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Touch Your Heart: Episode 7 Live Recap

Touch Your Heart Recap 7

I’m ready for cuteness! (Though you can keep the serious criminal court cases to yourself). We left off on a high and low note. They won the case, but it was a tragic way to win that left Jung-rok bummed just enough to only want to share a drink with his secretary (which I would consider a date since no one else was invited). What awaits us on this episode? A cute funny court case perhaps? A girl can wish, right?

Recap starts at 9am CST! Watch Behind the Scenes Videos here, here, here, and here while you wait!

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Jungrok takes Jinsim’s hand and puts it in his pocket.

JR – I worry abuot you just as much as you worry about me. And, I want to do it now.

YS – What you are saying means that I am a little more special than before to you?

JR – Yes.

But then he gets a call and has to take it. Jinsim tries to calm her face.

At home, Jinsim happily lays awake. She gets a Katalk.

JR: Working together with me is a hard job, rest well for tomorrow.

She smiles. But then she thinks, wait….for tomorrow? Is it a special day tomorrow? Is he going to confess to me? Yes, it was like that kind of moment where he can confess. Oh! He is confessing to me tomorrow! She hits her pillow several times and squees.

The next day, Jinsim is so happy as she tells everyone good morning. The secretaries pleasantly wonder if something good happened to her? Jinsim goes to her office and sees a lovely bouquet of flowers on her desk. They are all pink flowers. 

She opens the letter and starts to read it.

JS – This cold that won’t leave us anytime soon, but now it is leaving. The warm spring is coming. (Oh, my lawyer, so poetic). This is nothingn but I prepared it with my heart. If you accept it then I will be very thankful. (Of, it is not nothing! It is so important!) It was difficult but you did not give up until the end and one woman was rescued from going to jail. Thank you for taking the case. (Huh? What…) Thank you for taking that case – President of Woman’s society, Lee Yong-ok

JS is so confused. Jungrok comes in. She motions to the flowers.

JR – Good morning, ah yes, it is flowers from the women’s association. I dont’ like flowers too much so I put it here for you.

JS – Oh…okay.

Haeyoung comes in and tells them that the CEo will do a case briefing. They all gather together in the meeting room and applause lawyer Kwon for his good job before they start work. Yeon tells them that Kwon’s attractiveness is his shyness.

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They gets started with the presentation. But Jinsim’s photo shows upon the scream.

Everyone – Huh? What crime did she commit?

JR – Her robbery is that she stole my heart. It the injury that made my eyes blind with her beauty. It is a murder attempt where I can not live one day without seeing her. I want Oh Jinsim to get a life sentence and make her never leave my side forever. Oh Jinsim, ACCEPT MY HEART.


She stands up and holds out her hands to be arrested.

But everyone is all like, what are you doing? Jinsim looks up and sees that the image on the screen is not hers, it is someone charged for a murder case. Jin-sim is all like, yes, lawyer Kwon will have him arrested! 

Eunji tells her that she really is unexpected. Yeon smiles and says that is Jinsim’s attractive point, with her visuals, her behavior is so unexpected. Jinsim tries to compose herself and mutters that Jungrok is a bad guy.

She goes back to her desk and tells herself to wake up. She needs to be sassy and cool like the top female star that you are!

Time passes and the end of the day comes. She looks up to Jungrok and sees that it looks like he is giving her heart fingers. She starts to give him heart fingers too. But it looks like Jungrok is actually just cleaning the window. he goes to her office.

JR – Cleaning is so bad, I think I need to complain to the cleaning company. Ii can do it. Goodbye.

JS – Wait a second, don’t you have something to tell me? Anything else?

JR – What?

JS – It’s okay, it is nothing.

She slowly gets up, looking miserable, and says that she will go home first. She drags her feet to the door and turns around to look at him like a sad puppy. Then she leaves. He wonders what is going on.

At her house, Jinsim thinks that hse should not have dressed pretty today. What are you doing? You need to be a sophisticated female actress. She changes her face to be sophisticated/sassy/haughty actress and then has a glass of wine on the cough as her haughty self.

Jungrok is still working. But then he gets a call from Jinsim. She is drunk.

JS – I can’t wait.

JR – What?

JS – I can’t wait anymore. *slurring her words* I don’t want to be sassy, I want to say everything I want to say! I am going crazy, I want your confession. 

JR – What are you talking about?

JS – Don’t you want to confess to me? I will do it first. Wait, wait. *she gets herself together* ….I like you….you remember that….back then….I wanted to tell you something but I couldn’t tell you now but I will do it someday…that thing?

JR – *nods*

JS – Well, that is…that thing is….well, you are in my heart. YOU KNOW…in my clean heart. It came is Shoooop, like that. That is why, yesterday, I was so happy that you told me I became special to you….*drunkenly* that is why I waited for what you would say next all day! Why are you making me like this! You are very bad! CLICK.

JR – Oh Jinsim? Oh Jinsim?

He sighs and goes to the kitchen. Sewan asks what happened? Another headache case?JR tells him to shut up. But then he tells Sewan that there is something where a guy likes a woman. Then he tells that woman, you are special to me. Then the man thought that was enough. Now I like you so we can get to know each other slowly. But the woman wasn’t like that. She waited for the next thing. But there was nothing from the man, so now she is mad. Is that a big mistake from the man?

SW – Is this a case? It isn’t about you?

JR – It is my client!

SW – You did not open a love consulting firm

JR – Jashik, shut up. 

He turns to leave. Sewan puts his hand on Junroks shoulder dramatically.

SW – It is not the man’s fault. But I want to be on her side. Who dates with much logic? You know that person while dating. Men already did everything and said all the critical things like you are special and stuff. But then you dont’ continue? Who would like that guy. DOn’t you understand? If you go to court and tell the judge with all your evidence that the guy does not have any attempt of wrong doing and has a good alibi on the day of the crime and then – what if you end the case there?

He ends right in the middle of his thought as Jungrok waited for what he would say next.

SW – See, see? It would feel bad. You said everything but there is no result so you – no no, your client did that to that woman, okay?

Jungrok kind of gets it now.

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He goes to his office and starts to write a text to Jinsim.

JR: Oh Jinsim, I am sorry, I thought we are at the stage where we are getting to know each other. *erased it all* Oh Jin sim, I wasn’t considerate enough, please date me. *erased it all* Oh Jinsim, lets see each other and talk. *he sends it*

He sends that last text and sets his phone on the table. Sewan comes in playfully and says that he wants to tell his client one last thing. He confessed his love to her but he should still prprae something that she would like, like flowers or sparkly things. Without anything, if you confess then it is like you left evidence in the courthouse. Your client, I have never seen him before but I think he is not so good at love. So I jsut want to give him advice. Okaaaaaay, goodbyeeeee.

Jungrok says that he will tell him and then sends another message? Or maybe it was the first message that he finally sent.

JinSim is sleeping so she does not receive it.

The next day, Jinsim wakes up still in the same spot that she passed out at last night. Her phone goes off so she checks it and wonders what is going on. Did I slep right here? She reads the text.

JR: Oh Jinsim, lets meet and talk.

JS – What is this? Did I do something?

then she remembers everything she did the night before and sits up. What will he tell me? I am the worst? We shouldnt’ see each other!? Noooooo.

She frets as her manager comes in to see if she is ready to go. She asks if he can buy her a white envelope. He is all like, huh? Do you need money for a wedding? She says it is for a resignation, she can’t go to the law firm anymoooooooore. She falls back on the couch.

In the office, Jungrok sees that Jinsim is not there. Yeon comes in and says that he got a phone call from his cousin who said that Jinsim is not coming in today. he is not sure why. They all wonder, is she sick? She looks like a responsible person. Eunjo thinks that she works hard. Dooseob says the same, she worked hard in the last case and this case. She is a cool person like a scarecrow in the field that works hard but does not talk about it….

Everyone is all like….say what? Scarecrow?

Yeon asks Jungrok if he gave Jinsim a hard time again? he says it is not like that. Yeon then wonders if it has to do with their love life? Do you two like each other? But he says it jokingly. Jungrok walks off to Yeon telling him that he does not have a sense of humor.

He goes to his office and looks at Jinsim’s pink desk. Then he calls Jinsim, but her phone says that she cannot pick up the phone right now. He goes to his office and looks for something. it is the file that he has on her. He looks at it and then thinks back to what Sewoan told him about preparing things that she likes.

So he looks on the computer to find thins that Oh Jinsim likes. But nothing shows up, so he has to change it to things that Oh Yoonseo likes. Lots of things show up. It says that she likes Korean steak and her favorite mens style. He keeps looking. He finds a YouTube style channel about drunken talking. It is a talk show where JinSIm is the main guest.

Interviewer – I am surprised, I didn’t expect that you would like this type of restaurant.

JS – It is my favorite Chicken feet restaurant. I often do takeout

Caption – When you are depressed, eat fiery chicken feet

JS – Chicken feet are really good.

Interviewer – What is your favorite man style? I think, someone with good ability and handsome? 

JS – No, I don’t care about the face, I want someone that an impress my heart. For example, handwriting a confession would be super cool.

Jungrok looks at the video fretting about everything. he wonders how he can do these things.

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Elsewhere, JS’s manager and the entertainment CEO talk about why Jinsim is not going to work. The manager says that he does not know, she is not coming out of her room. The entertainment CEO says that she has to work at least 3 months for her deal. Another law firm might not keep the secret like this law firm. But he says that he will make it worth. I am Yeon Joon-eok! CEO of this entertainment company, have you seen anyone that can control her better than me? Then he walks the wrong way so the manager has to point him in the right direction.

They go into her condo where she is laying on her couch/bed. She says that she can’t go. So he says that she can stay home. She sits up quickly, huh? The CEO says that his goddess of the univers and your goddess and everyones goddess can’t possibly work there for 3 months, just quit. The manager says that if she quits she won’t be able to get a job. CEO says that is not important, she can get a job as a person with no job. You can just quit, if you can’t go back to work then you will just be at home for many more years. You can act very well as a bored person with no job. You will have all the bordeness from your face, isn’t that right?

Jinsim does not look like she wants that at all. She says that she is not that stupid, how dare you threaten me! then she hits him over and over again and gets out of bed grumpily.

CEO – Where are you going Yeonseo?

JS – Fresh air!

CEO – I can take you

Manager – Don’t you know, when she throws that kind of temper tantrum then we can’t do anything. Let’s bring up some beer.

Meanwhile, Jungrok goes to a store to buy pink stationary. He then sits to write her a letter.

Letter – Oh Jin-sim, please read this. Kwon Jung-rok saw Oh Jin-sim for the first time on2019, February 6th at the law firm with is located at Seoul Seok cho in the secretary room. (this is written like a law letter, lol). We contacted each other many times for work and ate a meal together around 6 times. And Oh Jinsim’s heart is not faked or mistaken, it is true that I like you. This person is asking the other person Oh Jinsim to formally date. Please say yes.

He looks at his pink stationary with hearts all over it and think. 

JR – In the end, I will look at the judge….

But it looks like he really does not know what to do and messes up his hair. A couple of ladies in the cafe giggle at him. He sees them and then gets started on another letter.

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In the prosecutors office, Yeorum has acid reflux or something similar. Her secretary asks her if she wants to eat something. Yeorum says she does not want to so the secretary tells her that they will go out to eat.

Sewan sees the secretaries in the cafeteria and decides to sit with them. Joo-yeon sits with them as well. Sewan asks where Yeorum is? they tell him that she is under a lot of stress from the last case so she does not eat often. Sewan is concerned about this.

Elsewhere, Jinsim walks around outside in her disguise and goes to a chicken feet restaurant to refresh her mood. She asks for a chicken feet to go. The owner recognizes her and keeps her secret, though she does smile and says that she has not been there in awhile.

But then Jungrok comes in and is all like, Oh Jinsim? She deepens her voice and says that she is not Oh Jinsim. But she realizes that they said Oh Jinsima nd sees that it is Jungrok so she takes off running immediately. he chases her and grabs her by her hoodie to keep her from going any further, but he grabs her in a comical way as if she is a little kid. he tells her that they should go talk.

On a bench, she says that she did not come to work because she was embarrased after cofessing to him while drunk.

JR – I am the one that did the worst confession. 

JS – Huh?

JR – Because I did not show my heart clearly and I made you wait and now I made you this embarrassed, so my confession was worse. So, even thought it is late, I want to give you a formal confession.

he reaches in his pocked and pulls out the letter to hand to her. She takes it.

JS – What is this?

JR – I don’t know what you like so I searched online. You had an interview at your favorite chicken feet store. You said you looked forwrd to a confession with a hand written letter. 

JS – is this?

JR – Yes, I didnt’ buy chicken feet, but could you accept it?

She starts opening it.

JR – Wait, are you going to read it in front of me?

JS – Of course! I am so curious.

JR- Then I will wait in the car!

he runs off.

She opens it.

Letter – Let’s date.

She smiles and runs to him and gives him a big hug as he is still walking away.

JS – I love it! I love it so much! Let’s date.

He turns around.

JR- Thank you for accepting my heart.

JS – Thank you for telling me now.

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Jungrok drives Jinsim home. She is still looking at her love letter. He tells her that it will wear out. She says that she wants to see it again and again and again. Then she says that he can wait there, she will change and they can go back to the law firm together. He tells her that she can stay at home for the rest of the day. But she wants to come, she knows it will be difficult for him without her. 

He agrees but says that he already told everyone that she was staying home. He wont’ be there in the afternoon anyway. She asks why. He says that he has to go to court and the prosecutors office and then a client meeting. It will already be 7 oclock. Do you have time?

JS – Huh?

JR – We should date sine today is day one. Whya re you smiling?

JS – Because it is day one…everything is good….*bashful*

JR – Then I will pick you up around 7.

JS – Okay, see you soon, bye!

She waves happily and runs off.

In the prosecutors office, Yeorum is getting yelled at by her superior lawyer. He tells her that it does not make sense that she started the investigation only with the defendants confession. She apologizes. he tells her to leave and mutters loud enough for her to hear that he should have given this case to Prosecutor Lim.

She leaves and runs into Prosecutor Lim. He is smug and slimy as usual as he tells her a lot o underhanded insults then asks why she investigated the honest woman only.

YR – She is not innocent. She did not kill him but she let it happen because she removed the trace of the guy.

Lim – *pointing* You ruined our dignity but you still talk like this.

he goes to his office.

Yeorum leaves and runs into Jungrok outside. She is pretty pale and out of it. He asks if she is okay. She asks him how he knew that guy was at the scene of the crime. How did you know it and I did not know it? I know I shouldnt’ blame you, lets talk next time. She walks away but then passes out. Jungrok immediately gets her to the hospital.

The doctor basically tells him that she is overworked. Jungrok calls Sewan, but he is busy on a case. He then looks at his watch, it is almost 7pm.

At home, Jinsim waits in a beautiful and fun dress. Jungrok calls and says that he is sorry but he cannot come today. Yeorum has passed out with an ulcer and has worked too hard. I called my other friend but even if he comes, I have to meet my client so I do not think I can meet you today.

JinSim understands and hangs up. 

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Yeorum wakes up in the hospital with Sewan by her side. She asks why he is there. He tells her that she can go home now since her fluids are back up. But she asks why he is there. He asks if that is important? Then turns the question around and asks why she is there! 

They go outside. He asks how long she will be like this? It is one trial? How can you live if you care about each othem?

YR – I am like this so what can I do? I really hate losing the case and collapsing like this. I hate it. I hate showing you myself like this. 

SW – I also don’t like it. Having this kind of relationship with you. Before, you were honest in front of me. You laughed when you wanted to laugh and cried when you wanted to cry.

Yeorum starts to cry so Sewan gives her a comforting hug.

Meanwhile, yeorum sits in bed and wodners if Jungrok is still busy, he isnt’ even calling me? But then he calls and she answers right away. 

JR – Have you eaten already? Would you like to have tea?

JS – Tea! ….. um, no, you should be tired, you can have a good rest. But lawyer…

JR – yes?

JS – it is not day one today. I dont’ want to rest our day one like this, so can we say that tomorrow is day one?

JR – Okay, from tomorrow it is day one. Sorry I did not keep my promise today.

JS – it is okay, be careful and see you tomorrow.

They hang up. Jinsim thinks that they had a chance to talk. then she looks at her letter and tells herself that they are properly dating as of tomorrow.

But the next day, Jinsim and Jungrok meet with CEO Yeon about law stuff. Yeon says that Choi has so many divorce cases coming up because it is the season for divorcing. Secretary Yang is helping Dan about a pharmaceutical case. JR says it would be difficult for Kwon without her.

CEO asks JR if he is really busy? He says he is okay. Jinsim is surprised at this. CEO Yeon is all like yes, you are our ace. So it is settled, Jinsim will help out Choi after the holidays. they all leave. Then Yeon calls his cousin and tells the Entertainment CEO that he did as he asked and separated the two of them. JS thanks him and says that the reason he thinks Yoonseo did not go to work was because of JR. It is good to separate them. he lists a lot of things he overheard about her hard time at the law firm. The cousins agree that they should make then not talk to each other anymore for Yoonseo’s happiness.

In the break room, Dan talks to another person she has fallen in love with on the phone and uses a lot of aegyo. Jinsim asks her if she has a boyfriend? Dan kind of sighs and says that she has one. But then she says that Jinsim told her that she would be a couple with the quickervice guy and I was dumped so I will not consult you with dating anymore. Yoonseo says that she is sorry about that but a lot of other couples did well after my advice. that reality show, COffee shop, a few couples even got married.

Dan is all like, married???? That is my secret but my boyfriend is the coffee shop owner across the street. He is handsome with a good voice. When he confessed to me it was like caramel machiato. So romantic! But she is sad becaus she is the only one loving. She wants to spend all her time with him, but not him. Last night, we were suppossed to have a date but he said that he had to roast new coffee beans right away! he said he would stop by but he didn’t and said he was busy. I know he is busy but it seems like I am the only one working on this so I am mad.

Jinsim says, me too. So that leads Dan to think she might have something going on. But Yoonseo plays it off so Dan thinks that Jinsim sympathizes well because she in an entertainer. At first she thought she might be upset about her own boyfriend. Jinsim smiles and says that isn’t it.

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Jungrok goes into Jinsim’s desk area and asks her for something, but she is not there. He goes back into his office.

Jinsim is in Choi’s office talking to him about his client list. Jinsimlooks at it and thinks that he has s 2pm with Hwang Yungdoo. She knows someone by that name, is this the one I know? He says that it probably is, the actress that was once your rival? Oh yeah, you are secretly working here, can you step out during this meeting?

JS – Yes, I can, but is this eunnie getting a divorce?

Choi – If she is talking to me then yes. But I cannot tell my secrets of my clients.

JS – That is strange, I thought she lived well after getting married.

Choi – Are you two good friends?

JS – Not really, we are enemies.

Flashback to her and the other actress having an argument about how hight their high heels are. the other actress wanted even higher high heels than Jinsim. But her heels are so high that SHE has to do manner legs when she kisses her leading man.

She also asks for more ligh reflection than Oh Yoonseo which ends up looking like a flower around her.

JS says that eunnie was always like that, torturing me from debut until she retired. Choi thinks, oh no, I dont’ want to take her case! Do you think I shuold not take it? Jinsim says that he should do it since he is professional. He turns into robot Choi and says that he can defend her like Alpha Go without a soul. Then he starts doing the robot as if he is defending his client to the judge.

Jinsim laughs so much but then she realizes that she has to leave since it is 1:30. She hurries out, but the other actress is already there so Jinsim has to run to Jungrok’s office and uses him to hide behind. He wonders wha is going on. She fills him in so he says that he can put the blinds down and she can go to his office. Jinsim thinks it might be better to leave while she is there.

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The actress goes into Choi office, but then realizes that she might have left her wallet in the bathroom. She leaves and sees Jinsim at the elevator. She asks if it is Yoonseo but Jinsim says that it is not her. However the actress pulls off her disguise and asks what she is doing there in that law firm. Jinsim says that she has a case. the actress is all like, oh, are you in court again? You need to do a shaman ceremony, your life is all messed up.

Jinsim asks why she is there? Are you there for a consultation? the actress says that she has nothing to talk to them about, she is loved by her rich husband and has a wonderful life, I am intersted in buying a building hahahaha. SOrry about bragging about myself. I know you can’t go back to the entertainment industry and it looks like you have a lawsuit. Sorry, did I go too far infront of you, whose life hit rock bottom?

She puts her disguise back on her and tells her to go home safely so as not to see the papatratzzi, oh, but maybe the dont’ compare about you anymore? She giggles.

Later on, Jinsim tells Jungrok on the ride home that that eunnie was brought to this world to torture me. She starts to tell him about all the things that eunnie actress did to her like taking her dress and stealing he leading roles in dramas. She wodners if she can sue her about that. He says no. She just gave them a lower contract deal.

Jinsim is all like, wow, you are super great. I thought I was talking to my boyfriend but it feels like I am having a consultation with a lawyer. I would be on your side regardless of the truth. 

Jungrok realizes that he messed up but does not really know how to fix it so it is a little awkward. He stops the car and she tells him that she will leave. But she also tells him that she is really sorry but today should not be day one also. She heads inside.

At home, Jungrok works from his desk and thinks about Jinsim. He rememebers that he told her that he could not meet with her for the date (she was angry?) and she was moved to the other room (was she angry?). he thinks that it is good to experience different jobs as work. he gets up.

At her house, Jinsim wonders if Jungrok even likes her. Then there is a ring on her doorbell. It is jungrok, he tells her that her phone is off and they should go on a date now. She goes outside and asks what is up. He says that he thinks ti shouold not be tomorrow, I dont want to delay anymore. Lets make today, day one. DOnt you?

they both smile and he says, lets go.

JS – Where are we going?

Cut to them going to a planetarium. 

JS – This is my first time at a planetarium. How did you think about coming here?

JR – it is late, so there is no where to go to. We can’t hve a first date at the pork potato soup place. I wanted to do it somewhere special where there weren’t too many people around. So I cam up with this place so we can date late. Do you like it? 

JS – Yes, it is the best place every. Lets go over there so we can see the stars better.

they go to a star observatory area and look at the stars. She points at ashooting star and asks if he saw it. But he is too slow so she tells him that he need to be quicker.

He looks at her and says that he is sorry he is a slow person.

JS – You dont’ really have to apologize about that

JR – I was thinking about it. I was not considerate with my late confession and ruining our first date. I disappointed you because I am not good at expressing myself. So that is why I was a bit sad. I am a slow person, a lot slower than what you might expect. But I will approach you with my own speed, slowly, and for a long time.

She smiles. He goes back to looking at the stars as if he didnt’ say anything.

JS – Um, lawyer, can I ask you a question?….Do you like me?

JR – What?

JS – Nevermind, just ignore it.

She turns to walk away and look at the stars, he spins her around and hugs her.

JR – I like you, Oh Jinsim, I like you a lot.

She sinks into his hug and they both smile.

Fade Out

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Loved today’s episode! these are the kinds of court cases I want! Fun and fluffy with playful hysterics from Jinsim’s entertainment life. It makes sense for the entertainment firm to use the company with the cousin connection, so they probably dealt with a lot of cases. I hope the fluffy cases continue.


SW – With someone like Oh Yeonseo, you will have a lot of competition. So before someone takes her, you need to do a good job.

JR – Why don’t you work?

JS – Are you jealous?

JR – Of course not

SW – She was super popular, whenever you turned on te TV, there was a Yoonseo commercial.

Choi – She is really a goddess!

CEO – I will be with Yoonseo. Someone like Yoonseo, who will she date? Of course not you.

JR – I want to be the one to make you laugh

JS – CEO, can I kiss you now

JR – W-what? Now?

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