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Touch Your Heart: Episode 8 Live Recap

Touch Your Heart Recap 8

I loved yesterday’s episode! Nothing took away from the super fun and flirty atmosphere. However, the emotions were still real with how Jinsim felt about the eunnie actress who made her acting life hard whenever they ran into each other. It was fun and touching and I’m here for those kinds of emotions y’all.

Recap starts at 9am CST!

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We start with a meeting between Lawyer Yeon and Jinsim. He wanted to meet with her to see if she was having a hard time and even gives her a handkerchief to cry into if she needs to. She is all like, um, what are you talking about? Yeon tells her that he heard it from your manager that Lawyer Kwon was giving you such a hard time and making you cry and yelling at you. I want to fire him, his personality is bad but he is actually a pretty good lawyer and he takes over a lot of lawsuits sooooo, why don’t you move to Choi’s office.

I DONT’ WANT TO! She blurts out. But she has to hold her voice and says that actually lawyer Kwon is okay.

Then why did you tell him that you want to destroy him and send him to H*ll? 

Jinsim has to say that that was only in the begining, we actually get along with each other well now. Yeon tells her that he is relieved, he was so worried about what his cousin told him.

Jinsim goes back to her pink desk and wonders why her Entertainment CEO Yeon said all those things. Then she starts to look up a private restaurant that is good for dating.

Jungrok is at the courthouse and sees Yeorum. She thanks him for that day and taking her to the hospital. He says it is no problems. She tells him that they shoudn’t leave like this, lets have a beer this evening! She smiles, but we know that Jinsim is planing something for the evening with Jungrok.

In the law office, Dooseob is reading poetry. He asks Jungrok, who just came in, if he has a star that he loves in his heart. He says…..no. They he walks off to his office. Dooseob is left thinking about te poetry.

In his office, Jungrok accidentally see the restaurant reservation and says that he has a drinks with Yeorum so they can reconcile as friends . She kind of says that she is making a reservation to go with Dan. He asks if they are good friends? Jinsim says that they are good friends hahahaha.

Cut to Dan and Jinsim sitting in this super fancy one table restaurant. Dan is so happy.

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JS – This is my first time coming here, it is really good.

Dan – By the way, is it true that you made this reservation with me in mind? This is clearly a dating place.

JS – It is not a dating place. I made a reservation to eat with you lawyer Dan.

Waiter – This is a romantic couple course, enjoy.

Dan – So, you came somewhere like this place and had a reservation for a romantic course. Do you want to date someone? You should get a boyfriend

JS – Okay….yes.

Elsewhere, Yeorum and Jungrok go out for their drinks. Yeorum is happy and pleasant, she apologizes and says that she was narrow minded in the case. She wanted to do well and go to the special investigation department. She was not focused on this case itself and was only using it as a fast track there. She apologizes for her behavior. He apologizes for the surprise witness as well.

She playfully jokes about him backstabbing her.

In the one table cafe, Dan asks if she had an argument with Kwon? JS says that she had nothing to argue with him about. But Dan thinks that she has a lot to argue with him about because he is a cranky guy. I new he was pretty cold, but how can he do that to Yoo Yeorum on that case? How could he do that to his first love?

JS – First love?

Dan – Oh, you don’t know. It is my secret. My law training friend is Kwon’s yoobae so my friend told me that Kwon used to like Yeorum.

JS – Did they date?

Dan – No, she dated Kim Sewan…but that is….*shows them all as macaroons* they are all best friends. Jungrok likes Yeorum, Yeorum likes Sewan, so they dated and Kwon ended it as a one sided love.

Jinsim starts to think about all the runins/meetings Jungrok had with Yeorum where he looked happy.

JS – So he liked her.

Dan – This is just my idea, but I think he still has feelings for Yeorum. How he looks at her is not normal.

Jinsim stabs the macaroon. Dan is all like, are you okay? Jin sim says that the macaroon should be bigger! Dan gives her all three but Jinsim says she is not eating this one! She throws it away to Dan. This one is the pink one that Dan used to describe Yeorum.

Jinsim calls Jungrok to see her right now. He says he is almost home so he can text her his address. She gets to the point and says that she heard that he liked Yeorum, is that true. He says that is true. She wonders how he can say that so easily. He says that it was the past, should I be ashamed of it?

Jinsim thinks that it was in the past but yo should not drink with someone you used to love, no girlfriend will like that at all. He says that they are just friends now. But Jinsim says that is what he thinks, but if you meet with her privately, other people will think that you have feelings for her.

Then Sewan comes out and asks what Jungrok is doing out there and then introduces himself to her as Jungrok’s roommate Kim Sewan. Jinsim is so interested. He says that he is happy to meet her, he really wanted to meet Jungrok’s girlfriend, lets go drink together. They say next time, but Sewan talks them into it, lets get comfortable and drink together, come in, come in.

They all go inside, Jinsim is wearing huge shades that cover her face in order to hide her identity. They sit at the table to eat. Sewan says that he was really curious about her whenever Jungrok talked about her. He looked at his ticket for a long time after y’all watched your movie. I thought, yes, love has finally come. But, why do you wear sunglasses indoor?

JS – Ok, well, we might see each other often so…..

She takes off her shades.

SW – Oh, wow, you really look like Oh Yoonseo.

JS – Well, I am Oh Yoonseo.

SW – Huh…really…that Oh Yoonseo? My goddess, your goddess, goddess of the univers Oh Yoon Seo?

JS – You know that too?

SW – Of course, she was super popular, whenever I turned on the TV she was on it. You also did this commercial before.

He starts to sing the chicken jingle and everyone lightens up. Sewan says that this is daebak, I thought he was dating his secretary, but is that secretary you?

JS – Well, I have a reason so I will work for 3 months.

SW – Ah, I see. Hey! You should be graceful dating the goddess of the universe Oh Yoonseo. How can you make her angry? 

JS – What are you talking about?

SW – Well, I wanted to help you to make up outside because you two looked serious, he does not know how to date, what did he do wrong?

JS – Well….

JR – She knows that I liked Yeorum and we had a triangle relationship

SW – Oh, that is nothing. DOn’t worry about it at all. It was just a little like in college, not really liking. Just a little little feeling. If it was serious then we would be enemies now. How can we be roommates and best friends?

JS – that is true.

SW – For me, you are the only one in his heart. Ii have never seen him open his heart to anyone else.

JS – Really?

JR – *embarrassed*

SW – So, it was just a misunderstanding. He is not good enough and a little cranky, but please take care of him.

JR – I am not cranky

SW – I will tell you everything, in college I did not do my homework and asked to see his. He said he would never show it to me. If he still has to copy it, then 50c per page. That is what he said.

JS – That is better than what I suffered. On the first day I came to work, I cleaned his desk and he was so upset, why are you touching my stuff, he was so angry. I was so embarrassed.

SW – I know, I know, did he say, why did you touch someone else things without permission!

He makes a look like JUngrok.

JS – No, more wrinkles in your forhead. YOU ARE YOU TOUCHING SOMEONE ELSES THINGS

SW – Ah, like this *he does it*

JR – I just said it nicely. It was a big misunderstanding. *he does it too*

They point at him and say that is perfect and they all laugh.

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Afterward, Jungrok drives Jinsim home. She says that Sewan is a fun person. Jungrok says that he is fun, he was popular with the girls. Jinsim jokes that is why he took Yoooooon Yeoooo Reummmmm. She smiles. He asks if she is jealous anymore? She says that she was at first but now she isn’t. As Sewan said, I am the only one penetrating your heart.

he smiles.

JR – Thank you for taking it that way. Actually, jealously is the most unnecessary feeling. If we trust each other then the past is not important. Just don’t waste our emotions and focus on us now.

He gets back to his apartment and Sewan greets him.

SW – Hey, you are back you robber. You are one of the top 3 robbers in Korea. Like a crab that eats rice. Rain (Bi) who married Kim Tae Hee and YOU dating Oh Yoonseo.

JR – &kind of smiles*

SW – You should behave well, you will have a lot of competition with someone like her so do well.

JR – What should I do? How should I be nice

SW – Why are you asking that? Just do things she wants and adore her and love her and care about her. That is it.

JR – that is not that easy, without you I would have had trouble. Thank you.

He walks off.

SW – How come he says that, he must really be in love.

The next day, Jungrok gets ready as he normally does. But then he decides to put on a little allure cologne (product placement) and adds a bit of Allure chapstick. Sewan comes in and wonders what this is? Do you care about your lips now? Ahhhhhh, what do you want to doooooooo.

JR – Why don’t you find your own place? When are you leaving?

SW – Ah, you just brag about your house.

JR – How are you and Yeorum?

SW – I am the only one with feelings. Put your chapstick on right so it will be moisterizing.

He goes outside and sees Jinsim waiting for him next to her pretty yellow car. She says that she came there to date you. Work is the perfect place to date after all. But then it looks like she left something and reaches in her pocket to find it.

JR – Did you leave something?

JS – Yes……my jealouslyyyy! I left my jealousy at home so that kind of unnecessary feelings make us far apart. From now on I will not bring m jealousy. Lets go.

JR – I will drive. You are not good at driving and it is difficult for you. I dont’ want to give you a harder time.

He gets in. She is happy that he worries about her.

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They ride to work happily with Jinsim in the passenger seat and chat along the way. She has her lucky mirror with her.

JS – I was picked on the street from an agency when I bought this so I think this thing brought me luck. But you shouldnt’ need this kind of thing because your girlfriend is the goddess of good luck mascot.

She smiles and winks at him. He just looks away. 

JS – Ah, you are good at making people embarrassed.

JR – Can I hold your hand?

JS – What, you ask all of a sudden?

They hold hands in the car on drive and they both smile.

At work, they have two interns introducing themselves. One inten is a bit quiet and theother one is super army like. It is almost as if one intern is trying to over shadow the other intern by being super EXTRA. He knows everyones name after going to their homepage and starts to say a lot of things about how much of an honor it is to memorize all of their names.

Then Jinsim comes in and the interns are super amazed. They look at her as if a commercial just started as she walks to her seat. Jungrok looks at them and then asks Lawyer Yeon if they knew she would be here? He says yes, and he has a contract with them to keep quiet.

Yeon says that he will rotate the trainees to each lawyer, Jungrok is first.

Outside the meeting, Choi tells Dan that she wanted to train that handsome (quiet one) intern didn’t you, so sorry about that. But she says that she has a boyfriend now! He is the owner of the cafe, look at this. She shows him a picture He is super handsome right! Now apologize to me!

Meanwhile, jinsim gives the interns several rules for working with Jungrok. She says that same rules that Jungrok initialy told her. Keep the time, he hates people that don’t keep their time, and go to work at the right time, he hates people that can’t do all their work at work, and third, it is important, he also hates it when people touch his things without permission. He hates a lot of other things too, I will tell you later, but these three are the most important. 

They both look at her mesmerized. She tells them that they should call her secretary Oh instead of Oh Yoonseo. They both ask for her signature and that they are the biggest fans. Jungrok comes ina nd says that they should work. then he goes to his office.

The army like one is so worried and thinks that he should kneel down and apologize to him! But Jinsim tells him not to worry, he is always like that.

She gives Jungrok some work and tells him that hse is actually happy that she is being adored by those two. She forgot that she was an entertainer after working there. But….are you jealous?

JR – No, I left my jealousy at home. 

She smiles and heads back to her desk. he smiles as well.

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Yeorum talks to one of her hoobaes at work. Yeorum gives her good advice as they walk outside. Then she runs into Sewan who is smiling. 

YR – Why are you looking at me like that?

SW – You are the real you now, not like how you were earlier.

YR – I owe you, so lets eat dinner together sometime.

SW – You didnt’ even want to make eye contact with me earlier and now you wnt dinner, that is a bit of progress. 

YR – This is for what I owe you, if you don’t like it then – 

SW – I like it! *he salutes her* What about today?

YR – I have a lot of things to review today *she starts to leave*

SW – Lets do it quicky! Lets have dinner.

She smiles and walks off.


Choi goes to the coffee shop where Dan’s boyfriend works. He is talking on the phone with a client and then gets off the phone. He actually comes to this place a lot and forgot that it is the place where Dan’s boyfriend works (or owns) so he perks up when he remembers.

The boyfriend gives Choi his coffee and then sits at a table with his friend =, they start to talk about Dan.

Friend – I heard you have a girlfriend

Guy – Not a girlfriend, she just likes me so much so I am letting her do whatever

Friend – I heard she has a good job, lawyer?

Guy – It doesn’t matter, I dont’ like her. I have a lawsuit with the landlord so I am using her to solve it. Lawyers are so expensive you know. She is useful.

But then Choi sees that Dan is actually standing behind them. 

Choi – Dan. Dan! 

She walks off angrily. Choi chases after her.

Choi – Are you okay?

Dan – I am not okaaaaaaay. *sobs a bit* I knew he didn’t like me, he always said he was busy. He shouldn’t do that right? But I thought, I could just work harder. I didn’t know what he was thinking. I am so stupiiiiiddddd. *she wipes her tears* I cannot end it like this, I am going to yell at him.

She turns back. He yells her name, but she is already gone.

In the cafe.

Dan – You should not do this to me! How can you go this far!

Guy – I did not tell you to date, did you really think I liked you?

Choi – Dan, you refused me so I thought you were dating a great person, but it is only this kind of trash? That is why you didn’t accept my heart?

Guy – What? Trash?

Choi – I can’t give her to someone like you, she is too precious for that.

He grabs her wrist!!!!!! And leads her out of the cafe!!!!!!! (I dont’ think I ever loved a wrist grab, but I love this wrist grab!!!!)

Choi – Dan, it is bad timing to tell you this, but when you date a guy, you should not only look at the face. You should see their heart.

Dan – What?

Choi – There are so many good guys, why are you crying for that kind of guy? Be sure to go home safely.

he walks off

Dan – Thank you!

He waves cooly as he continues to walk away.

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The next day, Jinsim’s manager asks her at home why she is going to a workshop? It is not a real job. She tells him that if the real drama has a workshop she needs to experience it so she knows how to act in it.

He tells her that she should carry less things to be realistic. The camera cuts away to show all the things she is taking with her. he starts to tell her that she does not need to take her bubble bath. She will only have 3 minutes to get ready. She is all like, is it like that? Really? He tells her that he is so nervous about sending her to a workshop and helps her get all her things into one bag.

Manager – By the way, there is one important thing you have to pack. Your dignity as an actress. Don’t make mistakes when you are drunk. Okay?

JS – Okay.

Later on, everyone waits for Jinsim outside. The manager hands Jungrok an ginseng snack as he tells him to check out his workshop fashion and twirls for him. But then he tells him that he does nt know fashion.

Haeyoung hops u and says FASHIONISTA! But she is talking about Yoonseo. Everyone turns around to see Jinsim walking in slow motion to them, all the men are about to explode with happiness.

Jinsim apologizes for being late. Yeon is all like, nononononono, you are the best, here, you can have two ginsengs. 

Jinsim tells them that she has actually never gone on a trip like this. She missed them in grade school and then didnt’ do anything like this when she debut. She is looking forward to it so much!

While driving there, they stop to go to a rest stop, Jinsim stays in the car because there are too many people there for her to get out. Yeon says he has to pee, BUT I WILL STAY WITH YOU. The three other guys say that they will stay as well. Jungrok is pushed to the back.

Jinsim tells them all that they can go use the bathroom so they all says that they will pee quicker than the other and be back. Jinsim mutters that she really wants a hot bar. So Jungrok goes inside to give her one. But everyone heard her so they all run back to the van with a hot bar snack. Yeon comes back with a hot bar bouquet. Jungrok looks at his little measly one hot bar.

The other men all run to the van with their hot bars and tell them that theirs is better. One with ketchup, one without ketchup and on and on.

In Seoul, the sleazy prosecutor sees Yeorum in the cafeteria and puts on his sleazy smile. he sits with her. Then he tells her that he would have finished the case from the begining if he took it and mutters annoying things about poeple that have ambition. Then he calls to Sewan to sit with him.

So Sewan sits with them along with his hubae that likes him. Sleazy lawyer says that they are good sunbae hubae, you should be a couple. The girl says that she will try hard and asks Yeorum if she can do it. Yeorum asks if she needs her permission? But then she says not to try it. Whatever you try, it won’t happen, you will be very disappointed.

She gets up and leaves. Sewan looks at her and wonders something.

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The team gets to the workshop. Jinsim is so happy that this feels like a field trip. She is usually all alone in a big room when she goes on location shoots. Dooseob looks super happy watching Eunji so Haeyoung asks him if he is that happy looking at her, you like her right? Dooseob is all like….um….nooooo I don’t. But Haeyoung knows.

They all start to walk up a path. All the men want to help Jinsim. She tells them that it is so fun to take a walk with this many people. Yeon tells her that she is like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. You have escaped from the palace and are so happy in mundane life.

Jinsim smiles and says that she really likes Audrey Hepburn. Then she sneezes. One of the interns gives her an electric handwarmer. Jungrok was about to give her his but he hides them. Then he was about to give her his jacket, but the CEO beats him to it. Then Jinsim coughs so they think her throat is dry. Jungrok is about to give her his drink, but then Choi beats him to it and gives her his drink.

Choi – This morning, all of a sudden, it reminds me of drinking a drink in Paris with the wind from the river….

JS – Yeah, I feel warm.

Yeon – Everyone is worried about Jinsim, but you Kwon, don’t you worry about her at all?

They talk about how everyone bought a hot bar for her but Jungrok. CHoi thinks he should take care of her. Yeon yells at the others to come back instead of hiking.

DOoseob is all like, GO FURTHER?



Yeon – YES. Okay, lets go.

They all turn around and let the others go on the hike.

Later on , they prepare for the BBQ party. Jinsim comes out in a full on gown for the party. They are all like, wow. But they also wonder why she is wearing that? She is all like, I thought it was a party, aren’t you going to wear tuxedos and suits? Yeon has to explain that they only said it was a party but it is actually just eating BQ. Everyone is charmed. Jinsim goes off to change and everyone talks about how charming she is in an unexpected way. Jungrok laughs at it so Yeon tells him not to do that, it is scary.

Outside, Choi makes a big deal about lighting the fire, but he fails. Jinsim asks if she can try it? For Fun? he tells her that she can, it will be difficult though. She takes the torch and lights it on the first try. CHoi is a bit embarrassed.

Later on, all the food is cooked/cooking so they start to eat all the Korean pork (Korean pork is expensive but cheaper than beef). They all start to eat and also start their award ceremony. Yeon stands to tell them about the award ceremony.

Yeon – First is Kwon Jungrok.

He gets a medal for being the #1 money maker at the lawfirm. Jungrok mutters that he is not like an insurance salesman. Yeon tells him it is only for fun so here are your books (humor books).

The next medal is for Choi. It is “Tomorrow, I am #1” award. Yeon tells him to please catch Jungrok and be #1. Choi gives an award speech and says that he will try and focus on sales more than righteousness as a lawyer, then he kisses his trophy.

Dan Moonhee gets an award to not be timid. Choi laughs so hard at that. Everyone looks at him.

Dooseob gets an award for having only a scary face (but the rest of him is so nice) and he is the best at work.

Eunji gets the “always the same award”

Haeyung gets the best infodesk person award and gets two concert tickets. They are done but they prepared one more award for Oh Yoonseo!

She is so happy that she is really getting one. She hops up to recieve it and gets a clear heart that saves love on it.

Yeon – I will read it, it is the “Always Vitamin Award” for Oh Yoonseo. She is the goddess of the universe and in this difficult situation she is always trying and smiling happily. She is vitamin like who we always need. She also gets slippers.

JS – Thank you! I don’t know if I can take it but I will recieve it happily and know that this means that I need to work harder in the future. Thank you so much!

Choi tells them that he feels like he is at and end of the year award speech! They all start clapping. Jinsim continues smiling happily at her award.

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Later on, Jungrok takes a business call and then gets off. Jinsim comes up to him so they talk. He says that she looks happy. She says that they are all good people that are so nice to her, she wants to be nice to them too. But then everyone comes up an says that they are all going in now, it is a little cold.

Yeon wonders if anyone has a mirror? Jinsim hands over her lucky mirror, he says this mirror is just like the owner, he will use it and give it back to her safely.

They all go back inside and the women start to get their sleeping area straightened. They will all sleep in the same room and roll out blankets and sleeping bags. Jinsim thinks that it is too fun to sleep if they sleep like this. They end up eating a bit more. Jinsim says that Dan is not so happy, what is it? 

Haeyoung says that she probably broke up with her boyfriend. Dan is all like, how did you know! HY says that it is hard not to know. You used to wait all day for his call, but now you just sigh, that means that your boyfriend is gone. Jinsim asks what happened? You were so in love. Dan says that he had a lawsuit against the owner, that is why.

Jinsim calls him a crazy a-hole. Eunji is all like, wow. You said that as an actress? Jinsim says it is because she is so angry, Dan liked him so much, how can he use Dan’t innocent love.

Dan – I am not going to love anyone now! From now on, my heart is taking a break.

In the guys side, One of the interns uses the last towel so the othe intern tells him that he should not have used it, they have so many sunbaes here. Yeon tells the loud intern that he is over acting, he can relax and contact the woman’s room, they have a lot of towels.

Choi is looking at his phone for a long time so they wonder what he is looking at. He is actually looking at a photo of himself with Yoonseo and shows it too them. YOONSEO IS SO PRETTY!

They all all like, yeah, she is so pretty. Then they start to talk about what kind of man can impress Yoonseo’s heart. Choi thinks it is her, he bought the hot bar and gave her the drink, she should be impressed. Yeon tells him that she was impressed by me. I gave her a bunch of hot bars and my jacket and the always vitamin awar. The interns say that they only gave her one hot bar. The other one says that he noticed that her throat was dry, do you think that is enough?

Yeon is all like, nononono. I think I am the most probably person, but I do know one thing, it is not you Lawyer Kwon. You were not nice to her and you usually are not nice to her and you did not do anything for her. Kwon, you are out from the ideal type. You are out so take out the blankets for us.

They all get up. Yeon says that Kwon is handsome looking, but so sassy. Jungrok then throws the blankets at them.

Yeon – What are you doing?

JR – Was this fast enough?

Yeon – How is my hair?

He looks for the mirror but he can’t find it and starts to look for it. Jungrok looks quietly alarmed that it is missing.

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On the girls side, they talk about meeting men. Eunji says that she is more comfortable concentrating on her daughter than meeting a man. Jinsim thinks that they should all drink and loosen up so she brings out a wine that she brought. 

She then tells Eunji that she hopes he meets a nice person and she tells Dan that she hopes she can get her revenge on that guy. Maybe they should send a jerk to the cafe. Dan smiles and says that it feels good that an actress is talking about getting revenge with her. It feels good to say what I think about that guy.

Jinsim says that she likes it also. She was an entertainer for a long time but doesn’t have any friends to talk honestly about. They tell her that it looks like she is friends with them on TV. Jinsim says that is only on TV, she doesn’t even have their numbers.

Eunji asks to look at her phone and then puts in her phone number.

EJ- This is my phone number, I am not a fun person but I can make gukso for you.

Jinsim smiles.Dan tells them that they should all toast and cheer up! They all toast and have a nice evening.

Later on, Dan brings towels to the room and thinks that the best revenge for her is to live well and then meet a better person than him. She turns the corner and sees one of the interns right as he is putting on his shirt. OMG, no, it is CHoi! She sees Choi putting on his clothes and is mesmerized.

Dan – SORRY, I thought no one is here!

Choi comes up nd says that this is good becuase he did not want to use the same towel. He grabs one. Good timing.

She turns to leave but then trips and goes FLYING in the air. He catches her very cooly and tells her to be careful. Then he leaves. Her heart pounds.

Outside, Jinsim is texting Jungrok to find out what he is doing, but then she gets a tap on the shoulder from Yeon who tells her that he is so sorry, he lost her mirror. He is sad about it. She tells him that it is nothing, you don’t have to worry about it.

She is a little bummed, but tries to tell herself that it is just a mirror, I had fun today, that is enough.

She curls into bed with the others and checks her Katalk, but it looks like Jungrok did not check it yet. So Jinsim gets up and walks around outside.

She runs into Jungrok who is also outside. He runs to her and asks what she is doing? She says she wanted to get some fresh air. Why are you out here? He pulls out her mirror and says that he heard that the CEo lost it so he remembered that it was her lucky mascot and came out to find it.

She is so surprised and happy that he came out that late to find it. He says that he can at least do something for her. Actually, he wanted to be nice to her. If youw ant anything or need anything I can listen to you and fill anything you need. I want to do it, but they took my chances when I tried. I wish I am the one that makes you smile, but others made you smile today so I didn’t feel so good.

JS – Lawyer, is this jealousy?

JR – Yes, it is. I thought jealousy was an unneccesary feeling, but if I like someone then I cannot control my feelings. Why are you looking at me like that? Am I childish?

JS – No, it is because I am happy. You like me so much so you can’t even control your heart. I am so happy. Lawyer…..can I kiss you know?

JR – What?…..w-why are you asking me that now?

She kisses him lightly.

JS – It is because you are so lovely. You can do it without asking me. I will do it too….it is cold so lets go back.

She is a bit bashful but he pulls her into a bigger kiss. But still a peck.

JR – You said I don’t have to ask you.

He starts to kiss her again. It is a long but innocent kiss.

Fade Out

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The last two episodes were perfection. I love how she was jealous in the last episode and they parlayed that into his jealousy this episode.


JR – Jinsim shi, Jinsim ah (Mrs. Jinsim, Hey Jinsim)

JR – You are very pretty

JS – Who are you? My lawyer can’t say these sweet things

JR – People suspect you and me in the law firm. We should be careful.

Manager – How come you brought her home?

JS – What are you doing!

JR – Why can’t you eat alone?

JR – I will help you so you can practice step by step

JR – You have only one month left to work in the law firm

Yeon – If you quit the law firm, he might be sad.

EJ – I thought keeping a secret between two people who should be closest to each other is not a good thing.

VO – Where is Lee Youngjoon?

JS – How does he know and is following me?

Chaebol – From now on, what happens to Oh Jinsim is the same as what happens to me also.

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  1. Rose
    February 28, 2019 / 11:33 am

    Love…love…love this episode! I was jumping up and down with those kisses! Better enjoy thia coz it seems the stalker will finally show his ugly face to JR and i dont mind, we need balance to this drama, a little spice if you may. 😉

    Thanks again V! 😉☺

    • V
      February 28, 2019 / 11:46 am

      Me, too! Yes, we need to enjoy the last two episodes because that stalker is about to take over.

  2. Joycee Opiana
    February 28, 2019 / 1:12 pm

    Episodes 7&8 surely are feel-good episodes. I love their jealousy, I love their Chemistry. I love all their kisses! Seems like the stalker chaebol will be on the next episodes so let us prepare our hearts for some scare. but let us not worry as Jung-Rok will be our hero! Oh Yun Seo/Jin Shim be careful please!!!

    • V
      February 28, 2019 / 4:16 pm

      I am preparing myself for scary creepiness!

      • JO
        February 28, 2019 / 4:54 pm

        I feel bad for Jin Shim, she has been so Good of an actress and was ruined by that creepy,crazy stalker of his!!!!!

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