my expectations (I love the songs they are using in them).

  2. Anonymous
    September 22, 2018 / 9:56 am

    This soundtrack is about to be lit.

  3. Anonymous
    October 5, 2018 / 8:16 am

    I’m grateful i tried this one, much thanks to you. I’m also enjoying the smile has left your eyes. Based on the first 2 eps, i prefer how the story developed in the kr version vs jp. I just can’t wait so i am also watching the jp version now lol

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