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Touch Your Heart: Episode 5 Recap

Touch Your Heart Episode 5 Recap

We left off the last episode with a little bit (okay, a lot) of uneasiness as we saw the chaebol stalker still stalking our heroine. Though he took it to a My Mister level and is actually stealing all her cell phone info. Creepy! I need a break from that creepiness, so hopefully this episode is filled with cute.

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Yoon-seo kind of wakes up in her fluffy bed but her eyes are still closed as she feels around for her phone that beeped. it is a text from Jung-rok

JR: I will be one hour late becasue I have a client meeting

Yoon-seo smiles and texts back

YS: Okay, I heard today is a cold day so wear warm clothes.

She wonders if this was too much.

JR: You too Oh Jin-sim, wear warm clothes.

Yoon-seo is so happy, she hops up and decides to wear something warm since he wanted her to wear something warm sooooo much. She picks a pink coat and heads out.

At work, Jung-rok and his CEO, Joon-kyu, meet in the elevator again even though JR is one hour late. JR brings that up. The CEO makes fun of him about how people will think that he likes him (or something like that). But the CEO has two bits of super happy news and asks Jung-rok which he wants to hear first.

The big happy news comes first (because men should have a big heart): We will get a big case, 99%. If we take this case then we will have big publicity. Jungrok asks what case. Yeon says it is his secret. The next happy news is that it is their company dinner today.

They go into the company office, Jung-rok says that he is not attending the dinner as he walks off. Yeon wonders why he gives him happiness but Jungrok does not want to accept it. Jung rok gets to his office and sees Yoonseo’s desk. It is all in pink. Pink, pink, pink. She says that spring is coming so she made it all in pink. She is so pleased with herself.

But Jungrok kind of sort of thinks pink is not right for a law office. Yoonseo reminds him that he said seh can wear pink in the movie theater (and decorate with pink, I guess?). She reminds him that she has a good memory. He tells her that she can do what she wants.

he goes to his desk and sees pink things there as well. What is this? He tells her that he actually only like black. She tries to plead her case but reluctantly has to remove them. She even has pink heart post it notes for him. She tells him to keep those, write notes for me on them and post them, then I won’t forget.

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Yoonseo leaves and Jung-rok sees a little pink item that might be a grip for flipping papers. He looks at Joonseo but then his phone rings so he has to answer. When he gets off, Yoonseo is gone so he has to right on the pink heart post it note for her.

Note: Send our client the documents

She writes something and then goes into his office. She gives him her note, curtseys and heads out.

Note: Okay, I will.

He smiles and thinks that she can just tell me. Then he writes her another note.

Note: Please submit the change of the court date for our other client

They start to pass notes back and forth all day long about court dates and suing people and adding dates. 

His note: Sorry to give you too much work today

Her note: No problem

Yoonseo smiles as she look at all the notes she has and then looks at Jungrok at his desk.

Meanwhile, Moonhee asks for a quick service from the company where that new guy she is in love with works. She waits, and eats mandarin, and wonders if he likes her, not like her, he likes her, not like her…..she eats a mandarin leaf with each one. then Oh Jin-sim (Yoon-seo) comes in and says, oh, he likes you! She gets a drink.

Yoonseo tells her that she saw people fortune telling wit flowers, not oranges. Moonhee says it is her first time doing this since she is not sure what he thinks about me. Jin-sim wonders what King of person he is. Moonhee says that she will tell her about him, he works for a delivery service that comes to our law firm often.

He speaks to me differently. To others he says. Do.You.Call.Quick>Service. But to me he says do.you.call.quick.serVICE with a high tone at the end. She then starts to talk a lot and very quickly about this quick service guy and ends on a key chain that he gave her. Jinsim thinks that he might like her.

Moonhee asks about dating experience. Jinsim says that she does not have a lot of experience dating, but she was an MC for a dating variety show (she was this in real life, lol). So in her experience, he likes you 100%. Moonhee is so happy and dances out of the room.

Jinsim sees the mandarin and thinks that she will try the he likes me, he likes me not, method with it as well. But she sees that it will most likely come out as he doe snot like her, so she eats the entire bunch at the end so she can say that he likes me. Then he texts her to let her know that they have to go to the court.

She happily leaves.

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Jung-rok does his thing in the courtroom and then they leave. Yoonseo asks him if he thinks they will win? He thinks so. She tells him that he is a natural born lawyer that will smile after winning. By the way, why did you become a lawyer? I heard all your old college friends became prosecutors.

JR – Lawyers make more money.

Jinsim is surprised, oh, he became a lawyer for money? He is honest….thats charming.

She catches up with him and then asks if he would like to go eat something? They are outside now. Jungrok says yes, but then JInsim sees Yeorum coming and starts to think rapidly about whether Yeorum will ask to drink coffee again. Might she do that? No, maybe not, is it lunchtime? She tries to pull Jung-rok away so that he will not see Yeorum. 

But Yeorum spots them and runs over to see if he would like to have lunch? Pasta? She actually has to talk to him about something improtant. And, it is a secret. 

Jungrok looks at Jinsim and says that he is sorry but she will have to go back first. Poor Jinsim’s plans are ruined. She huffs all the way back to the office.

JR and Yeorum go to lunch and talks about the case. This case could be a murder case or a self defense case due to abuse by the husband. Yeorum thinks that they shuold prosecute it as self defense. But if they do then it would be president for other cases like this. All the other lawyers will try to argue that their client has a self defense case, not a murder case. It is hard and she is not sure what to do.

They end up leaving after eating. And Jungrok hurries off intead of hanging out with Yeorum any more. He heads right back to his office. 

Jinsim is ready for him, she looks upset and says that she will take her pink heart post it notes back! He is all like, um, what is going on? She tells him a lot about how he does not deserve it and he can sue her if he wants, then she stares at him. He asks why she is looking at him like that. She tells him that she has a strong eye gaze as an actor! Then she leaves. He is so confused, he wanted to take her out to lunch in the last 30 mintues they had but she didn’t want to.

Meanwhile, the delivery guy is dropping off the package to Moonhee. She kind of mentions how they can go to a movie together and eat together. Then she says that she will cut to the chase, I like you. He is caught off guard a little bit and asks if he can be given some time to think. She asks how long. He kind of wonders and then says….10 years. Okay, goodbye.

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Back in his office, Jungrok asks Jinsim if he made her mad? Was it about lunch? She tells him that her privacy is important to her and also mentions something about the law. Do I have to tell you everything? He asks if he told her that about the law. Then he says that he will keep her privacy. He is about to leave, but she wants to ask him a question about a movie. Was Avatar better or was What’s Wrong With My Lawyer better?

Jungrok says that Avatar had different topics so it was fresh to him. WWWTL was fun because I can relate to it.

JS _ So you can’t give up any of the other one? Lawyer, you are a bad person!

She throws her pen on the desk and storms out. He is left wondering what is going on.

Later on, Jungrok meets with a client over tea. He then sits and texts Jinsim.

JR: Can you check to see if the witness can show up on the court date?

JS: o o

He wonders what that means. Why is she doing this to me?


The entire company shows up for dinner, except Jungrok. But they are in an open spot instead of being in a private room. However, they notice that Jungrok is already at the table. He waves, but Jinsim ignores him.

At the table, Moonhee drinks quickly and tells everyone that she was dumped again. CHoi tells her that she falls in love like thunder and is dumped like lighting. You should be busy because you are dumped every week consistently. She stands up aggressively, what did you say!

But she sits back at the table. Then the conversation turns to why Jungrok keeps looking at Yoonseo. He says that he is there to see Jinsim. They all wonder if they are doing some together. He says that there is nothing weird with what I say, I am here to see Jinsim. She was so passionate about working but all of a sudden she did not work passionately. I thought she would not do it without a reason, so I am here to resolve our issue. So, Oh Jinsim, why are you mad at me?

JS – In front of all these people?

JR – Yes, I want to hear it in front of all of them. If they say it is my fault then I will change. So don’t be stressed nd tells me comfortably.

Jinsim looks around.

JR – Is it because I did not eat lunch with you? Or because I stopped you from decorating my office pink?

DS – What is going on?

YS – Um, I like pink. But the lawyer does not like his office decorated in pink, but hat is not it.

JR – Is is becuase I gave you so much work to do and wrote it all on your desk?

JK – This cold blooded guy, how can you tells her these things by writing it on her desk. You need to make eye contact and tell her!

JS – No, that was not it. I was just hungry so maybe I was cranky.

Everyone is all like, Ah, that makes sense. But Jinsim cuts JUngrok a look and then says that she is sorry that he mistook it. He says he is happy that they resolved it. Yeon CEO tells them that they should toast. So Jungrok holds out his cup to toast and Jinsim toasts with him. He is so happy to clear it up, but Jinsim is cleary still upset thugh she has to hide it.

So, after Jungrok comes back from the bathroom later, Jinsim stopshim in a drunken state and asks him why he did that. We should solve things between us, not in front of everyone.

JR – But I wanted to hear it in front of everyone and if they say it is my fault…

JS – We are not in a courtroom, that happens in courtrooms

JR – I am sorry if that makes you angry but we resolved it

JS _ Of course we are not, the reason I am angry at you is a different reason

JR _ What are you talking about?

JS- Why did you eat pasta alone? Why didn’t you eat it with me? I WANT TO EAT IT.

JR – Are you angry all day because you wanted to eat pasta? Lets do it.

JS – Why did you eat pasta with another person! Waaaaah, pasta…pasta…..

She drops to the floor and whines into her hands. Jungrok is confused again.

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Back at his house, Sewon brings up that he heard Jungrok had pasta with Yeorum today. Jungrok is so tired of hearing about pasta, but Sewon says he is envious. He broke up with Yeorum but he still has feelings for her, so he is a bit angry. Jungrok tries to figure this out, so, you are angry because I ate pasta with someone you like? Is that liking someone?

He thinks about it and heads to his room. It seems like he wonders if she likes him…then he shakes his head.

The next day, Kong manager asks Jinsim if she made anothe rmistake becuse seh doe snot want to go to work? he asks who made alcohol that makes you in trouble all the time. He goes on and on about it. She yells that she doens’t know and then says that she just wants to get out here. Or that she wants him to get out there. But they are already at their law firm.

Inside, she frets about what she should do and is very awkward when Jung-rok comes in. he looks at her and then they go into the office together. He gives ehr something to do. Then he is about to go to his desk. She tells him that, actually, when she asked him why he didn’t eat pasta with her, it was actually as a friend. You know. When my friends at school did not eat with me then that made me so angry. I felt like my friend was taken, but honestly, we are the best friends int his law firm.

He asks, best friends?

She says of course, we eat together and work together so of course we are best friends. So when my best friend ate with someone else, I was childish. I might look young but my mind is also young, ha ha. So forget abotu what happened yesterday.

JR – I will.

A secretary comes in to tell him something so Jungrok heads out. Jinsim is left wondering if her story worked.

Jungrok goes to CEO Yeon’s office to tell him the big news. They got that big case. This is the Im Yoomi case. You need to take this case and get a self-defense defense. JR says that he can’t do it. It is not that I am resiting it, it is because I do not have enough time, I have 32 cases already. The CEo tells him that he should do it, it is a big case. You should do it since you do not have anything to do and the TV show does not call you anymore.

The CEO is pretty bummed about the TV show. He says that he got so many bad comments about whether he really passed the bar and how he does not know anything. It was so shameful. DOn’t talk about it in front of me.

JUng-rok tries to address his attention to a cover on the floor which sounds similar to Broadcast. So he kept saying the begining of the word and the CEO kept telling him not to mention the broadcast. But he finally shows that there is a cover on the floor. The CEO sees it and then understands. He turns the subject back to the case and says that Jungrok did a lot of probono cases so the women’s group requested him.

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Later on, Jungrok talks to Jinsim about reviewing a file and finding related articles about it. She thinks it is good that he is taking on this case. A good lawyer like you will defend her so this case could be sentenced as self defense. JR asks if she thinks that? She says yes, she heard that she was being hit by her husband so this happened accidentally.

Jungrok mentions that it is not that simple. To be considered as self defense she has to meet several requirements.

In the prosecutors office, Yeorum gets a message that the woman is coming. Jungrok voices over the requirements to be considered self defense as we see the woman show up from the penetentiary.

VO – To be qualified as self defense, the violence to that person or others should happen first and it should happen in front of me. So even though you are doing it to defend yourself, the violence should not be too much. In summary, even if you are defending yourself, it should not be too much. So if someone slaps you then you should not use a weapon to attack back. That is excessive. That would not qualify as self defense. There are a lot of similar cases, but it has never been granted in the higher court, so the police will say to use the previous cases.

Jinsim tells him that he has to make another case after making this self defense. Jungrok thinks that she could have killed her husband on purpose and asks Jinsim to find the other articles.

In the prosecutors office, Yeorum asks the woman questions in an interogation room. Do you want to get help from a lawyer? Or do you want to start to interrogation now?

In the office, Jungrok is called into CEO yeon’s office. He says that he was researching the case. yeona sks if there are any weaknesses? He says he has to meet her first in jail. The CEO thinks that he always works hard when he gets a case. JR wonders if that is why he called him? The CEO is all like, of course not, help me pick out this necktie, which one is better? Actually I will be on TV, people will come here for an interview.

Jungrok reminds him about his TV trauma and how he said he would never accept another TV request. Yeon starts to talk about Confuscious and how he said that when you fall you need to stand up again. I fell with the TV show, I will stand up, if I fail again, I will stand up again. He says this dramatically. Jungrok is all like, okay I’m leaving. 

The CEO asks what they should do with Yeonseo? We dont’ know when the TV crew will show up, what if they see her? She might be in trouble, we can’t just tell her to go to a coffee shop all day. they think they need a place for ehr to hide in this big law firm. Then he starts checking himself in the mirror. Jungrok gives him advice on which one looks better

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Jungrok goes to the break room to make a coffee for the CEo and sees Jinsim there, she asks him if he needs a coffee. He says that he can make it himself. Then he looks at her and tells her that he is going to go to a meeting with Im Yooji in the jail, do you want to go with me? I am the only one that can meet her, but you can go to the jail to help for your law career.

JS – Of course! That would be better than not going. Thank you for thinking about me so much.

They continue making their coffee. At her desk, Jinsim thinks the jail should be so far away and should take a while to get to ina  car. She thinks that she should be ready, it is a work trip.

But at home, she spends all her time trying to figure out what she should wear tomorrow in order to focus on work. Later on, she applies a mask and hopes that she has nice soft skin, dry skin would keep her from focusing on work. The next day, she makes a delighful spread of food for the twoof them including freshly cit fruit, kimbap, and other things.

She wears a nice necklace and heads out to meet Jungrok who compliments her on her necklace after she compliments him on his necktie.

They start the drive. She tells him that it is so nice to go on a drive. He says it isn’t a drive, they are going to work. But she thinks that when you aer in a car it means you are driving. Jungrok gets a call from the jail, the meeting is 2 hour delayed. he thinks they can stop for lunch.

Jinsim tells him, actually, I brought a lunchbox. You know, looking for a restaurant is a waste of time so I thought we could focus on work by saving the time to go to a restaurant. Also, it is one of my dreams to eat from a lunch box in a nice outdoor space.

He thinks they have a lot of time, so they can do it. They go to a park and sit at a bench, the food looks great. But a chilling gust blows by that freezes them both. She tells him that they can eat inside but he says they can eat there since it is her dream.

he asks her how she learned how to make so many things. She says that she was a chef in a drama so she learned how to learn Korean cooking from a professinal chef. So she is good at Korean cooking. He asks her about how acting is interesting since she learns so many different things. She says that she was happy back then and wonders when he is happy. he tells her that he is happy on pay day. 

She comments on how he must really like money. Another gust blows so she says that they should go back so he does not catch a cold. She does nto want to get in trouble for making their law firm ace sick.

They pack everything back up and start to walk back to the car. She looks cold so he says,  if she is cold then she can put her hands in the coat pocket. She is all like, really? Thank you then she puts her hand in his coat pocket. He is all like, um, well, your pocket. She apologizes.

She is pretty embarrassed about it and starts to walk faster to the car quickly. he walks quickly to keep up.

Back in the city, Sewon’s assistant or the other lawyer in his firm asks him if it is unfomfortable to stay in Jungroks place and how he can eat with her (or stay with her?) or something like that. He basically says that it would be more uncomfortable with her. Then Yeorum comes in. The woman tells Sewon that the other lawyer is giving Yeorum a hard time due to this case.

In the lunch line, the lawyer giving Yeorum a hard time brings up Sewon and how he is a good match for this new lawyer. Yeorum basically takes this comment in stride and leaves. But the bad guy follows her and starts to say that Yeorum’s father commited a crime and her ex-boyfriend covered it up and was sent to the countryside. How can you just walk around like this? Yeorum asks him what he really wants to say.

He says that you can’t hide where you are from, whatever you try, you will not get promoted. You know that, that is why you are doing this to try and get promoted. She tells him to stop. But of course he continues and says that she does not have this case because she is good, it is because she is a woman and he is using you. You should stop showing up if you understand that.

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Meanwhile, Jungrok and Jinsim get to the jail. He tells her that she can wait in the car since it is so cold. She asks if he is worried about her? He says yes, if you get cold then it is a loss for me, my work will slow down and if you give the cold to me then ~ . She tells him that he is too bad and wraps her scarf. He gives her his car keys and heads in. She wonders, is he worried about me?

Inside, Jungrok tells the woman to tell him everything about what happened. It is difficult, but you have to tell me. Do you regret what you did? I know you were hit by your husband continuously. But a victim of the violence does not justify your actions. She asks, so what should I do? Should I just die?

In the car, Jinsim thinks to herself that this case seems like self defense. Jungrok comes out and tells her that it is not easy to decide if this case is self defense. Jinsim says that he can drive and she will read the case, maybe they can decide on a solution. But she falls asleep soon after.

So he puts the blind down so that it shades her face and turns the music up for her. 

She wakes up in front of her place. He is parked. She is startled and fixes ehr hair then tells Jungrok that seh was thinking about something and then fell asleep. Did I make a mistake while sleeping? He tells her that he is not sure if it was a mistake, but you were snoring. She is all like, no! Oh YeonSeo does not snore! He tells her that he was joking. But is snoring that big of a deal?

She says yes, I want to show yo my pretty side! But then she realizes what she said and corrects herself by saying that he has high standards so she just wants to show him her good side. Then she says goodnight and leaves. He smiles and watches her walk away. She wonders why she said that as she heads to her door.

Then he gets a call abotu the case.

The next day, Doo-seob tells Jungrok and Jinsim that the defendent’s father was violent so the mother left. She grew up with her father. ten years ago, the father disappeared. He should be reported as dead since it has been so long. Jinsim mentioned that the ex husband died in a fire and the new husband is dead. It is a difficult life.

Doo-seob continues and says that the defendent had a lot of odd jobs and also worked in insurance. that catches Jungrok’s attention.

After the meeting with Dooseob, Jinsim and Jungrok talk about whether this was done for insurance money or not. But then she brings up that her ex-husband has a violent record, why marry another violent man? I was a psychiatrist in a drama and there was a woman who kept forgiving her violent husband. I heard that is a mental problem. Jungrok says that he requested a mental evaluation.

Then he gets a call from yeorum. Cut to their meeting. Yeorum is upset that Jungrok took this case. JR tries to explain thta the defendant wanted it. he says he wants to find out exactly what happened and will make her responsible for what she did. But Yeorum says that she will never give her a not guilty plea, that is her job.

The court case starts, it is a huge affair. Yeorum gives her opening remarks and says that this looks like a planned murder from the autopsy report. She only stabbed critical parts of the body.

Jungrok stands and gives his opening remarks. He says that the defendant had a lot of broken bones. An injured woman like this cannot plan and stab and kill someone. How is this possible? She just wanted to survive, it was self defense.

Jungrok then questions the defendant about her mother leaving home. The defendant says that her mother was hit by her father a lot so her mother ran away to survive. he asks about her father and her. Her father was also violent towards her. Jungrok asks why she met people like her father after leaving the house? He then tells the judge that he wants a psychiatrist to help her.

The psychiatrist comes in and says that people grow normal to certain environments. If you are not in that environment that you grow up in, then you feel nervous and  fall into the same case. the doctors report says that the defendant cannot think straight because she is under continued violence, but she thinks she was sane when the violent act happened.  (Huh, sane? Insane? not sure.)

Yeorum brings in the insurance money from her fathers death and her ex-husbands death. The insurance money was almost 5 million dollars. That is a huge some to not know about. It is also a huge blow to Jungrok’s case.

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In a break moment, Jungrok and Yeorum talk outside about the case. She asks if he is making a crazy plea for his defendant? She will not let that happen. You will lose so do not try it. She walks away. But she stops when she sees Sewon and tries to avoid him.

Sewon asks why she is so obsessed with this case. She tells him that as soon as he was born, he was high class so he will not understand her. She walks by.

Int he law offices, Jinsim tells everyone that Jungrok has a meeting with the prosecutor. They ask her how the case went. She says that the doctor said that she did not think the defendant was not capable of thinking straight. That was good for their case. But the prosecution brought up the money, that was bad. Some of the office people also think this might be due to money.

Jungrok comes in and tells them thta they should not decide the case yet. He goes to his office.  Jinsim goes in and tells him that the job of a lawyer is good for an emotionally cold person. But you should be a warm person to do a good job. You are a warm person.

JS – I was lonely before, no one was on my side, but if I had someone like you next to me, how happy would I be. I was thinking about that. You are a good lawyer so I think you will solve this case well.

She gives him a little cute fighting/cheer up symbol and smiles.

They work on into the night at their desks. Junrok realizes that it is late and telsl Jinsim that they can eat dinner together. She is happy to, she is so hungry.

They start to walk down the street. 

JR – Actually, I wanted to be a lawyer because I wanted to be the one defending, not the one giving the punishment

JS – Oh, but you said it was for money before.

JR – Yes, back then it was a little embarrassing

JS – Why are you telling me the truth now?

JR – After hearing what you said, I wanted to do it. When you said you trusted me, I was so thankful. Sometimes when you are the only one and no one is on your side and you don’t know what to do, I will be on your side.

he keeps walking on.

JS – Lawyer…

She walks to him.

JS – I have to tell you one thing. But, I don’t want to tell you know. The emotion I felt now, I will definitely tell you in the future.

She keeps walking.

JR – Oh Jinsim shi….

She turns around

JR – Perhaps, you like….

JS – What?!

Fade Out

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Okay, so it looks like these episodes might be episodic in nature with each case closing up in two episodes? it gives me a Suits (Korean version) feel to it but inside a romantic comedy.

Okay, spoiler time, who thinks that the father is the one that is killing all the defendants husbands? I know it sounds far fetched, but perhaps that is the case!


JS – Working woman, you look like a work addict

HJ – You shouldn’t make my Yoonseo work too hard

JR – My Yoonseo?

JS – Coffee?

JR – No, your boyfriend told me not to let you work too hard

JS – You never dated? Yeah, it seems like you are not good in that department

VO – Someone told me, I am going to win this case, so trust me and wait.

JK – We in a new situation

JR – Maybe she is the only witness for this case or she can be another suspect

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  1. Rose
    February 20, 2019 / 9:29 am

    Here we go! So much pink! Hahaha!! 😂

    • V
      February 20, 2019 / 10:52 am

      All that pink was so funny! I love how they ended up writing note with the pink hearts to each other but she took it as something that was waaaay more romantic than he took it as.

  2. Rose
    February 21, 2019 / 3:06 am

    V, if the father is the one who killed the husbands defendant, she was covering-up for him because shes scared of him? Thats not a bad theory since that he abused her all her life.

    • V
      February 21, 2019 / 10:41 am

      I was so way off, lol. I thought the father might have faked his death on order to get all the insurance money and then killed her husbands to get their insurance money as well. I think I have been watching a bit too much of The Last Empress 😋

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