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Touch Your Heart: Episode 15 Live Recap (Finished)

Touch Your Heart Recap 15
Korean Drama Touch Your Heart, courtesy tvN

We are way late today (car issues), but we were able to get this post up! Whoo hoo! It’s the last two episodes which means there will probably be a lot of fluff, but I’m okay with that so long as we don’t have any more dire court cases. Fluffy court cases, I’m cool with.

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Jinsim tells Jungrok on the street that losing her new opportunity due to a scandal is less scary than losing him from her life, so let’s start over.

JS – Are you really not going to hold on to me? If you let me go like this then we won’t see each other again.

Jungrok walks a step closer to her.

JR – Oh Jinsim shi….I love you.

He closes that last bit of distance with a kiss where he gently holds her face in his hands and kisses away on the street.

Then they drive home together.

JS –  Ah, we are already at home, why is it so close *smiles*. Well, today I don’t want to go home because I want to see you all the time.

JR – Me too. Can I see you go to sleep and then leave?

She nods giddily, he smiles giddily.

They go upstairs and she is right in bed. She says that she does not go to bed easily. He says that is better, then he can stay with her for a long long time. She says that she had insomnia after they broke up, that long long night when she thought of him.

JS – When was the most difficult time for you? No, you were okay because you are busy.

JR – Who said that? Every moment wasdifficult for me, at the court at the law office….

JS – Really? Every moment?

JR – Does that make you so hapy?

JS – Of course, it strangely comforts me.

She sits up.

JS – Lets never break up anymore. Promise me that you will not let this hand go.

JR – Okay, I will promise it to you, I will never let it go and I will protect you. The reason I left you was because this was a critical time for you so I didn’t want to bother you. I think that is still true so to protect you we need to keep our relationship even more secret.

JS – Even more secret?

JR – Yes, no one should take a picture of us together so we shouldn’t meet outside or your house or my house, we should only date in secluded places.

JS – Secluded spaces?

JR – Yes, the place that is only for you and me. The quiet secluded places…..tonight, can I sleep here?

Cut to him tucking her in. He tells her that he will not cross the pillow, I will protect you. He sleeps on the other side. SHe is all like, um…okay….um….~. But she can’t sleep so she just rolls over and looks at him sleeping all night. 

JS – Thank you for protecting me. *smiles and goes to sleep*

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They both wake up at different times and see each other in the kitchen. Jinsim asks if it was uncomfortable to sleep in his clothing all night? He says it was okay. They talk about their daily schedule and what they should do, but then the bell rings. It is her manager!

Jinsim gets all worked up, oh no! If he sees us together then he will know! He knows my password! If I don’t answer then he will just come in!

JR – He knows your password? What about your privacy?

She pushes him to a room to hide in just as Joon comes in. Se tries to play off why she is up so early and asks why he is there. He says he is there to tell her that her schedule changed, filming started at 11 so they need to prepare to leave.

He turns to leave but then he says he has to use her bathroom! But Jungrok is in the bathroom! Joon says that he has to go in, he will explode! She stands at the door while it is ope and guesses that Jungrok is behind the curtain. Everything goes well, Joon does not notice Jungrok, that is until his phone rings!

Joon definitely hears it and opens the blinds while using a toilet cleaner as a weapon. Jungrok is sitting in a corner and pretends like he is talking to a client. It is a pitiful look. And to make matters worse, when he stands up he accidentally turns on the shower and makes himself all wet.

Cut to the three of them sitting on the couch. Jungrok is wearing some of Joon’s old clothes that were at Jinsim’s place and he is giving them the 10th degree. Why are you here? Did you sleep here?

Jungrok says yes in that calm way that he does but Jinsim tries to say no. Joon whines and tells htem that this is not goOoOoOod. Jinsim tries to get Jungrok out of the house and kind of pushes him out the door so she can talk to Joon. They have a nice yet rushed goodbye and then Jinsim flips her head around to glare at joon.

She storms back around the corner and asks how Joon can do that? He was all wet in the shower. Joon says it was water to him but it was thunder and lighting to me! How can you call him over. They start to talk about their situation with dating and what they should do. Joon says no one should take a  photo of her and him in the house. If it better to be seen walking around in public, then they can cover it up. 

Jinsim says that they are taking care of it! Joon thinks that he knows all this but poeple will notice…ah….it drives me crazy. Then he looks at the hedge hog and wonders what he is looking at (the hedgehog).

Jungrok gets home where Sewan comments on his shirt which is a neighborhood soccer team shirt. He asks him why he was all the way in that neighborhood. Can I join that soccer team too? Jungrok basically says that he cannot join even though Sewan says he is pretty good at it.Jungrok goes to his office and thinks that he never thought he would do things like this.

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Later on, Jungrok works at the office late and Jinsim is on set. They text each other.

JR: I heard you finish around 7pm, so I am bugging you because I miss you. Are you done filming?

JS: Almost done, do you want to eat dinner together?

JR: I would like it.

JS: then see you in my place.

JR: No more water shower?

JS: Of course, I am going to change my password

JR: Then I will bring you your favorite sushi.

Jungrok goes to the sushi place but Jinsim calls him and says that she is sorry, they have to shoot some more. We can’t meet. Did you already buy the sushi? He says not to wrry about him, work hard during filming.

He goes back home with the sushi and eats it alone. But then Sewan comes home and wonders why he is eating two sushi’s. is one for me? 

JR – Not for you.

SW – WHo else?

JR – It’s all for me

SW – So selfish, you want to do soccer by yourself and bought two sushi’s, why did you change so much. I will teach you how to share, learn it from me.

He takes the extra sushi, Jungrok gives him a dip.

At he entertainment company, the two Yeon cousins meet and chat. The entertainer Yeon tells his cousin that their company is getting big globally so they need a law firm to take care of things. Lawyer Yeon is all like, ahhhhhhh, you need a lawyerrrrrrrr, well, who solved the biggest case of the century? It was my law firm. Entertainer yeon tells his cousin that he did not do it, lawyer Kwon did it. You know that, come one. He doesn’t have good manners but at least he is good at work.

Lawyer Yeon tries not to let on that that is 100% true, he tries to say that he is the leader of their lawfirm and everyone wants to interview him. His cousin asks him if he doesn’t want to do it. Yeon says that they can maybe do it….you know. His cousin tells him, if you join us then you will see all our actors and actresses and the end of the year party and the summer camp at Waikiki and Beach volleyball, you will see all of them. I am sorry to you.

Lawyer Yeon starts to play with Yeon and tells him that he is joking with him! Of course I will do this! You are my dongsang, give me the contract. There is one more thing, Yoonseo’s drama wanted to hire a consulting lawyer, the kind of lawyer that will go to the law firm and check out the contract and filming conditions and all that. His cousin says that he can do it! But entertainer Yeon says no, you will look too cute in front of the entertainers. 

Lawyer Yeon goes back to the law firm to see who would like to do it. CHoi says he won’t do it, he is too busy and they would probably want to hire me as an actor. Haeyoung says that is good for him, he will see Oh Yoonseo ofter. Yeon says he will do tis then. But Jungrok says NO, I will do it. He raises his hand.

yeon asks if this is a hallucination? Can You say it one more time? Jungrok leans in and says that he will be the consulting lawyer. eunji is pretty shocked and says that she thought he did not like these things? Jungrok says he will do it as experince. Yeon tells him that he usually looks like he will die when he does new things. Just focus on work. But Jungrok holds his ground and says that he will do it!  

Yeon says that they will vote on it. Who is the best representative of Always law firm! Lets do it the democratic way! 

Cut to the vote, there is only one vote for Yeon and 5 votes for Jungrok (the lines on the bottom one are one vote each until it gets to 5 strokes where it spells “right”)

Jungrok tells them that he will be back and hurries off. Yeon is so bummed. Jungrok happily goes to his office and texts Jinsim.

JR: Oh Jinsim, listen to me, we can see each other. I will be your consulting lawyer in your drama.

But he doesn’t text it, he says instead that he will surprise her.

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At work, Jinsim and her manager eat in her break room, but she is pretty bummed because the lawyer is not there. She says she does not have an appetite, but she eats all her food. Her manager calls her out on that. Jinsim says that not having an appetite does not mean that she cannot eat.

Joon tells her that she has to think about her appearance on set in the video. Jinsim then drinks a tea drink for that purpose (product placement).

Back at the law firm, the law team all meats around the couches where Yeon tells them that he needs someone to book keep their meeting. Haeyoung happily says she will do it. Yeon says she wants someone that can write well by hand. Everyone says that she can do it. But Yeon wants to see everyones handwriting.  They all write something. 

Yeon checks it with something and then smiles and points at one of the voted for him. he knows everyone else did not vote for them. I was so nice to you guys! You betrayed me! Dan says that she picked him. But the CEO says that she is lying, look at the handwriting. Choi tells him that he said this was a secret, you can’t do this. Yeon says he just wondered who voted for him and against him, lets all clean this weekend. Expect you manager. SO Doo-seob voted for him and Yang kind of considered both him and Jungrok. But everyone else voted for Jungrok, so they all have to clean the law firm. (this law guy is so petty, lol).


Cut to the set where Jungrok suprises Jinsim with his presence and tells her that the CEo wanted to be the consulting lawyer so he had to compete against him. But he wanted to see her so he endured all of his attacks and persuasions and was elected in a democratic way, 4-1. I was elected as your consulting lawyer! He raises his hands in triumph and says it was a very dangerous moment. Jin Sim smiles and agrees.

JR – But after seeing you, I am happy that I decided to run for the election. But the way, is this too stressful for you?

JS – I am so happy! I missed you so much.

But then Joon comes in so they have to pretend like they are not happily going giddy over each other. He tells Jinsim to hurry to set and then tells Jungrok that he should do something, but Jungrok tells him that he cannot matter in their relationship according to the law *law stuff*, good day, sir. He walks past.

On set, Jinsim asks Jungrok if she can move her hand in a certain way? He walks up to her and shows her exactly how to move her hands in the courtroom (this is pretty adorable). So many people are watching them and the manager looks like he is about to die from nerves. Later on, Jinsim asks Jungrok if the script is right in that spot and shows it to him. On it it says “I love Jungrok” he tells her that it is a perfect script. But the manager takes it away, off to the next scene!

In the law offices, Dan drinks the tea drink in the break room when Choi comes in. 

Choi – Dan, our contract dating ended, but we are coworkers so why are you ignoring me and not talking to me.

Dan – Sorry, did I? *starts to walk away*

Choi – Wait, how are you doing with the delivery guy?

Dan – I was not serious, I was just drunk and that was a habit. I know we are not going to keep the contract and am sorry in how it ended.

Choi – Of course.

Dan – You are not qualified to say that. you said your heart does not move with me so if I continue the contract dating with you, what should I do? I will be the stupid one. Goodbye.

She walks out that time. 

Choi – What is this, before, she was so happy when she saw me but now she is like ice. How can she change? Oh, my heart!

Dan goes to her offie and thinks that she went too far.

Dan – No, I shouldnt’ have any feelings for someone whose heart does not move for me. Lets end it here.

Choi goes to the rooftop and holds his heart.

Choi – I feel like my heart is empty, what is this feeling? Our contract ended anyway, I will just forget about it. Goodbye. One page of my life.

He lights the contract on fire, but it really lights up so he has to drop it and try to put it out right away.

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At work, the CEO comes in to Jungrok’s office and walks around a bit. Jungrok asks him what’s up. Yeon says he needed cafe from early in the morning, soooooo, were you tired as the consulting lawyer? You should be very tired. It looks like you regretted it. Okay, I can sacrifice for you. I will do it for you.

JR – I don’t need you to.

Yeon – You don’t need it? So, how was it, was it fun? What about the man and Yoonseo?

JR – What do you mean?

Yeon – I saw the making footage, the chemistry between the two main characters is not a joke. People say that we are dating. I think something is going on between them, maybe there is a big possibility of dating.

JR – Aren’t you leaving?

Yeon walks out and Jungrok checks online to find out everything about the chemistry between the two. he sees that this main guy is good at kissing.

Elsewhere in the law office, one of the interns goes to Dan’s office and asks her about the ukulele. He asks her about it and asks if he can play it? He learned online. He strokes the chords for a moment but then asks her if he is doing it right? She starts to show him how to do it.

CHoi sees this from the window and absolutely loses his s***t as he stares at them and imagines that Dan is flirting with this intern. he does not go inside though, he just steams at the door and then goes outside after work.

Choi – How can she do that with our ukulele? Make harmony with another guy?

Dan passes by with that intern. The intern tells Dan that he is happy thta they are walking there together because it was kind of awkward to go to ukelele performance alone, I am glad we go together. Dan says it is good for her to hear good music ~. But then Choi swoops in from nowhere like Batman and tells Dan that they should talk.


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Choi – Dan, let’s talk

Dan – Well, I am going to watch ukelele with him

Choi – No, you can’t. Can’t you just go to the ukelele thing by yourself? I want to tell Dan something important now

Dan – What is that important thing?

Choi – Give the ukulele back to me

Dan – You gave it to me and now you are taking it back

Choi – You did it first. Your heart! You gave it to me and took it back. If you do that then why where you so nice to me and got your heir pulled for me, why did you clean the fish and give me vitamins

Dan – What are you talking about? You said your heart does not move.

Choi – Yes, I thought it would not move, but….*he puts her hand on his rapidly beating heart*

Dan – What is this beating…

Choi – Stupidly, I felt your emptiness after you left and it started to move again, when I see you smiling with somone else, it hurts me. My heart did n ot have any break because of you. So, lets date. Not contract dating but real dating. I will give you three seconds. 3-2-1.

Dan is still thinking.

Choi – 1 and a half…I and a half half….one and a half half half….

Dan hugs him.

Dan – Lets date! I like it! Lets date!

Lol, they are surrounded by old people exercising that heard it all. They mutter that it is good times for that couple.

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Elsewhere, Jinsim picks Jung rok up and tells him that filming ended and she sent her manager home. She wanted to call him first, but she also wanted to give him a surprise like he gave her. He likes it. They go to her place for dinner and talk a lot. He says she should be tired, she says she is not tired at all. He says that he experienced her filming environment first hand, you need to rest and takes care of your health. It is a demanding job. She tells him this as well and gives him ginseng for his health. They both take it.

JS – I want you to do something after taking it and getting energized. Can you help me with my reading? It is easier to do this with a partner than by myself. Can you practice it with me?

JR – *giggles* I didn’t expect this.

Jinsim flips through her script and sees that there is a kiss. She remembers that she has a kiss in episode 4. Cut to them practicing. 

JS – Why are you here?

JR – I am here to not regret losing you forever….oh, it says that we should kiss

JS – Oh, well, we can skip this part.

JR – Why should we skip it….we are practicing so I will do my best….*leans in and kisses her*

But it was all her imagination. She giggles and thinks that they should not do this, she needs to practice. She straightens herself out and goes to the couch.

She hands him the script and sits next to him, he smiles and mutters that this is strange and comments about how the script is written.

JR -What is this?

JS – What is what?

JR – Right here…your honor…this case *starts talking about lawyer terminology, he is super into it*

JS – Oh, well I don’t write the script

JR – This is basic knowledge

JS – Okay…well, don’t get worked up. I will tell the writer.

JR – Okay, please do it. Okay, lets practice this scene

JS – Which scene?

JR – The courthouse scene. You should go there and do it properly, stand up.

She goes to the front and starts reciting her lines.

JR – You should ask the left side.

JS – *turns to the left side and asks again* You finished the construction but you didnt pay them!

JR – You didn’t pay for the construction!

JS – You didn’t pay for the construction!

JR – Oh Jinsim, I think that enunciation is not good because you never scream like that and you should finish it in a charismatic cold way. Like this. *he repeats it*

JS – Okay, I will do it again *she repeats*

He continues to correct and nip pick everything. She sasks to drink some water and goes to the kitchen where she thinks that she thought it would be rmantic but this is harder than actual filming. From the living room Jungrok says he is so happy that he can help her like this and continues to read the script.

But then he gets to the part where she holds hands and….kisses? What? They meet each other and kiss. KISS-PER-FEC-TIO-NIST.

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The next day, Jungrok and the law team are out for lunch. Yeon says he reserved the Korean bbq restaurant. He heard the chef is a perfectionist in meat industry. Jungrok says that there is no perfectionist in kissing. Everyone is all like, kissing? What? Jung-rok goes to the bathroom. Yeon starts to talk about how Jungrok said kissing right? Maybe he wants to date someone. Are we all solo here? No one is dating anyone? If you cant find anone outside then you can find someone inside. There are a lot of internal couples in the company.

But they said that most CEO’s don’t like something like that? Yeon says he is not that kind of outdated CEo, if we have a couple then I will buy a pring suit for them todate happily so if you start dating then tell me.

Dan and Choi raise their hands and says that they started dating since yesterday! Yeon is all like, nonsense, do you just want the suit? Haha. But he sees that they are holding hands under the table and is all like, um, you are really dating? Dan and CHoi cutely touch cheek to cheek and then look at him.

Later on, Jungrok goes to the shooting location which is similar to Descended of the Sun. Jin Sim runs up to him happily and asks what he is doing there? He says he had time. She is so happy that they are meeting like this. The manager is not though. 

They start shooting the scene. Jungrok looks so nervous, his stomach is in knots. The kiss is about to happen. Jungrok can’t watch, but he can’t look away, they are really about to touch lips, but then a car honks so they cut before kissing.

They have to do it again. Jungrok asks the director if, as a lawyer he can say something? It is not realistic to kiss in front of the courthouse. This is a sacred place. As a person working in this industry, it is not realistic. It is a conservative field. The director thinks a hug might be better. Jungrok says no hug, no hug, a handshake is enough!

Joon has to pull Jungrok away to have a coffee.

During coffee, Joon tries to find out what Jungrok is doing there? You are a consulting lawyer so you should consult, not show jealously. Look over there, you said people in law are conservative, but those two are holdingn hands! There are not conservative. Jungrok says it should not be! He looks at the couple and sees that it is Kim Sewan and Yeorum. They look at him and say, ah, Jungrok i!

Jungrok talks to them later and says that they should not hold hands with their uniform on. Sewan says that he decided to just show everything. Yeorum says that Sewan was right, it was hard the first time, but it is not difficult now, what should I do? I have become like Kim Sewan. They look at each other and smile.

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Later on, the team eats their dinner at the steak place and ask Dana nd Choi home come there are dating now since they were enemies later. Dan says that Choi was born to be loved and starts listing all his great qualities. He says the same about her, sometimes she is cute, sometimes she is sexy, he lightly touches her cheek.

Yeon is all like, okay okay okay, it is my promise to buy you couple suits. Dan and Choi are happy for him to buy something nice for them. The conversation continues to go around buying clothing for everyone and not just Dan and Choi. He says that if there are any other hidden couples, then tell me, I am in debt a lot already with $700k so adding $7k more does not matter.  The team all looks around to see who should partner up. Haeyoung gives Dooseob a signal to ask Eunji.

The conversation turns to Jungrok who looks bummed, Yeon asks if he had a crush on Dan which is why he is like this.


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Yeon tells him one sided love is still love – fighting!

Meanwhile, Jinsim and her manager are driving in her van. Jungrok tells her that they are still at the restaurant, she tells him to call her afterwards. Joon wodners if the lawyer said anything, you know, after the kiss scene? He was a little jealous. You know, that is the fate of a guy who has an entertainer as a girlfriend. They have to pretend like they are okay with love scenes. They are still jealous and cannot say that they are dating in public. That is why I worry about you more. 

Secret dating is always tiring in the end.

In the law event, Yeon says that Always law firm has lots of love, but I have growing anger in my heart. You know, when I look at them, now I understand why CEO’s don’t like internal dating. What is wrong with the CEO, they have to pay them and watch those things. Okay, lets go before I get too angry.

He stands up to leave but then Yoon Seo comes in and he immediately gets happy. He tells her to come in! We are about to start! He helps her sit somewhere and bumps the intern to another seat. The team tells her the happy news that Choi and Dan are dating, Jinsim is so happy for them.

Yeon tells Jugrok to say something to Jinsim, why aren’t you saying anything? You look angry. Maybe we should give Jungrok a blind date, hey Dan, so you have any friends? Anyone?

JS – Well, actually, Kwon has a girlfriend.

Yeon -Reall? He has a girlfriend?

JS – Yes, well, um….it is me *smiles*

They all laugh and say that she is really funny! So funny! You are really an actress, you can say that joke without even blinking!

JS – It is true, I hesitated a little bit but I like you guys and I trust you so I will tell you that me and Kwon are really dating.

Everyone is stunned.

Jinsim sees Dan and Choi holding hands so she holds Kwon’s hands and says that she really likes him a lot. Yeon picks up the meat with his hands and then starts crying because it is so hot. It is so hot. (ot because your heart hurts?) No, because my hand is so hot. Congratulations ,I have to go to the restroom.

He runs off.

Afterward, Dooseob walks with Eunji and tells her that he did not expect that they had so many couples in the office. They say that they look different, but they actually looked like a good match as well. They stumble upon a flower. Dooseon asks her if she knows the meaning? She says she does not. So DOoseob tells her.

DS – My love is deeper than yours.

She smiles and is a bit embarrassed so she starts to walk away.

DS – Excuse me Yang, can we have a meal sometime together if you don’t mind.

EJ – Okay…

At home, Jinsim thinks that they should celebrate that they told people about them, it is the first time. Jungrok asks her if she is really okay. Jinsim says that he asks her that a lot, are you okay, are you really okay. 

JS – Today I thought about that a lot, does this person who asks me if I am okay actually think he is okay. I want to ask you that because your heart is my heart. Also, one more thing, I have to tell you this. The kiss scene is not real. Don’t avoid it, just listen to me, it is acting acting, is is not real. It is just different angles and pretending.

She shows him how it is done.

JS – So dont’ mistake it. Actors have those skills to show fake kisses as real.

JR – So, can we do the real thing and not pretend, like this.

They start to kiss on her couch. And then it looks like they might be laying on her couch as well.

JR – Tonight…can I not protect you tonight?

He kisses her some more patiently while on the couch. Their music kicks in.

Fade Out


I thought they already did the thing when he kissed her in her apartment a few episodes ago. But I guess that was just a little dinner kiss. So happy they finally moved to the next level of the courtship after having told people that they are actually dating. The morning after should be cute!

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