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Touch Your Heart: Episode 4 Recap

Touch Your Heart Episode 4

We had a fun Valentines Day! Now we are back with our recap that we missed. This episode was so creepy at times! it definitely sets the stage for darker middle/ending episodes. Was anyone else as creeped out as I was?

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Shorthand Chart: Touch Your Heart

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in!

Recap Countdown: This one was actually a quickcap due to Valentines!




Jungrok and Yoonseo walk outside as they wait for the Judges decision. Jungrok tells Yoonseo that her heart is what made this case work, good job.

He starts walking again, but she loved what he said so she asks him to comfort her one more time, please. Her scarf blows off so he picks it up and wraps it back around her.

JR – Good job. You did a good job Oh Jin-sim.

It looks like someone is watching them for a moment as we look at them between two trees. Then they both head back to office.

In the office, Eunji asks how the trial went, I heard he argued not guilty, was that tru? Daebak. All the secretaries think this is amazing and pretty sexy to change thing in the end. Haeyoung asks if Jung-rok is pretty cool, he is right? Yoonseo says that she doesn’t know. Then she goes to her desk and tells herself that nothing is cool about him.

She starts to study.

Jungrok walks up to her and asks her what she is studying. She tells him that she bought a few books to study law. He tells her to have a good weekend, it is time to go home. Then he heads out. She stops him.

YS – Wait! You, um, said I did a good job. Is that it? Can you give me a prize? You can teach me the law. I bought the books but it is difficult. You can teach me the law as a prize.

JR – Okay, that makes sense, see you tomorrow.

He leaves and she giggles happily. But then she mutters, what did I just do?

She goes home where her and her manager settle into the evening. Her manager will change a light that is blinking. Jungrok texts her.

JR: I am going to my college to see one of my professors, if you have time then we can go to an empty classroom to study. I think the classroom will be better for you than a busy library.

YS – Oh! He is considerate!

Her manager thinks she is talking about him. 

HJ – No no no, I am just changing your light! YOu think I am so considerate *smiles*

She is all like, oh, yeah, yeah. He sits and they start talking about meeting Doctor Gwon since you don’t sleep too well lately. Lets talk to him and get sleeping medicine. But she tells him that she cannot make it tomorrow, she has to study.

He is all like, say what? She tells him that she has to learn basic aw terms by working in a law firm, so she will study with her lawyer. Manager Kong thinks she is going out of her mind, you have a super bad relationship with this lawyer. Is this part of your revenge? Call him on the weekend and give him a hard time? That is super good. Good job, yes, being with you all day is pretty tiring. He starts to list how tired the lawyer will be by sticking with Yoonseo the entire week. Hahaha, poor guy. Okay, I will finish changing the light.

Yoonseo is a bit angry. But she shakes it off and replies to the text.

YS: Okay, I will.

The next day, she gets ready, but the first outfit is too pretty and bright. The next one looks too nice. The next one is too graceful. The next one is too angel like. She grumbles about being too pretty with any clothes that she wears and realizes that she will be late, so she puts on her first outfit.

Cut to her waiting for Jungrok outside on campus. She looks like a star. When she sees him, her vision of him turns to slow motion as she watches him cross the street. he greets her and says that she is pretty early, then they head off together. Yoonseo thinks Jungro looks different in his weekend clothing. Is this like a campus date?

She imagines them sitting and studying together. They sit closely. He lightly removes something from her face and smiles. In the real world, she sighs and continues following Jungrok inside.

But in actuality, he is really there to teach her the law, and we cut to him teaching her gambling law and all sorts of other law things. She is so overwhelmed by it all and kind of not that into it. Though he is very much into explaining it. She tells him that he can teach her sitting down. But he says, no, I like it here, the board is over here. he starts talking again and pointing to the board.

She asks if they can study somewhere else. He says no other place has this board. 



She must have won him over though because they drive somewhere else. Yoonseo tries to convince Jungrok to watch a law movie and study that way. Maybe they can go to a drive through movie, have you been to one before?

he thinks it might be fun, his last movie waws Avatar in 2009 and he has never been to a drive through. She is all like, Avatar? He says yes, those people that like in Pandora with the blue skin. She is amazed that he has not watched a movie in ten years. He says he was busy studying and did not have time recently. He also did not really care. 

He only saw Avatar because Yeorum asked him to. Yoonseo is all like, Yeorum? He explains that Yeorum is his college friend.

They go to the movie, the name is “What is wrong with Lawyer Kim” (lol, spoof on What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim). They start watching. Jungrok watches and comments on the law thing, he thinks its cool. But Yoonseo comments on their clothing and wonders if she can wear something like that at work. She wants to wear something bright like pink. He says its fine.

Then he brings up watching movies and studying, but if it is like this then maybe you can study alone?

She thinks very quickly and says, well, yes, just in case I have questions, i can ask you at anytime. Like right now, is it illegal if the boss matters in the secretaries clothes too much? JR starts saying all the law things then says, if it bothers the work itself then the boss can restrict the clothing. But it is not good without a good reason because it infringes on freedom of expression.

YS – See, if I watched alone then I wouldn’t be able to ask you.

JR – That is true, well if you have any more questions then ask me.

She starts to think of another questions and holds his hand. But then she pulls it back quickly and says that she is not the kind of woman that uses the darkness of the movie theater to hold hands. He tells her he did not miss take it.

She quickly asks another law question and says that she wanted to put her arm there but he was quicker, so who owns this in the movie theater. he mentions that the law cannot restrict this so they will have to put their arms on each side and be harmonious.

Yoonseo smiles and says that Jungrok knows a lot about the law. He removes his arm from the resting place and folds them so that she can use it. Later on, he buys them something to eat and talks with a woman nearby. Yoonseo wonders who that is.

On the way back, Yoonseo brings it up. She saw a woman that asked him something, what did yout alk about? Directions? He says no, she asked me my phone number.

YS – Did you tell her?

JR – No, I didn’t.

YS – It was a long conversation

JR – I told her that I cannot tell her mine. Then she asked if I have a girlfriend. I told her no so she asked me why I wont tell her my phone number if I don’t have a girlfriend. I said there was no relationship between having a relationship or not and giving her my phone number. I had to explain that to her.

Yoonseo starts laughing and tells him that he is so strict against women. She starts to drink her drink, but then Jungrok chuckles. It catches her off guard. She tells him that she has never seen him like that.

he stops laughing so she tells him to start laughing again, don’t stop. But he says that he will laugh when he wants to laugh. She drinks her drink again and he looks at her briefly and smiles. He drives her home and gets out to see her off. She thanks him for driving her home. He tells her that he will see her on Monday. Then she walks in.

He makes sure she gets into her gate and then goes home. At home, he pulls out his movie ticket. His roommate, Sewon pulls it away from him and tells him that he finally sees Jungrok dating. JR says that it was not a date, he went there to study. My secretary wants to learn the law so we went to a law movie together to study.

SW – Do you think that makes any sense?

JR – Does it make sense that you are crashing at my place so long?

SW – Okay, I will stop here. Rest well since you went to the movie theater to study law.

Jungrok sits and gets a text from Yoonseo.

YS: Lawyer, thank you for teaching me today. Have a good night.

he smiles. 

Yoonseo is at her boudoir preparing to sleep. She also gets a text from Jungrok.

JR: Oh Jin Sim, sleep well.

Yoonseo smiles as she sits at her desk thinking about all the heart fluttery moments with Jungrok. Like when he wrapped her scarf around her neck and smiled so big at her. She giggles as she thinks about it all.



The next day, Jungrok and Yoonseo end up getting to work at the same time and ride the elevator in together. Yoonseo wants to tell Jungrok that his suit looks good but is stopped by Joonkyu getting on the elevator. JK starts to ask if she is okay riding crowded elevators up since people might recognize her. She is all like, you think poeple recognize me? he tells her that he always recognizes her because he is her forever CEO.

Jungrok starts asking CEO if he waits for him in front of the elevator. he sees him in the elevator all the time. JK says yes, their fate is to ride in the elevator together. You, me, and Oh Yoonseo. But then JK gets a call and has an urgent meeting with the team.

In the meeting, he tells them all that there is a meeting with a broadcast company. But it is too much to be in front of the TV for me. Everyone nods. Yoon-hyuk looks so disinterestingly interested. JK mentions that he knows it is hard, but he will sacrifice himself and be on TV. 

Haeyoung is all like, but you already posted it on Instagram. 

Cut to his video post on Instagram. Haeyoung even shows it to him. 

JK is all like, oh, yeah, well, the PD says that they need one more. Yoon-hyuk perks up but still tries to look uninterested. Eunji says it should be someone who can be handsme in front of the camera and can maintain a normal look. Yoon-choi stands up as if expecting her to say his name, but she says Jung-rok. 

Jung-rok refuses. Then he leaves. The team is all like, why did he refuse. Can’t he at least smile? Yoonseo says, well, maybe he will smile in front of the person he wants to smil ein front of. Maybe when he is super duper happy….like….for example….

Everyone on the team looks at her. But then she notices them and says that it is nothing, and then leave. JK asks who wants this job. Moonhee and Yoon-hyuk both stand and hold up their hands.

At the courthouse, Yoonseo and Jungrok walks the halls and then bump into Yeorum. Yoonseo is all like, YEORUM???

Yeorum starts to talk to them and asks Jungrok if she has time then she can have a cup of coffee. She also greets Yeonseo as Secretary Oh and asks if they would like to have a cup of tea. Jungrok says that Secretary Oh does not like crowed places, but Yoonseo says she is okay!

They end up going to Yeorum’s office and have coffee in the break room (or mini library?). There, Yeorum makes fun of Jungrok’s kid like tastebuds since he likes sweet coffee. Jungrok says that he does not like bitter coffee. Yoonseo tries to take all of this in while not seeming so interested. But she fails.

Yeorum tells Yooseo that she knows her identity, you are Oh Yoonseo right? I heard it from Choi Yoon-hyuk. How has it been being his secretary? Jungrok is pretty cranky so it should be difficult. 

Jungrok disputes being difficult. Yeorum tells him that he does not know how quietly strict he is, it makes me hate you sometimes. But she says it playfully. Yoonseo asks if it was just them together in college? Jungrok mentions that it was three of them, Kim Sewon was with them too. YS does not know who Kim Sewon is. 

Jungrok tells Yeorum that they should see him, she can’t avoid him forever. Yeorum changes the subject by saying she is busy. But she also says that she should eat with Jungrok at some point. She invites Yoonseo as well.

They leave. Jungrok and Yoonseo start to playfully talk about the weather and the seasons and then work. He asks if she can finish the spell check by5pm. Yeorum says she will finish her spell check by 5:10 because she is tired.

Then she asks him why he smiles so much. 

JR – This is the first time I have heard this. You like when I smile right?

YS – You should have a limit. After seeing it for awhile, you and smiling do not match.

He smiles

YS – Stop smiling!

She walks away.

Back in the prosecutor office, two women are talking about Kim Sewon. One says he is an idol, a lot of people cried when he went to another branch. The other asks if he has a girlfriend. The other woman says that he was involved in a famous couple with Yoo Yeorum and then they broke up. The other woman had no idea and looks stunned but in a concerned way.

Then Yeorum comes out of the bathroom and talks to them pleasantly even though they know that she over heard everything. 

Ah, one of the woman is Lee Joo-young, a prosecutor. She goes to Sewon’s office and chats with him. She brings up Yeorum and how she heard they went to college together and were close, in the past tense. Sewon says yes, but he plans on being close to her again in the present tense. Joo-young asks why? It was broken. he says that is part of his personality, he does not like broken things. She tells him that she will be a little broken then. But he does not hear her clearly.

Elsewhere, everyone else in the office goes out to eat. Dooseob gives Moon-hee all veggies from the beef stew and then gives Eunji all meaat. Moonhee is all like, what the? Then the group starts talking about the TV show. CEO JK does not know who to pick for the TV show.

Eunji thinks it should be Yoon-hyuk. Hae-young thinks Moon-hee is better because it should be one male one female. Dooseob agrees with Eunji (because he loves her). Joon-kyu thinks Moonhee is better because she is calmer. So it is tied 2-2 with everyone. Then he takes a call before breaking the tie.

Yoon-hyuk tells Moon-hee to let him take it. Moon-hee stands her ground and says she wants to do it. Eunji is surprised that Moon-hee would want to be on TV, she thought she was an introvert. MH says that she did not do too well this month so she wants to have a break through on TV. She hopes to be a daebak lawyer and the ace of their lawfirm because the CEO suffocates me with performance.

But the CEO overhears, unfortunately, and tells Moon-hee that she should yeild just in case he suffocated her. Then he sulks since she talked about him behind his back. He is pretty bummed. But he is also petty. He cancels his vote for Moon-hee and tells Yoon-hyuk that he won.

Yoon-hyuk calls his mother to tell her that he will be on TV!!!! Mom, don’t cry, that makes me cry as well. He starts crying a little bit, but then straightens out and tells his mother that they should talk at home. Moon-hee sees it all.

Moohee tells him that he looks happy. he is all like, no, I am not happy, when my colleague is sad then I am sad. He walks away strongly.



back at the office, yoon-seo gets to work spell checking that file. Then she looks at the old secretaries notebook to figure out how to organize pdf files. The old secretary is so organized. She has the order of importance for people listed.

Yoo Yeorum *5 stars*

  • Best Friend
  • Training friend
  • Connect right away

Kim Sewon *4 stars*

Yoon-seo grumbles at Yeorum with 5 stars and thinks she should be very very important. Jungrok walks up and says that it is late, time to go home. Yoonseo asks if going home is so important? Do you have an important person to see? Jung-rok is all like, what are you talking about? YS makes a big deal about going home and leaves. JR is left confused.

In the car on the way back, Yoonseo unleashes all of her complaint to manager Kong. She complains about Yeorum and how Jung-rok smiles around her and they had so many things to talk about that Yoonseo didn’t understand and Jungrok is super cheeky. The manager asks if she likes him by chance?

Yoon-seo – Nonsense! Nonsense!

Kong – Actually, I thought it was strange that you would study with him but now, it seems like you are jealous.

YS – Jealous?

She goes home and thinks about this. Jealous? Do I like him? Nonsense. She thinks she has to be careful so he is not confused.

The next day, all the office people sit around the TV to watch the program where CEO and lawyer Choi will have their live discussion. They want to watch it live. But Jung-rok is not there yet. But Yoonseo says she is not paying attention to him or anything. Eunso tells her that she is supposed to pay attention to him, she is his secretary. Yoonseo is all like, oh yeah…

The show starts, but lawyer Choi is not there. he comes in and says that he is here. They contacted him this morning. There are only 4 panel members so they thought two lawyers was too much. So they only needed the CEO.

Moonhee starts laughing. But she stops quickly. Choi tells them to enjoy but he will not watch. Dan Moon-hee is happy to watch since their CEO is still there.

So we see the news team, the question is on AI lawyers. Will there be a big change in the law? CEO Yeon tells him, yes, It will. The lawyer starts talking again since Choi didn’t say much. Then he quickly takes a drink of water. The news person asks another question. Choi’s response is “Yes, it is” that is literally all he can say. It is a big mess.

In his office, CHoi says that he thinks he isn’t on TV because he had Miyukguk. But then Dan Moonhee comes in smiling. he says that she should feel good since he is not on TV. She tells him no, my coworkers sadness is my sadness so…cheer up. She runs off happily.

Later on, a young woman comes in looking for lawyer Kwon. She does not want to give her name, she just wants to consult with him. She hands over a newspaper article about infringing on someones private life. The secretary says that he did write that, but you need an appointment. However, Jung-rok comes out at that moment and asks her what she would like to talk about.

Cut to them in his sitting area. Yoonseo comes in and gives them tea and treats. The young woman asks if she can include the secretary in the talk? She feels a little unstable so if she has a female with her, she will feel better.



Yoon-seo sits on the couch. Jung-rok tells her to talk comfortably. The young woman says that she thinks her ex-boyfriend is stalking her. It is difficult but she does not know what to do. She saw his article and hoped that he had a solution. Jung-rok asks for her to tell him in more detail.

She says that she dated him for one year.

Flashback to her dating him.

VO – He was kind and so detailed.

He got her gifts and took her to eat pasta at a cute place

VO – First, I thought he was my soulmate and we connected so well, but actually…

They drink wine together in her place. She passes out. He looks through her cell phone and used her finger print to open it.

VO – He looked through my cell phone while I was drunk and found out all my favorite sights and everything. So, I told him that I wanted to break up and ended it.

She gets home and he is still in her place making her dinner. She tells him that they broke up. He asks her if she is talking about it again? Just come in, I will make you something nice to eat.

Yoon-seo asks why she just does not change the password, she says that she does but he figures it out everytime. that is why i would like a restraining order. Is that possible? Yoonseo says it is possible! But then she has to ask the lawyer. Jungrok says that it might not be possible with only that. He was not violent toward you and did not use any force.

Yoonseo thinks that is nonsense, so he has to hit her to be considered violence? But he can enter her house and watch her without permission? JR says that they need more circumstantial evidence. Yoonseo brings up that she said she could drink well (in the flashback) so why did you pass out?

She says that he drugged her. She wondered why she always passed out when she drank with him, so she checked it the next time it happened and she had a tranquilizer in her blood. He put it in her drink everytime they drank.

yoon-seo has a flashback to a party she was at with alcohol and then all the flashes of the reporters cameras. She can’t really think straight. Jungrok calls her name a few times to make sure she is paying attention.

Elsewhere, Eunji starts to walk down a quiet underpass when a man starts following her. She starts to get nervous and walks quicker. The man taps her on the shoulder so she screams! But it is only Dooseob. He is shocked that she screamed and says that he was trying to tell her that they should walk together.

They go sit somewhere, he tells her that she should take a big street, not an underpass. She smiles and says that the underpass is the shortcut. Then they both look at a weed growing by the bus stop. They both say something poetic sounding and then their bus comes.

They both hop on and Eunji falls asleep right away. Dooseob does not really know what to do as he sees her head bopping around everywhere. But then her head rests on his shoulder. He sees that her shoes are untied and tries to her shoes while her head is rested on him. Then he wakes her up to let her know that her stop is here.

She thanks him so much for waking her up and then leaves. Dooseob happily watches her walk away.

At home, Sewon watches a news report about the CEO of a company when Jungrok comes in. JR asks how much a lawyer gets to defend that guy? Sewon says $5 million. JR thinks it would be cool to get that much money. 

Sewon says that one lawyer is famous for defending people like that. He also talks about another guys case (Lee Jong-goon) that involved a Chaebol vice president that got in troible with an actress. It was a big drug scandal issue. Oh Yoon-seo. Did you know it? It was a scandal. Lee Jong-goon was stalking Oh Yoon-seo. But she refused him so as revenge she called her to a drug party. But you don’t care about these things right?

Jung-rok is quiet and contemplative. Sewon asks him what he is thinking about. Jungrok says that it is nothing and heads out. He goes to his office and searches everything he can about Oh Yoonseo. The news says that she argued that this chaebol stalked her. Jung-rok remembers two flashbacks involving Yoonseo. One from the break room and the other from today. He takes a minutes to think.



The next day, he tells her that she should probably be on another case, not the stalker case. Yoonseo wants to be on the case though because the young woman trusts her, so she wants to help her. She said she would give me CCTV data of him going into her house. I will get it soon. So trust me and let me handle it, okay?

Yoon-seo leaves and meets with the woman. They walk on the street and talk about the case. Yoonseo tells her to cheer up and try not to worry about it, our lawyer will take care of it. They walk to her apartment and go inside. She goes to the back to get her usb. But Yoonseo notices water dripping so she goes to fix the water bottle. 

However she sees the stalker when she kneels to get the bottle! OMG he is hiding under the bed! he gets out and starts to attack the woman. Yoonseo tries to stop him, but they are both not strong enough. However Jungrok shows up out of nowhere and pushes the man to the floor.

Later on, Yoonseo waits in the car as Jungrok handles everything. he says that the stalker planted the CCTV in front of the womans house, so that is how he knew the password. They will be able to get the restraining order now that they know this and he used violence.

Yoonseo thinks that is good. But how did you know about us? Jungrok says that he decided to meet with them as well and heard her scream outside. He asks her if she is okay. She says that she is, he wont be around with the restraining order. You don’t have to worry.

JR – Stealing someone elses private life and forcing his own emotions on them is definitely wrong. The person who did the crime should suffer, not the victims, that is what I think. SO forget about bad memories and don’t suffer anymore. You have to be happy, especially for yourself, okay?

YS – Why are you telling me this?

JR – No reason.

YS – Oh, lawyer! You have a scratch! 

She points at his neck and looks concerned.

They go back to his office so that she can take care of his wound. He says he can do it himself. She tells him that she was the main actress in a medical drama. Did you watch it? Romantic Doctor? He says he did not watch it. She is all like, of course. Well, I was the best surgeon in Korea.

JR asks what the relationship is with that and this. She tells him that she is able to professionally sterilize his wound.

She leans in to put the ointment on his neck, but he hops a tiny little bit when she does which leads to an awkward moment. She tells him that he can do it if he is uncomfortable but he immediately says no, can you do it for me? You were in a doctor role right?

She nods and then leans in again to put on the ointment and blow on his wound a little. it is a pretty intimate moment between the two of them.

That night, Oh yoons eo prepares forbed and sits at her makeup chair to put on her nightime routine. Then she hops in bed and smiles happily as she thinks about Jungrok. So she grabs her phone and sends him a text.

he gets it in bed as well.

YS: Lawyer, good job today.

JR: Oh Jin-sim, you should be surprised

YS: Thank you so much for rescuing me today

JR: I am also thankful that you dressed my wound

YS: Put ointment tomorrow morning so it will heal okay and at lunch and the evening. I am not worrying about myself. You got injured because of me so you should get healed. I am a responsible kind of person.

JR: So, our high responsible Oh Jin-sim will not worry so I will put ointment and get perfectly healed.

YS: Goodnight

JR: You also have a good night Oh Jin-sim

But then we see a computer, it looks like someone is high jacking her texts! This might be that chaebol!

Fade Out


I might have yelled out loud when Yoon-seo saw the stalker under the bed! That was so scary. Though it did set the stage for upcoming darker episodes involving the stalker chaebol who has somehow highjacked her phone and is stealing her text messages!!!


YS – Hello, it is so pretty right?

JR – All pink pink in a lawfirm office is a little bit….mmm

YR – Kwon Jung-rok

YS – Lets go, lets go

YS – You are a bad person, lawyer!

JR – I am here to see Oh Jinsim

JR – For some reason she is not working hard today.

YS – The reason I am angry at you

JR – After knowing … never dated…natural born solo

YS – Shut up, shut up!

YS – It is so good to be on a car drive

JR – We are going to a jail now to work

CEO – Our lawfirm will take on a big big case

YS – You promised me so you should keep the promise

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