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Thoughts: Taxi Driver (Episodes 4 & 5)

Thoughts: Taxi Driver (Episodes 4 & 5) Korean Drama

Okay, we are catching up on Taxi Driver! For everyone waiting for Vincenzo, we plan on posting that one today but probably not until the afternoon. Read this for an intro to Taxi Driver.

For Taxi Driver, I got to say that they are keeping me interested. I also am heavily using the fast forward button for all the tear-jerker scenes which is also keeping me invested in the story. If I was watching it live and had to sit through all these heart wrenching and frankly heavy handed depressed scenes of pain and suffering, then I probably would have dropped this show already. Not because it isn’t good, just because it is bad for my emotional health.

Though the revenge scenes are amazingly good for my emotional health! Goodness, they really find a way to give it to these bullies and bad guys. They aren’t just beating them up, they are coming for the jugular and touching basically every part of their lives.

For instance, they took on the bully case in episode 3. That story arc went through episode 3 and 4 and involved a kid that was relentlessly bullied by 3 other kids. Of course there was the ring leader who was “untouchable” due to who his father was.

But the Taxi Driver team found a way to touch him, which was to get him framed for smoking marijuana that comes with a 5 year sentence in Korea. Once they established that the kids smoked it (on camera and eye witness accounts and everything) Do-ki then went to bat to terrify them that he would tell.

Do-ji could do this because he was pretending to be the temporary teacher for the class for one week. Do-ki and the Taxi Driver team wrapped this bully case up very nicely by having the bullie confess to the cops all that they did in the school and ask to be transferred.

They also got the head bully to realize all the pain and suffering he gave the kids at school by having him eat a store full of pastries. He didn’t have to eat all the pastries, but he did have to pay for the pastries he did not eat.

Episode 5 started the new case which is a company case. This company is an internet company where you download whatever you want from it. It seems like it is an illegal company, like where you can upload a book or movie and other people can download it, though that is not fully established yet. From all accounts it is an up and up company.

Though the company heads are, of course, abusive. They basically beat their employees every chance they get and terrorize them with the hint of abuse all other times. For this case, Do-ki will pretend to be an employee to find out just what is going on inside this company. It was introduced in episode 5 so it will be expanded on and possibly solved in episode 6 (which has aired already but we haven’t had a chance to watch).

I have noticed that this show is going with a two episode arc of cases where the former cases bleed into the current case and the new case is introduced at the end of the arc. The former cases will probably always be relevant because they have made their own jail where they are keeping these criminals and we get a peek at them from time to time.

I am excited to watch episode 6 because Do-ki was spotted working at the Internet company job by Prosecutor Kang Ha-na who is also investigating this company. So, it will be exciting to see how he gets out of this situation!

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