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Touch Your Heart: Episode 10 Live Recap

Touch Your Heart Recap 10 Kdrama
Touch Your Heart, via tvN

It seems like we will get a few more cute scenes together before the foreboding starts. Secret company kisses, anyone? Also, we plan on working on a couple more Touch Your Heart Behind the scenes videos. Hopefully we can get to them posted to YouTube late next week!

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It’s morning at the law firm, Jungrok gets to work and runs into Lawyer Yeon at the elevator. Jungrok sighs and says that they haven’t had this type of meeting in awhile. Yeon tells him that he always thinks he waited for him, that is nonsense. I won’t wait for you, I may wait for Yoonseo, though. 

And just likek that, the elevator doors open and Yoonseo is there inside. Two kids inside the elevator hold hands. Yeon thinks that it adorable and says that he has seen them holding hands a few times. it’s good times, young love, hiding a romance, that is so nice. Good times, good times.

Jungrok asks if he likes it so much then he should do it. Jinsim thinks that he is married already? Yeon smiles, embarrassed, and says that with his looks he should be snatched up already, but he is still single. He was busy in his 30s working for the underprivlidged and in my 40s I am too busy as a CEO. 

Jinsim tells him that he should date, he is a cool person. It is thrilling, and romantic right?

They get to the firm and see that Choi brought everyone waffles so they all sit to eat it. Jinsim asks him what is up with the waffles. CHoi sits back and poetically says that it reminds him of Canada and the Canadian winter. It is hard like her hard heart that left me. The maple syrup is the only thing that comforted me.

Jungrok gives Jinsim a wink, she winks back. But Yeon sees her and asks, why is you eye twitching? Is something in your eye! No, no, nonononon, where is the eye drop! Where is it! He and CHoi both run off to find eye drops. 

Jinsim and Jungrok go inside and gush about how he winked at her. He says that she liked secret dating, right? From the elevator? She hits him blushing a few times. He smiles and says that he will help her have a fun time in the rest of her time there.

Later on, the team all goes to lunch together. It is the first time they have all eaten lunch together due to lunch being so crowded. Jungrok secretly pushes a little meat to Jinsim and then texts her.

JR: Oh Jinsim, I put the marinated beef in front of you. You like meat.

Jinsim pushed ham to him.

JS: Because you have primary school taste bud

JR: I just ate it, enjoy dinner.

Yeon – Who are you talking in Katalk?

JR – My client

Intern – Wow! You work even now! I really give you my respect, so cool!

They talk about how Jungrok likes working so hard.

JR – Yes, I like work with my true heart (but her name is Jin-sim which also means True heart so he just told everyone that he likes Jin Sim, but it is an inside secret)

Jinsim smiles, she is so happy. He clears his throat and kind of smiles as well.

Afterward, Jinsim and Jungrok meet in a window area in the stairwell. She tells him that the meat was so good. He wonders why they are meeting here? She says that people meet in places like this in dramas so she wanted to meet there. He asks if she would like to date later on? She agrees so he says that he will reserve a restaurant.

They look around and are about to kiss, but then someone comes into the stairwell so they hop back and he tells her that she should print out all that work, please hurry! then they both kind of walk back to work looking very awkward.

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In the firm, Dan meets with one of her clients who is a gambler. She reminds him that he should not gamble, esecially outside the country, and this is not your first time. It will be difficult for you to get a light sentence.

Her client starts to talk about how he hates himself like this. But Choi comes walking by and takes over all of Dan’s brain. 

Dan – Why are you so into it…maybe you are crazy?

She is talking to herself, but her client thinks she just called him crazy. Dan apologgizes and says this is not about him. Then she sinks into her feelings.

after her meeting, she talks to Haeyoung and asks her why she is smiling so much. Haeyoung shows her a photo of how she went scuba diving with her friends and now they are looking at their photos. Dan is amazed that she can meet her friends via an app. She also tells her that she wants to learn ukelele.

CHoi is drinking a coffee in the secretary area and says that he has a ukelele that she can use, would you liket o buy it from me? I can show it to you soon. I will give you a big discount.

He walks away, but Dan mutters that she is okay! Then she sighs and thinks that she should not be involved with him.

Later that night, Jungrok tells Jinsim that he wanted to take her on a proper date at a nice place. She is surprised, she thought he didnt’ like to show loving things in front of others. He says that he didn’t know he could do it, but she likes it so he tried it. And, he wants to spend this time well without any regrets because we have less than one month. He then comments on how her plate is empty thugh she is still trying to cut her steak.

Jinsim jokes about how the steak was so small, it should be half the size of the plate. He says that he thinks it is too difficult to pass a law for that, so he cuts her some of his steak and gives it to her. Later on, he drives her home and they chat in the car. She talks about how she loves that she is next to him. Working is fun and eating dinner with people is fun, everything is fun. He tells her that she is really like the princess in Roman Holiday.

She asks if he has seen it? He says he saw it on TV before, but does not remember it so well. She tells him that he should watch it at her place, she has the Blue Ray. He agrees. But then it grows awkward.

JS – (Wait, what did I just say?)

JR – (Whait so tomorrow I go to Oh Jinsim’s house?)

JS – (Well, I just wanted to watch a movie without any other intention.)

JR – (I just said yes because she told me to watch a movie together, but what if she thinks I have sexy intention.)

JS – (It shouldn’t be. I should pretend like it is nothing.)

JR – (Otherwise, it will be more awkward.)

JS – So, see you tomorrow, hahaha

JR – Yes, we will see Roman Holiday hahahaha

They are both trying to play the awkwardness off.

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Jungrok goes home, Sewan is waiting for him and asks if he ate anything. jungrok goes directly to his office and thinks about what he should buy to take to Jinsim’s house. He sits at the computer to find something and googles “visiting girlfriends house.”

His eyes grow big as he sees NC-19 things so he closes his computer.

JR – No, I am just watching a movie with her, it is just Oh Jinsim’s house, not a movie theater.

Meanwhile, we have a lovely montage of Jinsim cleaning her house as adorably as possible.

JS – This is good enough, he will think I am a clean person. Ah! This is the first time inviting my boyfriend to my place! So, nervous!

Time lapse and we see Jungrok waiting outside Jinsim’s gate with flowers. He rings the bell and Jinsim answers as adorable as possible (Hello? Yes, it’s you).

She lets him into the gate and he goes to the front to go inside her actual house where she greets him at the door. He hands over the bouquet of flowers and then hands over another present. It is wine because he heard that one cup of wine is good for insomnia. She says that she is looking forward to it tonight.

JS: – (Wait! What did I just say? I just wanted to say that I will sleep well, but did he take it another way?!)

JR – Well, yes, have a good night. Can I take off….(Why did I omit the object! I should have said take off my coat! You are a lawyer! Dont’ submit the object!). My coat, my coat.

JS – Yes, of course, of course.

he takes it off and then awkwardly asks where to put it. He ends up laying it on the couch. Then he tells her that her house is pretty so she gives him a tour.

JS – This is my study, I spend the most of my time here

JR – You have a lot of books

JS – Yes, I like reading books

The bookshelf is all dusty so Jinsim grabs something to clean it

JS – It looks like it is dusty because I never read books, I actually read books but don’t clean. I mean, I clean ofter…lets go to the next location.

He smiles.

JS – This is my bedroom and my dresser is pretty right? And this is my favorite bed because it looks common but it is difficult to find this kind of design. It has good head height and the mattress is so solft *bounces*….(wait, why am I explaining in so much detail about my bed? I dont’ want to lay with him together, maybe he will take it that way?)

He accidentally turns off the light.

JR – (Wait! What! Why did I turn off the light in the bedroom!) It is my mistake.

JS – I know, so, let’s go to the kitchen.

They leave awkwardly.

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Back at the office, Dan is at the company at the weekend and runs into Choi who is there also. She is stunned to see him. he says he is just doing work. But he says that he brought his ukelele so he can take it to her office. he walks off to get it.

Dan – What is happening! We meet each other at the law firm? It’s fate! No, it’s not fate. Wake up Dan Moonhee you decided not to do this.

She hurries off to her office.

Later on, he comes in with the ukelele. She stands up in a hurry and asks how much. He says it is no problem, you can buy me drinks. He is about to give it to her but then says a dramatic goodbye to his ukelele. I am you and you are me, we are together, I will never forget you, I will tell you goodbye with our favorite music.

He sits and starts to play Moon River on the ukelele. He also hums along to it. Dan is so mesmerized like she is floating away on a cloud.

Choi stops his goodbye ceremony and hands it over. He tells her to please take care of it and then asks if she knows how to play it? She awkwardly says that she knows a little and starts to string a coupld notes horrible.

He goes to help her and tells her that she has to have the correct pose, he stands behind her and puts her hands in the proper position ont he ukelele, his hands basically engulf hers. She is in Heaven.

She goes to he roof and starts to strum horrible to a song.

♫I hope this isn’t love…I hope my feelings aren’t love….only God allowed us to love each other♫


Back at Jinsim’s house, Jungrok sits on the couch as Jinsim walks up with the DVD. She says that she loves watching DVDs at home. he smiles but then has to take a call. So Jinsim happily twirls and goes to put the DVD into the player, but the Blueray player is not there! She calls her oppa and finds out that it is broken so he took it to get fixed.

Jungrok comes back and asks if it is going to start? She says that she doesn’t have it. He thinks she means he won’t like it but she says that actually, she does not have a Blueray to watch the movies. They decide to try and watch it on the laptop. (aw, they are both wearing yellow). They kind of scoot a little farther away from each other on the couch while trying to stay close enough to watch the movie.

Jinsim downloads the movie while Jungrok looks at her awards. He tells her that she has a lot, she says yes, but the problem is that they are all popularity awards. I don’t have any acting awards so it is embarrassing. he tells her that she does not have to be embarrassed. It is hard to get peoples love.

She says that she can do it well now, she didn’t know what it was like to like someone or have a pitter patter heart, but now she kind of knows it. He is so embarrassed to hear it and doens’t really know where to put his hands or where to look.

JR – Where ere you in that picture? That is so pretty.

JS – That’s not a drama, I debut with the chocolate. All the chocolates sold out because of that commercial so I had the nickname of chocolate fairy. You haven’t seen it? We have to watch it, not Roman Holiday.

She shows him the chocolate commercial and then a coffee commercial and then another clip at an award show. She asks if he would like to see her pictoral? She points to her book so they start to look through it.

JS – Back then I didn’t realize that I was so pretty.

JR – You were pretty, but you are prettier now, in front of me.

He points to a picture and asks if he can have it. She happily gives it to him but says that she can pic one more. You have to be careful though because they are all collectibles.

Later on, they drink her wine at her table and eat hors d’oeuvre. 

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They are having a lovely time. Jin Sim apologizes because they didnt’ watch a movie. But he said that it is better that they didnt’ watch a movie. Last night he was so nervous that he couldnt’ sleep. I thought about coming to your house, I was so nervous and my heart beat so much.

She says the same thing, her heart beat so much, she was so nervous and she didn’t sleep at all. 

JS – I thought I was the only one.

JR – I was like that. I was so nervous, but after talking to you and looking at your photos, I am not nervous anymore.

JS – Same, same! After looking at the pictures, I am not nervous. I was thinking about you coming over and we would be alone together and I had so many imaginations….um….but….that doens’t mean that I was thinking about something bad.

JR – That bad imagination…

JS – Um, well….

He leans in and kisses her.

JR – Like this? Or….*he puts his hand on her hair*….like this?

He kisses her again. It is a nice long soft kiss as he holds her head softly.


Jinsim walks out of her room ready for the day. She is talking to her manager and tells him to call her when he gets there. She sits on her couch and thinks that she had fun with lawyer yesterday. that must be why people get married, everything is so fun and happy. She thinks pleasantly about it.

But then foreboding music plays and we hear a news alert.

News – Lee Kangjoon, who was the former CEO of an entertainment company has come back after 2 years since his drug trouble. He has come back as VP of the mother company.

Sewan looks at this news report.

News – People say that it is too early.

Flashback to Sewan telling Jungrok about the scandal with Lee Kangjoon drugging Yoonseo at a drug party.

Sewan turns off the news as Jungrok comes out so he won’t see it.

SW – I wonder, is Yoonseo okay? I am just curious if our Goddess of the Universe is okay.

JR – Okay…she is fine…bye.

Sewan smiled while he was talking to Jungrok, but looked worried when he left.

Outside her place, the manager talks to the entertainment CEO Yeon about the news but that Yoonseo probably didnt’ see it because she doesn’t look at the news. But he has to get off the phne because she has come out.

Manager – Yoonseo, are you okay? No one is stalking you or following you right?

JS – Why do you ask?

Manager – You know I always worry about you! thats it!

He drops her off in the parking garage. She answers her phone and walks to the elevator, but it takes awhile to get there as she takes notes on a courtcase to send something to. It looks like someone is watching her. She drops her pen and starts walking into the elevator. Someone pics it up and follows her.

Jinsim feels him and starts to walk quicker, but he also picks up his steps and taps her on the shoulder.

She turns in surprise but it is just a man that says that he got her pen. She tells him that she is not an entertainer! I am just a pretty looking normal person! She walks off. he still wants to give her her pen so he follows her to the elevator but she tells him to stop following her, I am not an entertainer! She closes the door.

The man is all like, what in the world. But then he gets a call from his wife and says that he is going to see Jungrok now. He turns out to be Jungrok’s father!!!! he tells haeyoung that he is there to see Jungrok and she knows immediately that this is Jungrok’s father due to a feeling she has. You know, she is good at those feelings.

He goes to the office and Jinsim immediately tells him that he should not follow her there! I am not Oh Yoonseo! But then she realizes her slip and says that she is Oh Yoonseo, but do you really have to give me trouble like this? How much do you know about me?

he gives her her pen.

Appa – Hey miss, you are misunderstanding something. I am not your fan, I just wanted to give yo your pen. And I am not following you, I just came here to see you son.

JS – Your son?

Appa – This is Jungrok’s office right?

JS – It is,

Appa – Yes, I want to see Jungrok lawyer, my son.

JS is so stunned and bows.

JS – Hello, abonim!

Jungrok comes out and wonders what is going on.

JR – Oh, father?

Jinsim goes to the break room and frets about this big mistake she made with Jungroks father.

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Jungrok and his father chat on his couch. Appa tells him that he needs to wear warmer clothing, his neck is too exposed. JR tells him that he is taking good care of himself, dont worry. Appa tells him to call his mother often. He says he will try, Appa tells him to just say yes, you are so stingy with your words. then he says that it was funny this morning, that lady thought I was following you. I am worried that this inconsiderate person is your secretary. Jungrok tells him that anyone can be mistaken.

Appa looks at notes that are colored like the rainbow. He thinks that she needs to work harder. Maybe she is not ready, and look at what she wears, that is not for work. Jungrok tells him not to judge people based on their clothing. But appa says that when he sees one thing, he knows everything. Jungrok asks why he is there. Appa says the is his father, he has no other reason to see him.

But then he says that he understands, he will not bother him while working! I will go do my own work!

He storms out just as Jinsim bring in a coffee. She asks if he had an argument with his appa about her? Jungrok says it is not about that, don’t worry. My appa and I always have arguments, so dont’ worry.


The prosecutors close out a meeting and then think about eating something nice. The phone rings so Joo-young answers, but it looks a bit serious, she looks at Sewan.

Cut to Sewan meeting with the chief. The chief hesitates to say anything but then cuts to the chase and tells Sewan to finish up that Jung Jiho case. It’s just gambling, not taking money from the company. Sewan wants to know if they want him to make it that way? Is this an order from the section chief because the lawyer is the section chiefs brother in law? they argue about this. Sewan tells him that he told him to investigate this case when he came back, a crazy guy like me should investigate it! 

The Chief apologizes and says that he worried about him because he just came back, okay?

Back at the law firm, Jungrok looks like his mind is full of something he worries about. Jinsim comes in and asks if Jungrok called his father to see if he went home okay? I am worried that he was not able to tell you what he came here for? He says that it is nothing. But Jinsim says that he told her that he had something to tell to his son, you.

Jungrok’s mother calls so he answers the phone and Jinsim excuses herself. 

VO – Your father revealed corruption in the company (he is a whistleblower). Because of that he has a 3 month hiatus from work. Didn’t he tell you anything? he wanted to talk to you about it.

Jungrok goes walking to his fathers company and sees him standing outside in a one person protest. They start to chat, though appa tells him to leave. Jungrok wants to drink a coffee with him and tells him that he can protest but he should stay warm as well. So he takes his signs and goes to a local cafe.

Appa – Don’t sigh, it is nice to have a hiatus from work.

JR – What are you talking about?

Appa – Even though I said what is going on, no one wants to change it. They all want to keep it quiet. I have a reason to protest now, maybe people will know it better.

JR – Did you appeal? When is the date?

Appa – Tomorrow

JR – What if you are really punished?

Appa – I will sue them again.

JR – That is why you came to the law firm? If you go to court then you want me to be your lawyer? You should have told me from the begining.

Appa – You didn’t give me any room to say it.

JR – But you shouldn’t just leave like that, you make me into a bad son.

Appa drinks his coffee and Jungrok sighs.

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Later that night, Jungrok drops Jinsim off and they talk in the car. Jinsim thinks he should have been under a lot of stress, but she added even more to it. He tells her not to worry, it should be nothing. If he does get penalized then I can appeal. I can take care of it, don’t worry.

JS – But I worry that he didn’t like me. If he knows that you are dating someone like me with a lot of rumors, ah, I ruined my first impression.

He holds her hand.

JR – DOn’t worry, if he knows what kind of person you are then anyone will like you. That is why you have so many popularity awards.

She smiles.

JS – By the way, will your father go to trial alone?

JR – Yes, he just has to show how he thinks and get the decision. I don’t have to go there with him.

JS – Oh, okay. I think he will be nervous if he goes there alone.

The next day, Jinsim tells Jungrok to go to court with his father, he will be too nervous to go alone. So as a son and as a lawyer, you should go with him. I emptied your schedule in the morning so go there. 

JR – Thank you, you say that because you dont’ know him, but my father is not nervous about these things. He is mentally stronger than me.

JS – That is your idea of him, but even though he has a strong mentality, everything is new to him. It is not normal situation so he may need someone to rely on and help him.

Jungrok thinks

JS – Can you just gooooooo, you hav a bad relationship because of meeeeeee, It hurts my feelingsssss, can’t you just go there for meeeee? 

JR – Okay.

JS – Yay! Take this whith you, it is anti nerve drug. It will calm you down. When you are nervous, this is the best thing. Now, lets go!

Jungrok gets to the courthouse and sees his appa sitting outside by himself. He looks nourvous and small. Jungrok walks up and sits next to him.

JR – I am here.

Appa – Why are you here?

JR – My shcedule is canceled so.

Appa – you are not busy?

JR – I have all the documents ready so it should be okay.

He notices his appa holding his hands to calm his nerves.

JR – Even if we have to go to court, I will win the case, so don’t worry too much.

Appa – I won’t worry, of course you should.

JR – I have Chungsimwan (the calming drink). 

Appa looks at him.

Appa – If you have it, then can I have it?

It is a nice moment as Jungrok gives his father the drink and his appa takes it. He drinks it all. Jungrok looks at his appa as if he is seeing him in a new light today.

Back in the firm, Jinsim thinks that it should be about the time. Then she gets a call.

JS – How did it go?

JR – it is a three month sentence. I think we will have to start the lawsuit first. It was a good choice as you said, to be with my father and to have the calming medicine. thank you for your consideration.

JS – it is nothing, just be with your father and don’t be cranky and buy a nice lunch with him so he can cheer up. If you have a chance, tell him that I prepared the medicine.

JR – *smiles* Okay, I will.

Appa looks on and smiles.

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Jooyeon talks to Sewan about how she met the chief. He says that he will not stop this case, there will be no persuading me. But Jooyoung is worried about him, what if he is marked by them? You just came back. Sewan says that there will be no convincing him, so don’t tell me anything.

Later that night, he sits outside, upset and fuming. Yeorum sees him and brings him a coffee outside. they sit and drink it. he tells her that this is not the dinner that she owes him, she says that she has her own conscience, don’t worry. then she asks about what happened. 

SW – Yeorum, can you give ma a hug?

YR – What are you taking about?

SW – You know…I just want you to comfort me…

He looks like he needs comforting. She she gives him a hug.

Also that night, Jungrok works at his desk while Jinsim brings him a coffee. She asks how the preparation for the lawsuit is going? He says that he thought that his appa was making too much trouble about it. But now I understand after reviewing the case. Even though this is troublesome, correcting this wrong this is important.

JS – I agree, I think you abonim is a great person. it is difficult to reveal these things. I respect his righteousness. You should be a good son to your great father. Also, can you tell him, when you have a chance, that I advised you to be a good son?

JR – Do you really care about that just in case he does not like you?

JS – Of course, it really bothers me.

JR- Okay, I will tell him.

She smiles and leaves. Jungrok gets back to work.

Letter – Here is a government worker who is my father and a client. For more than 30 years, he was not punished for anything. that goverment worker is about to retire and, just because he raised an issue about his boss and his $2million corruption, he had a penalty to stop working for 3 months. Your honor, government workers shouw serve the public and it should be clear to the public, all that they do. ….

Cut to the courthouse.

JR – ….Whistle blowers should not be punished for their actions. Your honor, what *lots of law things* what is righteous ness? Your honor, please give us a wisdom filled decision.

he bows and sits next to his father. Jinsim is also happy.

Afterward, his father tells him that he did a good job. Jungrok says it is nothing Then he gets a text from Jinsim.

JS: Lawyer, you are super cool. I will go home early so you can have lunch with him.

JR – Lets have lunch, with my secretary. Can we do that?

Appa looks like he is fine with it.

But Jinsim is so nervous, she goes to the bathroom and thinks that thiis is her last chance to recover her first impression. She is happy that she is wearing all pink but wonders if her lipstick is too pink? Today, I need to act serious! She practices bowing and walkingout.

Then we cut to the dinner. Jinsim is trying to look professional.

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Appa starts to say that they need to cut corruption at the head. Jungrok agrees. Appa and son start to talk about being harsh on corruption as they eat. But then Appa addresses Jinsim.

Appa – Sorry that we are talking about harsh things.

JS – It is okay, it is fun

JR – You can say if it isn’t fun, honestly.

JS – It is really fun *sternly*

JR – Oh Jinsim wanted me to say something to you secretly.

JS – Huh?

JR – She cancelled all my morning schedule for me to be with you at the trial and she pushed me to go to it and bought the calming medicine and gave it to me to give to you and said she respected your righteousness.

JS – Lawyer….

JR – So she is a good person like that so I like her a lot. She is my girlfriend.

Appa drops his chopsticks and fumbles to pick it up.

JR – Is it that surprising?

Appa – Of course, you never dated anyone and now confessed your love in front of me? Of course I am shocked.

JS – Yes, me too, I am so embarrassed.

Appa – Right, I am not the only one embarrassed.

JS – Yes, yes, you know your son, he is not that kind of person.

Appa – Yes, that is what I am talking about. Oh…Jin…Sim?

JS – Yes.

Appa – Maybe he really like you with his whole heart, Jin-sim (Play on words with her name). My son is not perfect, but please take care of him.

JS – No, he is a perfect person. I will make your precious son happy. *fighting sign*

Appa smiles and cheers for them, Jungrok tells appa that they can continue eating.

Later on, Jungrok and Jinsim eat at the same gorgeous coffee shop from Boyfriend. They talk about how she was so moved that he confessed to his father. he says that he was moved by her concern. He and his father have a lot of pride so when they are angry with each other they don’t talk to each other for many months. Umma is always in the middle. But we are closer to each other due to you. I think appa is happy as well.

Jinsim is happy that she was recognized by his father. Everything is happy.

JR – Oh Jinsim…*pulls out a tiny gift*

JS – What is this? *opens it and sees a necklace and earring set* Oh, it is so pretty!

JR – It is my gift to you.

JS – You prepared it because I did so well?

JR – No, I just wanted to do it.

He puts the necklace on her.

JR – It’s pretty.

JS – The necklace?

JR – No, you and the necklace.

But we cut back and see that the crazy stalker is watching them via a secret video camera, and via a tablet.

Jungrok and Jinsim leave and head home. She pull sout her lucky mirror to check out her necklace and smiles. then she asks him why he still calls her Jinsim, I told you to call me Yoonseo.

JR – I thought that your name Oh Yoonseo is an entertainment name so I should call you your given name at work. But now I like it because I am the only one calling you Jinsim.

JS – Yes, I like it too becasue if anyone calls me Oh Jinsim, I know you are the one calling me.

They continue driving home, but then Jinsim sees a black car following them. She brings it up to JUngrok and says that maybe it couldn’t be. Jungrok starts to drive off a little more, but it definitely does look like this car is following them. So Jungrok does a U-turn and the other car does as well.

It turns into a full on car chase with Jungrok swerving between cars. The car ends up cutting them off and the stalker gets out and stares at them.

JR – Are you okay Oh Jinsim?

Jinsim starts to breath a bit harder. Jungrok is angry and starts to get out, but she grabs his arm and tells him not to go. However, Jungrok just taps her arm telling her its okay and gets out to confront that guy.

JR – What is going on?

The man looks around Jungrok to Jinsim. 

Jungrok steps in his path of view.

Fade Out

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The Dad was pretty adorable. I love how he didn’t like Jinsim at first but that he warmed to her pretty quickly. I also really love how Jungrok and Jinsim/Yoonseo’s relationship keeps building. There haven’t really been any setbacks or misunderstandings (besides the hilarious ‘come to my house’ scene that was so true to life). But now, they will have a pretty big setback with this crazy man, with a lot of power in the entertainment sphere, entering back into her life.


No preview

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  1. Shannon
    March 7, 2019 / 11:05 am

    The preview is on youtube.

    • Rose
      March 7, 2019 / 2:30 pm

      Oh thank you! I better check that one now! 😊

    • V
      March 8, 2019 / 7:52 pm

      Thank you!

  2. Rose
    March 7, 2019 / 11:12 am

    I should have seen this coming….episode 10….cliffhanger ending…no preview….TVN!!!! 😣

    This show still keeps on being cute, especially Lawyer Dan and Lawyer Choi, they are soooo adorable and funny at the same time! 😄

    I guess we have to wait another week to learn more about the stalker. I have a feeling that JR will be fuming mad when he learn that person is the reason why JS career got ruined, and now he still stalking her. I wonder if they are going to take the story into the darkside or will be resolved quick?

    Thanks again V! 😊

    • V
      March 8, 2019 / 7:54 pm

      I really love the Choi-Dan storyline! I just love Dan to pieces, and I also love how Choi is such an everyman and yet also a bougie mamas boy. They are so cute!

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