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Touch Your Heart: Episode 9 Live Recap

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We had a kiss, it was an adorable one, I loved it. But, the scary part is creeping in with the rich chaebol stalker so I don’t think they will let us eat cotton candy from their adorable fair much longer. Though hopefully we get at least this episode to bite into.

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Jung-rok meets with a man in a cafe. The man says that he is so mad. He can accept critics, but these ones say that they wouldnt’ eat my macaroons even if I paid them. If power bloggers (power beggers) can do that then can we sue them? All of them?

Jungrok says that they can sue all of them. The owner says that he has nightmares everyday. When I see entertainers, I really respect them. How can they live with those bad comments. He also mentions that it looks like his secretary might like macaroons a lot.

They camera shows Yoonseo looking at the macaroon display. Jungrok smiles.

JR – Can you capture all the comments that are problematic? Whenever I have my draft of the lawsuit, I will send it to you.

the owner of the cafe agrees.

Jungrok and Yoonseo leave. She thanks him for buying her a lot of macaroons. He says that he wants her to evaluate the macaroons objectively to see if they are really bad to deserve that many bad replies. She says that she is confident, she is a big fan of macaroons. She will share it with the law firm people. 

He tells her that she is attractive and kind. She is all like, who are you? My lawyer would never say such nice things. But she says it is a joke, You just said that so suddenly that it is hard to believe. 

Then they start to talk about the macaroons again. They have funy names like: What is my heart that wants to eat some more Mocamacaroon, Tastes good and is pretty choco macaroon, The taste brings the Kiss mint macaroon.

Jinsim thinks about the taste that brings a kiss and then thinks about her and Jungrok’s kiss. He might be thinking about it also.

In the office, Jinsim passes out macaroons to everyone. They each pic the ones that they want. Eunji tells Jinsim that she should eat The Taste That Brings The Kiss. But Jinsim is a bit flustered and says that she doesn’t need to attract any kisses.

She goes to Jungrok’s office and immediately thinks that he is asking her for a kiss. She gets so nervous but he is actually only asking if she sent the decision letter. he says that he won’t ask her about that anymore since she is good at doing these things now. She tells herself that she is crazy and is so all-in, all-in. She needs to calm it down a bit. But then she thinks that it was good. However, she thinks this is a sacred workplace, she needs to focus only on work, so focus!

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Later on, Jinsim gives Jungrok the date he asked her and sits on the couch to discuss. There were a lot of bad replies, but the macaroon quality was pretty good. The replies are all emotional with a lot of lies. The owner should be very sad. 

JS – I had a lot of those bad replies, so I understand him well. I think, don’t worry, don’t focus on it, but somethings just stick in your heart and I can’t forget it. It hurts my feelings.

JR – Why didn’t you sue them?

JS – I sued them, but when I met them, they were just students and heads of their households so I just got their promise that they would not do it anymore and let them go…..*ring* ….oh, a phone call.

She walks off to get the call and Jungrok wonders how many bad replies she had. He searches his phone. 

Then he bursts into her office and says that they need to sue them all! 

JR – This is a crime! They should know how this is so bad to someone! They should pay for it, so lets sue them right now! Um, why are you laughing? I am serious.

JS – I am happy, you always have no emotions, but you are angry because of me as if it is your own problem.

JR – From now on, your problems are my problems.

She smiles so brightly and walks in front of him.

JS – I am really okay, thank you for considering me.

But then Dan walks in to say that they are going to dinner and catches Jinsim with her arm on Jungrok. All their eyes go wide and Jinsim pushes Jungrok away and starts yelling at him about something. Dan tells them that it is not a good time, you can resolve this yourself. She hurries out.

Jinsim then runs to Jungrok to see if he is okay. He tells her that her reaction is good and she is also strong. They both smile and get back to work.

On the way home, Jungrok asks her if the job of actress is flashy or difficult? You have to accept all those cruel comments. Jinsim says it is a lot of fun. If I had a good script, then I was really excited. And when I saw the busy filming location, I felt alive. And when we had a good response for our hard work I felt a sense of accomplishment. I have those happy memories. The work, Signal, I remember it a lot. Because the female character, my character, was tough character that took things inside.

JS – By the way, I enjoyed everything, you wouldn’t know because you never saw my dramas.

Jungrok gets a call and tells the person that he will send them the documents when he goes back to the firm.

JS – Are you going back to work? Then why are you going home now?

JR – I wanted to drive you home.

JS – Really? Oh, you don’t have to! *smiles* That is why people date, someone worries about me and cares about me, it feels so good, I am so happy.

They both smile and giggle.

Jungrok goes back to work but he thinks about the drama Signal that Jinsim always thinks about. He looks up that drama.

JR – A woman became an insurance designer for a company called Signal and became the King of insurance sells.

Cut to the drama and cue Jinsim’s bad acting

JS – What happened in 1997….I know it! …..you had appendix surgery…but you didn’t have insurance so you couldnt’ get any money back! You are 60 years old, it is not the end of the world, you can change your future! Don’t give up!

He looks at another drama she did and cue bad acting.

JS – How can you look at another woman other than me! How can you love two women with one heart! *sob sob sob*

Jungrok laughs as he watches it and then gets pulled into a hole where he only looks at all her things online, everything, including commercials.

Commercial Caption – Smooth and strong, one sip fills me up

Jungrok falls in love with Jinsim again, as he looks at these commercials and he also thinks that he misses her. Then – she comes in.

JS – Ah! You are more surprised than I expected! I came to surprise you.

JR – Why are you here so late?

JS – I came to give you a late night meal. I also came to see if you are working fine without me, and I also missed you ~.

He quickly kisses her without her able to say another word. Then he stares at her for a moment. 

JS – Um, so, what were you looking at?

JR – I was watching your drama, you were cool.

JS – I have a little character right? It wasn’t too bad right?

JR – Yes, you shouldnt’ be too intimidated by all those bad replies, they are not all true.

JS – That is what I am talking about. So when you see those bad replies, just click *thumbs down* you don’t like.

He smiles. 

JR – I was just wondering how much pain you had to endure all that. It should have had to be hard for you but you endure it well.

He gives her a big warm hug.

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The next day, Jinsim works hard at her desk, Jungrok is not there yet. So eunji tells her that they can eat together for lunch. Jinsim thinks about it and says that she will wait for him, he might be here soon and he also might think I am not loyal *wink*. Eunji smiles and leaves. Jinsim wonders when Jungrok is coming.

The team all goes out to eat together. They talk about eating and Lawyer Choi Jungrok talks about how he might have a burn on his handsome face by eating this hot soup. Dan looks at him mesmerized. Yeon tells Dan to say something to Choi since she doesn’t like him.

Dan starts to eat her soup super fast and burns her mouth. Choi tells Yeon to stop eating dumpings, you already had two, there are only two per person. Yeon says that they can order more. Eunji says she can order more but it will take time.

Choi tells Yeon that he likes mandu from this place, I cannot give it to you because this mandu deserves more….

Dan has a flashback to Choi telling the ex that he can’t give her to that guy because she deserves better.

Dramatic ab flashback comes next as Choi puts on an apron. She giggles. 

Yeon – Why are you putting your hand on your cheek like that?

Dan’s eyes grow big and she looks at Choi in slow motion. Everyone looks at her. But then Yeon says that it looks like she has tooth pain. Go to the dentist. Youa re usually so smily and bright. People will be uncomfortable with your frown, so go to the dentist.

Dan – It is not tooth pain.

She looks at Choi again and is caught by his handsome look. She starts to eat again quickly. Yeon gives her more food to chow on.

Back at the office, Jinsim thinks about all the different types of food she can be eating. Then Jungrok calls and tells her that he will be late so she can go somewhere for lunch. Jinsim thinks she should have just gone with Eunji to eat.


Meanwhile, the prosecutors all eat as well. They get back to their office and Yeorum notices that she has a new tumbler with post-its on it.

Post-it 1 – I heard dandelion tea is good for stomach ulcer, don’t drink coffee and drink this.

Post-it 2 – By the way, when are you going to pay me back?

She smiles and pours herself the dandelion tea, takes a leasant inhale of it and then enjoys a sip.

In Sewon’s office, he is talking with his prosecutor colleague about the case they are working on. They are working against one of Sewon’s former subaes who used to be a prosecutor but now takes care of rich chaebol cases. He gets a text just then from Yeorum about going on a date. Sewon smiles and then tells his hubae that it is from Yeorum, stop crossing the line, I dont’ want to lose a good hubae like you that has good ability.

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Back at the office, Jinsim gives Jungrok something in his office. her stomach growls. he tells her that she should have eaten something but she says that she can’t eat alone and waited for him all day so she only had coffee.

he asks why she can’t eat alone. She tells him that he might have forgotten since they are with each other all the time, but I am famous, a big star, it can be an issue if I eat alone. He tells her that she is not a super big star now. She says that is true, but I never tried to eat alone so I am not confident about it. Also, I will look pitiful, it is difficult for me.

JR – You should be hungry, lets eat first.

JS – Okay, I will get ready to leave!

She smiles and heads back to her office.

They both head out to eat. It is a place that is a one person dining restaurant that is a good place to practice eating alone. She is confused, eating alone? We are together right now.

He tells her that she has to practice. If you can’t eat alone then you can’t do anything alone. I will help you. So let’s practice.

They go inside where Jinsim looks around at al the single eating areas almost like a study hall, but hipster restaurant looking.

They both sit to eat, but they sit in separate seats apart from one another. She is bummed about that. So she texts him.

JS: Would you like to eat one of my mandu?

JR: *sighs* just think that this is a real case, focus on eating

JS: I dont’ know what to do, lets have Katalk and eat

JR:That will make your meal time longer, lets just focus and eat

He looks at her and nods with reassurance that she can do it. She she starts to eat noodles by herself. He smiles and starts to eat noodles as well.

But then she walks to his side.

JS – By the way, lawyer…

JR – I told you to focus on eating.

JS – Not that, can you take a picture of me eating alone. It is a very memorable thing for me, I want to celebrate it. Like a papparazi.

She gets back in her seat and poses for him as he takes so many pictures of her. They have a good time with it.

Elsewhere, Eunji and Dooseob catch the bus together. She falls asleep on the bus again. He thinks.

DS – (She should be tired, when I first say her, she was taking a nap like that)

Flashback to Eunji sleeping on a bus a few years ago, Dooseob was standing and saw her. Then they go to the lawfirm. Dooseob tells CHoi and Dan that he is the manager, we will work together from today. Then he notices Eunji and smiles. Yeon tells him that she always looks tired, it should be hard for her as a single mom. Dooseon asks if she has a baby? Later on Eunji shows him a taekwondo photo of her daughter. He tell sher that she is so cute.

DS – (Her smiles was so cute, I wanted her to smile all the time. I hoped that she only had to smile as a person that was tired with life. That is what I thought, maybe that is the begining of me liking her.)

He beeps the bus for her stop/

DS – Secretary Yang, secretary Yang, it is your stop.

EJ – Oh! Thank you again! Each time!

She gets home and sees her daughter sitting alone in the dark on her couch. It look slike she is deep in thought. Eunji asks her why she is sitting in the dark so late? The daughter said that she was just hungry, it’s nothing.

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Meanwhile, Jungrok and Jinsim finish up their single meal homework and he takes her home. She thanks him for driving her home and worrying about her bad replies and helping her eat alone, he is a 99% boyfriend.

JR – But why diid you deduct one point?

JS – Because of how you talk, if you change your business like tone then you can get one more point. Can you tell me Oh Jin Sim in a more relaxed way? Jin SIm shi….or Jin Sim ah…..like you call Sewan and Yeorum.

JR – It just naturally happened, but if you want me to change it all of a sudden it is really strange.

She mocks him a little.

JS – See, it is very stiff and scary when I talk like this right?

JR – No, it is cute….II can’t change it quickly. If I change how I talk then the law firm people will suspect us. We whould be careful.

JS – That’s true.

JR – I have a question, you only have one more month in the law firm, so what are you going to do after that?

JS – Well..what?

JR – You went to the lawfirm from thebegining and it looks liek you want to stay in this field, so are you going to stay in this field?

But then her manager oppa’s head appears at the window, he knocks on it and looks around her head at Jungrok. Jinsim hops out.

JS – What are you doing?

Manager – I am here to give you side dishes! Hey lawyer….why did you bring her home?

JS and her manager then start to talk about what she is doing and what about paparazzi finding you two together. She says she doesn’t have paparazzi anymore. Then she tells Jungrok goodbye and goes inside her gates with Jinsim. But he glares at Jungrok until Jinsim pulls her away.

JR – That cousin takes care of his sister well.

Inside, Hyukjoon says that he can’t understand her and the lawyer. Some days you hate him, some days you like him. Today you look like a best friend. She says that they are close, of course. then she sits and asks abotu the project she is working on. Can we tell the lawyer about it? Joon wonders why they should. Jinsim says that it bothers her to lie to him all the time.

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JS – My CEO and the writer said to keep it a secret, but he is trustworthy, can’t I jsut tell him? He will understand everything.

Joon – I know that you dont’ feel good about it, but our writer wants to keep the secret, that is the most important for the writer. That is her first condition. Before they cast everyone, casting you is the #1 secret. We need to keep that promise.

JS – What if he knows later? He will be disappointed.

Joon – But you will quit the law firm and not see him anymore. Don’t worry about him getting disappointed, think about us getting disappointed.

Later on, Jinsim thinks about whether Jungrok will be betrayed or not because she was not honesst with him.

At home, Sewan asks Jungrok if he had a date with the goddess of the universe? Jungrok says he can shut up about it unless he wants to be kicked to the Universe. Sewan just smiles and holds up a dried squid, do you want to drink? Jungrok smiles as well and goes to his office. In his office, he practices talking to Jinsim to see if she got home okay. But it is so corny to him. (Also called dried-Squid like, in Korean which is why they showed the dried squid).

Sewan goes to Jungroks office to pester him about love. JR tells him to come to him so he can show him something. Sewan asks if it is pictures of his goddess of the universe? JR says no, it is apartment for you, you can pick one and move out quickly. Sewan runs off.

At work, Haeyoung and Dan look at Haewans phone. SOmeone posted something about bullying a high school girl at a forum that Haewan goes to often. They look at it and think that these kids went too far.

At the same time, Eunji gets a call from the police station. She goes to the police station and the same video is played. But Eunji’s daughter is not the victim, she is one of the bullies. The daughter denies that she is in the video. The other mother comes in screaming about al the injustice. Eunji’s mother is understanding but defends her daughter and says that she does not have those clothes and the face is not shown and my daughter is not that kind of person.

The bullied childs mother tells her that all mothers say the same thing, but your daughter is like that, she is cruel and behaves badly! Eunji tells the police inspector to follow the proper steps, then she pull sher daughter out of the station. She tells her daughter that she trusts her. Her daughter thanks her and says that she is happy that she trusts her. then she goes to her hogwan to study.

Eunji calls CEO Yeon about the situation. Jungrok is with him. When they get off the phone, Yeon tells Jungrok that Eunji’s daughter is accused for school bullying, I think it is wrongly accused. Can you help her? JR agrees right away which catches Yeon off guard because Jungrok is so cranky. Het ells Jungrok to do a good job because the daughter is the only family for Secretary yang.

At home, Yang is still steaming about the situation and can’t believe that this mother would accuse her daughter. she is doing laundry and goes to put something in her daughters room, that is when she sees the jacket. She walks to her daughters hogwan and tries to call her, then she actually catches her in the act of bullying someone. Eunji is so shocked.

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Eunji meets with Jungrok and Yeon in the office and says that she does not think that her daughter was wrongly accused, she does not think that she raised her daughter right. She starts crying. Later, she tells Jinsim that she saw her daughter bullying one of her friends. She also asked her where that jacket was from, but she didn’t tell me. I think she bought it from that bullying money. I always thought I raised her with love. I thought I raised her right, but how can she…*cries*

Jinsim comforts her and then goes back to her office. Jungrok, Yeon, and Dooseob are talking in Jungroks office and watching the bullying footage. They wonder what they can do. Jungrok asks if they are sure that this is the daughter? Yeon says circumstantially it is true and the mom says it is true. But Jungrok says that Jin is denying it, in this situation the parents are not objective, they are emotional, we need to focus on the facts.

Yeon says this is true, they did not see her face. And the kids argument that Jin is the accuser could not be true. At least for us, we should not accuse her yet. Dooseob says that he will listen to what Jin has to say. He stands up and sees Jinsim then asks if he can go there with Oh Yoonseo?

JInsim and Dooseob go to talk to Jin on a bench outside. Jin says that it was not her, she did not do it. 

JS – We know, we trust you. So, can you tell us what happened?

DS – The victim pointed you as the bully, why did she do that? Do you have a bad relationship with her?

Jin – I dont’ even know her

DS – What about the others that blame you, do you know them? And what happened to your jacket? Your mother says that she did not k now about it.

Jin – Excuse me, my mother does not trust me so what can I say?

She walks away, people whisper that she is the one in the video. Dooseob tries to talk to her again and asks if she would like to eat ddukbogi?

Later on, Dooseob tells Jinsim that Jin didn’t tell him anything. Jinsim thinks that Jin is not a bad kid, she doens’t look that bad. They think that she might be threatened by the real bully. Maybe that is why she can’t say anything, because she is scared. 

Jungrok comes in and says that there are two reasons the accuser is not pointed out, they want to protect them or they are threatened by them. 

He checked all the CCTV and saw that the victim was always bullied. Eunji sees one of the girls that Jin pushed on the street. She goes to the high school to talk to that girl.

In the office, Jungrok says that the accuser is Jin’s best friend, but she became the bully and hit the victim by wearing Jin’s jacket, and the video spread. The bully was afraid of being blamed for it so she blamed Jin instead. So the reason Jin didnt’ say anything about it is because Jin has been friends with the bully since she was little and still cares about her. Maybe she is waiting for her friends  confession. The real bully already confessed so the police will close the case and summon the bully. Eunji thinks that will be good.

Dooseob meets with Eunji in the break room later. 

EJ – Do you have anything to say?

DS – It is secret with Jin, but you should know that Jin meets her father sometimes. 

Eunji remembers seeing (or maybe this is the present) that Jin told her Dad that she will not see him anymore. It seems like the appa bought the jacket for her.

EJ – Why didnt’ she tell me?

DS – In case you got hurt, she couldnt’ say it. She met with her appa and her best friend blamed her so she couldnt’ say anything. Jin should be having a hard time.

Eunji sits with Jin on the playground and tells her that she just saw her with appa. Jin apologizes for it and says that appa gave her a lot of pain so she should hate him. I am sorry to meet him secretly. Eunji says that umma is more sorry, you should meet your appa. I did not know about how you think, I should have made things hard for you, I am really sorry that I did not trust you to the end. I am really sorry, daughter.

They hug it out.

Eunji thanks the team later with Jin for helping them out with her case. She made super adorable cookies and thanked them for working hard for her. Yeon tells her that her mother works so hard for the law firm so this is nothing compared to what she does for them, so from now on, dont’ make your mother worry anymore, you know how much your mother worries about you. It is a happy scene.

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Elsewhere, Yeon CEO meets with manager Joon about Jinsim and how much stress they have looking after her especially with this law firm. Yeon asks if this is his only shirt? You wore it a couple days ago. Joon confesses that it is. Yeon tells him to buy another shirt and think about the image for their company. then he complains about how Joon drinks his coffee because he makes too much noise. Then Yeon drinks his coffee and makes a huge sound because it is way too hot.

A secretary comes in with a present for Yoonseo, they open the present, it is Yellow Ganari flower. DUN DUN DUN! This is the type of flower that “that guy” used to send her often. Where is that guy now!? Joon says that he thinks he is in America?

But we see that he has come back from America and is in the airport now. He gets in the car and looks at a photo of Jungrok and Yoonseo while thinking, ‘you are doing fine.’

Jinsim and Jungrok, meanwhile, are havinga  fun time sitting and looking at cases. She says that he looks so cool when he works on a case.

JS – Actually, I went to law school, not because I like law. I debut in high school, but my father was so opposed to it. I told him that I am doing it. He told me to go to law school and then I can do it. But that should be impossible. I wasn’t that good at studying, but I went to law school and studied hard. I am good at memorization. But I didn’t like law school, that is why I quit after one year. If I knew that this field was so cool, then I should have just studied harder. Now I regret it.

JR – it is not late, if you want to study this field then I can help you. You want to experience it, right?

JS – What?

Lawyer Yeon comes in and tells these two that he is so thankful that they both worked hard for Eunji’s daughter. I made reservations to have a big party but the manager does not have time today. But anyway, the three of us can drink, what do you think?

They both look at each other and says that they can….see you soon…okay. But Jinsim thinks that maybe she shouldn’t’ have told him that she would go. Jungrok says that he can drink for her. He is not that good at drinking, but he also does not like to show his weakness to others so he is always alert and tries not to exceed his limit! But he is also so into self control. Even cruel looking.

She laughs. He leans in and says that he has never been drunk. I always have my self control.

Cut to super drunk Jungrok at the bar.

Jungrok says he knows a famous law guy and starts to drunkenly mumble about how he does not agree with that guys philosophy. Yeon is all like, are we drinking or having a panel discussion? Lets talk about something fun.

Yeon asks something fun like dating or something, Jungrok starts to talk about it and then switches back to talking about the law. yeon telsl him that he is no fun, even when he is drunk. Jinsim asks if he is always like this? Yeon says this is the first time he has seen him drunk like this. Jungrok says that he was drinking for Jinsim because she does not feel good. Yeon is all like, but why is this cold blooded man drinking for Jinsim?

Jinsim tries to say it is so she can work well tomorrow hahahahaha. Jungrok looks at her and says…that….he….will….use the restroom. He gets up and repeats what he was always saying as he walks off. Yeon tells Jinsim that he thought Jungrok was always cranky, but at least it looks like he cares about you. I didnt’ trust that he did at first when you told me, but now it looks like he does since he drinks for you. It looks like you have a small relationship. I wonder if Kwon will be disappointed when you quit. By the way, how is your drama preparation?

Jinsim nods.

Yeon – when I heard that you would be a lawyer in a new drama and would intern for 3 months, I thought my heart would burst because I was so excited. But now I feel like as soon as we meet, we have to say goodbye. it is less than one month. I am the only one that knows about it right now, but when you are on tv later, our law firm people will be so surprises and Kwon will be so surprised also. Dont you think? 

Yeon says this in a happy way, but Jinsim looks a bit sad. In the bathroom, she gets a text from Eunji

EJ: thank you so much, because of you, everything went okay.

JS: I didnt’ do much. I am happy that everything went well.

EJ: Yes, we promised to each other that we would not have a secret. Having secrets between people who should be close is not good.

Jinsim looks in the mirror at herself and then heads out.

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She sits on a bench-wall with Jungrok and shares a bottled water. They are both playful.

JS – How come you are so serious when you are drunk?

JR – Am I like that?

JS – *mocking* Am I like that? …. But anyway, it is good to see you drunk. I am happy to see a different side of you.

JR – Me too, I am happy also because I have gotten to know a different side of you. I know your difficult past and your cute and pretty acting. I am so happy to know about you step by step.

JS – But I didn’t tell you everything. I still have something I didnt’ tell you yet. I didnt’ want to hide it but….well….no, it’s nothing. It is cold, lets go back.

She grabs her bag and stands.

JS – Lets go.

He holds her arm.

JR – it is okay, you don’t have to tell me.

He stands as well.

JR – Even if you hide something from me, I am okay. If it is for you then you can do it 100 times, 1000 times, you can do that.

they both smile and hug. Then he looks at her.

JR – I like you (in banmal) I like you Oh Jinsim. *speaking sweetly* Because I did not like that 1% deduction.

They hug again.

Sinister music starts to play and we see that stalker guy watching them from his car.

Fade Out

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We had some cuteness, but now it is time for the craziness to start. As per usual, I wasn’t too into the court case, but I am happy that it wrapped up nicely. Though everything did happen off screen which made me confused for a moment.


JS – It is so thrilling and romantic, right?

JK – Good times, secretly showing each others love to each other

JK – Is something in your eyes?!

Dan – I think I am going crazy, why are I so deeply falling in love with him? Is it fate?

JS – That is why people marry.

JS – Come to my place.

JR – What? I am going to Oh Jinsim’s house?

Search – going to girlfriends house

JS – This is the first time my boyfriend came to my place.

JR – I want to spend the rest of this time being fulfilled because we only have one month

JS – I don’t want to instigate him.

JR – I know he is the one that gave you a hard time

VO – I heard Lee Kangjoon came back, are you okay, Yoonseo?

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  1. Rose
    March 7, 2019 / 7:02 am

    When i was reading this yesterday it feels like the episode is kinda slow, so i thought i need to watch it first. And i realize it wasnt that bad. Maybe slow because theres not much lovey-dovey scene from out main lead, but im still entertained especially the scene from Lawyer Dan while they are all eating lunch. It was soooo funny 😂. Maybe i was hoping that they showed more of the story about the stalker, but i guess we will get more of it today.

    Thanks V! 😊

    • V
      March 7, 2019 / 8:38 am

      Maybe the stalked will show up in today’s episode, eep. 😬

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