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Touch Your Heart: Episode 16 Live Recap Final

Korean Drama Touch Your Heart, courtesy tvN (group photos)

And we are at the finale! We had a cute reveal at dinner followed by a sleep over that probably did not have that much sleeping. So will they show us the cute morning after in the kitchen? I think so, actually I think this entire episode will be filled with cuteness for all our couples.

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Recap starts at 9:30 am CST!

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Jinsim wakes up in her bed, Jungrok is not there. She sits up and squints to the sun. Then she walks out to the kitchen where Jungrok is cooking breakfast.

JS – Oh, what are you doing lawyer?

JR – Jinsim, you always make breakfast so I made toast for you

JS – Looks good, how did you find the ingredients?

JS – I opened the fridge without your permission and got them, though it is not a problem lawfully. if someone uses a strangers things then they will pay a fine and maximum 6 years in jail, but we are not strangers, so there is no problem. Would you like to try it.

Jinsim says that she will be surprised if he is good at cooking as well. She tries it and it is super good so she tells him he should eat it as well. They feed each other and he kisses her playfully.

Then he goes home in the morning. Sewan asks him if he just now came home? I thought you went to soccer, but you worked overnight again? Jungrok gets a call right then so he takes it and walks off. Sewan thinks that Jungrok’s life must be difficult right now.

Sewan goes out with Yeorum to talk about it and tells her that Jungrok is working so hard and joined a soccer team, maybe he wants to work hard and excercise hard so he can forget about things. I feel so sorry for him. he also eats more, he bought two sushi sets and wanted to eat it all. Yeorum asks if it is that bad. He should forget about her. Sewan says that he worries about him.

Int he law firm, Haeyoung tells Eunji that she was so shocked that they have such a good looking couple in the law firm. Choi comes out and says that he knows he and Dan look good.

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The other people tell him they mean Yoonseo and Jungrok. CHoi mutters, sigh, why did we have our dating scandal at the same time. He then tells the team that they are equal in visuals, but they are not famous compared to them.

Yeon comes in with a bandaged hand and tells them all good morning. They asks him if he burned his fingers from the bbq? Yeon says it was not that serious, but it hurt so I went to the hospital and they said it was a little burn. Eunji says it was so shocking. 

Yeon waxes poetic about Yoonseo being a star that he cannot reach, but she is dating a normal person? I cannot handle this. Haeyoung says that she likes it more, it makes her more normal. Yeon agrees but says that she should have picked me. Why Kwon? He is not better than me. I just want to know the reason. You know? It is so difficult to come up with a reason. But maye you can tell me a tiny tiny thing?

Choi – Your look, age, physical visual, oh and you also have a lot of debt so you are poorer than him. Kwon does not have any debt.

Yeon looks at CHoi in pain. Choi casually turns and says that he has a meeting then walks off in a hurry.

Jungrok comes in then so yeon asks to talk to him. He takes him to his office and then starts to nit pick on details about work. Jungrok asks him why he is asking him these things. Yeon says it is because he is good at lying. you pretend like you had nothing to do with Yoonseo but you did, why did you do that? JR says it is because she is a public figure so we did not have a choice.

Then Jinsim texts him to let him know that she is on site and misses him, he smiles. Yeon asks what she said. Are you going to lie to me? See, a liar! Jungrok tells him that Jinsim says that she misses him. I will tell her that I miss her more. He texts I miss you more with two hearts.

yeon asks if he is the Kwon that he knows? How come you are so strange to me now? Kwon says that he will show all his lvoe to her now, he will not hesitate anymore. The CEO says okay, okay, okay, that is better than hiding. Yeon then says that his legs are longer than usual, can you push this coffee tables over, I want to do it, but my hands, you know.

Jungrok starts to move the tables around eveywhere that yeon tells him to (so petty, lol). Jungrok catches on and asks him why he is doing this to me. Yeon tells him to sit and then says that he will give him a massage and basically starts to karate chop Jungrok’s shoulders. Jungrok just walks out with yeon on his back.

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Elsewhere, Yeorum and Sewan think that they should give jungrok a blind date to cure his love sickness. Sewan thinks that they should not call it a blind date though. Yeorum is actually a bit more into this idea than Sewan is. So Sewan calls Jungrok about coffee. Then Jinsim calls him.

JS – What are you doing?

JR – I was working.

JS – I will end soon, what should we do?

JR – I have an appointment, Sewan wants to have coffee with me
JS – Coffee? You see him in the morning and evening

JR – Yes, I asked him why, but he said it is for fun

JS – Should I go there also?

JR – Huh?

JS – You know, house dating is borning, I want to see him also. If the three of us meet then if anyone sees us then it will not matter much

JR – Okay, lets do it.

Jungrok shows up at the coffee shop and calls Sewan to tell him that he is there. But Sewan is at home and tells him that it is his blind date. I gave her your photo. Jungrok is completely caught off guard.

The blind date shows up to his table right away and tells him that Yeorum told her about him so she is happy that they are going on this blind date. Then Jinsim shows up in her shades and tells her that he is mine and pulls him away.

Sewan gets word from yeorum that a Yeo Jinseo lookalike showed up and pulled him away. They think they made a big mistake. Maybe they will fight?

Meanwhile, Jungrok tries to tell Jinsim that he did not know it was a blind date. Jinsim turns around and says that he looked really cool. Didn’t you hear what she said? That you are handsomer than the picture! She showed up because she liked the picture but then seh saw that you looekd even better, sigh. why do you have good proportions without an effort? How come you are so handsome. You are not going to be an entertainer, why do you waste your height and your face. You are so wasteful! 

JR – is that why you are so angry?

JS – Yes, is there any other reason?

JR – I thought it was about the blind date

JS – Well, you did not know about it, we should have at least that much trust with each other

JR – I am also insecure because you are a super great person. My CEO gave me a hard time because I am dating you. That is why I am afraid of the future. What if everyone in Korea hates me? So, Oh Jinsim, you say that you are insecure, but that does not make much sense. Thank you.

JS – What is it?

JR – Whatever happens in the future, we can overcome it.

They hug happily.

Cut to Jinsim talking to her manager about going overseas. he says that their premier date is weeks away, they need to film out of the country two weeks ahead of schedule. The good news is that it is 3 months out. But the good news is that it was changed to one month. Jinsim thinks it is too long. When are we leaving?

Joon – Tomorrow morning.

JS – What! Tomorrow morning?!

She calls Jungrok to tell him about it, he quickly stands and says that he will take the rest of the day off since they only have this time until they dont see each other for one month! He tells Yeon that he will take one day off. Yeon is all like, why do you ask me for permission, you never take a  day off. But then he realizes that it is for Yoonseo so he says that he cannot take a day off, how can I see you two together. you can go see her but…the work is so important.

Jungrok tells him that he finisehd up everything, there is no lack at work, if I missed anything then I will spend it over night for many days starting tomorrow. Yeon relents and says that he can leave. Fine, leave, leave, leave…sigh, you are dating an actress, youa re doing things you have never done before…just leave leave. Be careful.

Jungrok heads out but Eunji tells him that a family he takes care of is in the polcie now Jungrok says he will take care of it now. 

he has to tell Jinsim that he has something urgent to take care of. Jin sim is in her van and is understanding. She tells Joon that Jungroks client is arrested so he has to go there. But they only have 19 hours, what should they do? I am so sad, time just ticks and he works so hard without a secretary, it hurts me.

Jungrok goes back to work after seeing his client. the team greets him. He asks them if they can help him with the data? But they stand and says that they have a special secretary for one day that will help him. He goes into his office to see this one day secretary who is jinsim.

She stands in her secretary outfit and tells him that they only have a certain amount of hours, she can’t waste any time so that is why she came back as his secretary. So, what can we do? Give me the work. She sits in his seat. He tells her that she might have forgotten that this is actually his seat, she smiles. then they start to work a lot.

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Jungrok sees that his battery is almost out in his phone so Jinsim brings out her charger so he can charge it (product placement, lol). He thanks her.

Elsewhere, Yeorum and Sewan talk about Jungrok and Yoonseo. He says that he thought Jungrok would be upset, but he was only bragging about it. Yeorum tells him to move out of his place, but Sewan says he can’t right now. His case is difficult so he does not have time and he does not want to move back home. Yeorum tells him that she does not want him to suffer. Just eat my home meal. He says he has a lot of rice at home. 

But then he catches on and asks if ….. she wants him to move into her place? is that it? She says that he said he can’t go back to his house so..~. he says he loves the idea of living with a responsible woman.

The jerk lawyer walks up and says that they look happy. Sewan tells him that he is super happy with his Yeorum. The guy walks away. Yeorum tells Sewan that this jerk lawyer is not how he was before after he lost with the case of the century. So, after your case, just come to my place.

Cut to Subway where Jungrok is getting a shrimp sandwich with avocado for Jinsim. He giggles and says he misses her and he will be there soon. Then we see them eating the sandwiches in his office. He asks her how long she will play as his secretary. She says she is not playing, she is working hard. He tells her that isn’t exactly what he meant. They keep playfully bantering back and fort about whose sandwhich tastes better.

Then they say that they finished their work and have 14 hours left to play before her plane leaves. Jinsim gets a call right then to tell her that something is happening tonight, an internet live show. Sh can’t beleive that he got this schedule so quickly. He says they had it before, but he forgot about it, sorry, but you have to leave now. Jinsim sobs that she has something she has to do and has to leave. it is a live TV show promise to my fans.

Jungrok is understanding and tells her that she has to go, of course.

Cut to Jungrok at home, he decides to check out the live show online. He even waves like a loon when she greets everyone. She says that she wants to have a lovely conversation with her fans, if they have any questions then ask. Jungrok types, yes. 

When will you leave?

Actually I will leave tomorrow, yes I am so sad also.

JR – me too

JS – Yes, I will pack all the neccessary things.

One person’s nickname is Yeon Joonkyu who gave all my love to Yoonseo. Junrok wonders if this is the Joonkyu that he knows?

JS – If you can answer what the premise of the new TV show love hurts is then I will call that person.

JR answers in super duper detail about it all and explains so well. jinsim sees it and says that it is bangbae hedgehog. Jugnrok is so happy thta this is him. She tells him to give his phone number so the staff members will call him.

They call him so Jinsim starts to talk to him.

JS – Hello? Please reveal yourself

JR – Hello, I cannot reveal my real name but I am a lawyer that lives in bangbae neighborhood.

JS – Ah, a lawyer

JR – I am a big fan of yours, my girlfriend lives very far away, she wanted to do this job so I hope she is helathy. I am waiting here for her, I wanted to tell her that.

JS – Okay, I hope your true heart is delivered to your girlfriend

JR- Oh Jinsim, you also have a good trip. My goddess, your goddess, the goddess of the universe, Oh Jinsim, I love you.

JS – yes, me too, I love you.

Everyone is so shocked that Jinsim says I love you. She actually tells this to all her fans so the fans are super happy online.

Later on, Jinsim says that she is back in her hotel room and will think of him a lot. They keep talking and whether her food is good or not. She tells him that it is all good, she is a little tired, but he is her vitamin, when she talks to him she is not tired at all. he mentions that she is going to the middle east so she has to memize a few Arabian words. He tells her to repeat after me and tells her the phrase which means “I have a boyfriend” he tells her that if anyone hits on her then she should tell them that and refuse them all.

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The next morning, Jungrok talks to Jinsim on video call and tells her that he is at the courtcase. He took this case even though everyone else refused it. But he won! The judge used my sentence without changing anything! He is so happy about this. Jinsim is happy for him as well.

He keeps working hard in his home office and then stops to look through his phone at photos of Jinsim and smiles.

In the morning, Sewan is ready to move out with his one luggage. Jungrok tells him that Yeorum will hve a hard time living with him. Sewan smiles and says that he will live with her for awhile and then he will find his own place later when he is not that busy. then he will have a house warming party. Be sure not to cry alone. He smiles and starts to walk out.

Jungrok walks out with him to say hi to Yeorum. Yeorum is happy that Jungrok is at home on the weekend because he should rest. They joke about minimalism and how it is the fashion now bcaue Sewan only has one bag. Sewan then tells jungrok he is about to cry leaving him all alone and then heads off with Yeorum happily. 

Jungrok goes back insde to his empty place and looks around for a moment. Then he mutters to himself that he hopes Oh Jinsim comes home quickly, there are still 5 days left. 

Later on, he goes to his office to work when he gets a call from her. he quickly answers. He is happy to talk to her but she is a bit sad. She says that actually, dont’ misunderstand it but we have a newspaper issue, I hope you don’t misunderstand it. There are a lot of reporters calling me, don’t mistake it. I will tell you more later.

She gets off the phone quickly. Jungrok checks the news online and sees that there si a story about secret dating between two actors. Jungrok says that she said she is doing well but she looks a bit skinnier and tired.

In the law offices, everyon is a bit awkward around Jungrok because of the article. they are all eating togehter and don’t want to talk to him about it. When he excuses himself, they all talk about the picture. They think that they know her but the picture was so realistic. What happened? Eunji thinks that is is fake. Kwon talked to yoonseo nicely and she also looked like she liked him so it should not change this fast. Choi says that love moves, Yoonseo’s love can move from Jungrok to the male actor. yeon tells Choi that he needs to take care of Dan only, she is the one that moves her love so quickly, I have never seen that before, sometimes her love moves 3 times in one day.

Choi says that is the past, it will never happen again, hahaha. But he looks concerned. Yeon says that they should try and ignore this story, just pretend like it will not happen. But Yeon actually sneak peeks looks at jungrok and decides that he must be super angry. Eunji is behind him and says that he does not look angry to me, also, you said that we should ignore this.

But Yeon keeps spying on jungrok with Eunji riht behind him. He mentions the copier and how Jungrok is so hard on it. Eunji reminds him that he said he should ignore it. yeon says he tries to ignore it but he can’t. Is he angry or not? Like the banbaedong hedgehog (from the live chat). Eunji wonders what that means.

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After work, Choi and Dan happily walk up the street. Choi sees a handsome man at one restaurant and decides to go to another one with grandmothers. But then he sees a handsome waiter. All choi thinks is 3 times a day – 3 times a day – 3 times a day. His phone rings so he has to take it. When he comes back he hears Dan says “that is my phone number.”

Cut to Dan and Choi talking outside. He asks how she can give him her phone number? Dan is confused and asks if this has to do with the number she gave the part timer at the restaurant? that was for delivery. That is why I gave it to him because it looked like you liked that intestine soup so I wanted to have it delivered to you. Do you really not trust me? Yes, well, that is my history.

Choi – it is not that Dan.

Dan – Don’t worry, I fell in love easily many times, but now I am in love with one person. When I see you smiling, I fall in love because you are so sweet. And when I see you come to work in the morning with wet hair, you are so sexy so I fall in love again. I fall in love more than 12 times a day, there is no time for others.

Choi – *Beaming* Dan…no Moo-hee….

Dan – Oppa….

They are about to kiss, but then several people comment on what they are doing (they are at a crowded park, lol). So they run to hide behind a tree so they can kiss.

Elsewhere, Yeorum and Sewan talk about their happiness at work and at home. She says she does not need to go to the top, she is already happy and successful. Then she asks him if he would like to watch a movie this weekend. But she also says that she has to find another place because her contract is almost done.

Meanwhile, we see that Jinsim is back! She got back a bit early and is driving with her manager. She says Jungrok is not picking up. Maybe it is all because of that picture. All of us went out but they got that shot of us together. Maybe I should go to him? Joon says that she should just go right home.

Jinsim gets home and sees a romatic set up at home with candles and treats and flowers all around. Jungrok then comes out with a bouquet to surprise her. He tells her that they should have at least this much trust between each other. He wasnt’ angry.

They happily hug, she gives him her gift to him which is cologne. Then he says that they should do things that they couldnt’ do for a month. she is flushed. He says it is the script reading, what were you thinking? then they laugh and he says he was kidding and that he missed her so much. They hug again.

In the morning, Jinsim meets with her entertainer CEO who does not want to release the explanation because the drama is coming out. He wants to use this to pump up the drama for viewership ratings. They have a lot of attention now so don’t say anything until the drama ends. Jinsim says that she knows what is going on, but everyone will mistaken her relationship with the actor. My real boyfriend will be so sad.

yeon is all like, huh? Your what friend? You have a boyfriend? What!

Cut to the law offices where Haeyoung asks Eunji to check something. it is her address. She asks why. Haeyoung says that the yeon company has a 10 year anniversary and they invited us because we are their law partner. Euni and Haeyoung as so amazed that they will go to a place like that. But then they see that the managers address is different. Haeyoung says that he moved about 3 months ago. This is news to Eunji. 

Enertainer Yeon comes in and goes straight to His cousin, lawyer Yeon to talk about Jinsim’s boyfriend. Did you know about this? Yeon says he did. Entertainer says that he was supposed to take care of Jinsim for me! Yeon tells him that he couldnt’ sleep for many many days when he heard about it. But she is human, you cannot control the emotions. CEO says that it is fine that she dates, but I dont like that Jungrok guy. Yeon is all like, yeah, he is bad. CEO says that JR took her naive Jinsim and seduced her. But Yeon says that Jungrok is the naive honest one, he is more naive than anyone. he was so into studying so he never held anyones hand, he just studied.

CEO says that his Jinsim survived among all the others, Yeon says that Jungrok was hated everyone for that Park Mooyong case. They go back and forth talking about Jungrok and Jinsim and who got more bad comments and who was the most popular nd who is a goddess and who is thebest lawyer and on and on. They are basically both defending their person.

Then finally lawyer Yeon asks about his cousins vest? Is it too short? CEO Yeon says it is Winnie the Pooh limited edition.

Int he break room, Eunji thinks about Dooseob’s address, he shouldn’t have moved. Dooseob comes in and asks if she is still available for the date? Eunji asks him a question as well, she heard that he moved 3 months ago, so how can I see you everyday on the bus?

Flashback to their bus rides together. He always woke her up for her stop.

Dooseob says that he thought no one would wake her up after he left, he wanted her to rest in the bus at least.

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Elsewhere, Yeorum and Sewan look for a new apartment for yeorum. This place is very nice and has a nice view. But Yeorum says this place might be a bit too expensive. Sewan tells him that he signed for it, lets get married. You like bright places and you can sit over there with me and watch a movie and you can rest on my thigh and I want to put a big table because our family will be big with a boy that looks alike you and a girl that looks like you. 

He pulls out a ring. Yeorum is speechless. 

SW – What you can say is yes. that is the only thing.

YR – Okay, I will *smiles*

He kisses her softly in their new place together.

SW – My happiness is here also, it’s you.

They hug.

Later that night, Dooseob waits and waits for Eunji to show up to dinner. It looks like it is getting a bit late. He kind of stands as diferent people come through the door, but it is not Eunji. Finally, Eunji comes in. They smile at each other.

Afterward, they walk off looking at the flowers. 

EJ – I think love is like flowers, beautiful and pretty but it gets dried quickly. So you have to suffer more like flowers. I always made sure that when I had another love I would ignore it. Manager, don’t like me. I came to tell you this. Not someone like me, but you should meet someone better than me. That is what I wanted to tell you. Thank you for being nice to me.

She walks off. Dooseob looks a bit crushed.

Meanwhile, Jinsim opens her door to Jungrok who brought chicken to watch her drama with her. (they show a preview Her Private Life, lols). Jinsim looks pretty nervous but she says she isn’t because she has a 15 year acting career. He holds her shaking hands and says that he understands her, thank you for letting me share this moment.

The show starts, he tells her that she looks really pretty.

The news that night talks about her successful come backf. But she says that you have to look at the comments…oh, I am so nervous! But accepting comments is the job of the main actress, But I can’t!

He says he will read them first. He starts to read them and says that all the comments are good. The comments say things like, she is a good actress now, she got a lot better, it looks like the male and female actress are really dating. Jinsim does not like that last comment.

Cut to the closing party where they even have a cake from DC Inside (which means that a lot of people in Korea liked this drama). Jinsim gives a tiny speech and says that she prepared her comeback for a long time, she thinks that her wish was finally realized and is so happy and honored. Everyone claps.

Later on, her CEO and her drink at the event. He asys he was so moved by her speech, he is even teary. She tells him that she will do what she wants to do now. The drama has ended! She might be a little drunk. The CEo tells her not to make trouble, but she has already walked off. Joon comes in drunk and wants to take care of the CEO. The CEo tells Joon that he should take care of his actress. I didnt’ even eat when I was a manager, I sat outside.

Joon starts to go off about who raised Yoonseo! Not you! I took care of her! CEO tells him that he did a good job, just lower your voice. Both are super drunk. CEO hugs Joon and he telsl him thank you in a drunken way and then the CEO tells him to sleep. It looks like Joon falls asleep right there.

The next day, Jinsim and Jungrok meet because she says that she has to tell him something. So they sit on a park bench. She tells him to eat ginseng first because they have a long journey. So he eats the ginseng and then she tells him to give her a piggy back ride and leave. But she says it is her joke, let’s hold hands and go.

They walk to a suit place. Jungrok says that he has a lot of suits. But she says that is for work, he needs party suits. Today, you are not going there as a consulting lawyer, you are going as my boyfriend. I don’t want to avoid it anymore. I want to show our relationship in public, is that okay?

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Cut to the party. Jungrock steps from the car looking like every bit the super star #2 most handsome person in Korea. (I think Jung Woosung was #1). 

The law team is all at the party already. Jinsim walks in with Jungrok and everyone takes their photo and crowds around them. The law team is extra happy to see them and gives them all thumbs up as the cameras flash.

JS – My heart, my true heart, will everyone understand it?

JR – I am sure people will understand your true heart as your true heart came to me.


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The ending was filled with fluff in a good way. Though I really wish that Eunji would have given Dooseob something to go on. Like ask him to dinner or something like that. It kind of stinks that his love was the one constant throughout the show and was the only one that was not reciprocated. Though they did kind of smile at each other at the party, so I will go with that as hopeful things to come.

I really like how there wasn’t a wedding at the end of the drama and love that they came out with their romance at their party instead. So, in the end this was a cute drama that kind of went too dark in the beginning and then tried to balance that out with a lot of fluff at the end.

Thank you for recapping this one with us!

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  1. Rose
    March 28, 2019 / 9:11 am

    Thanks V for recaping this drama even though this is not the most popular one. I just like how this drama is not giving me a lot of stress 😆, plus lee dong wook in it?? Im in since day one! 😁

    If you ask me, this is really more of a fan service kind of drama, made for the fans of this couple who missed them eversince Goblin days, and i appreciate that, they made my wish come true to see this two together again in a drama. Thanks again! 😊

    • V
      March 28, 2019 / 9:15 am

      I also agree, not big on the popularity, but they do pack a lot of punch with cuteness. Cute things are definitely their strong points.

  2. W
    March 28, 2019 / 11:17 am

    Ahhh thankyou for this I think this drama definally well liked well atleast in kdrama reddit page I really liked this after a year break from dramas it was what 4-5 dramas as they go this was one of them .

    • V
      March 31, 2019 / 8:50 am

      Yes, it was a lovely show with a small but fervent fan base! I wish I knew about the Reddit page!

  3. WPB
    March 28, 2019 / 1:05 pm

    Thanks for recapping the show for us, V!
    It’s a show that makes one feel good and definitely low or “no” stress. 🙂

    • V
      March 31, 2019 / 8:52 am

      It was low stress and lovely, especially at the end. I needed that after The Crowned Clown, goodness.😅

  4. tsutsuloo
    March 28, 2019 / 5:47 pm

    Thanks for the recaps, V! They were invaluable while I waited for subs. This show was just the touch of lightness I needed to ameliorate the past couple months.

    • V
      March 31, 2019 / 8:53 am

      That is wonderful, so glad this show was just the one you needed to watch, Tsutsuloo! I hope to see you around for some more. ☺️

  5. Jeff
    March 29, 2019 / 2:41 am

    Thank you so much for a great job in recapping and helping to understand some of the small details and meaning behind them. Looking forward to another series.

    • V
      March 31, 2019 / 8:54 am

      Your welcome, Jeff! So happy to have you reading along with us ☺️

  6. RevSparklyAndroid
    March 29, 2019 / 3:08 am

    Thank you for all the recaps, V. Sterling job as usual. I really enjoyed this show in all its (mostly) fluffy cuteness.

    • V
      March 31, 2019 / 8:55 am

      This production crew really knows how to do their fluffy cuteness, for real!

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