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Touch Your Heart: Episode 3 Live Recap

Touch Your Heart Korean Drama Recap

I love it when I think several episodes of a Kdrama have aired and then find out, nope, it’s only been two. That is the sign of a good Kdrama, y’all, those stories that can pack in a lot of punch in the opening two episodes. The goal is whether they can hold onto that punch. This drama is starting strong, so let’s see if it can maintain that strength this week!

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Yoonseo walk saway from Jung-rok. He calls to her and tells her that he never thought she would be his secretary. He just thought she would be a bothersom person that would leave soon. But he wants to start over and give her a real chance to be his secretary. She asks, really? He extends his hand so she yells, thank you so much lawyer! I will work really really hard!

She runs to him but trips and falls. This time, he catches her. they kind of embrace and he stands her back up. It is a bit awkward.

JR – This time I didn’t sway.

YS – Anyway, thank you so much. Goodbye.

She turns to walk away again, but her heart might be going a little pitter patter. He calls to her so she turns around expectantly. He tells her that actually she should be walking the other way. She starts walking the other way, awkwardly, and passes him again.

When she gets home she thinks, hmm, he held me when I was about to trip so he has comradship. He is not completely a jerk.

In Jung-rok’s apartment, the news talks about a woman in her 30s that stabbed her husband. This sounds like the case that Yeorum was just given in the prosecutors office. Jungrok is not interested and turns off the TV. His new roommate, Sewon, comes out and asks if he drank? Did you drink a lot? Did you go on a date? 

Jungrok says that it was not a date, he just had drinks with his secretary. Sewon starts to talk about the secretary and wonders if she is pretty and all those thing. Jungrok tells him that she is pretty as a secretary and kind of gets him to do something else, like clean.

The next day, Yoonsim thinks of what to wear. She wants to wear something that looks like a secretary since she was acknowledged as a secretary. then her manager calls and tells her that he was injured and cannot pick her up for a few days. he i snot injured a lot, he asked another manager to take her to work, dont worry about it. If your jerk of a lawyer gives a hard time again then tell me.

Yoonseo happily says it won’t be a problem, he found out how important I am and asks me to be his proper secretary. So you take good care of yourself. Goodbye! Then she heads off to work.

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At work, our poet manager wrote “life” in the mirror and looks at Secretary Eunji in his mirror. Yoonseo gets to work very perky and happy. Yoonhyuk thinks she looks very happy. He thinks it might be because she saw him this morning.

Yoon-seo goes into Jung-rok’s office in her perky way and tells him that he should be tired since he went to work late and…um…your necktie looks good on you….yo have good fashion sense….do you, um, do your own shopping?

He gives her all her work for the day. he says that he summarized it for her. She is all lik, um, my work? He tells her that law firm secretaries have a lot more work to do than normal secretaries. Here is the previous secretaries diary. You will get all your instructions from there.

Yoonseo takes it all and sits at her desk looking tired. How does she have so much to do? How is this possible? She starts to try and do what he says.

  1. Sort out everything
  2. Separate all the paperwork from the client and court
  3. Send all the mail out

She finishes it all in a montage and sighs at her desk afterward. But then she is given even more work to do. Yoonseo thinks that he was supposed to giver her a chance to work properly but he is actually making her properly work. I shouldn’t have eaten the intestines…ahhh.

She collapses at home, exhausted. She really wants to have that drama job, it will be so cool! She starts to imagine acting out the role of a super empowered lawyer. Her fantasy is adorable as she speaks to her bear and a make believe judge. The bear tells her, “I love you.”

But Yoonseo sighs and thinks that she will just have a lot more work tomorrow.

Tomorrow, she talks with Jung-rok immediately about seeing one of his lawyer colleagues. She thinks it would be fun. But he tells her that they are on opposite sides. We are just having lunch together to say hello. This will help you as your work as a secretary. 

Yoonseo thinks that she can do it! Then she wonders if she should add a mole to her face. Jungrok asks her if she thinks that wuold be enough? DOn’t worry, I prepared something.

Cut to her wearing a hospital mask and huge shades as well as ajumma clothing. She does not like it. She says that normally she only has to wear sunglasses and usually people don’t recognize her. Jungrok says that this person is her huge fan, he saw all of her dramas. YS thinks this guy is a good guy then, you shouldn’t win against a good person like that……that is just my joke, hee, hee. 

JR tells her that he will pay too much attention to her and it woul dmake Jungrok uncomfortable because he will look at her so much. Yoonseo is happy to put her disguise back on. The last condition is to not talk. YS thinks it is because he will recognize her voice. Jung-rok does not say whether this is right or wrong.

They go to the meeting with the lawyer colleagues. The two lawyer greet each other pleasantly and JR introduces his new secretary. he says she is in her intern period. The lawyer is all like, um, why is she dressed like this? JR has to make up an excuse and says that something got on her clothing so she had to change and she has a bit of skin trouble.

Yoonseo is all like, for real? But she doens’t talk.

The two lawyers start to talk and eat. Yoon seo really wants to eat the food, but she can’t take off her mask. The laweyr starts to ask Jungrok if he would like to meet at a field house to play golf? They can do that and then eat a nice meal. Maybe eel BBQ? He also apologizes to Yoonseo about eating in front of them. Jungrok says that she is on a diet, she gained 3 Kg so nothing fits her anymore.

Yoonseo pokes him with chopsticks under the table and then goes to the bathroom where she complains about all that he said. What? My skin? I gained weight? This is suppossed to be a cool place to get to know what the lawyer thinks. if this is not useful then I should nto be here at all…I look bad.

She walks out and runs into the other lawyer. He tells her that she didn’t eat anything so she must be hungry. He starts to ask her about lawyer Jungrok. He is hard to work for right? If you want, you can come and work for me. One of my secretaries quit so you can have it. He holds out his card to give it to her. 

But he notices that her fingers look familiar, and her neck line and …and….and. He starts to notice everything that looks familiar about her. Jungrok comes out and tells the lawyer not to be so rude to his secretary, do not do it again. Then he pulls Yoonseo away. 

They ride away with Yoonseo looking like a princess that was rescued. he asks her if she is fine. She says that she is fine, he was just rude. But then she remembers that this reminds her of another rude person. I do not have troubled skin or a weight issue! I am always 48Kg!

he apologizes and says that it was the easiest way and then says that he can buy her a nice meal since she didn’t eat anything. YS is still bitter and says that she is not hungry, but her stomach grumbles. They head off to eat.

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Elsewhere, Joonkyu (CEO of law firm) and his cousin Joon-seok (CEO of Entertainment company) meet to talk about Yoon-seo. Joon-seok says that he heard the lawyer she is with is a jerk, why put Yoonseo with him? Joon-kyu says that Jung-rok is the ace of his lawfirm. JS thinks that is why JK cannot control him. JK is all like, yeah, well, he brings us a lot of money.

JS tells him that he is the CEO, he needs to be charasmatic, but you should fire them if they challenge your dignity. JK stares at him, dumbfounded. But then he says that it makes sense. He shouldn’t lose his dignity or influence from the emplyees because of a person like Jungrok. I should call him and give him a lesson.

He looks off into the distance with determination.

JS gets a phone call from another female entertainer at that time, it is Minji. Joonkyu is snapped out of his gaze to talk about their first love Minji!!! JS is still talking to Minji and tries to assert his strenght on her, but she says something to him to make him listen to everything she wants and to tells her that he wasn’t angry with her at all, I just had a little phlem in my throat.

Joon-kyu is all like, oh really? Okay Minji…fighting. Then he stares at his cousin and tells him that he has so much dignity. If you had more dignity then you would take the phone call on your knees. he gets up to leave and says that he was just there to tell him how Yoon-seo was doing. 

But then he sits again and tells his cousin that he really is not use to his cousin calling him Hyung. We can do it when we are together, but with your face, how can you call me young with other people around? Joon-seok says that he went to skin care a little bit ago and the doctor made his skin like honey. 

Joon-kyu says that it is not his skin, maybe you should have your hearing checked for hearing hallucination. He gets up to leave. JS gives him macaroons to share with his employees.

Meanwhile, Jungrok and Yoonseo sit to eat together in a private room. Yoonseo is so happy that al lthe food looks good. He asks if she is going to eat it all? She says yes, even if it is hard she will eat it all since he is buying it. It is her revenge to him since he spoke rudely about her.

She starts to eat. She also asks him if he made her wear that horrible uniform on purpose. He says that his sunbae was a fan so he did that because of him. But Yoonseo thinks he did it on purpose to bot be distracted. JR tells her that his sunbae is famous for using his friendliness as a nice person to get other peoples information. He took advantage of a lot of other lawyers.

Yoonseo says that she knew he was a bad guy. JR explains that his sunbae is not focused. He is good at one on one meetings, but not multiple people meetings. If there is more than one person there then he will get distracted and say something he wouldn’t normally. YS guesses that this is why he brought her there.

He says yes, that and because he wanted he to learn. He thought about telling her this, but he thought she would have foot acting (bad acting). She is all like, what? Foot acting? He says that people said she was a bad actor. Yoonseo is so upset and tells him that she can sue him for defamation of character. He is all like, yes, you could, but would you sue the entire country?

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back at the company, the CEO comes back with the macaroon desert. Everyone at the company is happy to eat it, but Moon-hee is a bit depressed. They all say that she is depressed because she was dumped by the sandwhich parttimer. The CEo is all like, you always are dumped, lets just forget about it and love someone else. Moon-hee snaps and says that it was different this time! I will nto love anyone else!

But then she turns around and falls in instant love with the delivery guy. her face brightens as he holds out the paperwork for her to sign. She runs after him and gives him a macaroon box so that he will not be low in sugar.

The CEO is all like, well, she was attracted to him very quickly. That was too fast, right?

Jung-rok comes walking around the corner. The CEO asks where she went. JR explains that she went to the prosecutors office. The CEO stands up in alarm and asks if she is in trouble again?! JR explains that she is just running an errand for him. That makes the CEO happy, he thinks she catches on fast.

At the prosecutors office, the prosecutors walk back from lunch and see a protest about the woman who stabbed her husband. They look at them for a moment. One of the men asks if he can have that case. The boss asks if he wants it because it is a media event? This man says it is because it sounds suspicious due to both her husbands dying. The boss keeps walking but looks back at Yeorum who is looking at the protesters.

At a similar time, Yoon-seo calls Jungrok and says she is done with what she is doing. He tells her good job, she can go home. YS wonders, what? So soon? I wanted to see a court case.

Yoon-hyuk shows up out of nowhere and tells Yoonseo that she can see one with him. He tells her that he has a case probono today. She is all like, bonobono? he tells her Pro-bono. Those disadvantaged people who cannot hire a lawyer. We do the case for free in these situations. Noblesse Oblige (not sure what this word is).

They go to the courtroom. A man tells Yoonseo that she cannot wear sunglasses in the courtroom. Yoon tells her that it is illegal to hide your face. So she takes her scarf off. She tells him that she is not nervous, she has soleda (beating heart) sitting here. She saw a court drama yesterday so it is so cool to see it in person.

The judges come in and start to talk about the cases. It is super boring. But Yoon-seo pays close attention. All the cases are mundane. One person hit another person and a high school student lied to her friends about getting a boy groupd signature and took her friends money. She talks about how she took the money but she gave some back. She doens’t remember though.

Yoonseo asks what is going on, is she lying? Yoon is all like, yes. But you should focus on the next case, the lawyer that will question his client, it is my turn. he looks off determined

Yoon-hyuk starts up on his case in front of the judge.

YS – She raised two kids alone….

Judge – Wait a second, she doesn’t have kids

YS – *turns to witness* You said you have kids?

Client – My cats…they are like my kids

YS – Anyway, your honor, she is raising two kittens alone and takes care of her mother. She is famous for being a good person. But with one bad choice! *dramatic*

Client – I did not make a wrong choice! it is not my fault! I cannot accept it!

YS – *pleads* Please….please….just shut up.

Yoonseo and Yoon-hyuk leave. He tells her that he lost this case but he did not lose this case. His client actually did the crime so righteousness won. So I lost but I really did not lose. Yoon-seo is all like, um, I dont get it. Yoon-hyuk tells her that he will go and talk to his client. Then he walks off.

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This entire situation makes Yoon-seo appreciate her lawyer, Jung-rok even more. But then she thinks she is crazy for saying that he is “her” lawyer. She blushes.

She gets a call at that moment from the new manager that is waiting outside for her to drive her back. She asks for a favor, can you buy me all the new law books?

Cut to Yoonseo studying at home. She gets a message from jung-rok saying that she did a good job today. YS just thinks his Katalk is so formal. She sends him a message back.

YS: Lawyer, I bought a book to study law again. It was $128 I will study hard and be helpful to you.

he looks at the message interestingly and then gets back to work.

The next day, Joon-kyu talks about the high school kid that took money from her friends. he thinks that she is still so young, she should not be prosecuted, so check on it thoroughly.

JR goes back to his office and asks YS for a petition to help the high school kid on her petition. YS says that she saw that case with Lawyer Choi, it looks like she is guilty. JR says that the judge decides who is guilty his job is defending his client. YS thinks that this kid took the money and lied to the judge, she is bad.

JR asks if it is possibly to defend only non guilty people? he mentions that he told secretary Yang about it so YS can leave for now.

Secreatary Yang Eun-ji is holding her phone and looking at her text messages from her daughter asking if she will be late. The daughter says that she left early, she might have gotten a cold, she will be home first. The poet manager is watering the flowers next to her. YS tells Eunju that secretary Yang wanted her to get a petition with her about the high school student. But Eunju says that she has to go home to take care of her daughter.

YS wonders what she should do. The poet manager, Dooseob, says that he can go with her. He did this a lot when he was a detective. he turns to Eunju and softly tells her that he can do it for her. She is all like, okay.


Yeorum sits with her boss and talks about the woman case that murdered her second husband. She thought he would give it to her sunbae, but he says that their superiors think that a female prosecutor should take on the case. Do you not like it? She says that she likes it, she was interested in this case. He tells her, if you do a good job then I will send you to whatever department you want to go to.

Later on, the other prosecutor tells Yeorum that she has no manners to take the case that her sunbae picked. Yeorum is all like, this wasn’t your case, as you said this was a chance to be successful so I didn’t refuse it. The man gets all upset and yells. They are in the cafeteria. Another guy tells the older sunbae that he should leave her alone, look around. The sunbae tells Yeorum that he will watch out for her. The entire cafeteria murmurs about Yeorum taking the case as well as that sunbae acting out of turn. But is sounds like most of them area against Yeorum because she has taken her sunbaes cases before.

Sewon looks at Yeorum with concern.

Later on, Yeorum meets with her secretary who tells her that she has medicine for digestion. Yeorum is all like how did you know? The secreatary says that Prosecutor Kim Sewon gave it to her. This makes Yeorum go stare outside at nothing. Sewon comes up to her and says that he does not have a lot of time. She gives him back his medicine and makes it clear that she will refuse his kindness since they are not in that kind of relationship anymore.

he tells her that she is selfish so she does not know that coworkers are kind to one another. But seh is all like, don’t do it. he walks away and she also walks away. Though she kind of storms away. he turns around and watches her.

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Meanwhile, Yeorum and Dooseob get to the highschool. he says that if she is worried that people will notice her then she can stay in the car. She says that she is okay and puts on her glasses and scarf disguise.

They start to talk to all the high school students. 

None of the students want to sign it because they say that this girl lies everywhere. She told them that she has cancer or that her mother is shaman and she will be one too, she is a girl group practitioner, they will not sign anything for her even if she begs.

Later on, Jung-rok meets with the high school student at the company and asks her if it is true that she is friends with the boy group. Why don’t you get money from your parents if you need money. She says she does not have parents. He shows her her family registry showing that she does have parents.

Yoonseo peeks in and then bursts in after she finds out that this kid is lying again. The kid is all like, are you Oh Yoon-seo. YS tries to cover her face more and denies it. Jung-rok tries not to visibly roll his eyes, though you know he is thinking it.

YS – You lied to the judge, right! And I saw your friends. All your friends talk about how you lie to them. Everyone thinks you are bad, but our lawyer is trying to help you. You shuld not be like that!

Girl – Go away, you are just a forgotten entertainer

YS – Forgotten entertainer! How dare you say that! Are you done talking!

JR – What are you doing?

YS – Yes! What are you doing!

JR – You Oh Jin-sim.

YS – Me? Not here?

Girl – Oh, your real name is Oh Jin-sim?

YS – I am not Jin-sim or Yoon-seo!

Jung-rok takes Yoonsseo outside to talk to her. He asks why she stepped in. YS says that she was lying. JR mentions that the first meeting is the most important with a client and the lawyer. But you are stepping in and preventing me from figuring out what happened. YS is all like, don’t you see? She does not want to tell the truth. None of her classmates trust her at the school. I just didn’t want you to waste your time listening to all those lies.

JR – It is not your job to understand the client. Overstepping your boundaries is different from working hard. You should not do this.

YS – I just wanted to help you, but when you say it like that, it makes me sad.

JR – No not be emotional, that is not helpful at all.

he walks back in.

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At home, Eunji tells her daughter to eat well. But her daughter wants to rest instead of eat. Eunji tells her to take her medicine at least. She gives it to her and then comes into her room soon after to give her water. But she sees her daughter throwing away the medicine out the window. She asks her what she is doing?

At work, YS gives Jung-rok his files as he asked. She is very bristly about it. He is all like, I asked for 3 copies but you made 5? She says Yeeees, I copied more than what you asked me, so am I overstepping my boundaries? I will be careful.

JR – What are you doing?

YS – Yes, you said I should not be emotional, sorry to be emotional. Oh, you will hate me for not going home on time. So I am leaving. Well!

JR – Well.

She goes home and continues studying the law books. But she is too upset at Jungrok to concentrate. All she thinks is she wanted to help him, ugh!

He is still at work. But it looks like he is also thinking about what Yoonseo said.


The next day at work, all the other employees sit and drink coffee together. They talk about how all the coffee tastes good after tasting the coffee beans. YH starts to talk about the best Vienne coffee beans and drinking coffee in Vienne, ah, I cannot forget it. But Dooseob is only paying attention to Eunju who is lost in thought. 

yoonseo is sitting with them too. Jungrok comes out of his office so haeyoung asks Yoonseo if she has an argument with Jungrok again? She says no, it is just that something happened. Yoon-hyuk says to tell him, don’t worry about it yourself.

YS – Well, you know that high school student case? She kept lying to him. He wanted to help her but it does not make sense for her to keep lying. So I told her as an adult and the secretary that she should not do this. But Jungrok was on her side.

YH – Ugh, I want to give Jungrok a lesson

EJ – No, the lawyer was right. It is  not the secretaries authority to step into the conversation between the client and the lawyer.

HY – But why is she lying?

MH – well, maybe she needs money

They mention it is a probono case so her parents shouldn’t be rich. Yoonseo says that she is supposed to come there with her parents so they will see. But then they turn their heads and see the high school kid alone.

Jung-rok talks to her aside and says that she was supposed to come with her parents, where are they? Can I have their phone number? She says that they quit their job yesterday. Yoonseo comes in without her disguise looking angry at all the lies. She gies them something and then leave.

The girl says she will go home. Jungrok tells her that she should not behave this way in the courthouse, she can go to jail for a longer amount of time. She asks if he thinks she is scared (or something like that). he tells her that a lot of people can take away her freedom. She can become an ex-criminal. The only person that can help you is me. Trust me a little more. 

But she says that she does not trust him and leaves. She stares at Yoonseo one more time before storming out. YS wonders why this girl is lying so much and why she didn’t’ close her door.

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Meanwhile, Eunju talks to someone about how she cannot go somewhere on the weekend. She needs to spend more time with her daughter. She has been too busy recently. My daughter said she was sick but lied. She pretended like she was sick to get my attention.

Oh Yoonseo overhears this and it strikes a bell.

She meets with CEO JS about the high school trying out for the girl group (the high school kid mentioned this once). The CEo says that this is true, but she did nto make the finals so she was fired. She practiced since she was 14, so 5 years? DO you know Ji-young? They auditioned together so they are good friends. But he moved to another agency and is successful there. Yoona is just someone that failed. SHe is good at basics but she might have had family issues. A poor family maybe? She did not make it to practice because of her part time job so of course I had to fire her. What about her?

Yoon-seo says it is nothing. She leaves and wonders if Yoona became bad because she had to quit.

But then she sees her manager and overhears his conversation with Minji, the new big entertainer at their company. They are in a van.

Minji thanks the manager for driving her around for several days. You take care of Yoonseo with no job, so it was hard to drive me around right? He says no it was not problem. She asks if she can work with him? He says no, he has taken care of Yoonseo for many years. 

Minji says that Yoonseo will not have any work for a long time. All the actors talk about it. She will not get any new contracts. 

Yoonseo yells her name, Hey Minji!

MJ – Oh, eunnie, it is good to see you. Don’t worry about what I said. Your manager is so good. Honestly, all the people in the country know that you are on the edge of a cliff. What if he falls into a cliff with you. DOn’t you think so? Oh! I have a concept meeting with a commercial. You were busy once so you understand it.

She pats her on the shoulder. Yoonseo flips her arm around and asks what she is doing? Are you crazy! I am crazy because you are humiliating me in front of my face!

They start to pull each others hair and then fight with hair pulling. Everyone around starts to take photos. The manager tries to block them to keep people from taking their photos.

Later on, he drives her to the river where it is empty and asks her if she feels good in an open space? But Yoonseo is distant and sad. he tells her that he will run and get her a coffee to cheer her up. He takes off to do that.

She starts to stoically tear up but is able to sniff it away. However, it gets harder and harder to sniff it away.

Later that night, the manager drives her home and tells her that she can stay home, she does not need to go to the lawfirm. But Yoonseo says that she is fine. 

YS – Oppa, I will finish up this 3 month project well and I will re-debut as an actor. And oppa, don’t lie to me anymore. I will give you a break one time, but not next time.

HJ – Of course I know, oppa will behave well.

he drops her off and watches her walk inside the law offices. Jung-rok comes out at that time as well. He is on his way to the police station. YS asks what is going on. he says that she was sued by another victims mother and is at the police station now. YS tells him that she will go with him.

They arrive at the police station together, but YS asks why she didn’t call her parents first. Why did she contact the lawyer? he says that Yoona could not contact ehr parents for many years already. her mother left home and she lost contact with her father for the last couple of years. He tells YS to wait in the car since a lot of people will be there.

YS – Wait, she was a trainee at Yeon Entertainment and she knew that boy group guy. So she is not too bad so please take that into account.

Jungrok leaves and heads inside the station. The mother of the other girl says that Yoona should just go to jail. But Yoona says that she only went to her house to apologize to Mina. She looks sincere. But the mother does not believe her and thinks she came to get the agreement and cause trouble. Then the mother starts to talk abotu how Yoona lives alone without her parents and has no manners.

Jungrok tells the mother to watch her mouth, what you said is defamation of character. Making trouble and apologizing are two different things. You are lying to the police, if we find this out ten I can also sue you. The mother says that she was just angry, this girl is a con artist. She lied to my daughter and said that she is friends with an entertainer.

JR – You do not know if it is a lie or not. If you say that she is a con artist then it is defamation also

Mother – You will sue no matter what I say.

JR – Detective, this is already under investigation so the police don’t need anything to do with this. This ajumma made a mistake. You took her in without a warrant so I will take her out. 

The police officer lets her leave. 

Jungrok walks out with Yoona. YS runs up to her and asks what happened. Are you okay? Did everything go alright? The high school kid kind of nods.

They take her to eat at a tiny cafe. JR leave for an important call so the high school kid and YS are left alone.

Kid – Why are you looking at me like that?

YS – Is it hard and lonely? that is why you lied? To get love?

Kid – What are you talking about?

YS – Does it feel cringy?

Kid – it is not

YS – Why? You want to be loved. Is that embarrassing?

YS takes off her glasses.

YS – Yes, it is true, I am Oh Yoonseo as you said. I am a forgotten entertainer. People say I am forgotten and it is difficult to come back and I am on the edge of a cliff. But, I want to be loved like before. I want to go back to where I shined. Do you think that is embarrassing?

Kid – Well,

 YS – I understand you, you wanted to try and debut but that world ended so you are desperate and your world collapsed and no one is on your side. Yoona, don’t torture yourself. It sis wrong to yourself. Shouldn’t I tell you this?

Kid – I was afraid of this actually. I I tell everyone about myself. I won’t be loved. That is why I started to lie. In one moment, all my lies snowballed.

YS – It is not lte, you can take it back. So don’t lose yourself.

Kid – I am sorry, it is all my fault.

She starts crying and Yoonseo comforts her with a hug.

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The judge wants to prosecutor Yoona with the law. But Jungrok says that she i s not guilty. The judge asks why he is denying everything now when he accepted everything last time?

JR – Fraud is valid when she wants to take financial advantage. But she did not lie from the beginning. She also trained as an Idol and was good friends with the boy group member. She said that she will get the signature because she already had a friendship with him. She believed it was possible. So she did not commit fraud and is not guilty.

Cut to Jungrok and Yoonseo walking outside afterwards. YS wonders is she will be found not guilty. He thinks she won’t be found guilty. YS mentions that she only thought of ways to lower her sentence but he found a way to make her not guilty. You are great.

JR – I am sorry. I told you not to be emotional. But because of your emotional act, Yoona’s heart moved. Good job Oh Jinsim.

He starts to leave. She grabs his arm.

YS – Tell me one more time.

JR – What?

YS – Can you compliment me one more time with what you said? It was really good. One more time! Please!

Her scarf blows away. He puts it back around her.

JR – Good job. Good Job Oh Jin-sim.

Fade Out

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I have to admit, I was a bit bored during the law parts. But I loved everything to do with divorce lawyer Choi Yoon-hyuk and the other office employees. Running off to eat something!


YS – Tomorrow, teach me about the law

YS – Wow, this is like a campus date

JR – My secretary wanted to learn about the law, that is why we went there, to study.

SW – Now I see you dating?

YS – Well, I am not looking at you with interest

YR – Kwon Jung-rok

JR – Yeorum

YS – He is all unarmed in front of prosecutor Yeorum

YS – Why are you smiling so much?

JR – That is the first time hearing that

HJ – Well, you do this so it seems like you are jealous

YS – Jealous??? Nonsense.

JR – So what? So what?

SW – I am jealous of you

YS – I need to talk to you about one thing.

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  1. Rose
    February 13, 2019 / 9:16 am

    Ok….time to have a break on mobile legends and pay my attention now to lee dong wook 😍😍

    Thanks V! ☺

    • V
      February 13, 2019 / 11:40 am


  2. Rose
    February 13, 2019 / 9:43 am

    Thos drama reminded me so much of Secretary Kim and Beauty Inside…the feeling while watching it, its light and fluffy and makes your heart and tummy squishy in a very good way….an eye candy, you cant help but smile and giggle 😄

    • V
      February 13, 2019 / 11:41 am

      It does have that feel to it!

  3. shootingstars
    February 13, 2019 / 11:20 am

    hehe i really liked the law part, but maybe that’s just cause I’m a law student :-))) it was a realistic depiction of what really goes on – sometimes the biggest battles we fight aren’t in the courtroom but in reading your client and trying to find the best case for them!!

    • V
      February 13, 2019 / 11:42 am

      Oh, that is good. I will try and look at it from that aspect because I was all like……court room stuff……law stuff…..more courtroom stuff. You will have to chime in and let us know about the accuracy of the law things if you get a chance!

  4. JRSC
    February 13, 2019 / 11:36 pm

    does anybody know the name of the actress who played as the student client in the fraud case?

    • V
      February 15, 2019 / 10:31 am

      Oh, that is a good question. I have seen her before, but I don’t know her name. Anyone else know it?

  5. L
    February 14, 2019 / 10:42 pm

    Does anyone know who the actor is playing the delivery guy or from what drama does he act in?? He looks so familiar.

    • drama314
      February 15, 2019 / 6:35 am

      That actor is 2PM’s Chansung!

    • V
      February 15, 2019 / 10:34 am

      He was in Secretary Kim! He was the super cheap guy that lived on the rooftop.

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