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Touch Your Heart: Episode 11 Live Recap

Touch Your Heart Recap 11
Touch Your Heart Korean Drama, courtesy tvN

Let’s see just how crazy this crazy stalker is about to get. Hopefully the law can protect Jinsim a bit better this time around. Though it is nice to have an ace lawyer in her corner.

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We start at the car chase that ended in Jungrok approaching the stalker Chaebol. Jinsim did not want Jungrok to approach him, but Jungrok does.

JR – What do you want?

He steps in front of Jinsim’s view

JR – I am asking you what you want.

S – I thought you were another person.

He turns to get back into his car. Jungrok moves to approach him but the secretary stops him. The bad guy drives off.

Jungrok gets back in the car and they sit for a moment. then he asks her if she is okay. She asks what he said and why he was following them. JR tells her that he said it was the wrong person. Jinsim says that he didn’t mistake it, he was following me. He is…

Jungrok tells her that he knows, he is the one that gave you a hard time, Oh Jinsim. that is why I didn’t just let him go like that.

Jinsim gets a text.

S: I felt betrayed because you are the only one that is happy like that. See you again Oh Yoon-seo.

Jinsim tells Jungrok not to do it, I don’t want to instigate him. I don’t want to be involved with him anymore.

Jungrok holds her hands and tries to quietly comfort her with that.

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They pull up to her house, she is hesitant to get out but still thanks him for dropping her off. he gets out, Jungrok thinks for a hot second and then gets out as well. 

JR – Can I be with you tonight because I don’t want to leave you alone.

they both go inside.

JS – First, he approached me because he was my fan.

Flashback to CEO Yeon and Jinsim meeting with the stalker in a private room. The CEO thanked him for meeting with them about a certain role. It is a happy meeting. But the stalker spikes the CEO’s glass which puts him to sleep. So it is Jinsim and the stalker alone in the room. He looks very creepy and gives her a drink. She starts to pass out as well.

She wakes up in another room with the stalker looking at her. She sits up on a couch and asks where she is. He tells her that he was so happy to look at his woman all night. She stands up and excuses herself.

In another event, Jinsim is drinking with her CEO and two other people. But someone calls her and says that the director is looking for her. So she follows him to another room and the stalker is there. She asks what he is doing. he says, I love you. She wants to know what he is talking about? He asks, what should I do for you to understand how I feel? Why do you look like that! It is Love!

He hits the wall by her but then the police drug department comes in and says that they are arresting the stalker for illegal drug use.

In the present, Oh Yoonseo says that is how her scandal started. Her blood was negative, but just because I was there, I was in the rumor. I said I didn’t do it and he was a stalker but no one listened to me. All those horrible articles with bad intentions where reproduced. that time was so difficult for me. That is why I was about to collapse, that is why I stopped there. Back then, I was really afraid of this guy that made me like this and all those people that betrayed me and spread those rumors. They were all scary, I was afraid of all of them.

JR- You don’t have to say anything else.

JS – No, I wanted to tell you this at some point, so don’t mistake me.

She tears up as she tells him all this. He pats her on the back.

JR – Yes, I don’t mistake you for anything. Don’t worry.

Jungrok stays with her all night until she is in bed. She tells him that he should go to bed. He says he will as soon as he sees her fall asleep. She tells him that she couldn’t tell anyone about this, but after telling him, she feels better. 

JR – Do you remember what I told you before? The one who committed the crime should have a hard time, not the victim. Forget about bad memories and be happier than anyone else. I will make you like that, happier than anyone else. So, don’t be afraid, we can get over it together.

Jin sim falls asleep, when she wakes up she sees Jungrok sleeping on a coushin next to her bed.

Jungrok wakes up and sees that Jinsim is not in bed and hears chopping. he goes to the kitchen and sees that she is making breakfast. She tells him that he should have breakfast and go to work. She seems a bit brighter this morning and tells him that he should taste some. So he tries it and likes it. She tells him that her place is a good dwenjang chigae place, but don’t spread it around.

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Jinsim tells Jungrok that they can stop by his place on their way and that she will get over this situation with Jungrok, together.

In the prosecutors office, Sewan argues with his boss about this case that the boss wants him to go easy on. The Boss says that Sewan is not a match for that lawyer. Sewan asks him if he is afraid of the lawyer or his background?

Sewan goes back to his office and starts to work hard to catch this perp.

In the law offices, Choi is meeting with a woman who still loves her husband, but wants a divorce. He tries to understand her.

Woman – My husband changed his heart, he used to say that he loves me many times a day. But he says he is busy so he only says it twice a day. Ten times less than before.

Choi -Huh?

Woman – that is not it, he knows me the most, but he brought chicken hom to watch with a drama.

Choi – What is wrong with that?

Woman – You have to have one chicken per person, it was shredding my heart that we had to share per person. How can I live with that? We have to separate.

Choi – Um…well..I think you reason for getting a divorce is not serious and you don’t have good evidene that his heart changed.

Woman – But it is not like befoooooooore….*sob*…..he hurt my hearrrrrrrrrt…..*sob*….

Choi  -Well, making a woman cry is not a good look for a man.

He gives her his handkerchief that she blows all on. He tells her that she can keep it.

After the meeting, he talks to his mom about his birthday tomorrow. He says he is okay, I can give you a gift since you gave birth to this perfect man. See you later Mom! Moon-hee overhears and thinks that tomorrow is his birthday.

She goes to the breakroom where the secretaries ask her what’s up. She says that she has someone in her heart again. Tomorrow is a special day for him, so what kind of present should I give him? Haeyoung says that if it is one-sided then it should not be a big gift. 

Moonhee says that it might be one sided or both sided. he came in like a prince and helped me when I had trouble, and he gave me a present when I told him that I needed something. (flashbacks of all these events). Eunji tells her that they should go eat together. Or maybe go for a drink. Moonhee says that he told her that they should have a drink together

the secretaries tell her that she should dress nice to make his heart drop. Do you know what his ideal type is?

Dan leaves wondering what Choi’s ideal type is, then she sees Jinsim in all her girly goodness.

At lunch, the team starts to head out to eat. They all say what kind of coffee drinks they want so that Jinsim will get it. She remembers everyones orders and says that she will make Jungroks mixed coffee when she comes back. The young interns say that they will help her. Yeon is happy that they will drink coffee from their goddess of the universe. he also mentions that she looks so bright and happy, that is good.

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After lunch, Jinsim searches the internet about the stalker and sees that he just came back. Jung rok comes in and says that it is time to go home. She says okay and goes to make a photo copy. That is when he sees that she is looking up things about the stalker. Jungrok is a bit worried.

He goes outside to the copying machine and asks her to print out a case for him, then he writes something down on a sheet of paper.

Note: Let’s go on a date tonight.

JS – Yes, I will find it right away!

Cut to them going to an amusement park for a date. Jungrok says that he watched one of her TV shows where the guy took the female actess to the sea or a theme park when she was sad or depressed. I thought about which plae to go, but realized that this theme park will be double the fun because it is by the ocean. Also, this theme park is small so there are not that many people there.

she thanks him with a bright smile. he tells her that she does not have to get over everything at once. I will support you and you can rely on me.

But actually, she has to help him when they ride all the amusement rides, lol. he has the worst time on all of them, though Jinsim loves them all. He even passes out on the pirate ship ride. though when he wakes up he says he will protect her!

When they get off, Jinsim thinks it is pretty funny that Jungrok is afraid of all these rides. he says it is not like that, it is just that he hasn’t been on any since primary school. So he was just nervous, but he is quickly adapting. She tells him that they can go on one more ride and increase his adaptability.

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Jungrok tells her that it is okay, today is enough for today. She smiles and giggles and says that he was afraid, he denies it. But she says that he is angry and cranky, this is his trademark cranky tone. He says that no one has ever told me that I am cranky. She tells him that everyone says this behind him, he is a cranky person. You are the crankiest person I have ever seen. But now you are a soft person.

She starts to say that he looks like someone, he says that a lot of people say he looks like someone. But she says that he looks like a Hedgehog! You know, hedgehogs are like that, cranky on the outside but cute on the inside. You are like that, a hedgehog.

They go to a booth and see cotton candy so Jungrok says he will buy some right now! But the man says that they are closed. Jungrok asks if he can have one more? Your cotton candy can be comforting and a big support for someone. Maybe it can help this person get over her fears. The man is all like, this cotton candy? Jungrok says yes so the man agrees and makes one last cotton candy.

He makes it into a bear cotton candy so Jungrok happily runs it back to Jinsim. But he drops it, lol. She takes it in stride and says that the bear was white, now it is dark. he apologizes, but she says it is fine, the back of the head is okay, let’s eat that part. She starts to pull off pieces to eat and feeds him a few as well.

Later on, Jinsim sits on a bench at the theme park while Jungrok shows her fireworks. He sets up three fireworks that I guess are safe to ignite so close to them. But the fireworks don’t work, all three go out.

he has a fourth, so he tries it, but it fails. He is bummed for a moment, but then says that he will appeal it! However, real fireworks start to go off in the distance so Jinsim says that they dont’ need to make a lawsuit out of it. Lets just enjoy their fireworks.

She pulls him to sit next to her. He tells her that he is sorry he has been messing up all night. He wanted to show her a good time. All the main actors in all the dramas make you happy. Jinsim says that she enjoyed this the most out of any drama, because this time I came here with someone I really love, my real boyfriend, what he thinks about me is real, so it was the funnest day. I am sure that I can do anything with you.

They both smile and watch the fireworks that other people are setting off (this looks so dangerous, y’all, it is so close to them!).

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Jungrok drops Jinsim off and asks if she is okay alone tonight. She says yes. he tells her to call him if anything happens. She says that she will call him anyway, before she goes to bed to hear his voice. She heads inside.


Jungrok picks Jinsim up and drives her to work. She says he doesnt’ have to, I am okay and nothing will happen. Jungrok sees a black car in his rearview and starts to drive a bit faster. It appears that they are being followed again.

He parks the car and tells her that she should go up first, he will make a phone call.

She goes up and Jungrok approaches the car, a man is taking photos of Jinsim in it. Jung rok takes his camera and starts to spit a lot of legal things about taking photos without someone permission. Jinsim approaches them and says that she knows that it is that guy, she will call him presonally. She calls him and tells him that she did not say it the other day, but if you continue bothering me then I will have to see you in court. the stalker says that she has become brave since he has not seen her.

Jinsim hangs up and takes the film from the paparazzi. She tells him that she will take it because she needs evidence for the courthouse.

They both go to the elevator, Jungrok asks how she knew. She says that she saw him looking in the mirror while driving and you wanted me to go up first. So, I thought something must have happened. I watched you to see if I should call the police, so, did I do a good job?

JR – Are you really okay?

JS – I am okay, I told you that I will get over it.

JR – Are you thinking about suing him?

JS – I dont’ know, I warned him so we will see. Also, causing an issue with him is too much for me now.

Upstairs, all the team are drinking coffee together except Jinsim, Jungrok, and Dan. They wonder where Dan is. Cue Dan showing up, Oh Jinsim style. She is definitely brighter and flier. Yeon is all like, what is going on here? Are you protesting me with you fashion? Did you think I would be scared? it worked, I am super scared now.

Dan starts talking so brightly and cutely, just like Oh yoonseo and says that she will work hard. yeon asks if he is the only one that is scared. Choi tells him that her change is good. It is okay for a woman to change. He smiles at her. Dan blushes. then she tells everyone goodbye and courtseys.

They all stare at her walk off. Yeon is still scared. Eunji asks Choi why he is on her side. He says it reminds me of before, when he went to Spain. he was sick and tired of being clean and tidy all the time so I dressed like a street walker and walked around. Yeon asks if he thinks Dan looks like a bum now? He says no, but we should let her go like that. If we talk about it too much then she will get worse. He drinks his coffee.

he goes to his office and sees that Dan is waiting for him. She clears her throat. She asks what he is doing tonight? He says he does not know. She asks if he would like to eat dinner with her? *giggle* You know, when you gave me the case report back you told me to buy you a drink. Also, I realized, on accident, that today is your birthday. So this can be a birthday drink.

But CHoi laughs and says, why should I eat with you on my birthday. I dont’ have a girlfriend or anyone I like so I will go to a French restaurant with my Mom. You can buy me a drink next time. Goodbye. he walks to his desk. Dan is pretty bummed.

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Meanwhile, the paparazzi gets beaten up by the chaebal stalker in his fancy office.

In the entertainment offices, the writer and PD talk to the CEO about the new show. The big investor does not want Yoonseo. Yeon asks if this is because of the scandal? They say that they don’t know. Manager Kong tells them that Yoonseo has been working in a law firm as a secretary for this TV show. The director says that he wants to work with her, but what can they do? They need the money and haven’t had an investor in a while so they have no choice.

The CEO asks to have the contact number of the investor, I will see him in person.

Yeon gets word and says that she will go with them to convince this person. Jungrok asks what is going on, she says nothing is going on.

Outside in the offices, Choi is meeting with the divorced woman and her husband. they aer all yelling at him about silly things aout the handkerchief and how he gave it to her and how he said that the husband made his wife cry! Are you a divorce lawyer or a seducing lawyer! If you kep oing this then I can’t help it!

he moves to hit Choi, choi moves to block it, but Dan runs up and blocks the punch herself. She tells them that they are mistaken, Choi is a good guy, not a bad guy. I know enough of what is going on, did you forget that you are in a law firm!

The man and woman hug and says that they should leave.

Choi ask Dan if she is okay, why would you do that? She says that today is his birthday, she did not want them to pull his hair. that is my birthday gift to you.

She leaves.

CHoi hears love music and thinks, what is this? My Mom is the only person that protects me from getting hurt….

At the end of the day, Jinsim tells Jungrok that she is meeting with her CEO, she will call him after dinner. Jungrok nods, but it looks like he does not like it.

Cut to CEO and Jinsim in a private restaurant room. Jinsim tells him that they will resolve this misunderstanding, don’t worry. The CEO says that she is right, you comfort me now that you are all grown up. But he also wonders why this person is  not here yet, it is lte.

the door open and we see that the investor is the stalker. He sits at the table.

CEO – Why are you here?

S – It is nice to see you again Yoonseo. Did you wait long? Let me see, what o you like?

CEO – What do you want to do? Lets go Yoonseo

S – Are you giving up this drama?

CEO – Yes, we are not doing this drama

S – What about you, Yoonseo?

JS – Sit down CEO, I have to say something. I told you clearly, I dont’ want to see you anymore.

S – I told you also, you are daring.

JS – before, I have a lot to lose, but I have nothing to lose now.

S – Nothing to lose? Oh Yoonseo that went to a law firm to act?

JS – You are mistaken about something, I do not have to do that drama. As you said, I am already happy enough.

She stands and leaves. The CEO watches her with concern and leaves immediately after her. The CEO laughs quietly yet maniacally. 

The manager and the CEO drop Jinsim off at home. She tells them not to get out and goes inside. The manager wonders what is going on, so she can’t be in the drama? It seems like she is better than expected. The CEO thinks that is true. He sighs and asks if the manager is leaving yet, don’t you also cause trouble.

Jinsim goes inside and sits on her couch. A huge white teddy bear is there. She looks at the script for the drama and sighs. 

At the same time, Jungrok thinks about calling her from the office. He does, but gets a message. Her phone is off? But he gets a text saying that she is home now, see you tomorrow. He asks if anything happened, though he did not send that and writes instead: have a good night, see you tomorrow.

Jinsim starts to cry on her couch, but she also tries to hold it in. The camera pulls away.

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Later that night, Sewan looks at the news. The guy he was investigating for a very weak two year sentence. The news even says it was a weak sentence. Sewan sighs. Jungrok comes in and asks if he is okay with it? He says he isn’t so they go out for soju.

SW – Gambling is not it, he snuck out more than 20 million dollars. Ah, I should just let them live well after two years? 

JR – Can you leave it alone?

SW – I will, but for now

JR – For now?

SW – Why do you look like that?

JR – Lee Kangjoon, can you tell me everything about him?

SW – Did he visit Yoonseo?

JR – yes, and he followed her. I have a memory card from the camera. But Yoonseo does not want to make it too big.

SW – Of course. This issue is quiet.

JR – I can’t do anything.

SW – I will look for a solution.

They walk back to their place, Jungrok sees a hedgehog teddy bear being sold on the street and smiles. he tells Sewan that he can go back, he has something to do. 

Cut to Jinsim at home laying down on her bed. She hears the doorbell ring and asks who it is. Jungrok shows the hedgehog and says that it is him. She smiles.

She goes outside and they both sit on a bench. he asks if she likes it, she says she likes it to much. But he notices that she does not look that happy. She mentions that she might not be able to go to the law firm to work anymore. She will do her best to finish up the three months well, but, now, I think it will be a little difficult. My heart is…

JR – Did something happen to you? Why…

JS – I am sorry, I can’t tell you anything yet.

he thinks and swallows a few times.

The next day at work, CEO Yeon tells Lawyer CEO Yeon that Jinsim can’t be in the drama anymore. Lawyer Yeon is so upset, their fan cafe members will be so sad. Yoonseo’s fans are looking forward to the new TV show so much. We are making memes about her and surviving, but everyone will be so sad. CEO Yeon asks if he still goes there to make memes? Lawyer Yeon tells him to be quiet about it, i am the founding member and the VP, but this is a secret.

COE Yeon tells him that is not the issue now. Laywer Yeon tells him that a lot of people are waiting for her to come back. She was actually doing really well here, what should I tell the law firm people? CEO Yeon says that he should just say that they are sick.

Yeon calls a meeting and tells them all that Oh Yoonseo does not feel good so she is taking a few days off. Eunji asks how bad she is and how long she will be out? yeon says that they will see and asks the interns to help Lawyer Kwon.

Jungrok goes to his desk and sighs as he passes by Jinsim’s desk. he looks at it for a moment. Haeyoung comes in and tells him that Dan’s client is here with the over seas gambling, but he does not like Dan. Jungrok says that he will see him.

So we see Jungrok talking to the gambler abuot his apology letter to not gamble anymore and how he will consult with a doctor and have documents and everything. The man asks if he will not get prosecuted? Jungrok says that he cannot guarantee it, but he does not have a previous record so they can say it is not habitual and can avoid jail. But he is also lucky that his gambling was not that big like Jung Ji-ho’s case where he spent millions.

The man says tha tJung Ji-ho’s case is strange. This is a rumor among our gamblers; Jung Ji-ho does not gamble. I go to the casino where Jung Ji-ho is a gambler, I am a regular there in Macao. I know a guy on the security team. He says that he has only seen Jung Ji-ho one time when he was prosecuted. The strange thing is, he was gambling many many times in that casino. It is almost like I did not drink but I am drunk driving, like that.

Jung rok thinks about this a lot.

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At the same time, we cut to Sewan looking into the bank account of the lawyer defending Jung Ji-ho, it bothers him. I dont’ think I can give up this case like this. the manager agrees to look into it.

then we see Jungrok come in to talk to him. Sewan tells him that Lee Kangjoon had a lot of trouble overseas and of course took care of everything with money.

Jungrok tells him that he is not sure, but he heard a rumor that he did not gamble. Sewan says that they have evidence, they have a record of him visiting, and they have photos. Jungrok looks at the photo and sees the photographer from before in this picture.

The foreboding music kicks in.

Jungrok tells Sewan that this guy was the same one that followed Yoonseo. The lawyer is also the same one that defended the drug case a long time ago and now Jung Jiho.

Meanwhile, Eunji checks in with Yoonseo via text to see how she feels. Jinsim actually has a lot of text messages from the people at the law offices. She gets out of bed and sits for a moment, but decides to go in.

In the office, Eunji asks what she is doing there? She heard she was sick? Jinsim tells them that she is not there to work, she is there as a client today and she asks if lawyer Kwon is there. Jungrok shows up right then.

In his office, Jinsim tells Jungrok that she wants to sue Lee Kangjoon. She shows his threatening text messages and pictures, she collected them all and wants to know if it is enough evidence? Jungrok says yes. Jinsim says that she wants to prosecute him this time. Jungrok says that he will make it so.

Later on, Jung rok drives Jinsim home. He asks if she is really okay. She says that she is. But actually, she is so afraid and actually did not have enough room to go back but trying to forget about it is not healing my wound so I am trying to be brave. I trust you, lawyer.

he smiles and tells her to trust him (very matter of factly and playfully).

Jinsim goes inside and ….. the stalker is there! He tells her that he is there because he misses her so much.

While driving away, Jungrok sees the secretary henchman from before and flips his car around right away.

Inside, the stalker tells yoonseo that he loves her, you love me right? You are pretending like you are angry to instigate me right? That is why you are pretending to like that guy.

She tells him to not come closer or seh will call the police.

he laughs, police? You don’t know me well.

He starts to break everything in her house and then grabs her.

S – Tell me that you love me and I am the only one!

But then Jungrok comes in and punches the stalker to the gorund He might have passed out? No, he is still up. Jungrok pulls Jinsim behind him and tells the stalker, don’t touch my woman.

Fade Out

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It looks like this Lee Kang-joon case might wrap up in the next episode? That feels so quick.


Touch Your Heart Episode 12 Preview (above) English Translation (below)

Writer – I want you to be the main actress for this drama

EJ – Will Yoonseo go back to the entertainment industry?

JR – She liked working here so maybe she will stay here.

Manager – The law firm people will be super surprised, especially Kwon Jungrok

SW – I dont’ need anything else, the only thing I want is to be next to you.

Choi – The woman like a vase that can embrace flower like me

Yeon – they will never date

CEO – you know something, you know something!

Manager – I-I-dooon’t.

Manager – it is so cliche, but for Yoonseo, can you break up with her.

JR – Is it problematic for me to like Jinsim?

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  1. Casserole
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        Me three! 😁

  2. Rose
    March 13, 2019 / 11:13 am

    Thanks for the recap V. Im torn between beeing glad thatthey disnt prolong the stalker issue that it might end up next week, but at the same time after the stalker issue, whats next?

    But still loving it! 😁

    Btw….love it when he said “dont touch my woman!” 😍😍😍

    • V
      March 13, 2019 / 11:54 am

      I am torn as well because I didn’t want to see that much of him, but I thought he would be a bit more formidable. 😋

      Maybe the stalker thing will drag out in a legal sense? Or maybe Yoonseo’s fame will return quickly so she and Jungrok will have to navigate that? Those could be possible avenues.

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