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Touch Your Heart: Episode 13 Live Recap

Touch Your Heart Live Recap 13
Korean Drama Touch Your Heart, courtesy tvN

Okay, who knows what is going to happen now because we have 4 episodes left and the stalker thing looks done-done. I’m not complaining, that stalker stuff was cree-to-the-z creepy so I’m all for all the fluff that is to come, but, you know, they have to get back together again first.

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We will start this one at 9:30 am CST!

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We open just before the break up from the last episode. Jinsim had a lovely day today. Jungrok is happy that the day was wonderful for her. Jinsim thinks that a fareawell party doesn’t sound right, we just won’t see each other at the law firm anymore.

But then Jungrok calls Jinsim, Oh Yoonseo. She asks why he is calling her Oh Yoonseo all of a sudden? He tells her that he was happy with her, but she should be like that movie and go back to her own place. He will also go back to his own place.

She asks what he is talking about. He doesn’t say anymore, they just look at each other. Then Jungrok tells her…..we should break up.

JS – Why are you saying that to me? Did I do something wrong? Is it because I lied to you? Do you feel betrayed? Or, where you uncomfortable with people taking pictures of us? They focused on us too much? Tell me something, why do we have to break up?

JR – Yes, because of what you just said, I think we shouldn’t meet each other anymore. We should stop here.

JS – Lawyer….

JR – Thank you so much for everything.

He walks away. She stands there, stunned at the turn of events from her happy day.

He drives home looking bummed, and she cries on a bench outside in the park he left her in.

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Manager comes in to see if Oh Yoonseo is still sleeping or if she is awake. She is still in bed sitting with her head on her knees. Manager is immediately concerned and wants to know what is going on! Tell me everything! 

She tells him thta the lawyer wanted to break up. He thinks it is better to stop here, even though he told me that he likes me so much. He promised to be on my side all the time. How can he change like this? How can he just break up with me with a few words. It is my first time breaking up so I dont’ know what to do.

She starts sniffing. Her manager says that he will go to the law firm and pack up everything for her. You can stay here. But she says that she will do it, she wants to see lawyer. She gets up sniffling and starts getting ready.

In the law firm, the super extra intern tells Yeon that they have XX amount of light bulbs and they are all functioning perfectly. Yeon wonders why it feels so dark in here then. He thinks it is because Yoonseo is gone.

Dooseob starts spitting a lot of poetry about Yoonseo who is like a deer that doesn’t know how to go back. yeon is all like, I don’t know about any deers, but maybe Eunji can support Kwon now. Then Yoonseo shows up to everones surprise and says that she will pack everything up. Yeon tells her that they could have done it for her.

Yoonseo says she just wanted to and heads to her office. Everyone notices that she looks a bit down today. But they don’t mention it. 

Jungrok is actually there in his office. They don’t acknowledge each other. But then she looks at his door and goes to his office. He tries to pretend like he is working. He even ignores her when she says goodbye.

JS – I am leaving. 

He keeps looking down.

JS – If I leave like this, then this is the end, will you really not look at me?

He looks up at her and then stands and walks to her. They stare at each other for a moment.

JR – Thank you for your work. I hope you have a good life.

He walks back to his desk.

Poor Jinsim stars to tear up again. Soon after, she goes to the stairwell to cry.

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Jungrok goes to the roof to release his feelings quietly. Then he goes back to his office and sees his empty secretary desk. He sits at his desk and gets a call from Sewon who wants to have soju with him. So Jungrok goes to meet him for soju and sees him with Yeorum. Sewan tells him that they decided to date again.

Sewan playfully tells Jungrok that Yeorum asked him so many times to date. yeorum tells him Jungrok is too serious to get his joke. But Sewan says that Jungrok changed now, he is a new soft man after dating. Then he talks to Jungrok about Yoonseo, maybe they should call her? He tells Yeorum that she will be so surprised how into Yoonseo he is. But then they think that this place might not be a good place. Perhaps it is too open? They move to go to another place. But Jungrok tells them that they don’t have to. We broke up. Then he says that he might make them uncomfortable today, lets drink together next time. Goodbye.

Sewan runs out to talk to him outside and tells him that he shouldn’t leave like this. Lets’ drink. Yeorum went home. I should have noticed that something was wrong when we talked. Let’s go.

So they go to an outside drinking place to talk it out. Sewan wants to know why he left her…for her happiness? Why not just continue in the way that you want? He says that he could be the one blocking her future, so how can he do that? Jungrok says that breaking up is the only way. Sewan tells him that Yoonseo will think he is the worst, how can you do that? Jungrok asks him how he survived when he broke up with Yeorum.

Cut to a montage of Jungrok working hard in the courtroom and in the law offices. He goes to the bus stop sadly. But he is so consumed in his thoughts that he misses the bus. He continues working hard the next day and the day after and misses his bus again, rinse and repeat.

Later on, Yeon and team take Jungrok out to congratulate him for being #1 this month. Yeon says he looks like a crazy workaholic. Choi says that #1 sales is not that improtant. But Yeon says that it is very important. When will you be #1 in sales? I want to throw you away, not your righteousness. But then Dan stands up and yells HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT!!!!! Yeon is all like, um, did I say something wrong to you?

Dan and Choi team up against Yeon and give each other happy looks. Yeon is all like, hey, what is going on here. You guys are taking care of each other, do you guys……have a low performing alliance!?

Dooseob says that he likes it, they were fighting all the time but now they are like flowers next to a spring railroad. Yeon thinks Dooseob is so poetic. Eunji thinks he could be a poet. Dooseob says that is his dream in his heart. Yeon wonders if he could write a poem for him of a charasmatic boss? They keep joking about that.

Choi tells Kwon that he should smile a bit more during his party. Yeon says that he does not have to smile because he has ability. Drink without facial expressions, drink, drink! They all drink.

Jungrok leaves to catch the bus and sits in his usual tired and holding the world up look.

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Now we cut to Yeonseo. She is super popular once again. Crowds of people want to talk to her and take her picture and see her all the time. She goes to the script reading for the next drama. It is a playful atmosphere and everyone likes it. It also seems like Yoonseo is better at acting now.

In the law offices, Yeon shows everyone Yoonseo’s script reading photos. They all talk about how she looks happy and then miss her a lot. Jungrok doesn’t say anything so Yeon asks if he misses her? Don’t you want to say anything? Do you hear me? Sigh, you are so cold blooded. They also ask where Choi and Dan are?  SOmeone says that they have an appointment.

Cut to Dan and Choi at a cafe. Dan is wearing a super 50s looking pink dress and does a twirl for him. It is too much for Choi. He tells her, honey, I am okay. Even though we are contract dating, that is too much. It is not in our contract. She says okay. But then they touch hands when they try to get the sauce and feel a buzz. But they pull away. CHoi tells her that thy need to remember the contract.

  1. one month dating (they still have 5 days)
  2. No dating others while inthe contract (of course! You are the only one)
  3. The two of us eat at least twicea  week (yes, we are eating lunch together…what is the problem?)
  4. We also have a line for breaking the contract, no skinship (Is it? Will our contract end because of this sauce?)

Choi – You did not do it on purpose so it is the first warning, be careful.

Dan – Okay! I will be careful.

Then he gets a call and has to leave. Dan watches him walk out and then thinks that this is not good, he can’t break the contract. Be careful! Left hand! 

He walks back in and sees that she likes him so much. 

Choi – (Yes, I am a good lawyer, but that is too much love. What should I do? I know that she is a cute and nice person. But my heart doesn’t bounce…sigh).

Elsewhere, Sewan sees Jungrok out at the bus and wonders if he wants soju? Lets go together. He runs off to hang out with him.

Yoonseo is in her van with her manager memorizing her lines. She says that she has no time to rest, she is always memorizing everything. They arrive at the shooting location and mutter that it will finish in the morning again. She stretches and hops out. The manager thinks this is great that she has come back to her place so quiickly. 

Jungrok looks her up his computer and is happy that it looks like she is happy.

Back on the date, Dan gives Choi a mask set gift to protect him from the smoke. She bought him so many more things though. Vitamins and razors and lotion. He tell sher to wait a minute and asks if she likes him that much? I know I am great but am I this good?

She smiles and says yes, that is why she is so happy, but now she only has 5 days left. 

Dan – tell me honestly, how was it to date me for one month? Are you really breaking up with me in 5 days.

Choi – *poetic-like* …… You are a good person, you take care of me well, and you are cute…but….*dramatic music*….my heart does not bounce.

Dan – What?…..*broken hearted*

They leave, Dan is stupid drunk. She tells Choi that this is all her fault because she oculdn’t move his heart. But then a motorcycle comes up and Dan pulls Choi away to save him. His heart starts beating hard for Dan. But then we see the motorcycle guy, he is super handsome. He comes up and asks if she is okay. She smiles as if falling for him and says that she is okay. He tells her that is good and courtseys-nods.

Choi is all like, hold up, are you attracted to him? You said you like me! Dan tells him that he said his heart didn’t move so she will give up. She then hobbles after the motorcycle guy. Choi all but falls over as he grabs his heart in love-pain.

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Back at the law offices, Dooseob has to tell his mother that he will not go on a blind date, or he doesn’t want to. Eunji asks him if his mother really wants him to have a blind date? Dooseob says yes, he is one of those people whose fate is attached through a tiny stream.

But then a woman comes in frustrated and says that Jungrok made her son into a murderer! Jungrok thinks back to the court case where he made the man who protected the abused woman into a murderer.

The woman says that she came there because she is so mad. HE MADE MY SON INTO A MURDERER. My son is not a cruel guy that can stab someone twice!

Yeon talks to her softly and says that he understands how she feels, but it was not his only decision, it was a trial. The Umma says that tomorrow is his last trial, what if he can’t come into the world anymore? I will never forgive you!

Later on, Eunji, Yeon, and Jungrok talk over the case. yeon thinks that no parent will believe that their kid did anything wrong. Eunji agrees and talks about her case with her daughter. She thinks that mother just needs to blame someone, if she can blame you then she will survive, please understand.

Cut to the sentencing. Jungrok goes to the sentencing. The bad prosecutor guy who gave Yeorum a hard time is on the case. He basically says that the two of them could have run away but they decided to stay and kill the husband. It was not to protect the women, it is just because he is violent. He needs to be separated from society – 20 years.

the defense says that the defendent regrets what happened, please thing about it carefully.

But the judge ends up giving him 20 years. 

The umma explodes in worry and tears. The son cries for them not to touch his mother! Tears all around, super depressing.

Jungrok meets with the mother afterward. She runs up to him and asks for his help. He did not murder anyone, it is all my fault. Jungrok says that he understands her, but he confessed. The mother asks why he did not listen to his confession, he said that he stabbed him once, maybe she did the other times. My son never lies. I suspect the women! She said that she cares about my son so much, but she never visited him after this happened. She disappeared from our neighborhood!

Dramatic music starts to play as Jungrok goes back to his office to look up certain paperwork and then calls someone. The phone number is disconnected. (good lord, is this the direction this show is going in?).

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Cut to Yoonseo in her makeup chair. A few people are doting on her about how pretty she looks. Her manager says that today is her emotional scene so you should help her get into her role, not just play.

They call her for her scene so she goes to film it. It is in a cafe and it is a breakup scene. Yoonseo remembers Jungrok telling her the exact thing. She starts crying right away. Everyone is amazed at how great her acting is. But the manager knows that she isn’t acting. She excuses herself to the back. The PD is so stunned and never expected that she could do that kind of acting., she is so into her role, she has improved a lot. The manager tells them that they don’t have to worry about her acting anymore! He chuckles a bit but then hurries to the back to check on Yoonseo.

He sits next to her and asks why she is crying….is it about him? She tells him that she tried to forget, but sometimes when she thinks about him, she becomes so sad. The manager says that he thought she was all okay. Yoonseo says of course not, I loved him so much. But what can I do? I have to think about my fans. And if I look sad all the time then the lawyer won’t like it. I will try and get back, don’t worry.

the manager tells her he is sorry and to have a good rest. He walks out. Jinsim tells herself that he should be okay…

In the lawfirm, we see Jungrok talking to Dooseon about the woman. She has disappeared, no one has seen her. Some of the insurance has been paid to her. More than 2 million dollars, she took it all in cash and left. She disappeared without getting paid in full, that is suspicious.

They start to ask the insurance people when they met her. Another woman says that she met her in this cafe. Jungrok asks if she knows of anything in particular? The woman says no, but she was looking outside and a man was waiting. I saw them taking the car together. I thought she was just with him. I wondered who he was because the case was so noisy. It was strange that she came here with a man.

They end the meeting, Dooseob thinks that she might have had a boyfriend, she does not think she had any family members. Dooseob thinks that Yoonseo will be shocked if she hears about this case. She worked so hard on it with you. Flashbacks of Yoonseo working on the case and also worried about Jungrok’s injury when he was hit.

Later on, Jungrok tells Yeon that he wants to defend the man in the case. Yeon is pretty against it. It is also against their lawyer rules. He does not want him to do it, you cannot do it. Jungrok leaves without saying anything else. Yeon looks a bit concerned.

Cut to Yeon pacing outside in the office. He tells the secretaries that he is so nervous about Jungrok, what if he really takes on this case? Then Dan comes in so they ask how her court case went? Dan says something and then says that Yoonseo might shoot her drama “Love Hurts” in front of the courthouse. Maybe we should all go there?

Eunji says that their CEO is having a hard time now so we should not go there for fun. They think, yeah, we shouldn’t. But then we see that Yeon and the secretaries are there. The secretaries are all like, um…you said we would eat lunch so why are we in front of the courthouse?

yeon tells them that he wanted to eat in the cafeteria at the courthouse. It is really good. I won a lot of cases because of this cafeteria food. Eunji is all like, I think you are here to see the film shoot. Yeon tries to play it off. They don’t beleive him, but they smile. He says that they might see Yoonseo, you miss her right?

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A gofor comes out and tells them not to walk too close because they will be in the shot. Yeon says they know Yoonseo, but the gofor is all like, yes, yes, everyone knows Yoonseo. Eunji and Haeyoung think they should leave but Yeon starts to talk about law things and how he is a great famous lawyer who was on TV many times. Oh Yoonseo worked in our law firm, you know!

The PD gofor guy doesn’t say anything. But then Yoonseo calls his name and runs to them happily like she is in a movie. He is so happy, but she doesn’t hug him, she hugs Eunji and Hae-young, lol. He pats her on the shoulder.

They happily talk about what they are doing there and how things are going with the thoot and all that. She tells them that she has time now so lets go eat together! Cut to them eating at the restaurant but the lawyer team is not eating. Yoonseo is all like, whya ren’t you eating. They basically says that it feels like they are eating with an entertainer now, it feels so strange that we used to talk normally before. Yoonseo tells them not to take her as an entertainer, she missed them so much. 

They are so happy to hear it and everyone starts to eat. Yoonseo asks how everyone is. Haeyoung fills her in on Choi and Dan, she thinks they are dating. She says that Dooseob is always with a lot of soul. Yoonseo asks about Kwon? Yeon says that he thinks Yeon will get into a lot of trouble soon. He wants to defend Park Soomyoung, do you remember him? Yoonseo thinks about it for a moment.

Later on she sits in her van and texts Jungrok.

JS: Lawyer, how are you? I just wanted to contact you….*but she erases it all*

Jungrok is at the prison now with the mentally handicapped man, Park Soomyoung. Soomyung ells Jungrok that he only stabbed the man one time because he hit noona all the time. I was so angry so I stabbed him once. Noona told me to run away, so I ran away. But umma is having a hard time, I need to help umma and deliver food for her. I really only stabbed once. Just once.

Jung rok thinks about it and then leaves the jail. 

He goes back to work and tells Yeon that he really wants to defend Park Soomyoung. Jungrok says, fine, as you said we have a real murderer and it is not Park Soomyoung. But you will get hurt. What if he is the real murderer? You will also get hurt. You made him the murderer and now you are defending him. that makes no sense, this will damage your reputation as a lawyer. 

Jungrok tells him that he has already decided to take the case, sorry. Yeon is pretty upset about it and tells him that people will point their finger at him and no one will be on his side. Jungrok says that he has to accept it, even though he started this. Yeon asks him, what about them? What about the law firm? You should not do this to me.

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Jungrok goes home and talks to Sewan about the Park Soomyoung case. Sewan tells him that this will be a big risk, do you really have to do it? Jungrok sits and says that he is also afraid, he does not know the truth, but with his immature decision, it may have put someone else in danger. He does not want this sadness in someone heart. He is afraid, but if he ignores it and passes the change to correct it, then I am not confident to be anyones lawyer anymore.

Meanwhile, Jinsim is at home resting on her couch. It looks like she might have just gotten home. She gets a text from Haeyoung telling her to come to her lawfirm and that her photo is good right? And that Junrok will take the case and Yeon and he fought about it. The mood is pretty hostile now, Jungrok does not have any secretaries so he will be so desperate. 

In the prosecutor office, the bad prosecutor hears that Jungrok took on the case. He said he was the criminal and now he is defending him? What a funny guy.

Later on, the bad prosecutor leaves and is approached by a reporter who says that Park Soomyoung will apppeal. The prosector says that nothing will change, but…he did hear something funny.

Cut to tons of reporters approaching Jungrok about this case and if it is about money? You amde him a criminal and how you will defend him? It is all over the news. Yeon looks worried as he watches it, it is very bad and very rare in the industry also.

Yoonseo also sees this news in her van with her manager. The manager says that the public is against him now. Yoonseo thinks that he was always on her side when she was with him.

Jungrok gets back to his office and has a vision of Jinsim telling him not to believe others, I trust that you will win. She disappears. He goes to his desk and sees all the pink reminders of Jinsim all around. It looks like someone got all his things organized and left heart postits for them all.

She organized it on Park Soomyeon’s court case and other similar court cases.

Note – How are you? I have my wish, my wish is that you will not be swayed. As you always have, I trust that you will solve this case well. Jungrok takes a deep breath.

Later on, we see him walking to the bus stop. Oh Yoonseo is everyone on all the TV screens once again. He looks at her and a single tear falls, then he starts balling. He cries so much that he can’t sit up straight and collapses to his elbow as he covers his face with his hands.

Fade Out

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Okay, I did not see that annoying abuse case coming back that had that horrible ending. I also didn’t really want a huge murder mystery tearjerker in the last two episodes. But I do like that Jungrok wants to make this case right and get Park Soomyoung out of prison. Though I don’t understand how a mentally ill person with no priors and whom is all loved in the community who defended an abused women, can be in prison to begin with for 20 years?????? This writer is not making sense in the least with the law stuff, but at least she/he found a way to get Jungrok and Jinsim back together? 🤔


I only found the 15 second teaser, I think our translation was for the 30 second one at the end of the episode

JR – I could have destroyed someones life, I have to turn it back, whatever it takes.

JR – My resignation letter


SW – You are not middle school students, why are you fighting?

YS – Are you going to work now lawyer?

YS – When I want to see you, I will just come and see you.

YS – Lawyer, would you like to have dinner together with me?

JR – Why are you doing this?

Yeon – Well, we are saving one person, of course, the most hated person in Korea – Jungrok.

YS – My wish is that you are not swayed. I believe you can do it.

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  1. WPB
    March 20, 2019 / 5:27 pm

    I don’t understand the roles of the two interns. It was fine to have them in the past episodes for some comical moments. At this point, as it gets closer to the end, I would rather see more stories/time of just anybody else in the law firm and Sewan and Yeorum. It’s such a waste of screen time.

    Poor Jinsim, Even V is calling you Yoonseo now. 🙁

    • V
      March 20, 2019 / 7:11 pm

      OMG I am! LOL. I need to switch back to Jinsim!

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