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Touch Your Heart: Episode 12 Live Recap

Touch Your Heart Recap 12
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So, I wonder how quickly this bad guy is going to disappear because it looks like they might wrap up his storyline pretty fast. My guess is that Jin-sim’s fame will take a front seat to everything and will cause a rift between our two lovebirds. I have to admit, I like that storyline much better than “crazy rich stalker man.” Especially when Jin-sim and Jung-rok go on adorable dates to theme parks.

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Rewind to before the house attack at the end of the last episode. Jungrok was in the car talking to Sewan on the phone. Sewan tells him that Kang Jiwon will have an arrest warrant, as you said, Jung Jiwon’s gambling was fake. Jungrok asks what he is talking about. Sewan tells him that he tracked the lawyers fee’s, the company was a paper company in Macau. Lee Kangjoon was the owner of that company and they were laundering money, that is why they met in Macau. They new that we had evidence so they tried to make it a gambling case becasue gambling has a much lower sentence than money laundering.

they hang up and Jungrok drives off. 

Inside, the bad guy stalker creepily and dangerously approaches Jinsim.

Outside, Jungrok notices Lee Kang-joon’s driver and turns around in a hurry.

He stops at JinSim’s and calls he, but she does not answer so he hurries inside when a girl comes out.

Inside, the cazy stalker is throwing things and grabs Jinsim.

S – Tell me the truth! You love me! I am the only one you love!

But then Jungrok comes bursting in and punches him. He pulls Jinsim behind him protectively and tells the stalker not to touch his woman.

Soon after, the stalker is arrested and led out. Sewan is there and tells the police to get the stalkers blood work done, I think he is under the influence of something. he then asks Jungrok if Yoonseo is okay. Jungrok says that he will stay with her so Sewan tells him that he will be at his office. he leaves.

Jungrok goes back inside and sits with Jinsim on the couch. 

JR – You should finally be relaxed, he will never be in front of you anymore.

Jinsim looks shaken, but thankful.

The next day, the news is all about Lee Kangjoon with the money laundering and gambling and how he was drugged and broke into Yoonseo’s house and threatened her.

All the main characters are looking at the news from their respective houses/offices.

CEO Yeon and Manager Kong are also looking at the news from the entertainment office. CEO Yeon is so happy and fist bumps the air with joy about people knowing how much trash this guy was. The manager is so happy that his Yoonseo will not be bothered anymore. The CEO says that people didn’t know any of this and just said that Yoonseo was bad, but they should know about it now. they hug, but then the CEO tells the manager that he should really wash his hair. 

They also think that Yoonseo is a lot stronger than expected, she wants to go to work again. She won’t be in the drama anyway so she doesn’t have to go back to work. But she only has one week to go so she wants to finish it.

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At work, everyone greets Yoonseo with worry and compassion. They all tell her that she is so bright and caring and they didn’t think something like this would happen to her. they want to beat that guy up. Yeon says they are like family now so they care about her. Yoonseo says that she only has one week to go so she wants to finish up her job. She is really okay, so dont’ worry about me.

She goes to her desk, Jungrok comes and gives her all the good comments that he found on the internet and highlighted the great comments in pink, lol. He says that there were bad comments before, but now you have good comments, so I want you to be happy with that.

he also shows her an article about how much of a difficult time she had in the last two years. Yoonseo asks if he clicked all the thumbs up for good replies? He says…well, yes. She giggles and thanks him. He says he is more thankful to her for surviving these difficult times.

Later on, Yoonseo hangs out on the roof and looks out over the city landscape. She looks at her internet news reports and reads about herself. Lots of people are all like #ImsorryOhYoonSeo #PleaseComeBackOhYoonSeo. She sighs as she looks and thinks about it.

That evening, her and Jungrok go for a walk in the park. She tells him that he does not have to worry about her, it all ended and now I have you in my life who worries more about me than myself. I have no worries…..maybe I have one worry. I am hungry, what should we eat.

They are about to eat something but then two guys come up to her and asks if she is Oh Yoonseo. She denies it but the guys are all like, yes you are, I am your big fan. Lots of people run up to tell her how great she is. they all want to take photos of her. 

Jungrok tells them all that they should not take photos of her now because she is a public figure and if you put her on your private SNS then it can cause problems. he spits out a lot of legal mumbo jumbo as well. they ask who he is, he says he is her friend. They are all like, oh, I thought you were her boyfriend. He steps aside so she can sign her signature for them. though he is pretty protective about them not pushing her.

Later on, they go to Subway to have a nice sandwich alone. She says that it felt good to have a crowd around her but it was also a bit too much for them to take photos. She felt good that he tried to protect her. She laughs a bit. They start to talk about “man friend” instead of “boyfriend” which is what Jungrok said to those guys. he explains that when one fights, the argument becomes a fight (or something like that). Another word she says, he explains it as an imprtant lesson you watch online so it will be cheaper (it makes no sense so that is why she laughed).

In the offices, Choi thinks about Dan protecting him. She told him that it was his birthday and she didn’t want him to fight on his birthday. he picks up a rose and smells it, then thinks that he is a man like a rose. Beautiful and flashy. But he needs a beautiful stone like woman that can embrace me like this vase. She tried to protect me, she is a reliable woman like a vase…what can I do?

he sees Dan through his window and accidentally pricks his finger. She wonders what he is doing. Is he taking peeks at me?! No, you decided not to imagine things. She gets her things and starts to head back to her office.

But he stands at his desk door and calls her name.

Choi – Well, um, would you like to have a drink tonight or not?

Dan – What does this mean? Do you want to have a drink or not have a drink?

Choi – Lets have a drink right now.

They go out for a drink at a quiet cafe. 

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They have a drink at the cafe and start to eat. Choi tries to cut his food, but it looks like he has some difficulty with it, so Dan cuts it for him. Ah, he tried to remove the bones from the fish, but Dan removes them for him.

Dan – I don’t want you to ust dig around the meat.

Choi – (I met a lot of women who put makeup on to appeal to me, bu she is the first one that takes the bones from fish. What should I do with you?) Dan, are you dating anyone now? Your heart is a workaholic that pumps 365 days a year, but I feel like your heart is a little quiet now.

Dan – Actually, I have someone that came into my heart, but I decided to give up. He doesn’t like me so suffering by loving him myself doens’ matter.

Choi – Can I ask who that person is?

Dan – Well, that person is……no, lets just go.

She gets up and leaves.

Choi – (I saw a lot of women go to the beauty salon for me, but cutting my words off – she is the first one).

he takes a drink.

Choi – (You like this soju and beer, what should I do?)

Dan is paying so Choi runs after her and says, lets go together!

Elsewhere, Jungrok drops Jinsim off at her place. In the car, they think about how they won’t be together like this anymore. So lets have fun for the rest of our days together. She kisses his hand, but then she sees her manager looking so stunned and surprised in front of her car.

Jinsim hops out of the car and asks why hyuk is there so late in the day. Hyuk asks if she is dating the lawyer?! Jinsim says yes….I am dating him.

Jungrok has gotten out of the car at this point. Hyuk pulls Jinsim in and Jinsim tells Jungrok to call before bed. But she looks so pitiful.

Inside, Hyuk asks Jinsim why she is dating him, I thought you hated him. Jinsim says she can date someone, but Hyuk says that her job is to take care of her. Poeple want more from you then you expect so you have to watch out for your image. Jinsim says that she loves him so the manager tells her to not get caught, do a good job.

Jinsim asks what happened so late for him to come. He says that he just came to check her, but you look sooo okay. However, he says that the writer wanted to see her.

The next day, she meets with the writer about the drama while at the CEO’s office. The writer and director are both there and are so apologetic about kicking Jinsim out. The writer says that she was impressed by Yoonseo, she did not think the goddess of the univers, Oh Yoonseo would go to the lawfirm and survive for 3 months. I am impressed that you liked our show so much.

Jinsim tells them that she used to live their show. The writer tells her that she really wants her to be in her show. The director actually says that someone heard that yoonseo would be in this show and now they have a lot of requests for investment. People really like you now and this show will be your comeback drama so people want to invest in you.

The CEO says that they don’t want to work with someone whose trust they lost. But then Jinsim says that she wants to do it so the CEO says that she wants to do it! But he has to double check with her and asks if she has any pride? Jinsim says that she was a bit sad about the situation, but it was a situation where they couldnt’ help it.

The writer tells her that she only saw the first episode, I will show the second and third to you, no one else has seen it. Jinsim smiles and says that she knows she can play a lawyer well.

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In the car, Jinsim tells her manager that she was going to do the show anyway so she didn’t need to refuse it a lot of times. The manager tells her that she is not that Oh Yoonseo that has to beg for roles anymore, forget about all those times. She tells him that she wants to forget about it but he always reminds her. the manager tries to change the subject to the law firm and asks if she thinks they will be surprised.

Jinsim is concerned about Jungrok and wonders if he will feel betrayed? the manager says, of course, he will want to break up so he won’t date a liar, so you should break up first. But he says it as a joke. However, he really does want them to break up due to her career. Jinsim texts Jungrok that she has to tell him something before it gets too late.

in the law offices, Yeon asks where Jinsim is. He tells them that she said she has to visit her agency. They wonder if she is still apart of that agency? They say that she is, she still have her contract with them. Eunji wonders if she will go back to that agency? Jungrok thinks she won’t, she likes working here.

The team all leaves but are bombarded by a lot of reporters who have the scoop that Oh Yoonseo was working there as a secret for a role. Jungrok sees Yoonseo and pulls her out before the news reporters see her. All the law people look a bit concerned about all the attention.

In the prosecutor office, Sewan talk to one of his hubaes about the case that was a big break. He was happy that he had the wisdom to see the future. Sewan tells him that it was nothing. Then Yeorum comes up and says that she knew that Sewan could do it. He says it was all because she hugged him that day, so she tells him that they can eat together sometime. He asks what about now for lunch? She asks, now? then she smiles.

Meanwhile, Jungrok takes Jinsim to his house in order to avoid all of the reporters. She tells him that she is sorry she did not tell him before, she wanted to tell him. He hugs her as if it is all okay and congratulates her.

JR – Congratulations, I am a little surprised, but I know how happy you are as an actress, I am so happy for you. But, why do you look like that?

JS – Because I am relieved, I thought you would be disappointed by me and would not want to see me anymore. I worried about it.

JR – That’s nonsense, I told you, even if you are hiding something, if it is something that is good for you then you can do it 100 or 1000 times over.

She wants to tell him something but gets a phone call. She says that she has a lot of calls from reporters. Jungrok also gets a call, he answers his because it is from Yeon and says he will take a half day off. then he tells Jinsim that they can skip work today.

At lunch, Yeon tells the team that Jung is taking a half day off. Haeyoung thinks that something must be going on with them, they were holding hands….are they dating? Yeon thinks that is nonsense, but he asks the team if they think they are dating? They all kind of raise their hands, even Yeon.

In his house, Jungrok and Jinsim awkwardly sit on their couch. Jungrok wonders what they should do now? Jinsim says she doesn’t really know. he says that he can make lunch for her. She is pretty surprised that he can cook, but he says that he has lived alone since he graduated college so he can make a lot of things. He tells her that he can make Kimchi chigae, do you want it with tuna or pork? She says she likes both but maybe with…..pork.

He goes to the kitchen and she follows, but he realizes that he can’t find anything. He calls Sewan to ask where the pork is. Sewan says that he ate it a few days ago. you should have told me. Jungrok keeps looking around and asks Sewan where the tuna is. Sewan says he ate it yesterday morning. Jungrok asks if he just eats everything at home? Sewan tells him that he will be back late so Jungrok playfully tells him, if you will be late then just never ever come back again.

Jinsim says that they can go out, but Jungrok says that people are interested in her now so they will recognize her. Jinsim thinks they can go to the traditional market, they are usually older so they wont recognize me. he thinks anyone will know that she is a star. Jinsim thinks that she can borrow his clothing so no one will notice her.

She raids his closet and finds something to wear, she also sees his man care items. he tells her that he has dry lips so this is lipchap. he puts it on, she kisses him and says, oh yes, it’s moisturizing. he smiles.

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Montage of their fun date in the traditional market. They smell all the food and try all the items all around .

He tells her that she is buying a lot of things, she asks if she looks like a good commercial for the traditional market. Then she thinks that they can buy spicy chicken so they go to a woman’s cart. The ajumma there gets it for them but also thinks that Jinsim looks familiar. Jungrok tells her that she probably saw him, people tell him that he looks like Brad Pitt and stuff. But the woman says that Jinsim looks familiar, are you the one that did not pay for the chicken? Husband! 

The husband comes out and looks at her, they both wonder where they saw her. The camera cuts to an add for Jinsim that shows her advertising the chicken on the couples window.

Elsewhere, Sewan and Yeorum have lunch together as they get to know each other again. It is a pleasant affair. the owner recognizes them and says that she remembers them when they went to law school. They were so handsome, the most beautiful couple in our restaurant. She also guesses that they are not dating anymore. She says that the man gave her all the side dishes and fed her so much. It was almost like he came there to feed her instead of eat himself. But after getting married, men are the same. You should understand. (So she thinks they are married, adorable). Sewan says he will do better and smiles.

They leave with smiles. Yeorum says that this was fun, lets come with Jungrok next time. But Sewan says that he doesn’t want to, he sees him all the time. Yeorum asks why he is staying with Jungrok, you have your parents house. Sewan starts to talk about his Daddy issues and how he can’t believe his father did that disrespectful thing to his girlfriend. he just wants to be next to Yeorum, so please reconsider our relationship. I want to date you again.

Meanwhile, Jungrok and Jinsim eat. It looks like Jinsim ended up cooking so Jungrok says that he will do the dishes. she tells him that he helped her so they can play a game to see who will do the dishes, they bought Jenga in the market, so they can do that.

Cut to them playing Jenga that has a mission on each one. Jungrok pulls one where he has to do aegyo. he reluctantly does it quickly but say that he doesn’t watch TV so he doesn’t know any new ones.

They keep playing Jenga and doing all the missions/dares that is it says. One of them is to take a couple photo, so they do that. She wants him to change her name on his phone (or he wants her to?). They play around about that. They keep playing but then the jenga all falls over.

At the law firm, CEo yeon and manager Kong show up to see Lawyer CEO Yeon. They are there to find Yoonseo. CEO Yeon asks Yeon if they are dating? It looks like the vote before is that they were not dating, so more people thought that they were not dating then dating (we initially thought all the votes were that they were dating). The manager knows that they are dating so he tries to stay out of this conversation.

Yeon and Yeon keep talking about this and the potential “scandal” involved and all that. CEO yeon does not want anyone to know that she is dating anyone, people won’t like it. Her image is good now so I don’t want to see it go down again. Kong sighs so Yeon points at him and says that he knows something! But King denies that he knows anything. The CEO sighs and wonders what Jungrok and Yoonseo are doing.

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Cue Jungrok dropping Jinsim off a bit away from her gate. He says that reporters will see them if he drops her off right in front. She understands and says that she will see him, it was fun skipping work today. They wave and she heads off.

he smiles as he watches her walk up to the gate and gets a phone call right at that moment.

He goes to meet with Kong at a cafe. he tells him that he is not her cousin, he is her manager. He is sorry to lie to him about that, but he wants to tell him about Yoonseo. Do you like Yoonseo a lot? Jungrok says he does, of course. is there a problem with me liking her?

Kong – Well, lawyer, after my military service, I took care of her for 10 years. yoonseo is all of my youth. I was so happy when she was doing well. I had a hard time when things went wrong with her. I cried a lot when she had her scandal and prayed to God everyday for her comeback. She has been doing this since she was young, she cannot do anything but this. She worked for 3 months and wants to go back to a drama and be loved by everyone. that is the only reason. As you saw on the report, her image is so good now because she worked in a law firm for the TV show. But if poeple think that she is dating you then they will doubt her truthfulness. lawyer, this is a critical moment for Yoonseo.

JR – So what do you want to tell me?

Kong – it is cliche, but – can you break up for Yoonseo?

JR – It is cliche, but I love her so much so I will never tell her to break up first.

At home, Jinsim talks to her big hedgehog about Jungrok. She is happy that he congratulated her with her acting role. She thinks he is too good for her.

She texts him. Jung rok recieves it as he thinks in the car.

JS: lawyer, it was so fun today. i am happy with the drama, but it makes me happiest that I was cast as your girlfriend.

Jungrok thinks even harder. He goes home and thinks in bed as well, poor thing can’t sleep.

The next day, Jungrok shows up in the law offices. yeon wants to talk to him. Jungrok asks why he is looking at him like that? Yeon says he couldn’t contact him, and what about this picture? it is a picture of Jungrok and her dating. Eunji and Haeyoung say that this picture was uploaded, it looked like a couple dating. Yeon tells him to tell him whaaaat happeeeeeened. Are you really dating?

Jungrok says, of course not. I just helped hr yesterday and we were just talking and eating so don’t confuse it. Yeon is happy to hear that, more like relieved to hear that.

In the office, Jungrok overhears Jinsim talking to her CEO. he asks her if it was about the picture? She is surprised that he knows about it and says that it spread more than she expected. The CEO told the news people that he is her boss in the law firm and they don’t have any feelings. She is a bit bummed by it though. She does not like untrue rumors, but they are really dating so if you are okay about it ~ . 

But he says that he is okay, you should follow what your boss says. your private life is too exposed so it is better to be careful so that we don’t have people talk about us. 

Later on, Jungrok makes himself a coffee and the CEO comes in. He tells him that he has a headache, can you help me with it? Jungrok and Yeon go to his office where they watch a video of Yoonseo at an awards show. He says that he wants to make Yoonseo a meme, but he is not sure which meme is better.

Jungrok asks him if this is the thing he is worried about now? The CEO says that Jinsim is shiny as an actress, it is only a few days later and we have to say good bye to our own personal Princess Anne from Roman Holiday. Jungrok asks what happened to Princess Anne in the movie. Yeon says that she went back to were she belonged because she was a princess.

Jungrok thinks about that on the rooftop. Flashback to him asking her about her actress job when they ate in the forest. he also remembers all the conversations they had where she told him that she really liked being an actress.

It seems like he thinks about this on the rooftop for some time.

After work, he drives home thinking about this as well.

Meanwhile, the team are all celebrating Jinsim’s new start as an actress in a cafe that they rented out. They are celebrating her last day as well as her new adventure upcoming. Yeon says that they are sad that they will not see her anymore. She tells him that she will see them often because she will visit them a lot. they pink promise it and they take a photo.

At the same time, Choi and Dan give each other looks as they cook the meat at the table. 

Dooseob asks where Kong is. Jinsim says that he is meeting a client, it is an important client. Yeon tells Eunjii that they might not really be dating since he did not come. Eunji tells him to just stop already and nudges him. Jinsim sends Kong a text to see if he is still not done?

The team all cheers and one of them notices that her new drama is already on the Portal. Yeon is so happy about that that he tears up. They start to ask her about the new drama. Jinsim explains that it is a romantic comedy about lawyers who are not sure if they like each other and contract date.

Dan and Choi look at each other. Choi tries to say that that drama is so childish, hahaha.

Dan goes to the bathroom and wnders about cntract dating. When she comes out, she bumps into Choi. They have a little dance as they each try to pass by each other. But then Dan tells him that he can pass. THEN, she tells him that they should contract date. THEN she tells him that seh actually really likes him, do you want to date?

Choi is literally against the wall.

Choi – (This is not my lawyer salary contact…but with the word contract, she makes my heart palpitate. What should I do with this woman?)

Dan blinks at him a few times, cutely, a few times.

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Yoonseo calls Jungrok and sees him, he gives her a ride back. She says that she did not think he would come. He tells her that he prepared his own farewell party, that is why he is late.

they go to an empty movie theater. he tells her that she said she can’t go to a regular movie theater due to people, so I rented the entire theater. She is pretty surprised but it. He also tells her that he asked for her favorite movie, I hope you enjoy it.

The movie starts to play, it is Roman Holiday.

Afterward, she tells him that she had a good time watching it, she is so happy. he says he is happy too.

JS – it was perfect, you prepared your own farewell party. But I don’t want a farewell party, it seems like we are breaking up. But we aren’t, we are just not seeing each other at the law firm. 

JR – Oh Yoonseo shi.

JS – Why are you calling me Oh Yoonseo?

JR – Because of you, I was happy.

JS – Why are you telling me that?

JR – Like that movie, Oh Jinsim is going back to Oh Yoonseo. You are going back to your place and I am going back to mine.

JS – What are you talking about?

they look at each other for a moment.

JR – We….we should break up.

Fade Out

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This episode wrapped things up well, but they have 4 episodes left….what are they going to cover? Today’s episode felt like episode 15, not episode 12. Am I the only one that feels this?


VO – She looks a lot happier than she was in our law firm

Yeon – You look like you are crazy about work, you are so busy now

VO – We are starting

JS – I am ready

Dan – Honey, how do I look? *twirl*

CEO – you guys can’t like to me.

Woman – Where is Kong Jungrok!

CEO – Are you taking the Park Soomyeoung appeal case?

Reporters – You said Park Soomyoung was the real murderer, why are you changing your mind

JR – i am afraid that I won’t be able to defend anyone anymore

Kong – Are you doing this because you miss him?

JS – Will he be okay?

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  1. Rose
    March 14, 2019 / 11:17 am

    Ofcourse….they need to break-up….😪

    But knowing Korean celebrity culture, being in a relationship really mean doom for your career, so i guess i get that part why JR did that. But im pretty sure it will end like Notting Hill (if anyone of you watched it)….Julia Roberts basically announced to the world that shes dating a normal guy…..reminds me again of Encounter 😍

    Thanks V for the recap! 😊

    Oh, and btw, is it just me that im totally inlove with Lawyer Choi and Lawyer Dans side love story?…they are freakin adorable!!!

    • V
      March 14, 2019 / 11:34 am

      Oh, I would love that ending! Korea seems pretty crazy in love with Notting Hill lately (so many references in dramas now for some reason), so maybe they will go with something like that.

  2. Anonymous
    March 14, 2019 / 11:34 am

    Thank for the recap 🙂 very detail

    • V
      March 14, 2019 / 11:35 am

      Thank you! ☺️☺️☺️

  3. Celestine
    March 14, 2019 / 12:55 pm

    Just watched this episode without subtitle! Haha. Your recap is a great help!

    • V
      March 18, 2019 / 11:13 am

      So happy to hear it, Celeste!

  4. CeeYouLater
    March 14, 2019 / 1:29 pm

    This episode is happy and sad. I wonder why in the Korean Culture having a relationship is such a curse. If you truly like someone, why not be in a relationship with them especially if they are good influences to you right. But like any other story, they will surely find a way to make it work!

    Im looking forward to Episodes 13 and 14 next week! This RomCom kdrama is really refreshing. No such heavy scenes, purely good vibes with a little bit of problems which is normal! Hope there’s another project brewing for Lee dongwook and Yoo In-na

    • Rose
      March 14, 2019 / 2:31 pm

      Thats what i like about this drama, it doesnt stress me out that much. Its more like they made this romcom as a fan service, it seems they dont care much about ratings, its more like they made this for fans who missed this couple.

      Im gonna miss this one when its done.

      • V
        March 18, 2019 / 11:16 am

        Yes, this one is adorable and mostly stress free. I definitely enjoy the later episodes a bit more than the opening ones in terms of the court cases. Those were a bit creepy for me.

    • V
      March 18, 2019 / 11:15 am

      I think the relationship=curse thing is definitely heightened in dramaland. I don’t think it is that strong in the real world, though it is still serious business.

  5. WPB
    March 15, 2019 / 3:04 pm

    V, thanks for the recap. This show really grows on me.
    I love the Dan and Choi relationship. Most of all, I want to see the reaction when everyone at the law firm finds out. 🙂
    It’s good to see Sewan and Yeorum get closer to start dating again. But with 4 more episodes left, I wonder if it’s a good use of time to show us their relationship at this point.

    • V
      March 18, 2019 / 11:17 am

      Right, Sewan and Yeorum’s relationship feels so out in left field and unrelated.

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